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Why India needs to bet its money on the right honey

A selection of the best news reports, analysis and opinions published by ThePrint this week.

The bee, not the brand — India needs to bet its money on the right honey

India has been using honey for thousands of years. And right when it needed it the most — Covid season — CSE accused most top brands including Dabur and Patanjali of adulterating.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s a honeybee—How insects survive without antibodies

In ‘Every Creature Has A Story’, Janaki Lenin writes about how hard-working bees avoid disease while living in densely-populated hives.

Honeybees’ waggle dance has different dialects — study solves 70-yr-old mystery

The waggle dance is a unique form of communication of honeybees, which is used to convey the distance and direction of a food source.

We just taught bees a simple number language – and they got it

This shows us that while no non-human species appear to have developed number symbols, it is not because they lack brain capacity.

The honeybee is cute, charismatic, and misunderstood

Experts say honeybees don't need to be saved. By focusing too much on them, we risk ignoring certain problems faced by all the other bees.