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TikTok vs YouTube is the new class war on internet. It all began with a roast

The TikTok vs YouTube war is looking like a microcosm of the larger political story raging across India--between raw aspiration and entrenched entitlement.

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There is a new class war on the internet. It is all about content, creativity and clicks. But in this battle between TikTok and YouTube, it all boils down to one question–who owns the bottom of the pyramid?

I wasn’t aware of the YouTube vs TikTok battle until I noticed that hashtag #CarryMinati was trending on Twitter. For the uninitiated, CarryMinati is a millennial comic-roast with more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube.

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End Game’s on

As I dug deeper, I came across a video of him titled TikTok vs YouTube-The End Game on YouTube. The likes and views on the video were increasing exponentially so I decided to watch it (which I immediately regretted). The video, which had over 78 million views, has now been taken down but it gave me a glimpse of the ongoing rivalry between the content creators of two of the most popular online platforms.

The people who inhabit the two universes are very different. The inhabitants of Google-owned YouTube and China’s ByteDance-owned TikTok aren’t just waging a war for increasing follower count. The battle is also to decide the type of people who have the right to rule the video world.

It all began when YouTuber Elvish Yadav posted a roast of TikTokers on his YouTube channel, comparing young video-makers to rag pickers, questioning their intelligence and making fun of girls wearing make-up. In response, two TikTokers named Amir Siddiqui and Revolver Rani called out his derogatory and classist comments TikTok and Instagram.

Revolver Rani’s response triggered a carpet video bombing that saw supporters from both the communities trying to outdo each other. The online battle reached its pinnacle when CarryMinati decided to make another roast of TikTokers.

Mithai ki dukaan pe 200 mein bik jaaoge” (you’ll be sold at a sweet shops for Rs 200); “Shakalaka Boom Boom ki pencil ki tarah dikhte ho” (you look like a Shakalaka Boom Boom pencil): this is how CarryMinati described TikTokers. TikTokers too accused YouTubers of stealing their content.

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For virtual dominance

YouTubers who roast TikTok content creators often call its videos cringeworthy. They mock their appearances and use homophobic slurs for TikTokers who often cross-dress. CarryMinati in his recent video used words like ‘Meetha’ and ‘Pari’, which are often used to refer to the people from transgender community. That’s not all. Some also refer TikTokers as ‘Shudras of the internet’ with the popular perception being that they are mostly lower-class, low-caste individuals in low profile jobs who make videos for ‘time-pass’.

This only reflects the insecurities of YouTubers who are now perturbed by the sharp rise in popularity and fame of TikTok content and its creators from small towns and rural areas.

The Chinese video-making app is immensely popular, especially among the teenagers, and has provided a platform to many for expressing their creativity. From a rural housemanager to a brick-maker to a street vendor, anyone can become viral and famous overnight. These influencers from small towns and villages, with their newfound voice on TikTok, are finally in the category of content creators and telling their stories.

In fact, the TikTok vs YouTube war is looking like a microcosm of the larger political story raging across India–between raw aspiration and entrenched entitlement.

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Being homophobic is not funny

CarryMinati, in his attempt to come out as politically correct and may be ensure that his content is not red-flagged by YouTube as inappropriate often mentions in his videos that its ‘all for laughs’. But with millions of followers, one is ought to be responsible.

His latest video was filled with abuses and comments mocking the TikTok community. And for this, he got applaud and support from star YouTubers like Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam.

In the name of humor or roast, one cannot joke about people’s appearances and their social status. The urban elites had already taken over Instagram and YouTube. TikTok gave a new platform to those who did not care if their grammar was correct. No need for monologues, eye-catching shoot locations or cameo appearances of celebrities. One doesn’t even need fancy cameras or editing software to showcase their talent.

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TikTok breaking the monopoly

TikTok gives the freedom to express creativity to people from all the sections of the society, irrespective of gender, class, caste or sexuality. Despite moderation by TikTok and attempts to ban pro-LGBTQ content, the app has become a platform for the people of the community to engage among themselves and express. It is time to acknowledge that no one can have a monopoly over content creation and freedom of expression.

YouTube taking down his content hasn’t deterred CarryMinati a bit. In fact he is reading it as a success. In his Instagram post the YouTuber said how the video was going to break all global records (apparently it was the first non-musical video to get over 70 million views in a limited time). So he must be disappointed.

You can choose to be on either side. Or as Internet’s favorite Nazma Aapi (Saloni Gaur) says, “Hum to creativity ki side hain” (we favour creativity). Or you can choose to be not bothered by a bunch of 20 year-olds busy fighting with each other, virtually over ‘content-creation’ while the world is burning.

