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A drone operates to capture high-definition pictures of crops. | Bloomberg

Drones can make Covid vaccine delivery a success — if Modi govt can just tweak its policy

India’s goal of an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and a $5 trillion economy isn’t achievable by leaving behind a flexible and multi-purpose revolutionary drone technology.
Representational image | A flying drone

How India plans to manage its growing drone air traffic in the years to come

The draft policy by civil aviation ministry is expected to coordinate drone flight paths, manage traffic and provide weather and terrain data.
Representational Image of a drone | Charles Mostoller / Bloomberg

Why drones have raised the odds and risks of small wars

This use of relatively disposable drones has created an offence-defence balance in real-life wars that is more typical of cyberspace, where the attacker has a distinct cost advantage.
The Seventh Day Adventist Church's Hope Centre in Andhra Pradesh's Valluru village, which is allegedly built on land acquired through fraud | By special arrangement

Church ‘committed land fraud’ in Andhra, Canadian donors say will fight to repair damage

A selection of the best news reports, analysis and opinions published by ThePrint this week.
A Sea Guardian drone | Source: General Atomics

Indian Navy inducts two American drones on lease, could add more later

The two drones, flying with Indian Navy logo, are under the full operational control of the force and it will have exclusive access to all the information that the drone will capture.
Representational image | A flying drone

Indian drone non-profit ties up with Amazon cloud services, eyes wider adoption of UAVs

The Drone Federation of India describes itself as a non-government, not-for-profit industry body aiming to build a safe and scalable drone industry in the country.
A Chinese Wing Loong drone | Xinhua

China has become a major exporter of armed drones, Pakistan is among its 11 customers

Defence experts say Chinese arms supplies, especially in India’s neighbourhood, should be a cause for concern.
Representational image

Army spots drone from Pakistan near Line of Control, launches search operation

Pakistan is learnt to have increased the use of drones to airdrop weapons & narcotic substances along the borders over the past 6 months.
File photo | IAF drone seen flying in Leh on 18 Nov 2020 | ANI

Drones won the war for Azerbaijan. India must spend military modernisation money wisely

India has always focussed on military strength. Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict shows why it’s not a good game plan.
Representational image

What India’s military commentators don’t get about drones — AI can’t just be unboxed and used

Lt Gen H.S. Panag (retd) lamented India’s lack of drones when China and Pakistan already have it. But AI can’t just be deployed in a battlefield.

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