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Migrant workers go home on NH2 highway | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

2020 forced some of the most earth-shaking reckonings on India, US and UK

Pandemic found three of the world’s most prominent democracies shockingly underprepared and encumbered by states incapable of performing a most basic duty: protecting human lives.

2020 is the worst year since Independence, but not only because of Covid

As the country enters the third decade of the century, one thing is clear: Its institutions and instincts, resources and reserves will face tough stress tests.
Illustration by Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

As digital divide widens, India risks losing a generation to pandemic disruption

India has the world’s second-largest pool of internet users, about 600 million, comprising more than 12% of all users globally. Yet half its population lacks internet access.

Did you get the 36 books you were promised online? I don’t know anyone

The '36-books exchange' is too good to be true but supports literature, publishing industry.

Nine months into the Covid pandemic, rethink those bad habits — again

Lockdowns jolted us into new habits — some healthy, others, not so much. Over time, too much of any of these will leave a person depleted. It's time we cultivate healthier habits.
File photo | Members of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti felicitate health workers at Vijay Ghat slum area during a COVID-19 testing camp | PTI

Covid pandemic has shown India the utility of smaller facilities over mega hospitals

In 'Till We Win', public health expert Chadrakant Lahariya, scientist Gagandeep Kang and AIIMS director Randeep Guleria write that Covid has shown the link between India’s health and economy.
A refugee camp in Bangladesh

Over 80 mn people displaced globally till mid-2020, Covid worsened challenges, says UN

According to the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, some of the measures to curb Covid spread made it harder for refugees to reach safety.
A cyclist rides past a mural honouring Covid warriors, in New Delhi | PTI

No law for bio emergencies, no strategy for next pandemic – India must learn from Covid

When the Covid pandemic struck, India ran to hire epidemiologists, make a plan and set up committees. That’s a glaring public health gap.

People are eating healthier in pandemic, so avocados are selling like never before

Avocado trade body chief says Europe’s consumption will jump 12% this year to a record 670,000 tons, while US demand will increase 7%.

If cholera, plague, influenza pandemics have taught us anything — don’t celebrate prematurely

In ‘The Age of Pandemics’, Chinmay Tumbe writes that the outcomes of pandemics are strongly influenced by politics — whether the plague or the Spanish Flu.

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