Vieews are personal.

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  1. Stop defending tiktok. Everybody who has a working brain knows it’s literal cancer. You can name a thousand things that are good about tiktok, but there’ll always be a million shitty things about it. It’s trash, plain and simple. I pity people like you who have so much faith on a retarded application.

  2. That is wrong. I don’t think carryminati or any other youtuber has said anything wrong. 99% content of tik tok is cringe. So what is wrong in saying that?

  3. I agree with author , you have no right to roast anyone publicly , you don’t know the condition of that person who you are roasting , its not always good to write i am roasting for fun , the plateformer who is being roasted is just doing things for enjoyness and to get out for some time from their boring life who knows? But that roasting does give mentally that this platformer are doing maddness.

  4. What the hell I just read, the writer might be a close relative of amir siddiqui. carryminati was right in every sense, that bakwas timepass app was wasting the time and energy of Indian youth. Tiktok was 90% Cringe content which is of no use to anyone….
    And people are very happy after It’s ban…
    Tiktok was a digital corona virus and being a responsible media you should not encourage it use, moreover its a Chinese app

  5. First of all carry never made fun of transgender community, this is an extremely biased article. Maybe the writer is a tik toker himself because he forgot to mention amir siddiqui’s leaked phone call and amir’s brother promoting acid attacks on tik tok. Tik tokers with millions of subscribers promoting rape,violence,acid attacks,anti nationalism etc. Unlike what people say carry or elvish didnt attack the whole tik tok community ,they were against some tik tokers promoting cringe content. Really disappointed to see that an article is posted without any proper information about the whole situation.

  6. I resd everyrhing you said and went onto check and i found it incorrect.why did you post this article without proper research.i support youtube and downvote tiktok. First its extremely hateful towards some section of society and there is no proper mods on that app to analyse what is being posted.
    Secondly,although it occurred late last few months back .i denounced using any chinese products since february. because of them most people have to sit at hime without job and i curse that country for what it has done to world. World should really isolate themselves from.chinese.

  7. In the way a gamer says “YOU ARE A NOOB!!!!”
    Writing an article without researching well. You should just leave this game (I mean the publishing house). Bias, toxic, idiot writer.

  8. Completely biased article
    Shame on you
    I am gonna file a case against your online propoganda
    Beware your time is over

  9. Maybe the writer is himself/herself a tiktoker…. Maybe that’s why he/she has wrote such a biased article… Creativity ?? Tiktok ?? Oh please

  10. i think you too belong to worst community of tik-tokers. Don’t you know what the asleel things tiktok is promoting. Fool ! I request everyone to never believe nor read content of this writer. Fool !

  11. The article only presents a biased view of the whole YouTube vs TikTok controversy. Author is talking about homophobia but fails to acknowledge the toxic culture that is prevalent on TikTok. TikTok as an platform has become an unregulated space where animal abuse, violence against women, religion bashing are widespread. You can easily find very offensive videos from the same TikTok influencers who claim to be torchbearers of LGBTQ rights.
    TikTok influencers often claim that Youtubers steal their content and roast them, only if the author had researched better on the topic, she could easily have found out that the same influencers often steal content from Youtubers.
    This Article talks about classism, it is true some Youtubers have done that but that small no. does not represent the whole Indian Youtube community. But, to claim that TikTok is problem-free is too much. Some TikTokers do make original content but that no. is very small.
    I just want to say that real problem with TikTok is content moderation. Anyone can post anything without bothering about the message that video can convey. Withour strong content moderation like the YouTube, TikTok is bound to come under scanner.
    Every platform has problems, we should talk about them. Youtube is certainly not free from any problems, but TikTok is certainly not problem free.
    About the author, I want to say don’t write such biased articles withour researching first. If you talk about problems with Indian Youtube community, talk about problems with Indian TikTok community also. Don’t just try to create sensational headline, try to do actual reporting.

  12. I was unaware of this social media war and I do not use Tiktok nor do I have a YouTube channel. HOWEVER, this is a poorly written article that is filled with bias. It was amusing to read. It gives the notion that the author is a Tiktok supporter and makes for a poor review. I would have preferred to read an unbiased news report, not someone’s personal blog. I am honestly disappointed in The Print, since I had a better impression of this publishing house.

  13. Seriously yr it’s a very poor article….

    Writer of the article seems very biased and also writers doesn’t hv the knowledge of the meaning of ROASTING
    Bhai tune bhi content ke nam pr hag diya…..

