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An Atlantic plane similar to the Pakistani one that was shot down by the IAF in 1999. | Commons

How IAF shot down a Pakistani naval aircraft and killed 16 a month after Kargil in 1999

Pakistan is set to reopen its airspace but while it was closed, India nearly shot down a Georgian aircraft flying in from across the border. A Pakistani aircraft wasn't so lucky 20 yrs ago.
An Indian Air Force contingent marches along the Rajpath during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi

These 5 Indian Army, IAF heroes are the faces of the Kargil conflict

As many as 527 Indian defence forces personnel died in the Kargil conflict, losing their lives while evicting Pakistani soldiers and irregulars from India.

What is the ‘Missing Man’ formation IAF chief flew as tribute to fallen Kargil MiG-21 hero

IAF chief B.S. Dhanoa and Western Air Command chief R. Nambiar were part of the formation in honour of Squadron Leader Ahuja who died at the start of the Kargil war.
Kargil War

The lesser-known events in India and Pakistan leading up to the Kargil war of 1999

This day, 24 May, marks the 20th anniversary of the conflict that brought the two volatile neighbours on the brink of nuclear war.

GD Bakshi a war hero or not? What Vistara & others need to know of Indian military awards

The G.D. Bakshi-Vistara controversy last week led to a lot of confusion over who exactly qualifies as a war hero. ThePrint explains.
GD Bakshi

Military & moustaches: The world of GD Bakshi, face of Indian media’s shrill war cries

Major General G.D. Bakshi (retd) believes Muslims should show allegiance to Bharat Mata, describes Mughal rule as Muslim colonialism and wonders why only Kashmir has human rights.
Nirmala Sitharaman, who was defence minister at the time, speaks during the Indian Defence Conclave, in New Delhi | PTI File Photo

Nirmala Sitharaman cites social media hoax as she attacks Pakistan on 27 February dogfight

Referring to a social media post that claimed a Pakistan Air Force pilot, downed by IAF, was lynched by Pakistanis, Sitharaman said Islamabad's silence on his identity was 'sad'.
File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad | PTI

Modi understands Pakistan army’s Islamic doctrine. That’s why he called its nuclear bluff

After Pulwama, India achieved complete strategic superiority over Pakistan by putting economic and diplomatic pressure on it.
Indian Army

Indian Army warns Pakistan of dire consequences amid heavy artillery exchange on LoC

Bofors guns swing into action as Indian Army warns Pakistan not to target civilian areas, and vows to give befitting response to any ‘misadventure’.
File photo of PM Narendra Modi | PTI

History has lessons for a BJP banking on Pulwama and Balakot to win Lok Sabha elections

Parallels can be drawn between 2019 and 1999 polls when Vajpayee failed to get a clear majority despite humiliating Pakistan in Kargil a month ago.

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