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Modi govt got blinded by first wave success praise as corona waited to strike

When the world began to bedazzle by India’s defiance of dooms-day predictions, it made Modi swell with pride.

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If you are also wondering, like I am, what brought this frightening second wave of Covid infections upon India, I have one word for you. Complacency. Yes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government became complacent and went back to what they do best – elections rallies and winning states.

But what brought this complacency? Modi got blinded by the applause.

We all know how much Modi loves global praise. He wears it like a halo wherever he goes, he wants to convince voters that he, not India, is the real vishwa guru. He does this while hugging world leaders and walking on the beach with them for a samundar pe charcha photo-op. So when The Washington Post, BBC, NPR, Al-Jazeera and Fortune began writing articles about how well India had done in bringing infections down, bedazzling experts and defying scientists’ dooms-day predictions, it made Modi swell with pride. He took it to the next level. He became the giver of vaccines to the world. This was the “false confidence” that the government fell into.

What is worse, this was the time when many countries were reporting a new variant and a second wave. We should have prepared ourselves then. We knew it could come to us. But we had elections to win. And that too seven-phase elections in just one state.

So, we continued to deny that the new variant had come to India, and that there was even a possibility of an ‘Indian’ variant.

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The election and a rallying virus

Whether no one saw it coming or no one wanted to see it coming in India will always remain the question of this century. But the sheer blindness shown by the government and people towards it is truly tragic. What’s also tragic is the response to this second wave as daily cases constantly breach the two lakh-mark. Compare this with a strict lockdown when India had just over 500 cases.

By January 2021, India started tom-tomming about succeeding in vanquishing the virus under PM Narendra Modi’s able decision-making. But people weren’t dying less because the governments (state or the Centre) were managing to save them through their robust healthcare infrastructure. India surprisingly showed a low fatality rate (death rate) of about 1.5 per cent. The Indian immune system just fought the virus better. And therefore, people survived. Epidemiologists around the world were discussing this.

India’s complacency was so ghastly. The Election Commission decided to hold the West Bengal assembly polls in April, which saw massive political campaigns with large crowds at Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and J.P. Nadda’s hair-raising rallies. Hair-raising, because lakhs of people attended them with no masks and no sign of social distancing. It appeared like Covid never hit India. What more?

Our prime minister and home minister led by example by not wearing masks. Not mentioning Mamata Banerjee’s rallies here will be seen as my prejudice. But the fight against Covid has been with the Centre from day one. The distribution of vaccines has been with the Centre from day one. The decision of a nationwide lockdown has been with the Centre from day one. And although health is a state subject, the Centre was specific in spearheading the fight. The fight against the pandemic could not have been more centralised. Which is why the prime minister and home minister were catching eyeballs for not complying with Covid protocols.

This centralised approach led to constant tussle with states with Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra and Delhi accusing the Centre of not supplying enough vaccines. In reply, the Modi government accused these non-BJP ruled states of playing politics.

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India’s anti-climax

India’s greatly fought battle against Covid seems to be having an anti-climax. We, both the government and public, brought it upon ourselves, behaving like complete dimwits despite seeing Europe, Brazil and the US, countries that faced multiple waves. We also ignored the warnings of epidemiologists who insisted that India would see a deadly second wave of Covid.

The government allowed the Kumbh Mela, and the media painted a merry picture of it all. Then the government allowed massive rallies instead of discussing the dangers of doing so. And the news channels went on crunching numbers, claiming winners through exit polls. Everyone forgot about Covid. Now Covid has given a tight slap to all. For a lot of people, it took pictures of burning pyres emerging from different parts of India to realise the pandemic was not over yet. An image of a Lucknow crematorium went viral. The authorities, instead of addressing the Covid onslaught, decided to hide it all by fencing the place.

India is now the world’s second worst-hit Covid nation. But we’re supposed to forget it all and do Pareeksha pe Charcha. We are just trying to wish away the coronavirus, as if it has been eradicated from India. The logic our leaders are giving — if we defeated it the first time, we can defeat it again.

But what they are refusing to look at is that India is now seeing multiple strains — be it the UK or the South African mutant. There’s also a new double mutation circulating in India. The second Covid wave is not like the first. Because those who have built immunity, either due to an earlier infection or through vaccination, can still be infected by the new strains.

All is not well. And behaving like ‘all is well’ will fetch us nothing but a tragedy that could’ve well been averted with decisive planning and decentralisation of Covid policies.

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

Edited by Anurag Chaubey

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  1. It is time for the media like The Print to call a spade a spade and say India is in this parlous position due to Hindutva.

    Economic paralysis, NRC-CAA protests, farmer’s agitation, and Galwan were created by the govt.’s Hindutva-led actions. The final killer blow to India was delivered by the govt’s inaction over Covid. The cause for inaction was also due to Hindutva – the BJP was busy with NRC-CAA, farmers, China, propagating unscientific voodoo cures for Covid. Winning Bengal at all costs (despite having a majority) became a matter of prestige, as they are desperate to prove they are a national party and Hindus everywhere accept them only. Showing off the Kumbh Mela to the world was another obsession (maybe they wanted to show off they have something bigger than the Haj).

    The outside world looks in amazement. Indians stare in helplessness. Hindutva supporters are busy telling us Modi is not responsible, and the states are responsible, the public is indiscplined, and the media were not educating the public.

    The Muslims, Christians and Sikhs don’t need to be taught that Hindutva is a failure and is the reason India is drowning. A section of Hindus also always understood where Hindutva would take India and that it was incompatible with development. A section of Hindus who were starry eyed are starting to wake up from their delusions. But there is a hard core that has benefited from Hindutva, and who have a moral vacuum in their lives, for whom murder, rape and rioting is nationalism and Hindu dharma. It is time for the rest to say ‘enough is enough’.

  2. The main thing is all the peoples are thinking about corona is like Nothing or silly thing And At least so many persons don’t have minimum common sense to use curchips or wearing mask while cough and sneezing.

