Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Topic: WFH

How WFH has come as a surprise boon for women in India’s tech services

New rules are expected to provide female workers in India's tech services with a broad swath of flexible work arrangements & fresh employment opportunities.

In a pandemic, every day is bring-your-child-to-work day

It was a novelty to see our parents in this grownup space. But today, with so many parents WFH alongside kids who are schooling from home — 'novelty' no longer describes it.

How lockdowns and working from home can make us less creative

Not only does virtual and distanced working risk loneliness, it is also bound to reduce on-the-job learning, creativity and innovation.

Germany is a drafting a new law to give people the legal right to work from home

In Germany, about 40 per cent of people wanted to work from home at least some of the time, even before the pandemic struck.

Working from home is here to stay, so let’s get it right

A recent survey shows a substantial increase in the number of workers who say they won’t go back to the office full time.

Planning a post-pandemic holiday? Your company’s new paid leave policy can change that

With the emotional well-being of employees of utmost concern, many employers are hitting the reset button on leave policies.

The pandemic workday is 48 minutes longer and has more meetings

In a few cities, such as LA and Chicago, the average workday length returned to its pre-pandemic levels. But longer days persisted in New York, San Jose & most of Europe in May.

Less distracted, free of gender roles — many working mothers are glad to return to office

The precautions they take to keep Covid at bay are, in some ways, a small price to pay for regaining their boundaries and reclaiming their professional identity.

The eyes have it — worst. Work from home and increased screen time is ruining our vision

WFH has been bad news for necks and backs as well as our eyes. It now seems to be only a matter of time before most of our body parts give up and go on a strike.

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File photo of smog in Delhi. Some doctors have called air pollution a bigger threat than Covid-19.| Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Air quality is better but not enough to banish air purifiers. Here are options for your room & car

What’s the solution for people who cannot leave Delhi? Air purifiers from Dyson's expensive range to Xiaomi's affordable ones can be of help.

NFRA to conduct audit quality inspections of five audit firms

New Delhi, Nov 16 (PTI) The National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) will carry out audit quality inspections of five audit firms, including the...


The Defence Services Staff College in Wellington | Image credit: dssc.gov.in

In a first, six women officers to enter prestigious Defence Services Staff College

As many as 15 women appeared for the examination, out of which six were selected, including one who has made it to the course along with her husband. 

Why military is more for asserting political will, not just about controlling territory

No matter what tactics, doctrine, or weapon system is used, the objective of any war is to control territory, argues Gen. MM Naravane (retd). But it's politics that matters most.