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File photo of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson | Photo by Stefan Rousseau- WPA Pool/Getty Images via Bloomberg

Boris Johnson delivers a Brexit — and a personal victory

The UK and the EU had very different priorities. But the fact that they both are declaring victory at the end of contentious negotiations is remarkable diplomatic accomplishment.
Commuters wear face masks as they use the London Underground | Peter Summers | Getty Images via Bloomberg

UK’s Covid virus deadlock is indicative of a bigger challenge several countries will face

The standoff with Greater Manchester could well be the proliferation of travel restrictions within and between regions in UK that ultimately lead to a tardy national lockdown.
A file photo of scholar and CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria. | Photo: Commons

Modi’s India going the way of Erdogan’s Turkey instead of UK, France, says Fareed Zakaria

At ThePrint's 'Off The Cuff', CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria spoke about the rise of illiberal democracy in India and its possible ramifications for a diverse country.
The statue of Winston Churchill near Houses of Parliament in London | Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg

By destroying statues and equating Black lives with Indian Muslims, Leftists scoring self-goal

Whether in Britain or India, Leftists are caught in their own bubble. Their attempts to bring down statues or manipulate history will not help anti-racism movement.
Rishi Sunak arrives for a weekly meeting of cabinet ministers at number 10 Downing Street in London | Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg File Photo

Rishi Sunak holds the fate of millions of UK jobs, set to take decision next week

The furlough program proposed by Sunak could cost as much as 84 billion pounds ($102 billion), which could trigger a wave of mass unemployment, if ended soon.
PM Modi with British PM Boris Johnson

Britain meddling in Kashmir issue has a lot to do with how Pakistani origin people vote

Britain’s Leader of Opposition Jeremy Corbyn said the situation in Kashmir was ‘deeply disturbing’, and called for India to ensure ‘UN resolutions were implemented.’
A painting of Robert Clive | Commons

English plunderer, social psychopath or hero? Why Indians have misunderstood Robert Clive

Clive’s five-year absence from Bengal and East India Company is generally regarded as a period of unparalleled misgovernment and rampant corruption.
Boris Johnson | Twitter | @BorisJohnson

Boris, Trump, Merkel and Putin – walking stereotypes have taken power

Britain has joined several major nations led by people who embody their national stereotypes, and not the best of them at that.
Boris Johnson | Photographer: Simon Dawson | Bloomberg

Boris Johnson, gaffe-prone former London mayor, is new British PM

Boris Johnson is a US-born politician with Turkish roots and an Oxford education. He has promised to lead the UK out of European Union by 31 October, with or without a deal.
Hong Kong protests

China says Hong Kong demonstrations a challenge to ‘one country, two systems’ policy

Iran breaches limits set by 2015 nuclear deal and global output falls to its lowest since 2012 amid US-China trade war.

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