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A health worker collects swab sample from people for RT-PCR Covid test at Najafgarh in New Delhi on 20 November 2020 (representational image) | ANI

Increased testing makes more economic sense than lockdowns to tackle Covid, says study

Researchers from AIIMS, IISER cite examples of South Korea and Taiwan to establish the importance of increased testing over lockdowns that cripple the economy.
A health worker conducts Covid-19 rapid antigen test at Anand Vihar Bus Terminal on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020. | PTI

‘Results of 18 Nov RT-PCR tests awaited’ — Covid surge sees delays, Delhi officials blame labs

Officials say there is a 3-4 day pendency in RT-PCR test results from government labs, while labs complain per day samples have increased in the latest surge and is stretching their capacity.
A staff nurse uses a thermal screening device on an employee at a hospital | PTI

Thermal scanners are everywhere in fight against Covid, but doctors can’t ‘swear by’ them

The effectiveness of thermal scanners are also under question, considering that at least 80 per cent of coronavirus patients in India are asymptomatic. 
A health worker conducts Covid-19 rapid antigen test at Anand Vihar Bus Terminal on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020. | PTI

It isn’t just Delhi. Kerala, Bihar & UP also conduct more than 50% rapid antigen tests

Analysis by ThePrint reveals that 88% of tests conducted in Bihar are rapid antigen, while this figure is 63% for Kerala and 60% for Uttar Pradesh.
File image of the Supreme Court of India | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

SC asks Central govt, 3 states to file status reports on Covid situation within 2 days

The SC bench said to 'prepare for the worst' in December as it noted that Covid situation has worsened in Delhi and gone out of control in Gujarat.

No, soaring Covid cases are not due to more testing

Serious Covid-19 illness is on the rise in the US and cases are still being undercounted.
At the Covid testing check-point in Ashok Nagar near Delhi-Noida border | Aneesha Bedi | ThePrint

‘What if I test positive?’ — Fear at borders as Noida picks commuters for random Covid test

In Delhi, the govt is conducting random rapid antigen tests in crowded markets. The decision was taken after residents were seen stepping out in large numbers before Diwali.
File image of a containment zone in Pune | Vasant Prabhu | ThePrint

Covid tests in Pune drop nearly 70% in last 2 months, govt says numbers low due to fewer cases

The number of Covid tests in Pune steadily dropped from 41,996 in the 11-17 September week to just 13,536 in the 6-12 November week, just ahead of Diwali.
Doctors and nurses at the Mohali Civil Hospital in Punjab | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Health ministry red-flags Punjab’s high death rate, dipping test numbers in Assam, Rajasthan

The review meeting by Modi government looked at the 10 states that account for 60% of the active Covid cases in the country.
Medical workers collecting samples for Covid-19 in New Delhi | Representational Image | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

What is K factor? Covid data from Andhra & Tamil Nadu explains impact of this parameter

If K factor is less than 1, it denotes that one or two super spreader events caused a large number of infections; a higher K factor shows the spread of the disease is more uniform.

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