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Modi govt’s mistakes are to blame for India’s latest Covid crisis

As is typical in India, official arrogance, hyper-nationalism, populism and an ample dose of bureaucratic incompetence have combined to create a crisis.

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Just a few short weeks ago, Indian government officials were patting themselves on the back. India was the “pharmacy of the world,” they said, and its cheaply produced vaccines would help end the Covid-19 pandemic globally. The federal health minister declared that the country had entered “the endgame” of its own battle against the pandemic. Even the Reserve Bank of India announced in unusually enthusiastic tones that India had “bent [the Covid-19 curve] like Beckham” and that “soon the winter of our discontent will be made glorious summer.”

Such boasts sound foolish, at best, today. Covid-19 case numbers and deaths have begun to spike exponentially in India, easily passing the numbers recorded during last autumn’s peak. Hospital beds are running short and so are vaccine doses. Although the government has halted all vaccine exports, many states have only a few days’ supply left in stock.

What went wrong? As is typical in India, official arrogance, hyper-nationalism, populism and an ample dose of bureaucratic incompetence have combined to create a crisis. The state has left India vulnerable to a second Covid-19 wave, multiple new mutations and the threat of repeated, livelihood-destroying lockdowns.

Worse, Indians aren’t the only ones who will pay the price. Developing nations that had been counting on the “pharmacy of the world” will now have to wait longer for their jabs, even as the new variants continue to spread.

Let’s start with the arrogance. The government appears to have unwisely believed its own rhetoric about having bent the curve of infections after imposing the world’s strictest lockdown last year. Even when new and virulent strains of the virus began to emerge, some of them from India’s own hinterland, officials showed no increased urgency about rolling out vaccinations. Regulators approved the first Indian vaccines in December. The first shot wasn’t given until more than two weeks later.

Then there’s the nationalism. Indian bureaucrats and regulators, under whatever administration, are prone to a barely disguised xenophobia. Thus, regulators pushed out an indigenously developed vaccine, Bharat Biotech Ltd.’s Covaxin, even before Phase III trial data was available. Meanwhile, other vaccines that had received regulatory approval elsewhere — including those from Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson — were unnecessarily held up until trials could be conducted in India.

World Health Organization guidelines say that such “bridging trials” may be needed “if there are compelling scientific reasons to expect that the immune response to the vaccine, and therefore its efficacy, could be significantly different to that documented in a prior efficacy trial.” Indian authorities never bothered to share these compelling scientific reasons. Why J&J’s vaccine, demonstrated to be effective even against the virulent South African and Brazilian variants, would need another large-scale trial in India demands some explanation, surely? (The company is still awaiting permission to launch a bridging trial.)

As for populism, the government sought to squeeze the private sector using price controls. Vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India was forbidden to produce for India’s private market, although CEO Adar Poonawalla had repeatedly said he would continue to offer the government doses of the vaccine from AstraZeneca Plc. for only Rs. 150 ($2) each. That price “is not profitable enough to re-invest substantially in building capacity,” said Poonawalla, who hoped to sell other doses on the open market for Rs. 1,000 ($13) each. Now the company has lost its export orders as well, further constraining cashflow.

As a result, Serum Institute has received a legal notice from AstraZeneca for failing to fulfill its contracts. More importantly, the company hasn’t got the cash to scale up its manufacturing capabilities. It’s making 50-70 million shots a month; it needs to double that at least. Poonawalla has now asked the government for $400 million to ramp up capacity.

Yet, far from investing in capacity or brokering deals to tap unused vaccine manufacturing facilities, as the Biden administration has done in the U.S., the Indian government been slow even to sign purchasing contracts with manufacturers. In January, Serum Institute had stockpiled around 50 million doses; the government didn’t sign a purchase order for weeks and then only bought 11 million jabs initially.

The government seems to expect Indian manufacturers to produce vaccines on spec, jump through various regulatory hoops and then break all their other remunerative contracts in order to give the final product solely to the Indian state — at grossly insufficient prices. Is it any wonder that Pfizer’s local subsidiary quietly withdrew its application for emergency use of its vaccine in India?

This kind of regulatory uncertainty, bullying, lack of foresight and urgency, and contempt for legitimate profit-making is familiar to every entrepreneur in India. Such attitudes are at the root of the country’s growth and investment crisis. Now the rest of the world will have to suffer the consequences.- Bloomberg

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  1. Hello the print n its propagandists we know ur real vulture jurnolism from shekhar gupta to mihr sharma we all know ur worth

  2. Support Your Journalism, what your organization knows about journalism, Ok in an open challenge to To your so-called this Journalist Mr Mihir Sharma or your founder share top 10 Post where your portal tried to help officials and ran campaigns to educate people.

    why your news platform doesn’t show support to our doctors or medical staff. Writing a controversial post doesn’t make your people journalist. Your job is not to highlight only anti one person or pseudo-intellectual propaganda. So Mr. Mihir Sharma why there is no post-blaming citizen of India who broke the rule. Why there is no post that says the careless citizen of India, Do sensible writing instead of just baseless one.

    to all the people who read this third class news just to look cool and intelligent, this is for you imagine if your Boss or subordinate only complain against you because they don’t like you and treat you like shit. Be Senssible

  3. A very very bad response from Indian Government.It doesn’t look like any one from government cares about people’s life.They just think about themselves.They worried about elections and other stupid stuff.It doesn’t matter about any politician.It is very very bad government.People are dying just bcz of stupid mistakes from Central Government.All of them are so bad.We have too many rich people in our country.Like Film actors sportsperson and industrialists.They care about themselves.Very bad and greedy people.Shame on these selfish people.

  4. I think fault is both with Govt. and with people. In both cases its sheer complacency that we have already beat the virus. So started taking it easy going just by daily numbers.

    We ignored the hints of a second wave and its mutations beinge more dangerous than first. Same was case with Spanish Flu. It was the second wave that did the whole damage.

  5. 1 Why adhar poonawalla of SI is blamed?
    2 why is he discouraged
    3 why image building.. photo politics of modi and his government ..when they had no contributions in vaccine development and management
    4..why miss management when 50 millions dose were ready ..4 months ago Dec..who is responsible for non procurement of vaccine and for exports to other countries for Pitora and false image building when Oxford was responsible for vaccines

  6. Clubhouse dummy from scotch-brite wing. I am sure print must be evaluating the prospects based on ability to write fictional essays on criticising modi for anything and everything under the sun. These donkeys won’t talk about Sachin vaze and extortion happening in Maharashtra or farmers protests inspite of covid. Reading their articles is a complete waste of time.