    And I am also facing these all situation many times some others says and think who takes precautions for corona they all are stupids and doing silly things and fear fellows and vast fellows etc…

    Each and Every one is the reason to increasing the cases.

  3. When Modi locked down then media was streaming the migrant woes and telling us the virtues of states taking up responsibility. That time Hitler Modi was Hindu monster . Now Modi allowed states to take action but again he is at fault. So you see Modi will always be at fault. Fortunately we have got used it now.
    Bravo Zainab. keep up the good work

  4. Why only modi govt
    Is there a responsibility of every citizen to take precautions
    Any some people who are much good at tweets
    Again mixing religion into this matter
    Media also started blinding people with there news

    • Yes, it is the public that is responsible – it did not take any precautions in electing Modi.

      In fact, they loved him for his murderous skills.

      Indeed, why should we rage now about a pile of corpses taken on a lorry to be burnt en masse ?

  5. Modi is a matured Leader with immense foresight. His fast track development projects are an example. People have a responsibility too. Comparing him to a kindergarten kid who looses sight of future after first win in incorrect.

    • I felt what u say is true, it is responsibility of government to save citizen for the tax it get. But I could see the system is failed to do so.

    • Our PM ordered his followers to beat thali,light diya,showering rosepetals by IAF jets.And we fools obeyed though many of us are more educated and informed than him.And we are deservingly suffering.However death rate is inflated due to corruption and at least 50 crore people infected .I was infected and recovered and hate all sarkari kit and other things .All are making money.

  6. No the government and we Indians didn’t swell with pride because some trashy western woke news outlets started writing good about us (for a change), instead we felt good because we truly had corona under control, before people lost out on discipline. Let me remind you what the government said in its ads in January – ‘Jab tak dawai nahi tab tak dhilai nahi’.

    Start taking responsibility of yourself and not depend on government for everything.

  7. I do appreciate Zainab Sikandar. Unlike Shekhar Gupta, Ninan, Jyoti Malhotra, she writes straight and does not preface with apologetic praise of Modi’s genius, before discussing the mess he has created. Unlike Shekhar Gupta, Ninan, Jyoti Malhotra, she is also consistent between articles. She is more like Shivam Vij.

    But she can be more incisive and say the cause for India’s mess with Covid is actually Hindutva. And that is besides the mess Hindutva has created with the economy, internal disharmony, and disharmony with neighbours. That is the message that the media has to get across. We cannot expect Arnob to say it. But others can and should. Otherwise, India will flounder. India is going to stumble from disaster to disaster due to Hindutva.

    • What about the fundoos? It seems you are in love with them. You want India to open the border to all the illegals from the neighbouring countries in the name of good relations.

      • You are responding with whataboutery – that too irrelevant.

        Modi has been a failure on economy and healthcare and defence. There is no way you can counter that. The proof is before our eyes. No other country is in such a mess – and the world knows. And they know it is due to Modi.

  8. How easy to just spit poison in the name of journalism. If Modi would have announced lockdown you would again be criticising him…

  9. They are waiting for the pandemic to end so that they all can praise the man in power. Also all religions are waiting for the corona to end so that they can start performing miracles and healing the sick again

  10. Shh! King can do no wrong. It is the damn people who are to blame and afterall these poor people are destined to embrace misery and death for not paying heed to egregious wisdom of the leaders.

  11. I don’t know why all the bhakts are so anxious to prove that it is not Modi or Centre’s responsibility, it is the state government’s responsibility, or the media’s responsibility, or people’s responsibility.

    It is good for Zaibab, Ninan, Shekhar Gupta to start to question Modi and the government on this fiasco – strongly, and not weakly and apologetically. In fact, I would go further and point out what has sunk India is the Hindutva ideology.

    Right from the start of the first wave, the response was to use Covid as an opportunity to attack Muslims. That is a standard Hindutva trait. In that attack on Muslims, the media, the govt. and the public were involved. It only stopped when the UAE started expelling Modi’s bhakths, and not because the ideology and its subscribers had changed and become intelligent. After that, we were asked to engage in ceremonial shows like banging pans to drive off corona with vibrations, and light lamps for 9 minutes. Following that, Hindutva pseudo science was propagated – gomutra, Covid Papad and Baba Ramdev’s Coronil cure. A lockdown was announced with 4h notice without any planning for the poor workers. They do not figure in Hindutva’s swarna world. When the vaccine came, courtesy of Oxford University, it was used to show off India is the pharmacy of the world. Again, this comes from the Hindutva inferiority complex which leads to a demand for respect from the world by announcing we are the vishwa guru. Respect cannot be demanded and self trumpeted, it is earned. Other countries were stock piling the vaccine to save their people instead of showing off to the world.

    Finally, the election campaigning and the Kumb became super spreaders. If the govt. had a national and unpolarised outlook, they would have got with the opposition and requested a postponement. But since Hindutva is based on polarisation, there is no concept of cooperation for the national interest.

    As for the Kumb Mela, it was appeasement of Hindutva’s sadhus and holymen. Actually, the Kumb was supposed to be in 2022, it was brought forward to 2021 because the holymen’s astrological predictions of optimum benefit. As the Modi govt. subscribes to Hindutva and Hindu holymen are part of them, they enthusiastically endorsed the astrologers, against the advice of epidemologists. The govt. put out 25 trains for pilgrims. A Minister when asked whether the Kumb had become a super spreader replied that unlike the Markaz, these are ‘our people’. Modi weakly advised that the Kumb to be symbolic. The chief of the holy men said no one had authority to roll back the Kumb and it will carry on till 30 April.

    The way Hindutva works can be seen in the following statistics.

    Nizamuddin Markaz, 3000 attendees, daily cases in India 500, arrests were 233. Kumbh : 28,00,000 attendees, daily cases 1,70,000, arrests 0.

    The message that Zainab, Shekhar Gupta, Ninan etc. should be sending is India is paying the price for Hindutva. And yes, it is Modi, but also the public and media and many states have been involved all along, as they endorsed Hindutva.