  14. Wow some shame, how can people be so blatantly fake. Like seriously how can a journalist be so biased and not prepared. Like people do anything for sensationalism and push their agenda. Don’t call yourself media call anything else other than media. No research nothing, tit tok is 100 times better than this media outlet.

  15. ओ चचा, इतनी अंग्रेजी तो समझ आ गई की तुम भी NDTV वाले रास्ते पर चल रहे हो। हौवा बना रहे हो। carriminati को आज का युवा इसी वजह से पसंद करता है कि वो सही जगह पर सही तरीके से लोगो को आईना दिखाता है, यहां तक कि वो Big Boss को भी लपेटे में लेता है। अधिकतर Tik-tokers की हरकतें ही वहीं हैं जिनकी वजह से उनको आजकल एक अलग category में रखा जा रहा है। और जो आप सोच रहे हो कि youtubers के अंदर insecurity उनको ऐसा करने पर मजबूर कर रही है वो गलत है, इनकी हरकतों की वजह से इनको लपेटे में लिया जाता है। यहां हर कोई अपने को एक्टर बताता फिर रहा है।

  16. I Think that the writer of this article is himself or herself a self righteous little punk who does not do his homework properly. Tiktok stars use homophobic slurs and abusive language in their videos too. The slur ‘beti’ started to get popular due to tik tok. Also, who doesn’t abuse in India. The tiktokers steal other peoples content without giving due credit and title themselves as being original. They pass on socially useful messages when in the presence of media but support vaping and crimes when on video. This is hypocrisy at its best abd you are a pretentious little bastard. Remember that. At least youtubers don’t hide themselves behind a curtain of righteousness unlike you or the tiktokers. Do your research first idiot.

  17. it did not begin with a roast video. It all began with an IGTV video.. get ur facts straight..!

  18. This reporter has communist glasses on, so everything she sees is between the havs & have nots. A siple roasting clash over internet becomes class struggle to her. Hope she learns to see things as they really are and perform some “Unnati” in her life.

  19. I don’t even care who roasted to whom and why. But the thing is i have seen many videos in tiktok which i personally don’t think are good enough. We should watch what we are letting our kids to watch and learn. Rape scene or love affairs or acid attacks. You haven’t even mentioned about this on tik tok. Is this what you call platform for fun. Already there are so many rape cases in India. And you are provoking people to do it more through this platform. I seriously feel pathetic reading your point of view.

  20. exponentially so I decided to watch it (which I immediately regretted).

    Like your above sentence I regretted after reading this, for wasting my time.

  21. I think the author of this report is a tik toker. You are blaming Carryminati for being irresponsible. I do understand that his use of derogatory is not the right way to Convey a message. But what about tik tokers posting shitty content in tik tok. In one video, you can see two boys throwing a dog after tying its legs together. Isn’t it kind of promoting violence against animals??? Another video shows minor children of age 12-13 romancing like bollywood movie couples. At an age when children should be playing hide and seek, they are shown as romancing like adults?.Now the acid attack video. Tik tok is mostly used by teenagers. The videos posted have a very huge impact on our future generation. There are good videos and it is a platform to showcase talent. But now, the whole purpose of the app is lost due to some of the tik tok users. Now it is proving to be a bad influence among children and a total waste of time. Also there have been claims that tiktok videos are promoting pornography, violence etc etc. Which you didn’t cover in your article. Don’t even think that people are jealous because tiktokers are really trending today. As you have mentioned in your article, any one can create a tik tok video and become an overnight success. But then, the wise people stay away from such platforms because they know it has no point. Again there are some good content creators, good actors, content etc. In tik tok.
    Before writing any article, you should do good research because any one reading your article can easily understand that either you are biased or you have have no idea what tik tok really is.

  22. Lgta likhna wale b tiktok bnata h .
    Pehne le slwar lga lipstick aur nach .
    Maderchod naach.

  23. I never expected print to be one of those click bait news vendors who will take anything and everything out of context. Just disappointed. .

  24. Very disappointed with your article.
    Looks like you are one of those tictokers.
    Full support for Carry. That boy has given good reasons in a comic sense that makes lot of good and correct points. You should know why people are supporting Carry.