  7. I registered on Cowin website and today when i visited Nikhil hospitals,Hyderabad for administration of first dose at the appointed time, A display board was put up stating that the vaccination with them is meant for people who are due for second dose. There is no complaint mechanism for addressing immediately as the state govt. Helpline is passing the buck to the central govt. Stating the have a limited role to play. Why this drama when you dont have enough vaccine?

  8. Jackass Mihir Sharma… check out the comments and get down from the fucking paid journalism and come on ground you piece of shit! Else ask your children… they’ll know better than you who did what!!! ?? your THE PRINT sucks big time!

  9. Just want to share my thought that why you all so called Independent Media are always against government. The rule of drug trial was set in India by Congress Government under Indira Gandhi and you have no work rather blame whom you have grudge on just getting an opportunity. If you are surviving today is only because of the open journalism policy set by the current government.

  10. What is clear from the many comments on all opinion pieces is that The Print has become more about strong opinions (assessed by the looks of it, Qualitatively and quantitatively, biased) rather than as is what is views. It is attempting to influence rather than inform in both its avatars – digital print and YouTube videos.

    It is taking away the sheen from its many great programs like cut the clutter, off the cuff, Ilanomics, SP’s take on Defence, DK’s political commentaries etc. which are excellent.

    As such, I am still holding on to my faith that The Print will become the last bastion of equanimity depending more on “desi” numbers than on “foreign” numbers; about balanced headlines rather than contrived phrases for its articles and programmes etc and more about informing rather than influencing.

    Tailpiece: I hope The Print does not miss the obvious

    • Colonel sahib, your first sentence is incomprehensible. ‘The Print has become more about strong opinions (assessed by the looks of it, Qualitatively and quantitatively, biased) rather than as is what is views.’

      What is the meaning ?

      The said article is not The Print’s, it is reproduced from Bloomberg Opinion, where the title was ‘India’s Covid crisis stems from arrogance, hyper-nationalism, incompetence’. So whether you quit The Print or not, this is the impression of India foreigners are gaining of the Modi govt’s incompetence. The outside world does not believe in an alternative reality about India. The Bloomberg article obviously has an impact on business. The Print has reproduced it to advise you what the outside world sees. You may be of the type who believes India is the vishwa guru and the outside world’s opinion is irrelevant. But I read in one of your posts that in your foreign travels, you had met only people who look up with awe about India, and you felt very proud. I don’t know whether your travels were during the MMS era. I suspect now after 7 years of Modi, and article after article in the foreign press on his megalomania, and India’s slipping economy and Covid fiascso, the outside view has changed (or is changing) its view on his competence, and his morality.

      You end with saying the media should be more about informing rather than influencing. In another post, you were advising that the media should be the one (and not the govt.) influencing the public on social distancing, masking etc. It seems you bowl both kinds of spin !

  11. You rascals hav no work but spreading negativity. You are true group of commie bastards . covid cases had come below 3000 per day without vaccine if Maharashtra is left out . when things were opened , people started behaving like pigs ,abadoned distancing , masks ,sanitisations , in classes, trains , hotels and restraunts, parks ,cinema halls , malls ,market places etc people cared nothing , being closely spaced without mask ,though govt was repeatedly reminding do gaz ki duri mask hai zaruri . As a result from less than 8 thousand (including Maharashtra ) per day now we are close to two lakh a day. People had started talking corona conspiracy theory, that there is nothing like any covid threat. These illiterate idiot pigs are whole to blame for current situtation.


    Harry Truman (1884-1972), the 33rd President of the United States always had a note on his desk:

    “The buck stops here”

    That phrase essentially meant that when Truman made decisions, he accepted full responsibility for the fallout from these decisions. He did not deflect blame either towards others, his political rivals, his subordinates or his bureaucrats. He readily admitted that he was on the hook for getting the job done. He asserted that “end to end” responsibility was an integral part of his job description. More importantly, even when he was not directly responsible for tragic events in the country, Truman stepped in and assumed leadership responsibilities. Like his predecessor President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had done before him.

    All American Presidents have been tested by internal and external crises. And all of them picked up the gauntlets and took ownership of the problem. The notable exception to that tradition being the racist demagogue Donald Trump who categorically declined to take ownership of the COVID crisis. Trump famously said:

    “I do not take responsibility at all”

    Equally importantly, until the Trump era, most Americans held their elected leaders fully answerable for the decisions they took and the consequences thereof.

    Now take the case of India and PM Modi.

    When Mohammad Akhlaq (RIP) was brutally lynched in Dadri in 2105, PM Modi kept silent on an incident that was reported all over the world. Finally, 8 days after the event, facing mounting international and national censure, PM Modi limply said whilst the BJP did not condone such acts, the Centre could nonetheless not be blamed for it. Rather than accept the fact that it was the BJP’s relentless attacks on Muslims and baseless accusations of cow slaughter that had led to the lynching, the PM refused to accept any responsibility. Worse still, he did not send a word of condolence to the bereaved family nor did he take upon himself the task of preventing such lynchings from happening.

    But the true extent of the rot is only evident at the reaction of the public towards the government in power and PM Modi. The mass radicalisation of the Hindu voter is so complete that they refuse to take the PM to task many of his decisions – be it demonetisation, GST, lynchings, the bungled response to COVID, the fiasco at Golwan, the Rafale corruption scandals, the crony capitalism that favours Ambanis, Adonis and their ilk and so on. Additionally, when you also have a press that kowtows to the ruling party and practically worships at Modi’s feet, the death knell of Indian democracy has already sounded. And the Indian public is equally responsible for this descent into dictatorship – albeit an elected one.

    Clearly, Modi does not have to say “the buck stops with me” when he has members of his rabid personality cult pinning the blame on everything but on this flawed Gujarathi demagogue.

    English novelist & essayist George Orwell (1903-50) said:

    “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices”

  13. It is “Shoot the messenger when the message is not pleasant, but true ” time looking at the comments section.
    The fact is that the government had nothing to do with vaccine development, but decided to use it as an image booster for the supreme leader.The vaccine was developed by Oxford University and manufacturing license was given to Serum Institute(SI) after SI agreed to produce the vaccine at cost price for the first 12 months without making any profits and supply it to the International vaccine consortium (COVAX) which was formed to give poor countries access to vaccines. Serum institute took a huge risk by making 50 million doses even before anyone knew if the vaccine would work or not as the trial results were out in the UK only in December.As soon s the trial results were out and the vaccine was licensed for use, enter Modi claiming credit for a vaccine he and his government had nothing to do with. While many governments in other countries made advance payments for bulk orders to multiple vaccine makers months in advance as they did not know which vaccines will work,GOI made its first order for vaccines only in January and that too only for 10 million doses even as SI had 50 million doses in stock.Till the end of March, the government was sending more doses abroad than was used in India as part of the image building exercise for Modi.And now when shit has hit the fan, he and his cronies still are campaigning in W Bengal.he is the modern day Nero fiddling while the country is literally on its knees and burning. Unfortunately,we deserve all that is coming to us for electing incompetent bigots.