    For the short term, we are stuck with Modi and his incompetents. But in the long term, we have to educate people that the reason India has failed is due to Hindutva. We have to be bold enough to say this.

  12. At same time onus lies on those celebrities, politicians, subject experts and media professionals who created vaccine hesitancy in India, expressing doubts on entire vaccination program in early days.

  13. wow! looks like a very personal agenda served in this article and it has got the treatment it deserved from the reader section .

    To the editors of THE PRINT
    “Please stop appeasing like congress. Just don’t print rubbish in the name of appeasing or just to show you are sickular”

  14. I have been travelling thru many states during and after the first wave . Let me tell you the truth – many states like rajasthan , UP , Punjab ,maharasthra had no control over public as it seems corona never existed .Although on papers everything was fine and implemented . Nothing on ground . Who is to be blamed for it dear writer ? Two days ago Rajasthan announced complete lock down in state and I was busy shopping in a city of Rajasthan only yesterday going from Delhi . I was the odd one out with a mask . Who is to be blamed – I think Modi should be blamed . Isn’t it writer ? See I am on your side

  15. Whatsoever it is a disaster, a blunder, a foolishness by the by when the rulers playing dirty politics of hatred from where do you think comes a plan of saving people…….
    Any how Sir…..the crowd you have mentioned are the same handful of people gathering again & again in different locations at a given time to show majority……the rest of 90% of the country (are) Unheard farmers, Jobless youths, newly demoted poor people from lower middle class strata etc……who all are suffering , struggling, fighting against the covid & irrational governance till date…….(sorry to say the truth Sir)

  16. It’s obvious that all the anti hindu people will find a excuse to blame modi for evrything…the question is did we really cared about Own health….did we wear the mask or pointed out people who were not.. look into urself before blaming others

  17. All about modi there a school in the rat infested JNU that trains journos to throw mud and dung on the PM of the nation. He never boasted that the war has been won . You are mighty immature in assuming that the second wave would not have come if stricter guidelines have been imposed…dear lady the second wave would have come in a different avatar. No PM could have stopped this. We have to face it and fight it out. But for modi our population would have dwindled by 30 crs now. Stop bashing and start learning.

    • ‘He never boasted that the war has been won .’

      Modi admired the large crowd in Bengal and said it was a great sight to see people as far as eye could see. This is on a third consecutive day where cases hit 2 lakhs. Most of the people at his rallies are paid to come. The BJP has been spending crores for his rallies. It would be better to spend on hospitals. Or now the need of the hour is spending on crematoriums. At least they are cheaper than hospitals.

      The PM of the nation is dung and his followers are dung worshippers. That is the reason India is in this plight.

  18. Ma’am, having seen the gradual change in the tone and content of your articles, I can only say that you have come to a stage in your professional career where you need to decide what you really want to be – a journalist, a pamphleteer or a writer on Islamic issues. Take this article for instance. Of course BJP’s mega election rallies are wrong. But apart from slipping in one sentence on TMC’s rallies, you have not mentioned the rallies of Left Front, Congress and DMK. I do not expect you to bring up the rallies of Indian Secular Front, lead by Abbas Sidique, for obvious reason. But could you not mention that when the much castigated Election Commission, floated the idea of digital campaigning in Bihar, it was the self certified parties of social justice and progressives like RJD, CPI(ML), CPIM etc who opposed it? Could you not have mentioned the crowds at agitation of rich farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Western UP? And of the Mahapanchayats?

    Please take time out to get off from high perch and read what comments the readers are writing about your articles. Of course, you have the option to fool yourself by believing that all negative comments are written by the IT cell of BJP.

  19. Typical muslim journalist from a muslim company posting crap on the success of a hindu PM.

    Watch how muslims have the audacity to sh!t on Hindus.

    Hindus! Arise awake and stop not until you show these third grade muslims their place.

    Comment your thoughts on every article on this website. And share the article to all your friends to do the same.

  20. The whole dialogue shall be shifted from responsibility to accountability here. From media to individuals and the ghastly population we all know why did this spread NOT BECAUSE THE GOVT. OPENED MARKETS OR POLITICAL RALLIES TO XYZ BUT BECAUSE WE AS PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE. We don’t follow advices and rules and our love of breaking the laws and then all of us together want Govt to help us knowing our system. Some us who really need hospitals and treatment are being punished because of the bigger lot who didn’t want to follow the covid norms. Pehle condom nai phente the abb mask nai pehnege.

  21. I beg to differ… was only the government to blame? We all were partying… attending social gatherings… flouting mask wearing norms…attending weddings…vacationing…Only kumbh was blamed…and splattered all over the media….all said and done none of these should have been permitted whether election rallies … protests…kumbh or iftari or Vaisakhi gathering at golden temple that also without masks… a friend was there 10 days back n do u know it’s not permitted to wear masks in the golden temple .Every individual needs to have civic sense so that others can stay safe.

  22. Osai Zainab Pichi Lanja Munda. Annitiki Modi ye reason ante yelage Pichi Lanja Munda? Manam yem peekuthunname Pichi Lanja Munda. Don’t keep blaming Modi Ji for everything ye Pichi Lanja Munda.

  23. When the common people won’t follow the rules properly then how can you blame a government or a Prime minister for this, even he is a human and let me remind you for him only the cpvid wave was limited in previous year, just because you are anti hindu doesn’t mean you can blame Modi

    • Why bring in religion again and again? Corona sees no religion. A leader should be an example to others, sadly that didn’t happen (even now). We are talking about all Political parties. Please accept the reality And stop being taking everything personally when Modi’s name is mentioned.

    • Lmao. How did you even come to the “anti hindu” conclusion from this article? Especially when the article is abt rising covid cases and the government’s incompetency to control that, instead of attending rallies after rallies in such conditions

    • All muslim here in comment section has a agenda against gov and and against the nation.We r proud of our PM,he did everything in his control to get the hold on situation.

