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Guide to the best kratom for energy and euphoria

Find the best kratom for euphoria in terms of kratom vein colors and strains, and how many kratom capsules for euphoria you need to take compared to grams of loose kratom.

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Guide to using kratom for energy and euphoria. Everything you need to find the best kratom for energy and euphoria, including detailed advice on dosing kratom for energy, and the dose you need to experience a euphoric high. Find the best kratom for euphoria in terms of kratom vein colors and strains, and how many kratom capsules for euphoria you need to take compared to grams of loose kratom. Also, find where to buy the best kratom for energy and euphoria with a range of alkaloid profiles a different strength.

In this quick guide I’m going to cover two very good reasons for experimenting with kratom. People use it widely for energy and euphoria, but this can mean two different things.

Firstly, it can mean a high burst of energy and euphoria together, producing a euphoric high. But secondly, it can mean getting euphoric high on kratom without energy, or it could mean feeling physically or mentally energize from kratom without getting high.

But don’t worry. I’m going to clear up exactly how you can do both. I’m going to talk about what the best kratom strains for energy and euphoric high are, explain why dosing and quality of kratom is critical for achieving your goal, and talk you through the best strains for energy and euphoria.

The Reasons Why Kratom Can Make You High And Happy

Kratom is a complex plant. The leaves from the tree are dried out and ground down to make a powder. How those leaves are dried out can also change the profile of the alkaloid content.

In fact, studies have shown that leaves dried in sunlight can have a different alkaloid profile, sometimes being significantly higher in the derivative of the main alkaloid Mitragynine, called 7-hydroxymitragynine (often described as a metabolite of Mitragynine).

At low doses neither of these are predominant, and other more minor alkaloids combined to produce a mild be stimulating effect. This is hardly surprising as the kratom tree is a member of the coffee family.

But at stronger doses, the two main alkaloids predominate and overwhelm the smaller stimulating alkaloids present. At high doses, they increasingly become agonists of all four opioid receptors, but notably the mu, kappa, and delta receptors.

These three alkaloid receptors trigger responses which increase happiness, levels of detachment and sedation, pain relief, as well as shallower breathing and the potential for itchy skin.

So at higher doses, kratom acts almost as a full opioid medication, by basically twanging the three main opioid receptors to make you feel happy, and at high doses feeling floating and detached.

The Different Effects Of Kratom Explained

So when we are talking about kratom energy and euphoria, we are talking about two different things potentially, as well as the same thing if you want the combined effect that gives you both. But whichever you want, it’s predominantly dose dependent.

As I’ve explained, at low doses kratom is stimulating. Two or 3 g and you’ll get a stimulating effect similar to a couple of strong cups of coffee.

As that dose increases, whether it’s white, red, or green kratom, then the two main alkaloids take charge, which leads to an increasing level of sedation, happiness, and euphoria.

That’s why kratom is a spectrum drug. It’s finding that sweet spot for yourself between gaining energy and starting to feel overwhelmed with sedation.

Although red kratom will sedately more quickly, and white kratom give you more energy, the higher the dose, the more that spectrum closes until all kratom at high doses becomes very sedating.

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Dosage Is Crucial To Experiencing Energy Bursts Or Euphoric High

So kratom dosage is crucial to get the exact effect you want to experience.

If you want to find the best kratom for energy, then you’re looking at white kratom, or possibly green kratom. I’ll go through the specific strains in a moment.

You’ll also be looking at lower doses. 5 g or less of good quality white or green kratom. 5 g of red kratom will not be energizing, because it’s alkaloid profile starts to bring in detachment and sedation.

At higher doses, red kratom will give you a blissful euphoric high before drifting you down into a deep piece. I’m talking around 8 g, possibly 10 g or more.

At higher doses, the best kratom for euphoria that’s more balanced, slightly more energy and cognitive retention, green kratom is brilliant. You’ll feel blissful, a superb rush, and then a drift down into detachment and happiness. Again, you’re looking at about 10 g for that full effect.

With white kratom the same thing will happen, but it will be more energizing; for some people too energizing. If you’re looking for a rushing, blissful, highway experience joy and happiness, and then calm and sedation.