  14. @Mihir Sharma, sorry to say but your article provides no statistical analysis based on figures. It’s easy to build a narrative against the central government and join the bandwagon of Modi bashing troupe. Your article does not provide any credible information about why vaccines from Pfizer or J&J did not meet Indian standards. By the way you should have been appointed as Chief of ICMR, Finance Minister, RBI head and Chief of PMO infact replace the PM, if that’s not enough you can apply for WHO Chief position also.

  15. The article certainly disturbed the bhakts who are find reality offensive.

    Modi has messed up on five counts :

    Mishandling of Covid
    Destroying the social fabric and creating divisions between Indians by persecuting minorities
    Losing land to China and getting tangled in an arms race India cannot afford
    Foreign policy disasters with all neighbours.

    The mishandling of Covid is the subject of this article. On that the author is right : official arrogance, hyper-nationalism, populism and an ample dose of bureaucratic incompetence have combined to create a crisis.

    To that, I would add communalism, lack of concern for poor citizens, and promotion of unscientific quackery.

    It is well known at the start of the first wave, various ‘Hindu nationalist’ channels and media men like Arnob, Kanwal and Sudhir Chaudhury created a story about how Muslims had planned a ‘corona jihad’. There was a Tabligh conference in which there were international participants (who had bonafide visas from the Indian govt..). The meeting had started before the lockdown , and they were caught in the midst of it. Instead of helping them, and controlling the spread, the opportunity was too good to miss to intimidate the Tablighis and put Muslims down. The BJP’s IT cell joined the regular media to pump out fake news, reading which bhakts in ME countries started tweeting hate messages. The talk of ‘corona jihad’ came to an end when the bhakts started being deported from the UAE and Kuwait. Then Modi explained to the bhakths corona has no religion, and sent Jaishankar to placate the Gulf countries before business got affected. This had occurred at a time when Shetty, another bhakth, had been implicated in large scale fraud in the UAE. Hence, if the correction on ‘corona jihad’ came, it was not due to any rise in intelligence and morals of the bhakths, but because of external reality (the UAE).

    After that, India’s performance on the first wave was a mixture of quackery (lighting lamps for 9 minutes and attributing genius to Modi) and bureaucratic bumbling. A lockdown was announced with 4 h notice with no consideration for ‘migrant workers’. Asked when the curve would reach a peak , a govt. spokesman said it will not reach a peak in India (he thought it was a good thing !). Then Modi got involved in showing off to China that India could supply vaccine to others. The Indian govt. told WHO proudly that India had exported more vaccine than it had used. Every country takes care of its citizens first. Here, we bash some citizens, we do not care for poor citizens (they are ‘migrants’, from another country) and we peddle quackery and fake nationalism to the urbans. The rest is as Mihir Bose reports.

    The second wave may propel India to the country with the highest Covid cases. India is not a victim of any corona jihad, it as victim as Mihir Bose says of official arrogance, hyper-nationalism and communalism, populism and an ample dose of bureaucratic incompetence.

    • Well you blatantly left out some details:
      US and EU have blocked export of several ingredients required to produce these vaccines, which is effecting production.
      India has exported some 60 million doses for some 100 million used in India? How much did US or Europe export? Well India could have gained more success locally by being selfish like them.
      “And the world suffers” : As they should. US and EU needs to do more. For all the talk of anti racism, they are pretty self centered when it comes to international policies.

      • You need to cut out your fake BJP nationalism and pretence about India being selfless and not selfish.

        In every country, the govt.’s responsibility is to take care of its people first, and then the outside world.

        What the blatant details I left out ? The US and EU have every right to block exports when their populations are in a crisis.

        India’s response was chaotic right from the first wave. It started with using Covid to attack Muslims which only ended when Modi’s bhakts started being expelled from UAE. That is the kind of unprofessional approach the govt. had, a foretaste of things to come. A lockdown was announced at 4h notice with no planning; afterwards, the govt. got mired in promoting quackery, clapping hands to create vibrations to drive away Corona, producing Covid Papad, and giving permission to Baba Ramdev to sell Coronil as a cure for Covid. When the vaccines started coming in India – due to the Oxford technology licensed to Serum Institute – the govt. used it to show off that India was not selfish (unlike the west). Then it got careless with mass gatherings and Kumbh, and all of a sudden we have a second wave of larger intensity, and not enough vaccine. Seeing the govt’s incompetence with the first wave, this will be a deeper mess that will drown India.

        India is also self centred. That is why all our neighbours are alienated and going with China.

  16. Mihir
    You were waiting for a chance to blame PM Modi ji. First the blame goes to Indian population density and second to Congress(I) leaders & chief ministers of states ruled by Congress (I) / Congress (I) coalition governements who were creating / spreading bad impression about our desi brand Covid vaccines ( Covaxin) thus causing vaccine hesitancy. Do not politicize the issue. Government of India is doing its best in Covid mangement in India. PM Modi ji always consults high power health experts and decides on the course of Covid management and issue of vaccine approval.

    • Lol increasing oxygen output nationwide and procuring vaccines in advance are central govt job .it’s not state govt jobs .whi allowed kumbmela .why did not center stop it .now after 20 days the effects of kumbmeka would be known .daily it would be 1 milion cases in 4 weeks and no oxygen and no vaccine . How come pfizer,Johnson Moderna was not allowed in November and now it is allowed .they did not do india trials back then and even now .so why now they are allowing?? Why did sputnik by Dr reddy after completing all trials was not allowed production 1 month before .why it was granted permission yesterday .why sputnik file was gathering dust in pmo office since 1 month .why money was not given to serum in November itself to ramp up production for India consumption or no purchase agreements were made in advance for atleast 100 cr dosage in advance so that they could have procured raw material in advance. Bill gates foundation has given serum 300 million dollars grant to supply 100 million dosages to poor countries for 3 dollars .now we are not honoring that agreement after taking money .India reputation is spoiled .

  17. J&J vaccine is put on hold in US. This guy is asking why didn’t be we use J&J.
    When vaccine was rolled out, people were not taking . Now suddenly everybody wants it.
    In India, we have habit to blame government for every thing. No surprise, it’s print.

    • Then why did we approve Johnson vaccine now after it is put on hold in usa .why did we deny approval back in November when Johnson vaccine was not put on hold in usa .

