Wednesday, 21 April, 2021
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Representational image | Novel coronavirus | Pixabay

19 SARS-CoV-2 mutations in India can evade antibodies, 1 causes reinfection — CSIR study

Study suggests that N501Y, the ‘highly infectious’ Covid mutation found in UK, is present in Australia, South Africa, USA, Denmark & Brazil, and advises screening travellers from here.
Shekhar Mande

Covid vaccines will be equally effective despite mutation of coronavirus, says CSIR chief

CSIR DG Shekhar Mande said the transmissibility of the new strain of coronavirus, N501Y, is a 'bit higher' but this doesn't mean it is more lethal and more people are going to die.
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CSIR plans clinical trials of antiviral Molnupiravir that is said to block Covid transmission

A recent study at Georgia State University in US found that Molnupiravir can completely suppress SARS-CoV-2 transmission in ferrets within 24 hours.
A homegrown asafoetida or hing sapling | Photo: CSIR-IHBT

India starts cultivating hing, a staple ingredient that costs $130 mn each year to import

Hing is currently imported from Afghanistan and Iran but scientists from CSIR-IHBT, Palampur, have begun growing it in Himachal’s Lahaul and Spiti district.
Doctors in PPE at a Gujarat hospital | Representational image | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Study documents 2 cases of reinfections in India, but experts say data doesn’t offer insight

A study, which is yet to be peer reviewed, noted that 2 health care workers working in a Covid ward were infected by SARS-CoV-2 virus twice over a span of three months. 
Representational image | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Delhi scientists develop ‘non-fussy’ Covid test, say it’s cheaper & faster than RT-PCR

Researchers from Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology have detailed their findings in a paper published 31 August in the peer-reviewed Journal of Proteins and Proteomics.
File image of PPE kits disposed of outside the Nigambodh Ghat crematorium in New Delhi | Representational image | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Today’s PPE kits could be tomorrow’s roads, fuel — CSIR’s plan to tackle Covid plastic surge

With Covid pandemic requiring single-use PPE kits and other plastics, there has been a surge in plastic waste. CSIR is looking at ways to reduce this waste and establish safety protocol.
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Director Rakesh Mishra at a lab in the Hyderabad institute. | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht/ThePrint

Hyderabad’s CCMB develops Covid test that can ‘handle up to 50,000 times more samples’

In an interview, CCMB chief Rakesh Mishra talks about the Hyderabad institute’s new test kit as well as their work on a vaccine that could be ready within a year.
The 'Feluda' test kit has been developed by the New Delhi-based CSIR-IGIB | Photo:

Tata Sons to help make ‘Feluda’, CSIR’s Satyajit Ray-inspired Covid paper test kit

Tata Sons and CSIR have signed an MoU for the ‘licencing of knowhow’, and want to make the kit available for Covid-19 testing on the ground by the end of May.
blood samples being examines

CSIR to test sepsis drug in asymptomatic Covid patients and those who have recovered

CSIR will launch trials to see if sepsis drug can stop Covid-19 from progressing in asymptomatic patients & if it can prevent it from redeveloping in recovered patients.

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