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Wendy's | Commons

Chilli chicken, masala fries, bun tikki on menu as Wendy’s plans hundreds of cloud kitchens

The US company is experimenting with a new format as the Covid-19 outbreak makes many consumers unwilling or unable to visit traditional stores.

4am Dairy Milk, dancing prawns, langar — what coronavirus did to how we eat

The first few days of lockdown were about discipline, then a dash of nihilism seeped in. Food won't be the same in post-pandemic India.
Fast food outlets

From McDonald’s to Patanjali, an IAS officer explains how FSSAI is making food safer

In 2018, it was because of FSSAI's directives that 10,500 non-compliant food vendors were delisted by food delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy and UberEats.

Watch this stock for early signs of India’s consumption revival

Eating out is one of the first expenditures consumers reduce when economy slows, but restaurants are also the first to benefit when sentiment turns around.
PM Modi after winning elections

How Modi govt will turn used cooking oil into biodiesel to cut oil imports

State-run oil firms will for 3 years procure biodiesel produced from used cooking oil. Govt's move also aims to promote alternate sources of energy.
Closeup of pasta salad | Commons

If there’s one food that’s timeless, it’s pasta

Pasta is the latest entry in the fast-casual food revolution.

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