  18. I think government failed miserably in risk calculation. If Modi’s government had done that then they won’t have donated vaccines to other countries when india is suffering for vaccine crisis. Also Modi ji should lead by example I never see him wearing mask during rallies. I don’t understand what’s the need of elections at this situation. Surely they could have been avoided. There’s lots of mis calculation and desperate steps to improve GDP that have accounted to such a acute covid situation. Covid handling by Government of India is far from ideal. Even courts have bashed government on various occasions. Maharashtra should get more vaccines but they are being denied. It’s high time that they should rise above personal agendas and think of people of India.

  19. This write-up is coming top on Google along with many others when we search about covid India.
    So all the IT-cell paid morons are here trying to discredit it.
    Don’t be influenced by their shitty comments cause they are full of shit so whatever comes out is shit. Garbage in Garbage out.

  20. Partially agree with the article. Because of government control on vaccine we were able to get vaccine in Rs 250 otherwise poonawalla would have sold it of Rs 1500. However, failed to understand why Pfizer & other vaccines were not allowed to sell in private. People who can afford these vaccines would have any way reduced the burdon on government. Dr Harshvardhan our health minister thinks differently I believe..

  21. Mihir..why do you make it so obvious of being a lutyens bhakt? The more you write …the more your articles look like it’s paid. Who pays you ? The whole Of Europe and america put together is India’s population. Not so easy to contain. But still we are doing a better job despite the likes of you.

  22. The cabal was furious when Bharat Biotech vaccine was given go ahead – today Bharat Biotech vaccine is among the safest alternatives. The Left cabal is ridiculously predictable, now they’re ruing why the vaccines were not given approval! Wait for 2 months they will say government forced people to take vaccines in order to bend the curve!

  23. Thanks to God that the Corona pandemic has struck the country in Modi regime , otherwise we would have witnessed heaps of dead bodies in localities across the country.

  24. Article is interesting but it can not blame the Centre. States are responsible for the chaos. Vaccines are freely available in many States. Maharashtra and Chattisgarh were given ample vaccine doses. But incompetency, corruption and inefficiency resulted in people in these states to suffer. Article failed to pinpoint this aspect and it is nothing unusual for Print to blame our PM for everything he is not responsible The PM spends day in and day out to save the situation, people and the nation. Mihir should have appreciated this and given credit to PM.

  25. The government certainly did make mistakes, particularly in roll out of vaccines which should have been on a war footing.

    I was hoping for an analysis based on facts and figures, which could leave us a bit better informed. Instead, what we get is a regurgitation of standard tropes that Modi baiters use. And a liberal use of stereotypes that would be racist if not from another Indian.

    Shame on you for milking a serious human tragedy to push your agenda. Or, does one need a made-in-China virus to push a made-in-China ideology?

  26. The print publishes only negative narratives for creating prejudiced & biased attitude towards govt.

  27. You are a mistake Mihir Sharma… If at all the mask was in the right place … you would not have written this crap. Maha would not be like this if instead of hafta vasooli they had focused on healthcare. Same with Punjab. You leftist suckers do not have lean on and blame on anything and everyone.

    • Pathetic person don’t want to know the facts your friend pm is spreading the virus don’t you get it . Omg

  28. if there is panacea for hypocrisy , it would be found in the houses of media and journalists. When there were farmer protests they didn’t blame the protestors for not following social distancing or wearing masks. Infact they actively encouraged, promoted and participated in politicisation of it and ultimately financially gained from it.
    But when politicians and religious people throw the covid safety protocols to waste bin ( for elections and Kumbh respectively). the same set of journalists/ media houses shout from the roof tops by pointing fingers at latter. The media houses/ journalists cover the elections and kumbh, benefit out of it financially but blame them for increase in covid cases.
    The last thing i would tell any career advice seeking individual is to become journalist or sociologist …..

    • Farmers protests were few thousand. Kumbhmela is 1.3 cr feel ashamed for comparison.

  29. It is very easy to blame everything on the most bankable face, but really hard to actually look for the right reasons.
    As far as the “scientific basis” of vaccines goes, Covaxin went through the same scrutiny as most vaccines with impeccable stage 1 and 2 trials, and proper monitoring, adverse event reporting during the stage 3 trials WHICH ENDED IN MARCH DISPLAYING EXCELLENT EFFICACY, INCLUDING EFFECTIVITY AGAINST THE UK STRAIN, and very likely- Brazilian and South African too.
    Very early on it was clearly said Pfizer will not be a good option due to cold chain drawbacks in India, and different population characteristics warrant proper trials, so yes, it was easier to give interim approval to an indigenous vaccine tested on “indigenous people” than a totally foreign one.
    Johnson and Johnson got approved pretty late even in the USA, and now it’s already being questioned for the adverse reactions, and looking at the date on this article, this is of common knowledge.

    Bharat Biotech has been a pioneer in vaccines. It developed the oral Rotavirus vaccine that has bolstered India’s efforts to decrease infant mortality due to diarrhea. The single dose Japanese encephalitis vaccine is being used as emergency vaccines across the country. Questioning the credibility of an institution made by competent genius doctors and scientists is ill-founded.

    The rise in cases is definitely due to arrogance and hyper-nationalism, but OF THE PEOPLE, “nothing is going to happen to us” and “Indians are made of steel.” Quite clearly, we’re not. So please mask-up.

    • So why approve pfizer rnoderna now .they did not do indian trials even now nor india cold storage infra improved since November to April. This shows stupidity of modi shaw. Why did they not made prior purchase deals worth 200 cr doses with serum in November. Atleast by now 50 cr would have been available.

  30. I entirely agree with the viewpoint expressed in the article. The Central Government in Delhi having centralized powers and solely controlling the vaccination drive is deciding which vaccinations are to be approved, who will manufacture them and at what price. The distribution of vaccines is controlled by Delhi. Why then blame the states? The central government needs to answer one simple arithmetic: what is our total need or demand , what is our total vaccination production capacity and how much time is needed to complete the vaccination drive – 6 months, one year, two years? The simple calculations at the back of the envelope tell that this period could be two years with the present vaccination rate and capacity. The US President has stated that they will complete the vaccination by 4th July, i.e, prior to their Independence Day. UK has population of 9 crore and they have tied up vaccines supply to the tune of 40 crore. Israel is topping in the vaccination race with vaccination of 116 doses per 100 people ( every person needs two doses). UAE has the rate @ 94, UK- 60, USA- 57. But India is a poor laggard at 8 doses per 100 people. We had a steep decline phase in the Covid pandemic first wave since September last year. We could have utilized that space to tie up the requisite supplies and production capacity. The blame is where blame should go and the accountability reaches Delhi, not Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai.

  31. What an idiotic post, let’s assume that the government of all the countries made mistakes, but did they? What about public? Did they follow all the protocols? Did they follow all the safety measures? Did even half the population wear mask? Wash their hands after going out? Maintain a certain distance? The public is running for every opportunity to go out. How much can government regulate the public? If they do that, people like you cry, and if they don’t, you still cry. There is no end to crying for people like you who themselves don’t want to do anything and expect the government to give everything to you on a silver platter. And even if they do, you will still gonna cry. What a waste of time to read and anti-government post like yours. Government made some mistakes, but the public isn’t innocent either.