  25. What do you Wana prove by this article?
    Is tiktok content not at all cringe?
    Are they not doing mittha type video?
    If a boys wearing girls costume of girls and behaves like a girl and stills have a beard in the face then it’s not called art or talent.
    Just you posted a rubbish article in favor of tiktok and which talent or content are you taking about in tiktok.. sleeping in mud, boys with beard wearing saree and doing mujra is a talent or splashing egg in your own head is a content?
    You only told about YouTubers used this word that word but you didn’t mentioned your tiktokers abusing back with lots rubbish word.

    • Will you comment on Ashish Chanchalani videos where he dresses up as a girl,don’t be a hypocrite,criticise both the apps,I hate Tiktok but that doesn’t mean that youtubers are not cringe

  26. Kitne paise mile tiktok se, as usual anti india narrative and classism no one every made any classist slur. It was just a reply to Amir Siddiqui and the likes who feel they can get away with anything by doing wrong things. Justifying rape, acid attacks n other bad stuff being promoted wheres the coverage on that ? Ur opinion is far from reality and whole india knows who is right and who is wrong so take a chill pill n stop dragging caste and class into anything and everything.

  27. Well unnati.. your research couldn’t have been worse than this. After reading this article I thought of checking the facts. It seems like you are confusing Elvish Yadav’s views with carry’s. Elvish’s video did had some hate comments on class and status of people ( still it has been unblocked by YouTube) on the other hand carry’s video was specifically for Amir Siddiqui (discussions for the same were already around) the comments you tagged “Rs200 and shakalaka boom boom” were specifically meant for him.
    You should have checked Amir’s video to clear the facts..Also many trending videos on tiktok involves slapping or insulting girls, which you obviously missed. And you said “MONOPOLY on YouTube” like seriously!!!..LMAO
    Seems like this post didn’t went through the editor before being posted.

  28. Brillant. Thank you. At least, this platform or article doesn’t have biased views against the so-called overnight-genius video that is nothing but homophobic abuse-hurling video. Your article has given justice to both side. It is sad to see the majority of the people don’t see the negativity it spread out during such time. TikTok was actually giving a hope to the crossdressers and LGBTQIA commuity. Agreed the content is not that great, but it is not supposed to be. It in herently only promotes acting of sorts, hence the small timing frame videos. And if anybody had a problem with crossdressers, man you should have simply uninstalled it. Why should others suffer from it?! The platform actually helped those who haven’t yet got a chance. And now just because of this video, congratulations, the HATRED IS BACK! People are back to push them and call them names. It is not done.
    So, really thank you for this article. Don’t be ever pressurised by these blind followers, hate spreaders and homophobes, who just want you to agree with them. And goes to an extent to prove their point. Their stubborn attitude and mentality is just an example of whom they have chosen to follow. And ironically they say it is a free country to roast but they have a very low threshold to accept the truth or for a matter of fact, accept change.

    • Thank you for understanding normalcy and rather than shitting like any other … U supported the …

  29. Totally sh*t article. And there is definitely a sh*ty author behind this who didn’t complete his homework on the topic. THE PRINT today lost its value.

  30. I support CARRYMINATI because he just gave reply to those who tagged him to answer, and more over he is a roaster roasting is his profession he had not done anything wrong .I prefer him to make videos on such MEETHAAS who started first and now blaming CARRY for using inappropriate words .Carry is right “vo meethai ki dukan pe 200 me hi beekenge.”

  31. I don’t agree with the person writing this post..
    It’s highly Biased article…
    whatever you are saying with “youtubers” applies to “ticktokers” also..
    FROM last few years we are looking at digital platforms being changed and it will happen again there is no way there will be MONOPOLY of any of the platform as you were saying…
    And you said that few people are being Homophobic and all…. Why do you want to think about it when you are watching HUMOR
    If you think like that then Tarak Mehta show SHOULD BE HIGHLY RACIST
    AND list goes on..

  32. Now seriously ! You made it a caste & class divide.
    Yeah what we can expect from a pro left media organization. Say hi to comrade Shekar
    & We also know that all youtube users are worth of billions of dollars ?
    And one thing on serious note !
    Just open tiktok app and see what content is trending. They all rich faggots showing there filthy wealth and new glittery dresses

  33. Tell me. Where were People like you when YouTube creator with over 50M subscriber diss, roast Indian. What you did at that time. Don’t create the communal disturbances. Check the Twitter, what your so called influencer promoting. Your are not even Indian. Born in the country give you nationality but thinking first for country give you tag as true nationalist. I am also from minority community. So don’t teach us. Keep your knowledge to your self. So called writter.

