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Topic1962 India-China war

Topic: 1962 India-China war

Nehru’s Forward Policy remains a puzzle. But he had confidence in strong allies, soft power

Nehru sensed that Moscow’s disapproval of Chinese aggression with India and the Soviet ‘middle attitude’ of neutrality were indirect criticism of China. white_check_mark eyes raised_hands Nehru sensed that Moscow’s disapproval of Chinese aggression with India and the Soviet ‘middle attitude’ of neutrality were indirect criticism of China.

The roots of the Depsang conflict lie in the 1962 war

While Indian authorities saw the problem in Galwan, Gogra hot springs, Pangong Tso, and Charding Nullah, Army called Depsang a 'legacy' problem.

Harsh terrain, WW2-vintage arms, command issues — why India was unprepared for 1962 China war

Experts also cite Indian political leadership's miscalculation that China wouldn't launch armed response to Nehru's 'Forward Policy' as a factor in India's unpreparedness for war.

Zhou’s offer, Nehru’s defiance — insights from 3-week ‘lull period’ during 1962 India-China war

Letters between Nehru, Zhou show how they viewed boundary line differently. Some experts say Delhi was considering peace, but Beijing was buying time to launch another offensive.

Bayonets, Gorkha Khukris & hands: How Indian soldiers tried to defend Chushul during 1962 war

Chushul was a central flashpoint in the Sino-Indian war of 1962. Despite odds in China’s favour, Indian troops gave a tough fight and made it a close contest

It’s a myth IAF wasn’t used in 1962 War. Helicopter and transport fleets were deeply involved

On the 60th anniversary of the 1962 War, let's commemorate the stupendous effort of the IAF’s transport aircraft fleet and the fledgling helicopter units who never got their due.

Rezang La, 1962: When 120 Indian soldiers fought to the end & wiped out over 1,000 Chinese troops

Despite being severely outnumbered, not well-acclimatised & hampered by inferior weaponry at disadvantageous position, Indian troops staved off waves after waves of Chinese attack

Indian policymakers overread 1962 Chinese threat, could’ve pulled out from the brink

In 'Power Shift', Zorawar Singh Daulet says the 1962 India-China war couldn't be pinned down to one cause. Here he gives a panoramic geopolitical perspective.

How brutal Chinese assault across Namka Chu drove Indian forces back as 1962 war broke out

A series of skirmishes at Thagla Ridge culminated in a relentless Chinese onslaught, where hundreds of soldiers died between the morning and afternoon of 20 October 2022.

Not just Nehru, China’s 1962 war on India also a counter to Mao’s secrets

The 1962 war worked to China’s advantage. Nehru died a broken man in 1964 and Mao became the icon of many Asian and African liberation movements.

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No matter what tactics, doctrine, or weapon system is used, the objective of any war is to control territory, argues Gen. MM Naravane (retd). But it's politics that matters most.