  32. So what would the geniuses that compiled and published this highly anti-establishment article would have done otherwise?

  33. Some points are really valid though not all. IT wing guys should let their paymasters know the truth instead of writing comments on all the articles that gets published on all the websites. There is definitely shortage of vaccines but no one in this govt is ready to acknowledge but had the audacity to boast that they were saving the world by supplying vaccines. Perfect example for banana republic.

  34. Every article in your print is only against Modi. I think you r not doing Journalism job but working against Modi by manufacturing the news…..

  35. “World Health Organization guidelines say that such “bridging trials” may be needed “if there are compelling scientific reasons to expect that the immune response to the vaccine, and therefore its efficacy, could be significantly different to that documented in a prior efficacy trial.” Indian authorities never bothered to share these compelling scientific reasons. Why J&J’s vaccine, demonstrated to be effective even against the virulent South African and Brazilian variants, would need another large-scale trial in India demands some explanation, surely? (The company is still awaiting permission to launch a bridging trial.)”


    J&J are paused in the US. Inadequate trials missed the side-effect of blood-clots.

  36. This is the reason The PM is not taking interest as India being a Democracy will continue to blame him only and never mention the other CM’s who opened the state like normal even if the cases were still coming. Vaccination drive wasn’t done effectively in the initial stage. Are state Govt’s ready to confirm everyone beyond 60 is vaccinated..why were they not able to complete 1st dose to all of them..had the progress would have been faster, the govt would have surely started additional production. What if after bumper production poonawala’s storage facility would have cought fire.. then again you would have blamed the PM saying what was the point in making so many vaccines if the speed is so slow.

    My final submission : Critics will always criticize… it is upon the person being criticized whether to act as Dog and bark or act as elephant and move on..

  37. Writing good English for hiding the truth, blaming center is a cup of tea for journal like mihir sharma. The reality is different. India is only country having high number of vaccines research and production, exports to more than 80 countries and above 10crore own citizen have received vaccines yet. It could have worst if other government like UPA govt and other govt which you are thinking in your dream. Secondly cases rise is not in hand of center it obviously for casual approach of state and own citizen of country those can’t follow wear mask and other safty major. Then corrupt govt like congress ruled and kichidi govt like chhatisgarh, maharastra adding sugar in corona tea. So you should polish your thinking and introspect while writing , only blaming center can’t uplift your malign idea. Also check last PM-CM meeting video you can see the casual approach from Delhi , Maharashtra CM in corona meeting will sure make you happy to get this type govt in your dream.

  38. Where did this 10 cr vaccines come from if govt didn’t book anything? Allow pvt players to decide on price with no govt control? Ppl were not taking free or 250/- vaccines and they will buy highly priced pfizer n moderna vaccines? Who had declared victory any govt official in centre?

  39. More than 50% cases are from Maharashtra and chattisgarh but blame goes only to modi! All the govts are incompetent !

  40. The government did well to organize Kumbh Mela and show the world WTF they are. EC in India allowed political gatherings in so many states and so many days , ensuring no one is left out . Why blame only the vaccine

  41. Such columnist only know to put the blame game, now they have stretched the line bit too far, does he knows more than medical experts regarding taking out vaccines, I don’t think so. Cheap anti India publicity, and nothing else.

  42. Constructive criticism is always welcomed but when an article starts with ” typical in India, official arrogance, hyper-nationalism, populism and an ample dose of bureaucratic incompetence have combined to create a crisis.” , It can be more or less categorised under propaganda segment.

  43. I don’t want to sound rhetoric like this Idiot Mihir Sharma and ThePrint, but this article is a blatant shit that I have read today.
    1. More than the govt, the onus of containing virus is on people. If Govt imposes lockdown, you’ll cry mayhem, and if they don’t, you are crying mayhem now.
    2. PFIZER & J&J ?? Really, have you seen their prices ? Moreover, J&J is facing ban as of today in US, go watch the news.
    3. And what the hell is this closure, Rest of the world will have to suffer consequences ? You eat ping dung in breakfast or what ? I mean, you have taken your hatred of Modi to that level where not just Muslims, Not Just Gujarat, Not Just India, now the whole of world will suffer ? Shame on you.

    Thu on you…

    I m not speaking on behalf of Modi support or so. I’m just speaking common sense, which is rare to find on this channel.

  44. Poorly researched article by the author. He has just wanted to put the blame on the govt be it state or centre but never went on to research as to why the centre or state has acted in such fashion. No fact finding only blaming. This kind of journalism is easily seen these days be it in print, online, tv etc

  45. I look at my city bangalore…not a single person wears a mask. ive seen bikes and autos quickly pull up the masks soon as they see a cop and soon as they cross they pull it down.
    The problem is the low IQ of the nation – average IQ of India is 79 compared to 105 of China. its almost like desis are like sub-humans who cant understand the simple logic : Wear masks – socially distance – and dont laugh like a monkey when someone tries to admonish or explain desis irresponsibility.

  46. Oye people should also not forget masks and sanitizers go outside and look at them human behaviour is also to blame!

  47. The government should have permitted private pharmaceutical to sell vaccine at a cost of their choice and ensured that people who are willing avail of the same and also could have insisted that the government is provided at a lower price for the poor but the government failed to make us of private companies.

  48. Lol seems like this columnist doesn’t know about the structure of Indian Administration, Governance, Political system and how it works. India is ederal state. It’s not highly Centralised like China and other Authoritarian country where One leader and party control entire nation. If India was Centralised and Modi were despot than we would have been Controlled pandemic and everything like china. Majority of cases in India is emerging from Non-BJP ruled state, why Not Congress and Other parties CM are responsible for this pandemic and soaring of cases ? Why only Modi?

  49. The Print journalist(s) time and again proved themselves as funny idiots. One agenda they have is write anything and everything to deride Modi. Most of the cases are happening in congress ruled or supported states. People should not give much credence to these yellow journalists.

  50. This article seems very biased. Seems loudspeaker of Rahul Gandhi. Bullshit. It has to be banned in all online and offline platforms.

  51. No comment on failures of state governments like ke that of maharashtra where fleecing money from public is prioritized over public safety , accounting for 40+% of cases in India. No blame on farmers protest is it as looks like they are corona proof. We have done the the fastest vaccination in human history. The experience created is flawless n best in class. Instead of spreading venom as always try to appreciate good work when done. No wonder biased media like yours has lost relevance fun general public n will cease to exist hopefully in the near future.