  24. Start was good. But we started basking the glory of our conquest over Corona. Singing paens of success which turned out to ba shortlived. It was too early. If we could defeat
    the mighty Corona, Tmc was just a mosquito. We harboured that feeling also. Organized huge rallies but then crona also rallied back to show us the mirror. Let us shed complacency and swelling with pride.
    Let us Follow only what experts across the world say.

  25. Please understand healthcare is state subject not center fortunate that center provided support due to extraordinary situation states bungled u r a journalist surprised u r not aware I guess education to be blamed

  26. Ms Zainab Probably wrote the headlines before fitting in the content … which very few will bother with, we have seen that the Kumbh has been diluted by government action
    We look forward to see Ms Zainab’s view on the ongoing festivities of another community .

  27. Stop ur propaganda of spreading hate about modi… No matter how much u try u will not be able to bring him down…. He has shown his leadership qualities by handling the first wave… We have chief ministers to handle their own states…. Its not like only modi has to do the work and others will just use his name to show their failures

  28. Sad to see that you pretend not to know that the first wave was managed by the Central govt and this one by State Govts. Mind questioning them a bit or are you too busy in your evergoing anti-Modi campaign?

  29. Govt could have taken the same way actions as of first way, then you would have written an article “Another lockdown to kill people”.
    You have ink to write so writing as you want not what’s right. Do you know how every state govt failed to execute the given instructions.
    We know you are another NDTV.

  30. The onus Is on the respective state governments to tackle the situations in their particular state . The respective Chief Ministers are responsible for what is happening in that particular state. Health issues in a state are a state subject controlled by the state. The Central Government comes into the picture when the issue at hand tends to be a full blown epidemic which the Central Government controlled using a lockdown. Once it is brought under control it is for the respective state governments to look after the welfare of the local people. If the respective State Governments lower their guard and the epidemic spread like wild fire how is the Central Government responsible for this. The author shows through this article her hate for Mr Modi rather than anything else. Nothing better expected anyways.

  31. It’s not government to be blamed , at least educated editors must understand that , once the lockdown was lifted the people crowded every place like hell and now when the condition is out of control people are blaming government , government is providing vaccine at subsidised rate , and providing free treatment to people ,what else government should do as you can see market is collapsing due to lockdown government couldn’t impose lockdown for a long period and we can still see some ignorant people removing their masks in public so we must not blame government for our doings.

  32. Seriously. You never recognized the success of handling COVID 19 all through by the govt but latching on the alleged failure. What you think, people believe your narrative anymore. No madam, you write whatever, you have lost your rationality. Offered no dissection to the failure of the non- BJP ruled states to handle the pandemic but Modi govt only.

  33. “So when The Washington Post, BBC, NPR, Al-Jazeera and Fortune began writing articles about how well India had done in bringing infections down, bedazzling experts and defying scientists’ dooms-day predictions, it made Modi swell with pride. ” Maybe you don’t know that all these publications have criticised Modi non stop since Congress buy their weapons and gives free entry to their markets, etc. Admittedly they are paid to write a certain way and will never criticise some, e.g. Europe’s colonial behaviour or ME women’s human rights, if they can avoid it.

  34. Dear Zainab,

    Nothing against you but really the lockdown was decided by epidemiologists and economists, not by any political party. Do check facts! Also check what Modi has done for Muslims, e.g. asking for STEM in madrassahs, and what Congress or mullas did. In any case, why blame anyone? Why seek handouts or extra grants? We are capable of doing well if we want to and know how to.

  35. How blind are these muslim journalists in hatred for Modi. The states where Corona has gone wild are ruled by Sonia Gandhis flunkies. These governments simply do jot listen to Modi. Look at farmers agitation no one took the advice of central government seriously. Infact, opposition wanted to teach Modi a lesson for succeeding in containing the virus. They jealously wished that the wave must return back so that his popularity ratings go down.
    Remember the advice and advisories of government to the camping farmers at Delhi borders. Rahul and ilk called them shaheed when the farmers died at the protest sites. Many died due to corona. My advice is Hate modi but do not harm country in this hatred. Rahul even advised the misled farmers to Continue thier illegimate strike.

    • I feel like to drop with piece of information to the journalist, somehow her article critics below has answer to my questions.

      “Critics to Critisisom” Is the headline line for Ms. Sikandar.

      Don’t write the influenced and one way content.

      Stop dividing people by your hateret articles.

  36. One more article by the slave of the dynasty, conveniently,or deliberately forgetting,the, uncalled,protest by lakhs of fake farmers For months in Delhi and punjab.

  37. Ramandeep kaur why you only states ruled congress allies or parties who are against bjp, first get your statistics clear and than print….ppl are not pappu anymore

  38. The print is also a part of pseudo liberal and left ITcell. I think this type of journalism is ruining whole country.Zainab u r also a hater of hinduism and right front.U r spreading hate and misinformation to people. This is not good u have to be punished for this.

  39. We are all shirking our personal responsbility. As educated citizens, who obviously read a lot-its amazing that we think that only the govt is to blame-sure, the infrastructure could be better; but think about this- couldn’t our own behavior be better? In fact-history has repeatedly shown that pandemics last for years and the most effective public health measures are in our own hands. So let’s start doing what WE can do…without letting “personal opinions” determine the “facts” that we put out there.

  40. Rather than blaming government, we as citizens lack basci civic sense of following the guidelines laid in fight against coron. It’s our failure, not goverment’s : they are already doing their part.

  41. Great job! Lump all the responsibility on government. Although I am not denying political rallies were a pretty big contribution, let’s be honest here, we Indians are a bunch of snot nosed brats. The responsibility for the second wave was contributed equally if not more by general public with our negligence. And guess, why we can’t give up negligence and take responsibility? Cause we don’t need to, we can just blame everything on ‘dirty politicians’ over a cup of chai just like you.

