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Postcards for sale in London on 17 December 2020 | Photo | Hollie Adams | Bloomberg

Brexit trade deal is done but many issues remain unresolved

The trade agreement between the UK and the European Union brought welcome relief to businesses, but the deal leaves major issues at risk of flaring up again.

Boris Johnson’s ‘control’ post Brexit, and Christmas in the time of corona

The best cartoons of the week, chosen by the editors at ThePrint.
File photo of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson | Photo by Stefan Rousseau- WPA Pool/Getty Images via Bloomberg

Boris Johnson delivers a Brexit — and a personal victory

The UK and the EU had very different priorities. But the fact that they both are declaring victory at the end of contentious negotiations is remarkable diplomatic accomplishment.
A shopper holding a carrier bag with a Union Flag in front of a store in London

What the Brexit deal means for British businesses and why they want grace period to comply

Brexit deal gives British businesses a relief as it avoids worst-case scenario of new tariffs and quotas, but it will still create significant disruption for a range of industries.
Fishermen sort and clean freshly catch fish in the harbor in Sete, France, on Dec. 1, 2020. | Bloomberg

Germany warns of ‘painful cuts’ for fishing industry in Brexit deal

New trade agreement means the EU’s share of the catch in UK waters will fall by 25% over a period of five-and-a-half years.

Temporary Brexit terms to keep EU-UK data flowing for 6 months

The data bridge will be limited in time and requires the UK to suspend its own data protection rules until the adequacy decision has been finalized.

Boris Johnson faces battle to keep Scotland after Brexit deal

Scotland is scheduled to hold elections in May. Polls say Scottish First Minister's party could win a majority that would reinforce her pledge to hold a referendum on leaving the UK.

How Brexit trade talks overcame suspicion, resentment, and fish

After 9 months of bartering, including a long stretch of time lost in deadlock, the UK and EU clinched Brexit trade pact. Here's how the deal got done.
A Union Jack flies above European Union flags near the Houses of Parliament in London, U.K | Photo: Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg File Photo

Why Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is unlikely to end his party’s Europe feud

One of the stumbling blocks in the UK-EU trade negotiations was the question of how to settle disputes over trade in the future. The deal could be reopened if it isn't resolved.

Here’s what Britain’s Brexit trade deal with the EU will change

With the UK no longer part of the EU’s customs union and single market, trade won’t flow as smoothly as before. Here's how things will change on 31 December.

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