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How To Choose And Use The Best Kratom For Anxiety And Depression Relief

Making the best use of Kratom

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A growing body of evidence suggests that kratom can help to alleviate symptoms anxiety and depression. That’s not just anecdotal and social evidence, it’s also reviews of scientific studies and literature as well that have concluded this.

So I want to talk a bit about what the evidence is around kratom helping with anxiety and depression. That way you can decide if it really could help you with either of those problems.

Then I want to go into detail of what the best kratom for anxiety is, and how to dose it to achieve a reduction in anxiety. This is also around using kratom for social anxiety as well. Plus, I want to talk about kratom for depression. I’ll talk about dosage, and how the type of kratom used to alleviate depressive symptoms is slightly different to what you used to alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll know what kratom to use for helping with these crippling symptoms, what sort of dosage range use, and also where to buy the best kratom anxiety and depression as well, as well as where to buy good quality kratom.

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What’s The Evidence Kratom Can Help With Anxiety And Depression?

Anecdotally, kratom has been used more than a decade to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This could be anxiety and depression caused by opiate use, and the kratom is used to alleviate the symptoms.

But it’s also something to help with general anxiety (things like generalized anxiety disorder), or for depression. Kratom has the ability, if used correctly at the correct doses, to calm you down relieve anxiety, and to lift you mentally and physically to alleviate depressive symptoms as well.

But there’s more evidence as well that’s coming to light: the opioid receptors in the body are being linked more and more to mood regulation.

Some scientific research now suggests that people who are predisposed to symptoms of anxiety and depression have fewer opioid receptors in the body. So using kratom, which is an agonist of the opioid receptors, can help to modulate the messages and responses of the opioid receptors, in effect, dampening down the effects of depression and anxiety.

Plus, kratom definitely contains stimulant alkaloids which can lift you physically and mentally, and also it contains large quantities of its main alkaloid Mitragynine, which has opiate-like qualities that can chill you out and calm you down.

How To Use Kratom For Depression

Let’s first talk about using kratom for depression, and how moderate use of kratom can help you to lift yourself physically and mentally in order to get out and do more with your life. When it comes to using kratom, you have three choices in terms of the vein color. Not all of them are good for helping with depression though.

These are the traits of each vein color, and why they may help depression, or actually make you feel worse:

  1. White kratom tends to contain more of the caffeine-like alkaloids that give kratom energy at low doses. At low to moderate doses therefore, kratom can be quite energizing physically and mentally. Perfect in many cases for lifting your mood, and giving you some mental and physical energy to pull yourself out of depression for a few hours.
  1. Green kratom is in the middle between white and red. Some energy, some pain relief and sedation at higher doses, quite euphoric, a few grams can be really good for lifting your mood but it won’t give you as much physical energy as the same dose of white kratom.
  1. Red kratom tends to have lower proportions of alkaloids that are energizing, and more of the Mitragynine that is opiate-like in nature, and brings sedation and analgesia at increasing doses. If you’re already struggling with physical and mental clarity and motivation with depression, red kratom is not going to be the best choice.

So your first port of call for trying to deal with depressive symptoms is white kratom.

Around 5 g of white kratom that is good quality and rich in alkaloids should be the level at around which you start to feel yourself more energized, more focused, but quite calm and in control.

Go for the classics like White Borneo, Bali, or Malay. But really, any white kratom that is rich in alkaloids, and from a trusted source will contain the profile that can help to alleviate depressant symptoms for a few hours per dose.

For me, White Borneo is what gives me great energy. I use capsules during the day, and it helps to lift my poor mood when I’m working. Just a gram at a time (two capsules) can stimulate me and lift me for a couple of hours on top of an initial dose of around 3-4 grams.

But don’t take too much white kratom otherwise you can find yourself not focused, and that can tip over into an increasing lack of productivity and sedation, dragging you right back down into your depressive state feeling you haven’t done what you should.

Keep the doses moderate, and top up as needed, but watch the total dose over each eight hour period or so, try not to exceed around 6 grams of good quality standard kratom powder during that time to stay in control.

How To Use Kratom For Anxiety

Let’s now turn to using kratom for anxiety. The best kratom for anxiety is actually the opposite of what’s best for depression in most cases.

Anxiety is where you are on edge, physically, but especially mentally. You can have heart palpitations, racing heart, sweats; you feel out of control, your mind is racing. You’re terrified of certain things, or everything, and it’s a debilitating.

So what you need is something to calm you down. That’s what over the counter anxiety medication does, and that’s what you’re looking for kratom to do.

To do this, you’re looking more at red kratom than white or green kratom.

