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Illustration: Ramandeep Kaur/ThePrint

Modi govt is planning to set up DFIs, but it needs to figure out sources for funds first

Subsidised credit from the government and the RBI has not proved to be a sustainable source in the past. Moreover, the bond market in India is still awaiting reforms.
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‘Elevated inflation likely to stay’ — concern that dominated RBI’s latest monetary policy meet

Inflation has been consistently over 6% over the last few months on account of rising food prices and supply constraints. It touched a 77-month high of 7.6% in Oct.

RBI’s dollar mopping spree could slow down as US puts India on currency watchlist

The US treasury has placed India under the currency manipulator watchlist. It says India intervened in the FX market in a sustained, asymmetric manner.
A building in Gujarat GIFT City | Commons

Indian residents can now invest in GIFT City under LRS, but RBI isn’t thrilled about it

The IFSC regulator has approved banking regulations for IBUs. It has allowed resident Indians, with a net worth of not less than $1 million, to invest in IBUs.
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Wave of foreign money threatens RBI’s tight grip on rupee

For most of this year, RBI has capped currency gains as global investors poured around $50 billion into stocks and stakes in companies.
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Modi govt favours easing RBI’s inflation target to help it focus on growth

A consumer-price inflation band tracked by RBI may be relaxed further from the current 2%-6% range when it comes up for review next year.
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman holds a press conference in New Delhi on 12 November, 2020 | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Economy reflating faster than expected, pent up demand not the only factor, says Sitharaman

The Finance Minister said the current reflation is sustainable and consistent GST collections for two months and industry expansion plans indicate additional demand in the economy

Public confidence needs to be maintained, says RBI on curbing HDFC Bank’s digital expansion

RBI restricted HDFC Bank from launching new digital banking activities and issuing credit cards. Governor Das says IWG proposal on corporates in banking independent of RBI.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Why RBI’s status quo on interest rate is the best policy for India right now

GDP numbers for Q2 were better than expected, but growth could still be hit by resurgence of Covid. Persistent supply-side inflation is a problem too.
RBI Governor Shakikanta Das speaks Friday | Photo: ANI

Yes Bank, PNB crises shows why RBI needs a data-first approach to supervision

To expect the RBI to effectively monitor multiple aspects of the banks and other regulated entities is a tall order.

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