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Imran Khan’s Ertugrul love was going well. Until a Pakistani TikToker joined the party

When the Turkish actor signed a million-dollar deal with a Lahore businessman, it seemed like Pakistan PM Imran Khan had delivered on his promise. But there was a twist in the tale.
TikTok Creator's Lab | Shiho Fukada/Bloomberg

TikTok sale deadline on hold as talks with US continue

Trump had ordered that the app be sold to an American firm or face a ban in the US. But as the presidential election loomed, TikTok seems to have slipped off the top of his agenda.
The TikTok app. | Photographer: Roy Liu | Bloomberg

TikTok gets reprieve on Trump administration’s demand for app ban

For months, the app’s Chinese owner, ByteDance Ltd., has faced the prospect of a US ban starting Thursday. But judges have blocked those prohibitions from going into effect.
TikTok | Representational photo | Kon Karampelas | Unsplash

ByteDance seeks extension as US TikTok sale deadline looms

The Beijing-based company has asked the US government to extend a Thursday deadline for ByteDance to divest its TikTok business in the country.
Luxury mansion Wave House in Essex county

Creators live it up in ‘TikTok Houses’ — luxury pads where one bathes in milk, flower petals

In an all-expenses-paid arrangement, savvy marketing agencies are leasing aspirational mansions to young creators in the UK with large fan bases to create content and promote brands.
Apps displayed on a phone | Photo: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

These 3 Chinese apps are doing better than Indian platforms trying to replace TikTok

Snack Video by Kuaishou Technology, Zili by Xiaomi, and ByteDance's Resso have seen a surge in downloads over the past few months since the govt banned over 200 Chinese apps.
Instagram app | Omkar Patyane | Pexels

Instagram Reels is busy being woke. It has no space for the TikTok gang

A format that democratised content creation shouldn’t fall into the hands of the social media ‘elites’. I’d take ‘cringe’ over it any day.

Not just TikTok, even a biscuit ad and a woman in yoga pants corrupt Pakistani minds

Even in Zia-ul-Haq days, Pakistanis had an outlet in TV serial Aangan Terha. But Imran Khan won't even allow TikTok.

TikTok seeks to block 2nd round of US restrictions as it fears ‘permanent, devastating harm’

A lawyer for TikTok argued at a hearing last month that it 'makes no sense' for the govt to ban the app while ByteDance is still in talks for the deal President Trump has sought.
TikTok | Representational photo | Kon Karampelas | Unsplash

Pakistan blocks TikTok citing company’s inability to police ‘immoral, indecent’ content

TikTok has a sizable user base in Pakistan. The app has been installed nearly 43 million times in the country, including 14.7 million installs this year alone.

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