A word here about kratom capsules. Some people wonder how many kratom capsules for euphoria are needed. The answer is to convert them to grams.

Your average kratom capsule is 500 mg. So if you’re looking to take 8 g, that’s 16 capsules. It’s really that simple to convert. Be careful though, because some companies sell 1 g kratom capsules. You should be able to spot those though, because they are huge and look like horse pills!

Although they are more expensive, a euphoric high on kratom capsules is brilliant because you don’t have to mess around with preparing powder and drinking dusty liquid.

Getting Your Hands On The Best Quality Kratom You Can Works Wonders

This part of my guide to best kratom for energy and euphoria is crucial to take note of.

Dosage is more important than the strain you use. You more need to focus on whether you want white, green, red kratom, depending on the type of euphoric rush you want.

We have already discussed the higher the dose needed for euphoric high, but the experience will be better with good quality kratom. That stands to reason, but it’s astonishing how many people don’t grasp that.

The better the kratom, the richer in alkaloids is, the better experience you’ll have at that magic dosage range of around 10 g to deliver an incredible euphoric high.

The Best Kratom For Energy Explained

Let’s now continue this guide by talking to about the best kratom for energy, as in a cognitive and physical energy boost.

As I’ve already said, we are looking at white and green kratom strains because of the alkaloid profile in them. It just delivers better physical and cognitive energy, especially at lower doses, and especially in the first hour or so after you take it.

You’re looking at 5 g in terms of a good dosage, and you’re looking at white or green strains.

White Borneo is the first kratom I tried. A “classic” white strain, similar to Bali or Indo in effects and alkaloid profile. Highly energizing, and for me, probably the most energizing white kratom I’ve taken. This is going to give you a pure rush of energy and cognitively you’ll feel sharper in bursts for a couple of hours alongside a laser focused calmness.

So any white kratom strain will do, or you could try green kratom if you want something less rushing and energizing.

Any green strain will do, but quality counts. Green Malay in my experience tends to be slightly more like a red, being deeply chilling but not overwhelming. So perhaps go for green Bali or green Sumatran kratom. Both of these give a good balance, and at around 5 g, you’ll feel peaceful, happy, and yet retain energy and cognitive sharpness with positivity that can drive you on.

What Are The Best Kratom Strains For Euphoria/Getting High

Now I want to turn from looking at pure energy bursts to getting a euphoric-kratom. What I’m talking about is several hours where you get the following things happen:

  1. Within about 30 minutes of taking good quality kratom on an empty stomach you’ll start to get happy. Things will start to rush, you’ll feel positive, alert, alive. At really high doses it will be an incredible rush, akin to a full opiate high, but without the obvious narcotic addiction problem and side effects.
  2. About the next hour after that, you’ll get bursts of energy and happiness, you’ll feel a deepening calm both physically and emotionally.
  3. As the effects calm down, you’ll start to feel deeply happy and peaceful for another couple of hours. If you’re using red kratom for the euphoric high, you stand more chance of completely detaching. Laying down, feeling happy and peaceful, everything around you alive and wonderful.

As I’ve said before, the best kratom for euphoria is 2nd to the quality and the dose of the kratom you are using.

You’ll need 8 g or more of great quality kratom to get euphoric high. More usually, 10 g is sweet spot I’d recommend.

If you want that clean rushing high of white kratom, then again, the classic strains are Borneo or Bali are fantastic.

But I’ll also point you to the white Maeng Da sold by The Evergreen Tree. I’ve used it a couple of times from incredibly intense experience. With 2.4% alkaloids in it, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

For a wonderfully calming euphoric rush, then go for green Malay. You’ll get a lovely initial happiness and high, that drifts down slowly into a wonderful euphoric peacefulness.

And if you want a deep calm and almost overwhelming sedation. Then after that euphoric high, red kratom is the way to go. Red Malay, just like its green cousin, is incredibly deep and enriching. Give it a try, you simply will not be disappointed. It’s my “go to” red kratom to get high on.

Side Effects And Warning Of Using Kratom For Euphoria

Don’t ever just go straight in at 10 g of kratom. Especially if you’ve never tried it before. If you want to feel energized, and start to experience the full spectrum of effects, take 5 g of good quality kratom powder. White Borneo, Green Malay, red Bali, those classic strains you can use.

