File photo of Yogi Adityanath | Facebook//MYogiAdityanath
File photo of Yogi Adityanath | Facebook//MYogiAdityanath

New Delhi: Primetime news Wednesday night was a mixed bag and after a long time, the focus shifted away from the farmers’ protests.

Not everyone moved away though. On India Today, anchor Rajdeep Sardesai discussed the farmers’ deadlock with the central government.

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Sardesai talked about the new allegations that farmers were leaderless after certain fissures emerged in the movement.

Avik Saha, convener of the farmer union Jai Kisaan Andolan, said, “Farmers are well represented and well led, leaderless is a new theory and it is a wrong theory…there are at least 500 organisations and they are well represented and well read.”

Sardesai then asked Congress spokesperson Gourav Vallabh — “You also want a confrontation because you want to undermine the government and make this Narendra Modi vs Opposition.”

Vallabh gave a point-by-point retort and noted, “The past legislation from the legislative assembly of Punjab is pending with the Governor. Sudhanshuji (BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi) can you call up the Governor from the BJP and ask him to pass the legislation?”

The Punjab state assembly had passed their own version of the farm bills in October but the bills are pending with the Governor.

On NDTV 24×7, Sreenivasan Jain discussed the multi-crore donations to the PM CARES fund, which was set up specifically for Covid relief, and yet was exempt from RTI scrutiny.

Former chief information commissioner Yashovardhan Azad explained that the fund was actually still under the purview of the RTI, “The way substantial funding has been facilitated or given by the government, it brings #PMCARES under the ambit of the RTI Act.”

Congress’ Shama Mohammad, however, went on another tangent, “Government PSUs are giving PM more than Rs 2,000 crore, which is taxpayers’ money. The government needs to tell us where the money went, we won’t be told because the government is buying MLAs with this money.”

Anchor Chitra Tripathi discussed Uttar Pradesh’s new ‘love jihad’ law on Aaj Tak. Tripathi specifically referred to the case in Moradabad where a couple was harassed when they tried to register their five-month-old marriage. The husband was arrested while the wife was put in a shelter home where she allegedly suffered a miscarriage.

“A question has emerged — will the ones who have married with consent to a different religion be harassed and tortured,” noted Tripathi.

“Love in Dehradun, Jihad in Moradabad,” the reporter said as footage of the girl giving statements to the media was played.

“The girl has put across serious allegations against the Bajrang Dal,” Tripathi said, adding that “questions are rising about the small innocent life who was supposed to come to this earth”.

“The conspiracy is yet to be unraveled, but just two weeks after the Yogi government’s passage of the anti-religious conversion ordinance, questions are being raised on the use of this law,” Tripathi said.

On News Nation, anchor Deepak Chaurasia discussed or rather celebrated ‘Vijay Diwas’ — which commemorates the surrender of then East Pakistan Army Commander General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi to the Indian Army during the 1971 Indo-Pak War.

“Pakistan still has not rectified its way even after getting defeated like this. Terrorist supplier Pakistan has not come out of its impure intentions and actions,” Chaurasia said.

“This is why there are internal conflicts inside Pakistan. What if India has to interfere again and cut Pakistan into pieces,” the anchor said.

“Our armed forces got the biggest victory in history ever,” Chaurasia added.

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