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Drastic changes in diet, increase in anxiety, loneliness — how Covid altered lifestyles

New Delhi: The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered everyone’s lives. After the nationwide lockdown was imposed in March in India, people were confined to their homes overnight, which changed lives indefinitely. This was especially visible in the case of diet and mental health. “Unfortunately, a lot of people gained a lot of weight in the first two phases (the initial few months) and overall I feel that they’ve done more harm than anything to their bodies,” Mumbai-based nutritionist Priya Kathpal told ThePrint. Dr Rajesh Sagar, a psychiatrist at AIIMS, said the time was marked by an increase in loneliness and isolation, especially among the elderly. As part of our series Safe and Sound, in association with Facebook, ThePrint spoke to experts in the domains of nutrition and psychiatry about the various changes, both good and bad, in the last few months. How dietary habits changed According to Kathpal, the dietary habits of people went through...
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Weight gain is new problem of poor in rich nations as Covid puts healthy diet out of reach

Unhealthy diets are poised to worsen the obesity problem all over the world, contributing to a 'global pandemic in its own right', the UN's Food & Agriculture Organization said. 

Will more people turn to vegetarianism in a post-coronavirus world?

People across the world like Queen guitarist Brian May have sought to link Covid-19 to non-vegetarian diets, saying the pandemic came from “people eating animals”.
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Ideal diet for humans isn’t affordable for 1.58 billion people, says Lancet study

Study says the EAT-Lancet diet would cost 64 per cent more than the lowest-cost combination of foods in low-income nations.
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Gandhi cursed ‘luscious’ mangoes he once loved because he wanted to transcend sex & desire

Sarla Devi Chaudhurani had sent the Mahatma some mangoes. He only wanted a 'spiritual marriage' with her and so cursed the mangoes.
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Early diagnosis, regular exercise and healthy diet could protect you against osteoporosis

On World Osteoporosis Day, doctors say regular physical activity such as walking, running and weight training could help make our bones stronger.

Overeating may not cause people to be overweight

Doctors pester their patients to eat less but they may be advocating something that doesn’t work and causing unhealthy stress in the process.
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Delayed breakfast and an early dinner can help you lose body fat

Increasing evidence support the idea that our metabolic health is not just regulated by what we eat, but also when we eat.

D.I.E.T= Dare I Eat That and the Indian millennial’s quest for flat stomach and great skin

When those commercials came up, my 9-year old self would start pinching the belly mimicking the model on screen and concluding that I was fat.

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