Friday, 24 March, 2023

Topic: Pandemic

Did Covid do what demonetisation couldn’t? Usher in ‘digital India’ & cashless economy

Data show withdrawals from ATMs have remained largely the same since lockdown was lifted, while UPI payments ballooned — signs of behavioural change, even as currency in circulation goes up

Off The Cuff with Dr. Neerja Birla

In the latest edition of ThePrint ‘Off the Cuff’, Dr. Neerja Birla, Founder & Chairperson, Mpower, an initiative of Aditya Birla Education Trust talks...

New ‘SARS-CoV-2-like virus’ found in Russian bats can infect humans, says US study

Published in 'PLOS Pathogens', the study found the virus, 'Khosta-2', was resistant to available Covid vaccines, but also that it lacks the genes needed to develop into a disease.

Indians are going nuts over supercars. Blame it on YOLO after pandemic

The likes of Mercedes-Benz India have seen sales for their ‘AMG’ brand of cars double in the past year. Lamborghini too has seen over 50% increase in sales.

Not poverty, unemployment, crime or Covid—Inflation is the world’s #1 worry

Ipsos survey reflects that people in 27 countries have grown more concerned about inflation in the last 11 months than they have been about Covid.

Less than 20% of students in India could access education in pandemic, learning suffered

In their book 'Covid 19 pandemic, Public Policy, and Institutions in India', Saswati Paik and Roshan M Samueltalk about the psycho-social effect of the pandemic on children.

Monkeypox: Origin, transmission and causes of concern

Studies in non-human primates show that the smallpox vaccine offers protection from monkeypox.

Apple TV’s ‘Severance’ takes work-life balance to brain-altering extreme. It’s no utopia

In Severance, an employee has no recollection of their personal life at the workplace and vice versa. In a post-pandemic world, it may seem ideal, but it’s not.

5 reasons why Club Mahindra Resorts were preferred even during peak pandemic times

Pandemic did put restrictions on travel. But with the right tools and techniques, Club Mahindra Resorts were quick to adopt the precautions of the new normal for both its guests and staff.

How AI is changing India’s healthcare — it’s reading scans, predicting risks & a lot more

Covid firmed up AI's role in healthcare, with hospitals using it to detect lung damage in 2nd wave. From radiology, it is now expanding to preventive health checks too.

On Camera


File photo of smog in Delhi. Some doctors have called air pollution a bigger threat than Covid-19.| Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Air quality is better but not enough to banish air purifiers. Here are options for your room & car

What’s the solution for people who cannot leave Delhi? Air purifiers from Dyson's expensive range to Xiaomi's affordable ones can be of help.

NFRA to conduct audit quality inspections of five audit firms

New Delhi, Nov 16 (PTI) The National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) will carry out audit quality inspections of five audit firms, including the...


The Defence Services Staff College in Wellington | Image credit:

In a first, six women officers to enter prestigious Defence Services Staff College

As many as 15 women appeared for the examination, out of which six were selected, including one who has made it to the course along with her husband. 

Why military is more for asserting political will, not just about controlling territory

No matter what tactics, doctrine, or weapon system is used, the objective of any war is to control territory, argues Gen. MM Naravane (retd). But it's politics that matters most.