The reason for this is because red kratom contains less of the stimulant alkaloids than white or green kratom. At moderate doses of around 5 g red kratom can be deeply calming both physically and mentally.

But at around that level, you’ll still retain mental sharpness, and the ability to function. It’s only as the dose increases up to around 10 g that you really cannot do anything more than sit around in a deep, detached, calm. It’s why red kratom is used by recovering heroin addicts to help chill out, relieve the pain, and recreate some of the effects of an opiate experience. But that’s not ideal if you want to function.

So for me, we are looking at good quality red kratom at moderate doses.

I would start with a classic red kratom like Bali, Borneo, or Thai. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter that much, as long as it’s pure kratom, and rich in alkaloids.

Experimenting with dose and quality is far more important than the actual strain you use. Once you have found someone who sells great kratom, and you found the dosage range that calms you down, then you will have a better starting point for experimenting with different strains to see if there’s any difference for you. A good benchmark is around 5 g to start feeling low full-spectrum kratom effects.

Kratom capsules are great for anxiety because anxiety doesn’t necessarily happen all the time. It can be triggered without you noticing, and you suddenly start to feel more anxious, until at times it can become overwhelming.

Loose powder during the day could be a problem, but if you buy high-quality kratom capsules, then 4 -8 of those can start to calm you down, and you can top up every couple of hours with another couple of capsules really discreetly.

Do You Use Kratom For Social Anxiety Differently To Normal Anxiety?

Let’s quickly talk about specifically using kratom for social anxiety symptom relief.

With social anxiety it’s that anxiety that builds up when you are around people. Worse than that, it can be building up just at the thought of having to do something social.

So what we are trying to do is to take the edge off that by calm you down, but keeping you energized mentally and physically so you can interact and carry through on your social commitments successfully.

For me, I found green kratom to be best for this. Because it’s slightly more energizing than red generally, at moderate doses you will keep your cognitive and physical energy levels, and can even slightly enhance them.

Plus, you will get some calmness. You will be chilled out, and you will feel confident and in control.

Any green will do, but Green Malay is a classic. However, I’ve also had success with various green kratom capsules (mostly Malay and Borneo) from The Evergreen Tree.

The great thing about capsules is that you can top up discreetly. Say you have a long social event, and you take a few grams of kratom, the least you need to get the effects (which should be 5 g or less for the quality kratom). For most people that should be enough.

But if you need to top up during the evening, say you start to get anxious as the effects wear off, you can just pop a couple of kratom capsules, another gram, discreetly in front of people, and just say you’ve got a headache.

What About Maeng Da Kratom & Other Stronger Kratom?

One of the problems with kratom is that if you take too much, higher doses can have more extreme effects.

You can either feel highly energized to the point of being jittery, or especially with red kratom, but also with most types of kratom, at higher doses, it starts to tip over into poorer cognitive skills and an increasing detachment.

Also, high doses of kratom can make people feel anxious on the way out the other side in a similar way to coming down from alcohol.

The chances at either of these things happening increase if you get your doses wrong, which is easier with stronger kratom like Maeng Da, kratom extracts, or ultra-enhanced kratom, because the alkaloid content can be so much higher than standard powder or capsules (sometimes three times the strength or more).

On top of that, Maeng Da kratom isn’t really a strain. It can be a single type of kratom that’s stronger when it’s tested, or it can be a blend. That means it’s often unpredictable, and you shouldn’t ever rely on it to deal with anxiety or depression without trying it out before you actually need it.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Anxiety And Depression

So let’s recap here on using kratom for anxiety and depression:

  • Keep your kratom dosage as low as possible
  • Only use good quality kratom that is rich in alkaloids
  • Avoid stronger kratom that could have more unpredictable or intense results
  • White kratom and green kratom good for depression
  • Green kratom and red kratom are good for anxiety

Kratom is not an over-the-counter anxiety medication. If you have acute anxiety or depression, especially if you are already on medication, you should not use kratom on top of that as it can produce very unpredictable responses.

In terms of where to buy kratom that is high in quality, I would recommend Kratora and The Evergreen Tree.

Kratora is where I get my Green Malay and White Borneo. It’s exceptional quality, and you can get both in capsule or loose powder form.

Kratora is one of the premier kratom vendors in the USA, and they batch-test all their kratom to make sure it’s pure and rich in alkaloids.

The Evergreen Tree carries the widest range of kratom in capsule and loose powder formats I’ve ever seen. They also sell some really powerful kratom products as well (extracts and ultra-enhanced).

The reason I love The Evergreen Tree is that each product it allows you to choose the alkaloid content. You can choose between two or three brackets of alkaloid levels, with the price increasing as you do so. That allows you to more closely control the effects of the kratom you buy.

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