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Remdesivir is an injectable drug | Representational image: Flickr

Cipla to experiment with Covid drug remdesivir composition to reduce effect on kidneys

Government's subject expert committee asks Cipla to assess renal toxicity of remdesivir's new formulation through a bioequivalence study as well as clinical trials.
Representational image | Gilead Sciences

Vaccines are great news, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore therapeutics

Even if vaccines are as effective in the real world as they look in clinical trials, they can’t change the course of the pandemic overnight. We need reinforcements.

India will make Covid vaccine accessible to ‘closest friends’, Shringla says in Nepal

Shringla was speaking after handing over 2,000 vials of anti-virus drug Remdesivir to Nepal's Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali to help it contain the Covid pandemic.
Representational image. | Photo: Pixabay

WHO advice on remdesivir is a warning for Covid-19 vaccines

The WHO’s thumbs-down on remdesivir highlights why the FDA has to do more than merely rubber-stamp Covid-19 treatments in the face of heavy White House pressure to move quickly.
Representational image | Gilead Sciences

Delhi doctors unlikely to follow new WHO advice, say remdesivir works in moderate Covid cases

WHO Friday advised against use of remdesivir for Covid because there’s ‘no evidence’ it improves survival, but doctors say it works on moderately ill patients.

WHO advises against use of remdesivir to treat hospitalised Covid patients

WHO experts say their findings shouldn’t be interpreted to mean remdesivir is ineffective, but that there is no evidence it improves patient-important outcomes.
Dr Samiran Panda, director of ICMR-NARI, which is conducting research on Covid-19 | Photo:

Remdesivir needs more testing in Covid Solidarity trial before being junked — ICMR-NARI chief

ICMR-NARI is body responsible for conducting WHO Solidarity trial in India, and its director Panda says remdesivir cannot be ruled out as a Covid treatment yet.
Representational image | Gilead Sciences

Final results of US trial reveal remdesivir could shorten recovery time in Covid patients

The results, published in NEJM, come weeks after WHO's Solidarity Trial concluded that remdesivir had little to no effect on hospitalised Covid patients.
Remdesivir is an injectable drug | Representational image: Flickr

Approved by US, rejected by WHO — science of remdesivir & why it has turned controversial

The controversy around remdesivir use stems from divergent claims about its efficacy among patients, and appears to centre on the stage at which it should be administered to patients.
Representational Image | A medical worker collects sample for Covid-19 testing | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Busting Covid myths on plasma therapy and remdesivir, and what India’s falling numbers mean

In episode 602 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta analyses India's declining Covid numbers, and explains the science behind remdesivir and plasma therapy.

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