Then work up a couple of grams at a time. If you’re not feeling like you’ve been hit by a kratom bus at around 7-8 g, then something is not right with the kratom you’ve got.

Kratom can shallow your breathing and lower your heart rate. If you got any problems in those areas, don’t start taking large doses of kratom.

The first time you go for euphoric high of 10 g or more, I’d recommend you have someone with you (known as a sitter). Make sure they aren’t doing a large dose of kratom as well, just in case you do have an adverse reaction.

But aside from that, one of the biggest downsides of taking high doses of kratom for energy and euphoria is the large amount of powder you need to take.

You can offset this by mixing it with milkshake, or even potentiating it by mixing it with fruit juice (grapefruit juice is ideal).

However, you can get around this by using Maeng Da kratom, or even kratom extracts, or ultra-enhanced kratom.

Those stronger types of kratom will ensure you have to take less powder. For extracts and ultra-enhanced, a couple of grams will be the same as around 10 g of normal kratom powder. Far less powder to deal with.

And in terms of using kratom capsules for euphoria and energy, because you don’t get the kratom powder in your mouth and throat at all, although they are more expensive (often double the price), that convenience means you can get the exact dose you need really quickly, and without experiencing the taste and bitterness of kratom powder at all.

I don’t use kratom capsules are the time, because they are expensive. But for a treat, or if I’m out with friends, they can be brilliantly convenient. If I know I’m going round to a friends for a night, and we might get high on kratom, I’ll take capsules with me rather than messing around with powder.

Where To Buy Good Quality Kratom

For me right now, there’s only one place I by my kratom from, and that’s The Evergreen Tree. They are based in the USA, so if you’re looking to buy kratom domestically, you can get it rapidly.

The reason I love this company is they do something nobody else ever has I’ve seen in the kratom marketplace.

You can buy different levels of alkaloid content. So not only does this give you choice over the strength of the kratom you want, but it shows that everything they sell is batch tested to make sure it’s good quality, and then graded for that quality.

Let me give you an example here. Let’s say you want to get a rushing euphoric high with some energy, and I’m pointing you towards White Borneo is a classic kratom to start with.

You can buy three different strengths. Up to 1.7% alkaloids, up to 2% alkaloids, and up to 2.4% alkaloids. Obviously, the stronger it is, the more you’ll pay. But it gives you a real choice for the first time in the kratom marketplace.

As I’ve said, dosage is vital. 3 g will give you a little rush of energy. But move up to 5 g, and you’ll get a low full-spectrum dose. It makes you feel completely different.

Using the high alkaloid content kratom I’ve just pointed you to, 5 g is going to be an incredibly rewarding dose. Invigorating, and the start of your pathway to feeling calm and happy.

The Evergreen Tree also sell an insane range of kratom capsules. So if you’re looking to use kratom capsules for energy and euphoria, there are 30 different types to choose from. 

What’s also great is that they are the only company I know how to sell five different types of Maeng Da in capsule form as well. Get your hands on some green Maeng Da dosed at 2.4% alkaloid content, and take 14 capsules (7 g). That’s going to give you a wonderful euphoric experience.

So there you go, I hope this guide to using kratom for energy and euphoria has been helpful. The key learning point I want you to takeaway here is that the quality of the kratom (a higher alkaloid content), and whether you use white, green, red for different type of euphoria energy, is your primary decision.

Once you’ve established that, the secondary decision is which strain give you the best experience. There are subtle differences, but not as much as most people will tell you. The difference between red Borneo, red Mali, any of the white, red, or green strains is quite minor and most people struggle to tell the difference.

However, especially if you’re sensitive and have good quality kratom, then it can be noticeable. So it is worth experimenting once you’ve got good quality kratom to experiment with.

Start your journey by ordering some high alkaloid standard powder. The Evergreen tree do a three pack variety product. You can choose three different types of kratom and choose the alkaloids strength. So I would go for a white like Borneo, Green Malay, and something like red Bali, with 2.4% alkaloid content, and experiment with doses well above 5 g to see what sort of euphoria and happiness you experience.

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