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Topic: Indira Gandhi

Modi govt’s assault on democracy is more sinister than the Emergency. Look at the differences

While the Emergency was brutal and sudden, Modi govt's moves are far more insidious and systemic and will undermine our society for a long time.

‘Mediocre loner’ to Emergency bad boy, Sanjay Gandhi is the big ‘what if’ in Indian politics

Entitled and 'outstandingly mediocre,' Sanjay didn’t have the makings of an ideal political successor. But there are perks to being your mother’s favourite.

Women politicians in Indian cinema emerged with Indira Gandhi. Now they’re just placeholders

OTT content like Dasvi or Panchayat 2 may have women leads. But their rise to power is often inorganic—the disturbing trend mirrors India's widening gender gap.

Closeness to Indira Gandhi made bigwigs call RKD ‘Dhawan Saab’. He even made her offer namaz

In 'Leaders, Politicians, Citizens', journalist Rasheed Kidwai talks of the influence that R.K. Dhawan, a die-hard Nehru loyalist, had on Indira Gandhi.

1970s India was all about ‘coffee pe charcha’. And it began at Delhi’s Indian Coffee House

In 'Brewing Resistance', Kristin Victoria Magistrelli Plys talks about the integral role of the Indian Coffee house at Connaught Place in shaping the protest of 1975.

PMs’ Museum bedazzles and entertains. But it doesn’t tell us who we are

There is something to be said about the Narendra Modi-era museums and his push for big-is-best, gizmo-laden, dazzling interactive spaces for museum-starved Indians.

Congress has to split to revive — it’s the only way to free it from clutch of Gandhi family

The eclipse of the Congress, though, should be a cause of worry for the BJP since the latter has to contest against not one but many political adversaries.

Modi is like Indira – Congress must learn from history. Sonia, Prashant Kishor can bring change

It's the story of Indira Gandhi and her opponents but roles are reversed: Congress is making the same mistakes. But lately, there are signs of change.

Hungry India, a nawabi US President, ‘Mexican blood’ — The real story of Green Revolution

I don’t ever want us to have to beg for food again, Indira Gandhi said after a call with US President Lyndon Johnson. Science, Swaminathan and Subramanian made sure she didn’t have to.

Indira Gandhi’s ‘Hinduism in danger’ to Karnataka hijab row — This is what jihadists want

Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have shown what happens to nations that can’t manage ethnic or religious tensions.

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File photo of smog in Delhi. Some doctors have called air pollution a bigger threat than Covid-19.| Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Air quality is better but not enough to banish air purifiers. Here are options for your room & car

What’s the solution for people who cannot leave Delhi? Air purifiers from Dyson's expensive range to Xiaomi's affordable ones can be of help.

NFRA to conduct audit quality inspections of five audit firms

New Delhi, Nov 16 (PTI) The National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) will carry out audit quality inspections of five audit firms, including the...


The Defence Services Staff College in Wellington | Image credit:

In a first, six women officers to enter prestigious Defence Services Staff College

As many as 15 women appeared for the examination, out of which six were selected, including one who has made it to the course along with her husband. 

Why military is more for asserting political will, not just about controlling territory

No matter what tactics, doctrine, or weapon system is used, the objective of any war is to control territory, argues Gen. MM Naravane (retd). But it's politics that matters most.