  42. So even you start shitting because of food poisoning or over idiotic writing, you will blame modi and the government. You have got no other productive work to do right? Get life a man.

  43. Great job! Lump all the responsibility on government. Although I am not denying political rallies were a pretty big contribution, let’s be honest here, we Indians are a bunch of snot nosed brats. The responsibility for the second wave was contributed equally if not more by general public with our negligence. And guess, why we can’t give up negligence and take responsibility? Cause we don’t need to, we can just blame everything on ‘dirty politicians’ over a cup of chai just like you.

  44. Equity mandates that the law be applied to the Kumbh mela attendees at par with that for the Tablighi attendees, duly discounting the learnings from the last year. And IPC be applied to the mela attendees for violating social distancing and wearing masks safety procedures.

    Narendra Modi and company, as also the judges who refused to stop the mela, should be prosecuted for accelerating the spread of the COVID. By refusing to stop the mela even after last years experience, it merits an investigation if these public servants have used bio-terrorism.

  45. The same journalists were having ice creams in celebration when MVA sarkar was busy attacking actresses, journalists & extorting money from biz instead of focusing on Covid management. The same journalists were cheering and egging the farmers to gather in huge numbers and protests on the Delhi borders … now the same journalists are shameless enough to blame Modi and say he is responsible for the second wave..

  46. Why is she not fired?
    1. Never read her celebrating performance on wave 1. I am not saying appreciate Modi but performance of India.
    2. Her jaundiced eyes see everything through PR – what will world say – nations cannot be run through prism of ‘everyone says I am good’. You take hard decisions. Such analyst come out with shit like this. Instead of criticism leading to clues to what needs to be corrected.
    3. I am from Maharashtra – it my state government which has screwed us – poor initial rollout of vaccine, unnecessary rule of RT- PCR test, opening of night life for vasooli – mind well second wave has gripped high profile society unlike earlier poor people, indulging in political mud slinging than seeking cooperation in worst times – Bruk incident.

  47. It is easy to put blames, however it takes great effort to handle such a situation. Blindly blaming without knowing the intricacies is not a good journalism, especially attacking our Prime Minister. Do focus on bringing a positive change rather than blatantly blaming.

  48. Thali /plate beats did not prevent covid19 in India.
    Political rallies and religious gathering s were allowed. Now we r helpless.whom to blame, atleast not Tableeqi people.

  49. A pathetic article.Your only aim seems to tarnish the image of GOI.The name of the articles writers change but the aim is same.

  50. This is a poorly written, mostly rhetorical and emotional but quite thoughtless and dishonest to the core. This article is a classic example of the lows of Indian journalism today.

    1) The writer is being parsimonious with facts. Did she bother to mention about the so-called “farmer” protest rallies where lakhs of people congregated for months on end? Holding the central government accountable for election rallies is being completely dishonest.

    2) The BJP isn’t the only party doing election campaigning. So is the TMC, Congress and others. Did the writer bother to mention their rallies, apart from slipping in one stray, obscure sentence?

    3) The writer criticizes Modi for becoming a “giver of vaccines”. It appears that she was jealous of India supplying vaccines to 75 countries, and did not want that endeavour to succeed.

    4) The writer forgets to mention the embargo on export of key raw materials from the US to India for vaccine manufacture and the hurdles it will create.

    5) When there is blind Modi- and India-hatred, what else does one expect? The fact that this writer churns out poor quality articles at such speed also shows ThePrint in poor light.

  51. Ms Sikander and her ilk will always have a platform. Let her be – she has nothing better to do and she is being financially compensated for mouthing her gibberish.
    Modiji has inherited the prime-ministership of a country that is mind-boggling in its complexity and size. We are still evolving as a nation and that is why (after over seven decades of stumbling along the learning curve) we finally have a PM who, despite being only a “chai-wala’s son”, has shown his ability and fitness for the job. He has shown – again and again – that he has the ability to rise to the occasion to take tough and strong decisions.

  52. It not the prime minister, it is you and me who are responsible. This blame game will do us no good. For everything we are responsible for, we blame others-often the government or the authorities or the people whom we don’t like or just anyone-to serve our private interests. You blame complacency, but whose complacency? Every vested interest here is organising rallies, processions, festival melas. People pay no heed to advices of experts and resist and defeat every step taken to contain the pandemic . You speak about variants. They are there everywhere, the world over. The virus does not respect borders and boundaries and needs no passport or visa. Lockdown, its easing and its reintroduction and then rallies and mass protests against lockdown are all happening everywhere. People and governments do not know how to fight the menace and continue with life.

    This dirty blame-game of ours starts from our doorstep where we choke the ditches and drains with rubbish and blame the authorities for not keeping them clean when rains and flooding come.

  53. Bad written article with no facts.Wave 2 is here like several countries and there will be several waves worl over.wave 2 is managed by state government.the fatality rate is still low.lockdown cannot happen as india 60% more in unoganised sector.this numer was close 95% under congress. India will still comeout with minimum is now upto state govt and people to learn to love witj virus …hygine and masks. Pls keep ur islam hatred out of india.we certainly do not need ur advice.clean ur home 1st and mind that is communal.

  54. Zainab sikander…are you a journalist??? Really?‽?? Mind your language and your silly way of writing. More than the subject it seems you want to target pradhan mantra ji, It seems you are forcing your personal grudges with the honorable modi ji. Silly you!!!