  34. Some people told me that the print media is biased and guess what they were right.. You guys don’t do any research and jump into any conclusion.. I support carryminati not because I ‘m his fan it’s because this time he is right.. It just he is a soft target that doesnt mean he is wrong.. Some community people are targeting him even this time youtube is being biased and playing politically. Don’t you dare to defame a good content creator because we the carry fan will always by his side..

  35. Don’t misuse the media I saw what he said. After lockdown I will ask Supreme Court to take strict action against people you who mislead the audience. I will see you in the court. Don’t go out of context.

  36. Some people had told me that this print media is biased, they dont research and jump on any conclusion and guess what they were right.I support carry not because i am his fan it’s just because we know what politics youtube is playing. Youtube has become biased platform. Don’t you dare to think that you can defame a good youtuber by your article because we support him.

  37. Mere bhai I know you get funding from China and your editor is face of very loyal urban naxali.
    It’s just your pain and we can understand it
    Trust me a burnol of made in China can give you some relief
    Plse use it and plse put your foot in your silly mouth
    Literate idiot

  38. Why u only tell it by the point of view of tik tok users.
    A journalist have to give both sides point of view without being biased and let the people decide.
    Same on your journalism.

  39. Well, it seems the writer of this article hasn’t seen or heard any Western roasting whilst writing this. The roasting culture is so much intense there, than what it is here. It’s alright for PewDiePie to call T-gay or abuse Indians because that’s in English and we’ve complete different outlook towards it. But a word like “Meetha” (Carry didn’t even say it, he said “Meethai ki dukan” you dumbass), even after being in several of Cadbury’s advertisements, is slang. Well, if a person wants to imagine, he can imagine anything and can derive any context, then what’s the point of doing anything in life actually? Why don’t we all become Robots then? Only one thing you know as human, for sure- the difference between what’s Right and what’s not. And in my opinion, even if he used Cuss words, Carryminati used them to motivate the idle, stagnant & unemployed people & make them understand the need for awakening their brains, who only think that wasting time and earning followers, likes on tiktok is only motive of their life. He gave a social msg how important it is to be productive in life. So yeah, even if he used cuss words, Carryminati has my support, since his motive was in good faith of development of nation.

    My personal opinion: This Article Writer doesn’t seem to be in his SENSES or he has received Tiktok’s commission. Thanksyou

  40. Print u don’t know anything
    I’m dalit don’t drag ur politics here
    We support carryminati

  41. “The Chinese video-making app is immensely popular, especially among the teenagers, and has provided a platform to many for expressing their creativity”. Creativity? Hahahaha

  42. Social media as a whole is cancer and Tiktok is one of its hotspots. Although it is not the absolute worst platform that exists right now (that is Facebook/WhatsApp which has the potential to decide elections and mobilize lynchings among other things) but in terms of dumbing down the human species as a whole to a point where they will start walking on four limbs and living on trees once again, Tiktok is surely doing some stellar work.

    Moreover, to use the words ‘content’ and ‘Tiktok’ in the same sentence should be punishable by imprisonment. Also, that platform is heavily inhabited by the ‘bobs/vagene’ gang which has been a source of continued international shame for our country as it is. YouTubers are no saints themselves and some absolutely vile people inhabit that world as well, but to be successful there, you need brains and to be skilled at something. Tiktok on the other hand is just leading the process of devolving our species.

  43. Are you crazy? This article sucks!!!! Why are you supporting that insane app which is supporting rapes, abuse, violence etc… Have you ever seen that idiotic cringy material on tiktok… If someone is raising their voice against that shitty material then what’s wrong in this? And you’re also supporting that stupid Chinese app…… Very disappointing….. Think twice before you write something….

  44. What is this newspaper?! Kind of amazing how you guys turned a conflict between two video sharing platform into LGBTQ+ hatred.

    Fuck, just leave LGBTQ+ alone, we don’t need you to defend us, you’re just making us look pathetic and defenseless. YOU are the problem in here, especially since Youtube isn’t banning LGBTQ+ content when Tiktok is doing it, but you focused on a single statement from a single Youtuber.

    ThePrint, you don’t need people like UNNATI SHARMA to weight down this newspaper. This is unacceptable and insulting to everyone, including you.

  45. People who says tiktok changes gender maybe they already used tiktok and turned their genders into female ?. Have you studied in science books that Apps can change genders??? Stupid. And there are many other video platform Apps but people only targeting Tiktok because Tiktok is more popular. Tiktok isn’t all about lip syncing or copying others . Tiktok is also a popular platform where creators entertains viewers. There are many talented creators who posts original contents. Tiktok App is from China and YouTube is from America and out here Some Indians defaming and roasting their own people, it’s a shame. Respect each other. No one is perfect and can judge one another but only God can.

