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Why India needs to bet its money on the right honey

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The bee, not the brand — India needs to bet its money on the right honey

India has been using honey for thousands of years. And right when it needed it the most — Covid season — CSE accused most top brands including Dabur and Patanjali of adulterating.
Representational image of honey | Pixabay

FSSAI to review CSE findings on ‘adulterated honey’ sold by Dabur, Patanjali & other brands

FSSAI issues statement responding to certain issues of testing methodology raised by CSE that has alleged honey adulteration by major brands.
Representational image of honey | Pixabay

‘Chinese sugar’ found in Indian honey, Dabur, Patanjali call CSE report ‘bid to malign’ brands

Brands have denied the allegations of selling adulterated honey but CSE research team says sugar syrups are designed to pass India's food regulatory standards.

How bees are boosting the fortunes of Indian farmers

The number of honey bee colonies have gone up from 20 lakh to 30 lakh between 2014 and 2016, while exports have increased nearly ten-fold.

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