  55. I am sure you would have done a better job.
    And I am sure the government would have written better articles.

  56. Modiphobia is there in minds of pseudo s..We are lucky that Modi is there and not like Pappus who are of no use.

  57. This is the first time that whole nation is is being held ransom by rumour mongers by giving unsubstantiated And exaggerated picture of infection which might be a little bit more serious form of flu but being presented as deadly plague . The simple modes operandi of rumour Mills are to give number of positive test results rather than the death figures as are the norms for any other diseases. that too without ascertaining the real cause., for instance the death figures at the time of peak are no more 2000 thousands in day in a country of 139crores. If One goes through the medical data of any other infectious dieses like TB than count will be more or less same .things to be noted here is that only 0.4 percent death occurred in bellow 60 years age group and almost 99 percent recovered taking treatment at home. .in Neighbouring countries which are like any other regions of our country situation is almost normal as they are treating it like any other Iinfection and only serious cases are referred to the hospital as is the normal medical norms.surprisingly China From where this notorious virus originated Still thousands of cases taking place but they are treating it as àny other Iinfection and nobody is going for vaccine and all the vaccines are destined for export .talk of china controlled or confined the spread of virus in limited specific area is simply bulshit The reality of corona is like this—– Deep pockets=positive. Very very deep pockets= 3 to 5days roller coaster ride on ventilator. Pocket with hole = negative. Pocket with hole torn clothes with yellow teeth= what corona.’

  58. Logon ko bijali Paani ki Bheek dekhar votes khardane me jitana paisa lagaya agar vah medical facilities ke Vikas par lagaya hota to 50 naye hospitals khul gaye hote.paise pedh par thode lagae hote ki yeaha bhi luta do aur vahan bhi.akal ke andhe ko development kya maloom.’
    To reply to this comment , or see the

  59. Agreed… Complacency is very will evident in the way phase 2 is gripping India. Starting from election rallies to kumbhmela either political or religious rallies should have been prohibited in the first place, never the less elections should have been postponed. When exams which decide the future of the future of this country are postponed. What is so special about elections that those are being conducted in these difficult times only to cause hardships to public.

  60. The fact of the matter is that second wave started after congress and left and Chinese sponsored kisaan andolan.
    And what does this mam think, it’s only modi who is campaigning.
    And she Convinentely forgets the hue and cry by state govts wanting to handle the corona crisis themselves.
    It was modi and modi govt which successfully handled the first wave and it is only the individual state govts who are responsible for second wave.
    And I tried resisting myself but could not and hence have to say that one cannot expect anything positive from this news site for the current dispensation and when the writer herself is from a peace loving religion it’s a never.

  61. Shame print media, always cursing particular people and praising the enemy of India. Not surprising as it is funded by them.

  62. Just targeted bjp and hindhu religion, 90% of ur content is waste of our time spending, ur just backedup by congress 🙂

  63. The reality is that this wave isn’t really going to kill. It is definitely more infectious but a lot less potent. More people will get it and most will recover. No need to panic. Keep calm, take precautions and carry on. This too shall pass.

  64. Very objectively described. Euphoria of winning elections has blinded the governance capability. Party is more important than the people, sadly. Foresight & pragmatism have been overtaken by false pride & greed to win territory…Sad state of affair…Lives of millions are in peril…

  65. *घर से बाहर निकले तो हाथी के पैरों तले कुचलवा दिया जायेगा*..

    ऐसा फ़रमान भी अगर सरकार ने जारी कर दिया तो भी भारत के लोग बाहर निकलेंगे, ये देखने के लिये कि…,

    *हाथी कितना बड़ा है….*

    सरकार lockdown करे तो मैडम and कंपनी हाइ तौबा करेंगे नहीं करेंगे तो हल्ला बोल करेंगे।

    महाराष्ट्र में तो election campaign नहीं चल रहा फिर भी सबसे ज्यादा केस इस पर क्या कहना है आपको?

    • Well done madam. Surely one should not expect something better than this. You all are snakes with belly full of venom. How can we expect nector from you. But future is different from what you assume.

  66. Please see the non bjp states data ,non election ongoing states reality is reflected ,common masses are not mending their ways,taken lightly so covid boom is inevitable.even usa was 350k in Nov Dec peak and in this has special narrative to appease congress

  67. PM MODI is not Magician…and he does not have magic stick to vanish Corona virus.
    He has done and doing wonderful job since becoming PM and we are all proud of him.
    Whole world has recognized him as a True leader.
    So instead of criticizing and using foul kanguage by some news channel, some corrupted CM…let him do his job. He has sufficient wise people under him to control situation.

  68. This article is all about Modi bashing. This is typical of privileged minority in Bharat. Anything that is wrong, they will always blame Modi. They can’t stand a nationalist leader who is vocal about being Hindu and working for Bharat and not only the pampered minority.

    How is Modi responsible if people don’t observe precautions when they go out.

    State governments are directly responsible for healthcare. They should be bashed up. It does not matter which party it is.

    • Just ask the nationalist leader who is vocal about being Hindu and working for Bharat and not only the pampered minority, to supply crematoria, nothing else.

  69. When in first phasr dashing plates and lightning itself proves the incapacity of the government
    They don’t have any overlook and idea to control. We the people die also they won’t bother. They want to be more in power and

  70. The prime minister should have taken full control by observing the other nations failures and lpearnt the lesson and banned all polltical meetings and processions.The opinion of the state governments an
    d farmers on farm laws should have been debated in the Parliament before passing the bill in Rajya Sabha which would have avoided the Farmers Agitations and huge gatherings without following theCovid Protocols.

  71. The prime minister should have taken full control by observing the other nations failures and learnt the lesson and banned all polltical meetings and processions.The opinion of the state governments and farmers on farm laws should have been debated in the Parliament before passing the bill in Rajya Sabha which would have avoided the Farmers Agitations and huge gatherings without following theCovid Protocols.

  72. Madam why modi gov…what state govs were doing…madam it shows ur hatered against Modi and specially against Modi..don’t be selective

  73. Most idiotic journalism glued by communal fervor. Writer should accept the reality that Hindu has arisen from long slumber and son in law treatment to Arabic horses will no more be given. They should seek another country of their genre.

  74. Even as a non-medical person, during the first wave, I felt that the asymptomatic persons were like ‘sleepers’ who would start the second wave after the lockdown was lifted and testing on a larger scale was needed. Even the family doctors privately forecasted the next wave in advance and warned us to take precautions. Effective testing of a larger part of our population would have created awareness of actual numbers primarily infected. Unfortunately only a small sample was tested and the bitter results are out.

