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Nolvadex PCT: Usage, dosage, Nolvadex on cycle, where to buy Nolvadex

This Nolvadex PCT guide will tell you everything you need to know to not be one of the guys suffering from low levels of testosterone.

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Nolvadex (generic name: tamoxifen) is a mild and effective PCT supplement for most types of SARMs. Unfortunately, PCT is poorly understood and sometimes not even used by bodybuilders, which really impacts on their happiness and performance. This Nolvadex PCT guide will tell you everything you need to know to not be one of the guys suffering from low levels of testosterone.

You’ll learn when to use Nolvadex PCT, and what dosage you should be using. We will compare it to Clomid (another medication used for PCT), and also mention a PCT supplement that only uses natural ingredients as an alternative.

All that, plus we will discuss using Nolvadex on cycle, which SARMs are particularly suppressive and will probably need the use of Nolvadex, and importantly, where to buy Nolvadex that’s safe to use (as well as recommending a couple of alternative potent PCT supplements).

Is Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) A PCT Supplement?

Just like SARMs and almost every other supplement used by bodybuilders (other than the natural ingredient ones sold by supplement companies), Nolvadex was never designed for use on healthy people, let alone guys working out.

Nolvadex is a brand name for the drug tamoxifen citrate. It is known by quite a few other brand names as well (things like Soltamox and Oestrifen).

It was developed to help with breast cancer, primarily to help lower levels of estrogen during chemotherapy and recovery. It was also adopted for use on prescription to help with poor fertility.

So this stuff was never designed to be a PCT supplement. But it does the job really well, and with very few side effects, which is why it’s so widely used.

How To Use Nolvadex For PCT

To understand how to use Nolvadex for PCT, you have to understand what it actually does to help with testosterone level recovery.

Some SARMs mimic testosterone in muscle and bone tissue. So you’ll get the effects of increased testosterone levels in those areas, but without actually increasing your production or availability of testosterone.

The net effect of this is that over several weeks, your body gets convinced it doesn’t need to produce as much testosterone because there’s plenty flying around, so it starts to lower production.

By the end of a SARMs cycle, this testosterone suppression can be quite significant, in some guys a 50% reduction, or even more.

Nolvadex works by interacting with the production of estrogen, specifically in the pituitary gland. This interaction stops the suppression of production of two hormones: LH and FSH, both crucial to testosterone production.

So by suppressing estrogen production, these two hormones increase production, which helps to produce more testosterone again (especially FSH).

Also, testosterone is converted in the body into estrogen. The more estrogen there is, the more testosterone that gets eaten up to do this. So by lowering the levels of estrogen production, we also stop testosterone conversion.

For most people, this reversal happens in just a few weeks, so in a post cycle therapy session lasting eight weeks, most guys will have their testosterone levels bounce right back.

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Using Nolvadex On Cycle

Nolvadex is not exclusively used during post cycle therapy either. Some guys use Nolvadex on cycle as well.

If you’re going to do this, keep your doses low. 10 mg per day, or every other day, is usually enough to suppress estrogen production enough.

I would really advise using it on cycle though unless absolutely necessary. That’s because you have to see how much suppression you’ve got, either by just knowing, all by having it measured, to know what dose to take to bounce it back, otherwise you could be taking it completely unnecessarily.

The exception to my advice is if you have historically had problems with low testosterone, or instances of symptoms from high estrogen levels (from using SARMs or not), as this could help to offset semi- permanent changes like gyno.

If you’re starting to feel suppressive, but not very much, and you don’t want to end your cycle early, then you definitely could start taking low-dose Nolvadex in the second half of the SARMs cycle, and it’s certainly what a lot of guys do.

Nolvadex Dosage Guide

Because Nolvadex is not actually a PCT supplement, we have no real idea what sort of Nolvadex PCT dosage range is required.

Added to that mystery is the fact that the amount of SARMs you’re taking, both in dosage and number,is very individual. Someone stacking three different suppressive SARMs is going to suffer dramatically different effects on their testosterone levels are someone dosing a moderate dose of a single one.