  52. Irresponsible writing in media by so called motivated anti govt people who don’t have basic manners of journalism or any ethics.

    Govt should come out with strict orders against such socially irresponsible activity which creates a hysterical society which anti establishment. That approach does not benifit the dessentors or protestors but creates an environment of artificial dissatisfaction. That’s the aim of the present opposition because they cant win election due to thier bad deeds.
    These journalists bcoz of ulterior benefit help those politicians.

  53. It is really sad that the bhakts can’t digest counter opinions. The article makes sense. Even if not, one should have the heart to at least bear with other’s view. Trolling as a pack of wolves doesn’t suit even if they can interact in English. It’s ok we understand they are being paid for trolling but as a human one should have some shame. Earn with some respect.

  54. Reply to all above readers …who are surprisingly blaming print media to be anti modi……here it goes…The central and state government have failed pathetic to bruce up the hospitals and make more covid setups facilities, despite so much fund collected. All these politicans r busy fighting state elections one after another so don’t have much hope from them…. Curse ur luck for having pathetic leadership.

    The rich corporates who donated money to politicians.. .must be feeling stupid.. seeing building of new parliament or dead leader statues or election rallies expenses…
    .. How I wish all that money could have been diverted to build new covid center to cater for population… But not much thought was given to this even in one full year of covid ..

    …. We as a nation wasted one year of covid by not building up medical facilities except a token few covid centers…

    …. We as pathetic citizens just ended up as social media warriors on bullshit ideologies fighting each other but not bringing up the issues of building medical infrastructure………

    Please now Donate money direct to buy ventilators and beds and help the local municipal corporation. Lot of ventilators are off road also….Give money to get repaired.
    A rich corporate like Mahendra or Tata or Reliance can now start helping local corporation directly…. Instead of trying to donate to politicians.

    Poor people are not getting beds in time and medicine for fighting the virus… ie Remedesivir injection is not available. Why such facility was not catered…. Total lack of coordination.

    For God sake give your donations direct to municipal wards to buy these medicines.
    Stop listening to faltu political speeches …. Or sold out TV debates etc….

    Remember.. There is a war being fought on streets on daily survival and hospital to save people. …. Only we the people can save each other with local grassroot administration and corporate companies to Bruce up the facilities…. If you have money to donate… Go and ask the local covid facility what all they need and arrange to give to them…. All those rich Bollywood stars… Give ur donation to local hospital directly to help them buy medicines and ventilator.

    Rest next 30 to 60 days will be important…. Keep drinking kada, vitamins C, D, Zinc.. homeopathic..anything that builds up ur immunity against cough cold etc. Keep checking ur oxymeter reading three times a day… Make it home and office kit…

    Last two points….
    Vaccination will help or not help.. GOD KNOWS.. but go and get vaccinated… Hospitals have many covid cases of people after vaccination… So don’t get complacent after vaccination..

    Many of us will surely get hit… Maintain the hope it is not severe…

    And pray for all who are on a hospital bed right now trying to find oxygen to live….

    Lastly…. I happened to see first hand medical staff how they are working risking their own lives… Pray for them everyday.. They are doing yomen service trying to revive people in last stage of life or treating people with timely aid despite shortage of staff and facilities . The nurses and staff and doctors…. Big salute to all of you…. You are the people who will be remembered to save lives…. God bless you all..

  55. Most of the comments expose the illogical and ultra negative & biased mindset of your article writers. You seem to foreign funded propaganda news portal.

  56. Print has stooped to such a low point. Look at the language they are using for rbi governor, medical/vaccine machinery. I wonder the tweet writers of pappu gandhi are from this paper only.

  57. Why do you blame government when people are lame. No One on road wears masks, no one bothers social distances. People in Telugu states are turning in full numbers to view new upcoming movies in theater without saftey protocols. Government has done its part. It’s upto its people to follow. Every phone call you do IVR tells you to maintain social distance, use mask and sanitiser.

  58. When the vaccines are in short supply, is it necessary for the Govt to export them. Now it wants to import. This Govt lacks proper planning. Further, when the second phase Covid19 cases are in more than a lakh everyday, both PM and HM left the country to the winds and now camping in WB for campaigning. For these Gujarati business minded leaders, power is more important than peole.

  59. We don’t need all sorts of ridiculous opinions from these pseudo expert Andolanjivis blaming Modi for everything. Print should moderate these irresponsible opinions. Modi was praised by WHO for able handling of COVID in the country.
    Print will lose readership if you allow all these airing expert opinion without being an expert.
    Print management to take care to desist from publishing such rubbish articles.

  60. blaming the present government is the easiest way to shift blame on every other institutions/governments/people by this news site and its contributing writers!at this hour of calamity can not we stop blaming ?citizens have to co operate with governments in containing this pandemic?

  61. Shame ! What a pathetic article. People not wearing masks, not maintaining social distancing are a BIG HELP in our fight against covid. The government has tried its level best to deal with the pandemic. The vaccine being produced in India and the meticulous way in which it is being administered is really commendable. Let’s stop accusing the government for our own follies. Kindly , be a little knowledgeable and stop publishing such stupid articles.

  62. Author is dumb, lunatic and thinks that he can make false narrative
    He must understand now people are not same as used to be they are smart enough and understand your motive
    Please make yourself some realibale

  63. If they let sii sell the vaccine at 1000rs in the open market then it would create havoc, no other country is allowing vaccines to be sold on the open private market like that. Black marketing, hoarding, not following proper procedure, fake vaccines, incorrect dosage..these are the problems of letting go of the control government has right now.

  64. Mr Sharma believes that immediately upon approvals, the vaccines would have started flowing out to every single patient. No logistical planning at factory and at receiving centres is required to be done. Even a country that Mr Sharma lives in – US – steuggled with the logistic in initial days .

    India faces problems not vaccinating 1.4 Bullion people. That means 2.8 Billion shots. Even if SII and Bharat Biotech were producing million shots a day. It would take 280 days to cover whole of India – assuming everyone came forward to take the shots.

    Do we know what led to surge all of a sudden – it is not shortage of vaccine. We did not have vaccine just 4 months back and situation was returning to normal.

    What solution does Mr Sharma have, besides demanding replacement of Mr Modi ?

  65. This post makes me curious!

    I kept looking for quantitative points as to how exactly is the current government responsible for a second wave.
    All I got was “boasts sound foolish”, “typical in India”,” official arrogance”,” hyper-nationalism”,” populism and an ample dose of bureaucratic incompetence”! That’s hardly constructive criticism.
    So much for your “free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism”.
    “ThePrint has the finest young reporters, columnists, and editors working for it.”
    I think we need news instead of biased opinions!

    And this post makes me feel The Print is prone to a barely disguised xenophilia.