  46. So this is how you perceive things when you graduate from Moscow University.
    Dear Unnati Sharma it is you who is trying to bring LGBT community into this .

    I thought theprint doesn’t covers those nonsense news, well you have to when you have writers like Unnati Sharma.

  47. I hope you are aware that your opinion was not at all wanted at this time. Because you are doing nothing but printing stuff just to get readers on website. I thought the Print is finally a good print house in India. But you are no different and there wasn’t any need to link politics to that, not even metaphorically.

  48. All the roast videos only focused on people who cross-dress just to get views. Nobody targeted LGBTQ community or anyone other specifically. I hate to say as usual ThePrint is trying to generate a new angle just to make the story crisp. Shame on this act @ThePrint. Carryminati in his roast only targeted Amir Siddique just because he tagged him and asked for response on his Instagram handle. There was no scope for other communities to indulge while the matter was just part of two individuals. Things started burning when some people like ThePrint sided this as Women Impowerment and Against LGBTQ act.
    Things reached its peak when Youtube removed the video just upon reports by liberals. And rest will be written as history as its now a new internet clash. I support Creativity and Originality over any Individual Creator. Just the bottomline in internet era if you like content consume it, if you dont like then just ignore it.

  49. Simply say that you don’t want tik tok to get banned and if you think that these meethae persons are creating good content then let your childrens watch it and the think about it again

  50. This is good read. Thanks for the article.

    Also to highlight currently there are lot of celebrities jumping into TikTok, pretty sure political groups to will come into this medium.

    One more point to highlight this app is heavily used by younger generation (2k kids) and this has intimidated the so called 90s kids who are not willing to leave teenage space in 2020.

  51. I have no idea what this “creativity” is from Tiktok. Most of it is copied or stolen content, with copyrighted music being played without even acknowledgement to the real creators of songs or videos.

    Most people I see in Tiktok are people with large egos and women who think they are models, or otherwise lip sing a song. Imitation IS NOT A TALENT, nor is it in any way creative.

    Other content in TikTok should be considered as abuse. Bring an ass towards strangers, trying to cut videos short to make other people sound pathetic in their arguements via skipping all of the actual arguements is also not creative. And most certainly life-hacks. Adults should be smart enough to realise 99% are phoney, but time and time again we root out the true idiots in society who try them out themselves and risk all kinds of harm, or too young to know the dangers or have know science nor physics knowledge (electrocution, fire hazard, poisoning such as the home made boiler, bodily harm or endangerment).

    There seems to be the idea that everyday things that everyone does is “unique”.
    Just viewing the videos in TikTok and you will most certainly gain a few extra chromosomes, as well as realise how low the IQ of the general public is.

  52. Has tiktok given u money to write this? First do full research Nd then write articles. Being a journalist u should have done Ur research on the border line abusive,sexist,Nd raciest video that r posted on tiktok.

  53. Is that article China finance by China as it seems that Unnati is somewhere trying to make YouTube is for rich while Tiktok is for poor but most of famous YouTubers are from poor family, it looks like now Indian left will stand with Tiktok and again with its own hypocrisy and no logic and facts

  54. TikTok is indeed cringeworthy. Guys and girls creating “content” on TikTok indeed suffer from a severe acute deficiency of intelligence. One might even classify this as a pathological condition.

  55. Such shitty content by print , i think print need to have better writers growing discontent and devise is unethical writing.

  56. It looks like the lockdown has really constrained actual news reporting.

    Who cares about these idiots anyway ?

  57. I think the writer of the article lives in a fairy tale world and hell bent upon proving that talent exists in the tiktok world. Please i request you to spend a day on tiktok iam sure your IQ level will come down exponentially. Iam sorry There is no raw talent on tiktok ( only gender change and costume change) .
    Maybe tiktok paid you to write this article. Carryminati has been making such videos from really long time never such comments came along. Let me remind you that most of tiktok videos so called CONTENT is about ” Male slaps the female for silly reasons” . Is that ok ? If such a video was made on youtube I promise there will more outrage than any other platform. Viewers in youtube are educated class who understands what is right and what isn’t. So stop writing such baseless articles. I guess print has a reputation to protect. Since you guys are also on youtube. Maybe try it out on tiktok.

  58. Dear Author,
    Why is this trending as top stories?
    ThePrint is supposed to be better from the rest of the newsmedia outlets in India. Very dissapointed that you have decided to join the same trend.

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