  75. Elections were not held in Maharashtra and Delhi , but these states are the majority contributor. In the first wave central govt took a hard decision and the chain of infection was broken by imposing lockdown which helped. This decision was criticised by the opposition and State Governments. To blame the central govt is illogical ,health is a state subject.
    What steps were taken by the state govt to augment the facilities. As regard vaccination questions were raised by opposition leaders on the efficacy of vaccine.In fact PM intiative by getting vaccinated increased the confidence of public.
    It’s the public which has become complacent by not adhering to covid protocol and not the govts.
    Government officials will not come and place mask on our mouth. Attention is drawn to a recent incident in Delhi of a couple’s behaviour towards Delhi police asking for wearing mask

  76. State govt was not able to manage this effectively unlike Central govt in 2020. Please don’t blame just 1 person for all the failures. The ruling govt is a thousand times better than all previous in many other ways and they’ve proved this many times since they came to power.

  77. Humans on a collective level have failed against a resilient virus. Unlike humans virus does it job every time without fail. Humans falter in name of disbelief, ego, oneupmanship, rebellion, carelessness and most importantly the need to earn a livelihood. Yes Mr. PM have made many mistakes, but he is slave of politics and human nature.

  78. Except criticizing the govt esp the Modi Govt what else Print has been doing. No constructive role , nor any help to society by you people. Under such crisis such journalism is worthless.

  79. No country with the size of India can escape this virus. It is idiotic to expect it will and then blame the govt. for it. Stupidity has no limits. It really does not matter what phase of the pandemic you slip. Slip you shall. Be constructive and help what you can or shut up.

  80. Now no thalee, no taalee, and candle light. Modi did many bad things, which raises eyebrows of the many sickulars. Let over smart preachers and leaders should start and prove themselves. Modi is ready to give full support. You have written your articles very painfully to indicate something else. Do you have any concrete solution also?

  81. इस आपदा की घड़ी में दूसरों को कोसना बंद करो।

    ??भाजपा सक्षम होती तो मध्यप्रदेश में ना होता..
    ?? कांग्रेस सक्षम होती तों छत्तीसगढ़ में न होता..
    ?? शिवसेना सक्षम होती तो महाराष्ट्र में न होता…
    ??केजरीवाल सक्षम होते तो दिल्ली में ना होता..
    ??मोदी जी सक्षम होते तो भारत मे ना होता..
    ??पैसे से रुकता तो ब्रिटेन में न होता..

    ? अस्पताल और उच्च स्वास्थ्य व्यवस्था से रुकता तो अमेरिका में न होता

    ??नेता सक्षम होते तो उन्हें खुद क़ो ना होता..
    ??डॉक्टर सक्षम होते तो वे खुद ना मारे जाते..
    ??सिलेब्रिटी सक्षम होते तो सचिन और अमिताभ को ना होता..

    ?यानी कोरोना से बचने का एक उपाय- किसी और को कोसना छोड़िए।
    ?ख़ुद क़ो सक्षम बनाए वो भी सावधानी और कड़ाई से।
    ?घर पर रहिए सुरक्षित रहिए और रखिए..!!?

  82. do you even believe in the concept of Vishwa Guru, Zainab. leave it to Hindustanis .
    and for your article, you waited for second wave to praise Modi for first wave handling.. that would have been such a nice relief, finally get to write something

  83. Second wave is the creation of states. Congress ruled states are spearheading the wave. There’s a pro nuxul pro Andolan jeevi regimes

  84. The author doesnt have any empathy for the victims of COVID and wants to talk politics. Modi controlled the first wave very successfully to the dismay many a persons like the author. Now the buck is passed on to the state governments and the people. I dont think Modi has anything more to tell than what he already told in the last one year. Also, the second wave is not that scary as the first. At least we now have vaccine, treatments and also people are not that afraid. Large infection is also good to bring about herd immunity. The fatalities should be averted though.

  85. Really stupid articles.. No Indian supported Modi initiative of 21 days 100% lockdown.. and spread Corona and hurt economy … Having understood Indians cannot under go lock down and hurt economy.. no efforts are done for second time. do not post stupid articles like this in future and throw away beggar writers.

  86. India was able to control first wave because Central govt handled it. Second wave is being managed by state governments this time.

    • Hey Vishwa Guru,
      1. Demonetization – It was super idea of Supreme Leader, People failed it.
      2. GST – Was super idea, Industries failed it.
      3. Covid-19 – Supreme Leader has controlled it and States have failed it
      4. Election in 8 phases was supreme idea, Covid-19 failed it.

      When Washington Post or international magazines praises Vishwa Guru, we show this to all see how world is praising us. But when it writes something inconvenient, they don’t know the reality of India.

      We will use Covid-19 caseload per million. But when it comes to vaccines, formula is changed to Total Numbers.

      Wah Vishwa guru wah. You are real Vishwa Guru, please let us know how to pass the social science degree you passed, which will make us little intelligent to understand your formula.

    • True.
      And yes the print at that time told that lockdown was a very bad decision. Now when they are not imposing lockdown . You are now also criticising him. I want to ask the media.
      Aakhir tum khana kya chahte ho ?

    • PM Modi urges people to focus on fighting Covid 19 by taking all precautions. At the same time he is addressing rallies in multiple areas where lakhs of people gather. Is this the way PM Modi is handling the situation. Are you alright. Grow up and stop talking rubbish.Your personal choice of a leader is not binding on others.

    • What about rallies, election and Kumbh Mela. If initial success deserves praise, subsequent failure also deserves condemnation. You can’t have both sides of the coin.

    • See most of the states are under bjp, so u cant pass on the blame to states, if good outcome then central govt, bad outcome state govt???? u

    • See most of the states are under bjp, so u cant pass on the blame to states, if good outcome then central govt, bad outcome state govt????

    • Could you stick to the point and justify the election rallies without masks and social distancing? Or was this another way to scare the virus away?