So all we can do here is talk ballpark figures for Nolvadex dosage.

A lot of guys advocate 40 mg per day as a good dose. Usually, only for the first couple of weeks of post cycle therapy. After that they will drop down to 20 mg daily instead.

Nolvadex is quite mild and has only a few minor side effects, but that doesn’t mean you should keep hammering down 40 mg per day regardless. If you’re going to start on 40 mg, see how you feel after a couple of weeks, then drop to 20 mg, or even 10 mg, where possible. Always use the lowest possible dose that you can, and take careful note of your body and mind (the main symptom of testosterone suppression will be depression, and lack of physical and mental energy).

What SARMs Require PCT Supplements?

It’s not as simple as giving you a list of SARMs that don’t require PCT, and those that do.

The reason for that is that dosage is important in determining if you will get suppression or not. Some SARMs are definitely suppressive. Ligandrol and Testolone are highly suppressive even at low doses of just a handful of milligrams per day.

But others aren’t. Ostarine at 20 mg per day, even 30 mg per day, is fine. But take 50 mg per day, and it definitely is suppressive of testosterone. It’s the same with Andarine.

The SARMs which are not going to mimic the action of testosterone in muscle and bone tissue are GW- 501516, SR-9009, and MK-677.

If you’re only using one of those, or stacking them, then you don’t need
to worry about a PCT supplement at all. But for most SARMs, especially if stacked, even if only one of them can be suppressive, then you may well need to use a PCT supplement like Nolvadex or Clomid.

Does Nolvadex Have Side Effects?

Thankfully, Nolvadex only has mild side effects, even at higher doses of around 40 mg per day.

Some guys will talk about nausea from Nolvadex. However, that’s about it. I’ve certainly never suffered

any side effects from using Nolvadex at sensible doses.
However, just to make you aware, these are the typical Nolvadex side effects that could be experienced:

 Nausea
 Muscle aches
 Constipation
 Mood swings
 Heartburn
 Prickly skin
 Indigestion
 Headaches
 Changes to sex drive
 Muscle pain

Nolvadex Vs Clomid

When it comes to PCT, you have two main choices, Nolvadex or Clomid.
Clomid is far more aggressive than Nolvadex at reducing its effects in the body. You will definitely lower your estrogen production far more dramatically using it then you will Nolvadex. But it could be overkill for what you need.

Clomid also has far more aggressive side effects, it will make you feel sick, and that can be quite extreme in some circumstances. Nolvadex is simply far more mild.

The third choice could actually be Rebirth PCT. It uses completely natural ingredients that have evidence of estrogen suppression and testosterone production. For example, it contains D Aspartic acid, which has been proven in studies to help raise testosterone production levels. Sometimes, even Nolvadex may not be needed if your suppression levels are very mild.

Clomid is definitely more suitable for aggressive SARMs though. Nolvadex will struggle to work during or after high-dose stacks of SARMs like Testolone and Ligandrol, whereas Clomid won’t.

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Where To Buy Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

I just want to make it clear that you won’t find Nolvadex for sale, at least not in any legitimate or safe manner.

As I’ve already said, Nolvadex is a brand name. Tamoxifen is the generic ingredient, and that’s the format you will find it in on the grey market (the same sort of places you will find SARMs for sale). So when it comes to telling you where to buy Nolvadex, all I can do is tell you where I buy it from, which happens to be the same place I by my SARMs from: Swiss Chems.

Swiss Chems sell generic tamoxifen tablets for $80 at the moment. You’ll get 100 capsules, each with a dose of 20 mg. That’s pretty good value, and it also means you can buy your SARMs and a PCT supplement from the same online store.

I mentioned earlier the alternative of Rebirth PCT. That’s cheaper than Nolvadex, but it is milder. However, it is completely natural, with very few potential side effects. If you only taking small doses, or mild SARMs, then it could be a great way to recover your testosterone levels without the large outlay on generic Nolvadex or Clomid alternatives.

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