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You are what you eat — the connection between memory and our stomach

In ‘The Food Mood Connection’ Uma Naidoo writes about how seeing an ex can make you nauseous, pointing to the connection between your brain and gut.
British lecturer Edward Anderson poses with an idli, in a photo he posted on his Twitter account | @edanderson101 | Twitter

Indians’ food passion matched by generosity, says UK historian as ‘dumb idli tweet’ goes viral

British historian Edward Anderson has been flooded with idli advice and offers since he labelled the food item ‘boring’ on Twitter.
Crowds throng Delhi's Baba Ka Dhaba after a video about its owners' hardships went viral | ANI

Delhi’s Baba Ka Dhaba now on Zomato, drawing crowds after video asking for help goes viral

An elderly couple who run Baba ka Dhaba in Delhi's Malviya Nagar had been struggling since the lockdown. A video about their hardships went viral and now their food is selling out.
Posting pictures of food on social media | PxHere

Are Indian men posting more food pictures online? A new trend is emerging during pandemic

Yes, urban Indians are cooking much more during the coronavirus pandemic. But only that doesn’t explain why we are posting more pictures too.
Representational image | Jahangir Entertains Shah Abbas ca 1620 | Wikimedia Commons

Do-piyaza, blood-spitting paan, camels — The ‘bizarre’ food of Mughals in Western travelogues

In 'Tasting Difference', Gitanjali Shahani writes about the Mughal foods and traditions that early Western travellers considered 'ugly' and disturbing.
An air hostess wearing a PPE kit gives safety advisory to the passengers | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Govt allows meals on flights, passengers refusing to wear masks can end up on no-fly lists

No new order has been passed regarding the no-fly list as the airline is sufficiently empowered under existing DGCA rules to take action, an official said.
Representational Image of a Pizza | Pixabay

We asked 14 men to eat as much pizza as they can to study how bodies cope with excess

Throughout history, the human body has had to cope with periods of famine and abundance – this study is another demonstration of that evolutionary adaptation.
Dogs on the streets of Lucknow | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

The itch of mainland Indians to ‘civilise’ northeast hasn’t gone. Dog meat ban another example

There needs to be a ban on hypocrisy in India. To eat chicken or pork and tweet rabidly against dog-meat eating in northeast is a bit much.
A light illuminates salmon for sale at a store (Representational Image) | Photographer:Brent Lewin | Bloomberg

There’s low risk of food spreading the virus, experts say after salmon panic

Questions were raised over potential dangers of food after Covid infections were traced to the chopping board of a seller of imported salmon in Beijing.

The Covid crisis has changed what we eat and how we eat

People want comfort. They also want to eat their way to stronger immune systems. They’re stress baking, but they’re also eating healthier.

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