  87. We really are dimwits. Whether government or people and this phenomena is not just limited to India but to all South Asian countries. We think that only next person can catch an infection or die by accident, not us. That’s why we lower our guard. And thus here we are at this stage. We never learn from other’s mistake and will remain like that only. Hopeless we are.

  88. The pseudo-liberal champagne & caviar fake seculars are out in full force in the media…..beating their criticism drum!!
    Unfortunately these pseudos have cried Wolf so many times that noone believes them any more.

  89. The journalism has slipped into hands of people who have little ability to apply mind more of only flowery language. It is a typical quick fix / short cut like in every walk of life for being a jurno. Opiniated comments with 20-20 hind sight, laced with sarcasm and running down people with knowledge and responsibility is what sells.
    When journalists reduce themselves to salesmen of content, they tend to write more, what can sell than what has an analytical value. The current Covid-19 situation has exposed the qualitative soft and dirty underbelly of this breed. There is no harm in accepting that this problem has no specific solution and in absence of scientifically proven causes or effects, we need to grant that every ATTEMPT is being made in good faith only. If the first lock down of the March 2021 gave us some breathing time there is no guarantee that it will give the same result now.
    The trust deficit between the population and the rulers over years is so huge that no matter what the situation war or pandemic spreading that deficit sells. The past 6 years of scam record of this administration should have been guide to a thinking journalist. If the intention was to contribute positively and not vent the other prejudices.

    • ‘running down people with knowledge and responsibility is what sells.’

      Who are the people with knowledge and responsibility ? Are there any in the Modi govt. ?

    • Anti BJP, anti Modi, Anti Hindus agenda is your work, work for money is your style.. how many days doing this type of propaganda… You are staying and eating in Hindustan, enjoying people weathe.. shame on propeganda like this…

  90. Author Zainab has eternal hatred for Hindus and Modi because he talks of equal rights for Hindus and no appeasement of islamists. Covid is booming in NON BJP RULED STATES like MAHARASHTRA and DELHI. it is stupid of her to pin the failure of NON BJP GOVTS on the BJPO. This is standard propaganda tactic of islamist above ground operatives like Zainab to paddle this MISINFORMATION JIHAD to attack Hindus. Shekhar Gupta is culprit here for abetting these anti dharma MALLECH, lets get ED after him.

    • Yes author has hatred to one religion whose religious leader is the great PM. Author loves virus but hates Hindus. Yes very logically obvious.

    • Very true ,
      This isn’t a news article , it is three paragraphs of ranting and felt like someone trying to relief their personal angst rather than being informative in any way

    • Then what about Uttar Pradesh? It’s bjp ruled. Even delhi, is ruled by central govt., Kejriwal govt has no powers as such. The central bjp- led govt did not produce adequate vaccines for use here, by then they were in a frenzy to export the vaccines abroad… Oh ! and u forgot kumbh mela.. BJP’s most fatal mistake w.r.t covid… Tablighi and Kumbh are not the same as the latter (kumbh) was govt. sponsored & sanctioned…so, stop blaming the author and start thinking rationally without the hindutva bias.. India is not in danger by its Islamic/christian population, but rather by its own fascist, hindutva bigoted population , which is apparently trying to ‘save the nation’.. so shut the prejudiced, fanatical crap out of you.

    • They get a standard template and cuss words tod repeat from their clubhouse. She is just spitting them.

    • Covid very much orevalant in Gujarat also. I am here. Don’t be just blinded by what is shown on paid news channels. Virus doesn’t distinguish between hindu mualim mate. Thrwta is real.

    • ‘Modi because he talks of equal rights for Hindus and no appeasement of islamists.’

      Modi did ask in an election campaign why Hindus were not getting enough crematoria.

      Now there is a need, can you tell why does he not provide them ? In Gujarat, a cremaotorium melted.

    • Your comments are typical of Modi bhakts who can take no criticism of their leader. Please get well soon, is all that I can pray for you.

    • Some people here can’t hear a word about the supreme leader and the bhakti of the people in power that if anyone asks the question that “when the country was reeling under immense pressure of deaths, lack of adequate medical care, and one and quarter billion population relying on them, How can they participate in election rallies where in SOP’s are put to a toss by them itself, appeasement of the majority Hindu vote bank( by allowing Kumbh mela and then defending it with every weapon of misinformation in their arsenal) and spreading the pandemic of hatred among communities” they are tagged anti-nationals, libtards, jihdis and what not…. This is andh bhakti at its peak that’s why they get away with anything and everything of their misdeeds and wrong doings at the expense of the common people especially the unprivileged lot!! Sometimes I think that now even God will have given upon fixing us…

    • Oo I guess UP is a udf run state… atleast for 1 time can you think with your brain… I won’t completely blame bjp but more than 80% it is the mistake of the central govt…these guys are destroying india..and you guys are stupid enough to believe all the things they say and believe without any research by yourself… Just for the once think with your brain who is creating propaganda here…..

  91. Its secondary that even the rallies are totally COVID inappropriate, the bigger concern is how does our PM even find the time to attend those rallies? Doesn’t he have a country to take care of? Is he the party president of BJP? Doesn’t the party have anyone else to drive their election campaign – no state leaders, etc?

    • It’s obvious,?he has no conscience and his only interest is to grab power become powerful take vengeance ,build hatred and make himself popular ignoring the nation,,what does he care about

    • It is only incombant upon the PM to canvass for his party’s success. Even Indira Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh rallied for congress in elections. Read history, if you are ignorant. Understand responsibilities, if you don’t. Modi need not learn his priorities from the likes of you, Modi hater. He is doing his job well.

    • PM knows his job and duty….
      People like you won’t under stand….so keep quiet and mind your own business
      ..sorry to comment like this…but no help.

      • Bro what r u doing, just shut up and enjoy this propangamda by stupid anti nationals. Remember u r on ‘the print’

    • That’s what I been wondering for so long. And why has election commision organozed 7 phase elections is beyon explaination.

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