    Criticize policies, don’t just throw opinions in the air in the name of free speech.
    Not NDA or UPA, but it’s press like this that is creating mob mentality, inciting violence against each other, and thereby, creating a polarized society.

    Please think about what you are printing. When criticizing a govt/policy/opinion, back your argument with points, please.
    We need to make the world a better place.

    I am sure you would get hits on this article from anti-Modi folks, and probably a lot of flak from pro-Modi folks.
    But is that really what you stand for?
    And if so, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!

  66. It’s not the government which ever may be but it’s the people to be blamed for their callousness.

  67. The govt failed to stop resurgence of covid. What about myopic journalists when they cried horse when lockdown introduced. In a democracy success or failure of programme is purely depended on active participation of people.After all, at the end of day, the writer has ensure his salary cheque by providing some content. To that extent he is successful but not with content. Let people decide.

  68. You know why India as a country struggle to move forward, it’s infested with people like you who always keeps blaming government, other people, etc etc.. but when it comes ones own, rules are just there to be broken.
    If a large number of people genuinely followed the protocols and be self aware and look out for fellow citizens then this wouldn’t happen.
    Always blames the system and wash away hands from your own responsibilities.
    Only losers blame others, winners don’t have time for bitching.

  69. DCGI regulation dictates that a bridging trial must be done if drug is not developed in India. Pfizer declined to undertake the study. So it was not approved for use. Didn’t we make a huge noise when Bharat Biotech had shown safety and immunogenicitu data and given approval for emergency use? Had government approved Pfizer vaccine without bridging study, would the same noise of favoritism not be made. Now that GOI had approved use of Pfizer vaccine, minus bridging study, may be it is worth asking “why now, why not earlier? ” Mr Sharma had gone easy on states who are supposed to educate and enforce the importance of mask, hand hygiene, social distancing, and contact tracing. As soon as vaccine made its appearance all caution was thrown out of the window and wait began for vaccination. Opportunistic politicians, in order to hide their criminal negligence, began demanding universal vaccination, as if that is the panCia of all ills. India never had capability to produce 2.5 billion doses in a jiffy and it went for systematic vaccination, a plan accepted by WHO. Now that water has crossed the limit, we are at an enviable position of second highest COVID cases with accompanying increase in mortality and shortage of hospital infrastructure.

  70. Oh yes, you can peg your reasons on it since Modi runs Govt. Congress/Rahul can’t do this mistake. Lol.

  71. Presumptuous article.. USA has stopped J&J vaccine on the reports of clotting..

    Agenda journalism is quite evident

  72. I feel The Print is anti Central Government. This second wave of epidemic is entirely due to reluctance of the people of this great country. They don’t want to use mask and sanitiser and still want to enjoy at crowded place. State govt are equally responsible. Please don’t unnecessarily blame Central Government knowing the situation very well.

  73. After the event everyone is wise and you do not need the Print expertise or other media to start the blame game. Had any of the leading International /Indian epidemiologist or WHO warned the government of the coming second wave in advance.? Few states including Maharashtra, Chattisgarh,Kerala, and others have been responsible for explosion in cases due to their casual and irresponsible dealing with the pandemic but author has cleverly given clean chit to their administration. This is not a responsible journalism.

  74. I agree with all the conclusions. It’s completely Modi govt’s fault that a 30yr old in the USA are getting vaccinated but not in India despite having such a giant vaccine production house. This protectionism of the govt has failed the nation in its fight against for the 2nd time in 2021. Govt must have given the free hand to vaccine manufacturers to get any vaccine from the world and manufacture and sell it in India. Now govt is creating barriers for the J&J vaccine despite people using it in Europe and the USA. On top of that, its the govt that’s breaking Covid norms, in West-Bengal & TN elections while preaching to others. This govt has gone inefficient and rouge playing with people’s lives,

  75. When things were handled by center it was well in control in 2020. Now when the onus is on states we see the results. When things are fine, blame Modi and when things out of control obviously blame Modi. These reporters seems to get double bonus when they talk rubbish about our government at Centre

  76. The price of one dose is insignificant against both the cost of lives it can save and the humongous economic cost of fresh lockdowns, night curfews, the air of uncertainty that is created about what lies ahead. 2. For SII, the government should be buying at 300 per dose. For the private programme, some deft splicing of the market – doctors do this all the time – so most Indians pay 500 – 600, whereas the affluent are charged about 1,000. 3. The private programme should be running concurrently with the government’s.

  77. ***** Foreword: Please understand that scientifically, Vaccines in India as of today, are not yet an influencer in the arrest of the spread on COVID.. Whatever effectiveness of vaccines will kick in only after 45 days from the second dose, which is taken 4-8 weeks after the first dose.

    My comment, in another context published a few days back is reproduced.

    “This morning, in my locality, I found that about 60% of the 200 odd individuals I counted either did not wear a mask or wore them around their neck. These I am sure is the case all over the country. I don’t see media reporting this lapse on the part of us, the citizens on a regular basis. My nukkad vegetable vendor from who I purchase my daily veg needs (not from BIG or Small basket) was not wearing a mask. When I asked him why not he said that what is the necessity now that the virus is going away. He did final wear the mask when I explained the situation.”

    I find the media continually fail to warn the public about COVID appropriate behaviour. Criticizing steps by the Governments improves TRP. Advising the Government is all very well. “We the people” also have a responsibility to control the spread pf the virus so that small businesses and employment of daily wagers can come back to normal levels.

    I would like to see the media repeatedly drill it into the people regarding COVID appropriate behaviour.”

    In a democracy, the Government is the punching bag always and every time for any set back, especially for those habitual Government baiters. That, I suppose is par for the course in a democracy and the weight of the punch is inversely proportional to the history and tilt of the puncher. Democracy is alive in India. Cheers!

    Tailpiece: Who do you think is responsible for the uncontrolled spread of the virus? By apportioning the complete blame on Governments (in this particular article, strangely, specifically to “Central Government” (!!!), the experts and media are encouraging the public to be more complacent. A dangerous game, this.

  78. Oh, the so called bhakts and librus at it again. Besides, people are dying in countless numbers and enormous political rallies are still being held??? I mean come on now! Are people stupid or just blatant ignorant, they’re both dangerous. People don’t follow rules, atleast not for their own safety, think about those who actually follow protocol and not try to flout rules. Really, stupidity at its best!!! Why are these rallies still being held!!!!!!! Like why the fuck!!! No covid rules are being followed. And come on about the Highest covid rates in Mumbai, people are dying all over India and you’ll are still here fighting in the comment section. God help us all.

  79. Your view’s are not appropriate. Mass negligence is the big reason of growing cases. There were no precautions adhered to against COVID 19. Even State govts are not prepared to overcome the situation. Last year centre took strong decision to lock down Pan india,was cretisiged every where. This time states are authorised to take their own decisions and the problem reached to this level.

