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Financial burden of child births is rising in India – even in free public health facilities

ISEC Bangalore researchers studied NFHS data to find that out-of-pocket expenditure for a normal delivery at a public facility is higher for rural households (Rs 5,368) than urban (Rs 4,330).

Why India can’t figure out what a third wave of Covid will look like

The stuttering vaccination program and a lack of clarity on how & where the second wave was virulent are making it difficult to figure out what a third will look like.
The empty Covid ward at the Majhgawan government hospital | Photo: Nirmal Poddar/ThePrint

Private sector filled the gap in health that govt created. Don’t ask for the moral price

Healthcare costs in private hospitals are a problem of regulation, not so much of the business model. Businesses can't sustain without profits.
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Rich outlive poor by 7.5 years, upper caste women live 15 years more than Dalits: Oxfam report

The Oxfam report underscores how inequalities were evident during the Covid pandemic, when the poor couldn’t access healthcare services.
Ziqitza Healthcare runs a fleet of ambulances in Punjab

How Ziqitza Healthcare paramedics ensured safe transfer and care of 44,000 Covid patients

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, which runs 108 Ambulance services, has been one of the leading players in India’s emergency medical services industry since 2005.

Indian healthcare needs foreign medical graduates. Draft rules do just the opposite

National Medical Commission’s overtly stringent draft regulations will end up creating a new set of barriers for graduates who have done MBBS in foreign universities.
Covid swab testing | Representational image | ANI

Lancet Citizens panel suggests 8 steps to Modi govt and states on how to tackle Covid

Decentralisation of health services, price cap on medical supplies are among the recommendations made by Lancet Citizens Commission on Reimagining India's Health System.
PM Narendra Modi addresses an election rally in support of his party candidates ahead of the 3rd phase of West Bengal assembly polls in Hooghly district, on 3 April 2021 | PTI

7 things for Modi govt to do before third wave of Covid, and the time to act is now

Vaccination is the only bulwark against the third wave. But there are other measures that Modi govt must immediately tend to, starting with Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Selling buffalo for a brain scan — Covid has exposed India’s health system

The global average of out-of-pocket healthcare cost is 18.2 per cent, but in India, the number is 62.7 per cent. Don’t forget the decades of underinvestment in health.

India is being fed and fooled same way as Romans served ‘bread and circuses’: Jignesh Mevani

A hospital in Gujarat goes empty the day after its inauguration by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and no one asks why.