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A file photo of Amartya Sen | Commons

Amartya Sen thanks Mamata Banerjee for ‘strong voice’ of support on illegal land issue

The noted economist has been accused by central university Visva-Bharati of allegedly being in illegal possession of land on its campus.
File photo | Economist Amartya Sen | Commons

Amartya Sen said no democracy, with a free press, has ever had major famines

In ‘How To Read Amartya Sen’, Lawrence Hamilton writes on the economist’s thrust on free press and public reasoning as the centre of a democracy.
File photo | Economist Amartya Sen | Commons

Amartya Sen & Jean Drèze are Left heroes but it would be wrong to call them simple statists

Amartya Sen’s emphatic plea for liberating Indian entrepreneurship has not received attention. Neither has Jean Drèze’s concerns over a hostile state.
A file photo of Amartya Sen | Commons

Amartya Sen has a message for Mamata: Don’t define Bengalis narrowly like BJP does

Bengali identity politics must not devolve into a hate campaign against non-Bengali speaking people. Remember what Shiv Sena did to Maharashtra?

Amartya Sen draws lessons from 2019 elections & C Rangarajan says next govt must boost growth

Judging a victory Amartya Sen | Nobel laureate in economics, professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard University The Indian Express Amartya Sen raises several concerns over the 2019 Lok Sabha elections verdict. He says since BJP cornered 37 per cent of the vote, there should have been more and stronger alliances among opposition parties. Also, the coalitions that emerged ought to have had an “agreed vision” rather than being just anti-BJP. He regrets the absence of discussion on the “ideological difference” between BJP’s perspective – based on its “Hindu identity”— and the integrated vision of a “common identity of Indians”, regardless of religion. On the BJP, Sen says the party and PM Modi have “excellent grounds” to be happy with their victory, but they ought to be disappointed by media criticism worldwide of the "ways and means of securing BJP’s victory". He is concerned by the lack of a "level-playing field" for...
A file photo of Amartya Sen | Commons

LSE’s Amartya Sen Chair to study global inequality but the lessons will be for India

India’s growing inequality, poverty and low human development index are of global concern and extensive research is needed to find out solutions.
Employees stand next to an advertisement for the National Stock Exchange (NSE) during a break at the bourse in Mumbai

Three kids, a flute and the Singapore-India feud

A minor domestic quarrel has turned into a major court battle over who gets to trade the benchmark Indian index.

Sen censorship is new sequel to conflict over CBFC’s politics

The Amartya Sen documentary censorship row is being slammed as another indicator of the politicisation and autocratic ways of the CBFC. AADYA SINHA

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