    • Dr Vijendra: Despite the lofty title of “Dr” that you unabashedly prefix your name with, you are unable to produce a single argument to support your claim.

      Commenters like you writing vacuous comments are also mistakes for this country !

  80. 75% cases from Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh but Mihir Sharma and Print would blame center, everyone know why. no wonder credibility is something unheard of for Print staff

    • Ya ya. If the numbers decrease, then great leader. If it increases, then its peoples mistake. What r u guys doing? The same thing!. Educateds with half knowledgr n half brains. Actuslly no brains..its just a matter of common sense!

  81. “Thus, regulators pushed out an indigenously developed vaccine, Bharat Biotech Ltd.’s Covaxin, even before Phase III trial data was available. Meanwhile, other vaccines that had received regulatory approval elsewhere — including those from Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson — were unnecessarily held up until trials could be conducted in India.”

    “Pushed out”? The vaccine was “approved for emergency use” since Phase III trials were underway and that’s not “pushed out” by any means. In any part of the world (unless you are a rogue state like N. Korea) there are scientific protocols to follow. Nothing was done out of the ordinary in the case of Covaxin either. Why would the Indian scientific community prefer an indigenously developed vaccine over other vaccines? Several reasons, some practical, some political and some definitely scientific.

    First, dependence: of the technology, of supply chains and of political maneuvering. We had Covishield and Covaxin was definitely a clever backup in case things failed on the diplomatic relations front. Vaccine development is a pretty standardized process – and like any vaccine trials are conducted in phases and approval can be given with conditions. So why not have an indigenously developed one when we have the capability.

    Now let’s get to the scientific reason: Covaxin was developed using strains found in India and it uses the entire virus (weakened of course). This has two implications: one not good: longer time for approval. The other very good: probability of efficacy against mutations since we use the entire virus. And this was seen in the case where Covaxin was found effective against the UK strain. Oxford-AstraZeneca, meanwhile announced that they will develop a UK-strain effective version in two months. Did they use the entire virus to make the vaccine. No.

    • Govt messed up. We could have had more vaccines weeks before. Instead we have more cases. Also allowing Kumb mela, political rallies with 100s near each other, when denying 5 people to swim in a pool meant for 15 or four to play tennis, shows their bias and lack of heeding science. Supporters can keep convincing themselves govt good. I have decided will never again vote BJP.

    • Priye Modi Bhakt, phase-III trial result se pehle emergency use approval ko regulatory inconsistency he kahenge.

    • This is called abdolute half knowledge educated ppl. No wonder,our countrt is at the verge of crisis n ppl dont hve minimum commonsense. First of all,when we hve 95% recovering from covid, y do we need 75% protecting vaccine?? On top of it, every man madr vaccune has severe side effects. I mesn, ppl call themselves educated?? Y cant they ask this simplest question. If u can be protected by 75% by wesring mask,y do u need vaccine. N how can any vaccine be only 75% protective. This line itself is bullshit. Either u get virus or u dont. Wats this 75% . Which means, u r not at all protected.imagine if we had 75% protection to polio…its virus u ppl are talking bout. N ppl who say it weakens th viruds etc is crap! Covid is already weakened by our own immune system. Else u n me wudnt be alive today!. We all hve already got covid n natural immunity is also built. Then y again insert another virus..ultimate stupidity!! I hve nvr seen fools in bulk. This generation has lost their IQ completely!

    • Let me ask one simple question: what is Bharat Biotech’s production capacity? As per my limited knowledge it doesn’t exceed 50 lakh doses per month. How it is going to vaccinate the vast population of India with such limitations.? How many years you want to complete the vaccination.? The straight point is that the Centre with its zeal to over-centralize has miscalculated and wasted precious 3 to 4 months in callous complacency and self- congratulatory mood and did nothing. It is now that it has woken up and tied with Sputnik V, which they should have done in 2020 itself. The delay has caused damage, allowed the second wave to flare up and resulted in avoidable loss of life. Today, the one-day infection cases have reached the level of 1.85 lakhs. So, this is not restricted to non-BJP ruled states like Maharashtra. The entire country is suffering due bungling and incompetence by the Central Government in Delhi.

  82. so the public are innocent?, they are not responsible………….the government time and again warning, that the pandemic is not over and the second wave is due

    • Mr G.V. Krishna Rao: The government should enact measures and discourage the public from attending these mass gatherings. After all, even Saudi Arabia managed to severly restrict access to the Haj didn’t it ?

      It is mind boggling how even ostensibly educated people like you let this incompetent government get away with murder.

    • What about election rallies in Bengal, are they not responsible for covid appropriate behavior, why they are conducting such huge rallies??? Why double standards for politicians an general public

    • What about election rallies in Bengal, are they not responsible for covid appropriate behavior. Why double standards for politicians an general public

  83. THE PRINT is known as Super ANTI MODI PAPER.
    They are consistent on it..if anything happens even if it is ” no sense of belonging ” by citizens to adhere to abide by Covid norms.

    • Its always convenient to blame the establishment when this time its the people across the country to blame

    • msrajataman: Why don’t you go and read the Pro-Modi media then? If the only job of a media outlet is to sing praises to a flawed man with a pogrom under his belt, then The Print is perhaps not for you.

      So go soak up Arnab Goswami’s hot air.

  84. Had hopes with the new administration but they have done so little compared to what they promised and could have done no major bureaucratic or governance reforms even less gun rights going against Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s own idea of more gun liberty and increasing censorship with increasing socialism.

    • Yes, Mihir sarma ‘s assessment of situation is not correct.He was carried over with negativity
      He Doesnot know,where the accountability Lies.
      The Print is also not right to report this article which was biased.
      We expect unbiased analisation of issues from knowledgeble persons..
      Please Don’t publish all articles written by Pseudo intellectuals.

  85. This author doesn’t know that the maximum number of cases and deaths are in Maharashtra where there is a Maha Vasooli Aghadi – steeped in corruption and not caring for the masses.
    Blaming Modi is good click bait – but not fact.

    • The headline itself reeks of vengeful behaviour,get behind the government and people you idiot instead of gloating like a stupid ass, india is facing what every other country on this planet has faced, nothing more nothing less, people like you are a sad reminder that in times when we all must do everything in our capacity to keep a positive outlook you decide to paint a poor picture for personal settling of scores…..anti people is what this shit article is……. you owe us an apology and I’m no supporter of any party but of efforts that are being made to overcome.

  86. Oh really? I am sure everything will be pasted on one and only Modi and it doesn’t matter the incompetence of vasooli gang or chathisgarh government or Punjab captain ..enjoy your time

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