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Don’t blame only English elite. Indian secularism failed in Hindi heartland first

It cannot be a mere coincidence that the shrinking of the bilingual space has coincided with the surge of the Hindutva project.

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Secularism, however one defines it, is in crisis. But the bigger worry is the tendency to find scapegoats for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s dominance in polity. The latest target is the ‘English elite’. The proposition is that the RSS has succeeded because it communicates with people in Indian languages they understand; whereas the English-speaking liberal intellectuals have failed to connect with people.

While a contemptuous hierarchy does often exist between English and other languages, which has twisted the literary-academic discourse, the above proposition is flawed and problematic. It disproportionately grants more power to the English intelligentsia than they actually possess, and more responsibility than they should fulfill. The English-speaking elite do enjoy great clout, but if you move away from capitals and big metro cities, you would find that while English does generate awe, its influence gradually weans away and the native languages come to determine mainstream discourse.

The Op-eds written by eminent liberals in English newspapers, and acclaimed books on social sciences and history find little echo in smaller cities, towns, and villages. I lived in a state capital, Raipur, for over four years, reporting for The Indian Express. The reports of a “national newspaper” did occasionally stir the Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi, but they ruffled few feathers in towns like Sukma or Surguja in Chhattisgarh. The narrative on the ground, I soon came to learn, is mostly set by local Hindi media.

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The fall of multilingualism

Political activist Yogendra Yadav’s recent attack on the English elite, in which he wrote that “secularism was defeated because its custodians… disavowed our languages”, is partially correct insofar the disavowal is concerned. But it is otherwise erroneous. First, it wrongly assumes that those who write in English are the only custodians of secularism. The duty to build a secular society in a multicultural nation doesn’t rest with the practitioners of any one language, whatever power the language may enjoy. The English community does need to communicate with other languages, but the need for this is as vital as it is for, say, Hindi or Bengali intelligentsia to reach out to those who speak Kannada or Malayalam or Manipuri, and vice versa. Various languages are expected to be in a conversation with each other in a multilingual society.

Cultural critic Mathew Arnold once wrote that to be a good English critic one needs to learn English, at least one contemporary European language, the classical European languages of Greek and Roman, as well as Eastern antiquity, that is Sanskrit or Chinese.

Each language carries with it a distinct cultural code. Several languages working together at various planes restrict the formation of an authoritarian centre. A thriving linguistic diversity is a natural hedge against political-cultural authoritarianism, just like a vibrant religious diversity is.

One of the reasons secularism is in crisis today is because although India boasts of being a multilingual society, we have stopped producing bilingual, let alone multilingual, writers in the last few decades. Many Indian writers born before Independence were effortless polyglots, but the eminent ones from the last few decades seem cocooned in their own languages. Surprisingly, as well as ironically, writers of a multilingual nation find little intellectual stimulation to work in more than one language. It cannot be a mere coincidence that the shrinking of the bilingual space has coincided with the surge of the Hindutva project.

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Fall of the Hindi bastion

The second reason why I disagree with Yogendra Yadav’s hypothesis is that one must move beyond English and question the role of writers in various other languages to nourish secularism. I will confine my argument to Hindi, the language whose inner politics, literature, and media I am familiar with. Apart from being the first language of nearly ten states, the Hindi-speaking zone is also from where the RSS has reaped its richest harvest.

First, the print media. For several decades after Independence, there were formidable Hindi publications like Dharmyug, Saptahik Hindustan, Sarika, Dinman that were headed by people of high calibre and integrity. All these publications were shut down around the 1980s-90s — again no coincidence — the phase that also saw the explosion of Hindutva politics. The last standing beacon was Prabhash Joshi and his newspaper Jansatta, which gradually lost its armoury after his death.

At present, almost every major Hindi newspaper enjoys a higher readership than an English daily, and has writers and poets at senior positions. Under their editorial watch, these Hindi publications have been compromised at various levels of functioning, much before the English media and the Hindi electronic media began to take a nosedive. Despite massive circulation and advertisement revenues, Hindi print media has invested very little in original reporting, happily rehashing copies from wire agencies or translating stories from its sister publications in English. The Hindi weekly of the behemoth media network India Today is mostly a translation of its English counterpart, week after week. I didn’t hear any protest within or outside the newsroom as these prestigious publications capitulated to political and market pressure.

In fact, the Hindi media had begun undergoing a transformation during the Ram Mandir movement in the late 1980s. While English publications called the demolition of Babri Masjid a ‘national shame’, several Hindi dailies like Dainik Aaj were euphoric. The paper’s circulation shot up in Uttar Pradesh in no time, but the Hindi literati could not counter it. If you analyse Hindi dailies of the last six years, you can’t help but ask — where are the columns and essays of dissenters who speak the language of the masses? When several English dailies ran Op-eds supporting the #MeToo movement in 2018, eminent Hindi newspapers questioned the protesting women and often lent credence to the version of the accused.

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The lazy academia

The state of Hindi academia is another sorry tale with its track record of negligible work in social sciences, a fact that the Hindi world laments over almost daily, but has not found a way to course correct. Of late, Facebook has added another layer to the smugness of the Hindi world. A large number of Hindi writers are seen writing cheesy posts and one-liners against the BJP government. But there is little attempt to seriously engage with the issue. Abhay Kumar Dubey’s recent work, Hindu-Ekta Banam Gyan ki Rajniti, is among the very few exceptions. It is a book that underlines how the secular liberal failed to grasp the transformation within the RSS.

The only sphere in which the Hindi language has excelled is its literary output. There have been an impressive number of poets and fiction writers in the last 70 years, several of them undoubtedly greats. But such is the bitterly divided world that the dominant Left lobby takes no time dubbing someone “reactionary” over slightest differences. A little love for Indian classical music, arts, or Sanskrit texts quickly earns an epithet of “regressive”. Even somebody like poet and literary critic Ashok Vajpeyi, who is among the voices who have been consistently writing against the current establishment, has faced bitter accusations by the progressives for decades. (Disclaimer: I have often been termed a ‘Right-winger’ in the Hindi circle.)

Consider another instance of Hindi’s smugness. In the early 1980s, when Bhopal was becoming the capital of the Hindi literati and a major centre for various arts, the Naxals made their first entry into Bastar from Andhra Pradesh. Police officers posted in Bastar sent nervous alerts to their political and bureaucratic bosses in Bhopal. At that time, Bhopal was hosting some of the world’s finest poets and artistes, all of them led by Madhya Pradesh’s Hindi literati. But they had little time for the Naxal issue. In 1999, the Naxals chopped sitting minister Likhiram Kawre into pieces at his Balaghat home, but the insurgency still left no mark on Bhopal’s literary consciousness.

The poor intellectual engagement of the Hindi world with two major political issues in their very own backyard — Hindutva politics and Naxal insurgency — is appalling. Ever since the 1970s, Naxalism has been spreading in Hindi-speaking states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. And yet, few Hindi writers have engaged with the issue. If the government announces talks with the Maoists, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel may not find any Hindi writer with some understanding of the issue, from his state, or even his erstwhile state Madhya Pradesh, to become an interlocutor. Compare this with the vibrant intelligentsia in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, who often formed a buffer zone between the state and the insurgents when the two states faced regular violence.

The writer community that misses no opportunity to stake claim for the “national language” status for Hindi, which is also the first language of some half of Lok Sabha MPs, has failed to lead in two prime spheres — media and intelligentsia.

Secularism in India faced its earliest defeat because the land where the first and the most decisive battle began, the Hindi heartland, failed to grasp the challenge. Because the Hindi intelligentsia, with all its reach and resources, couldn’t communicate with people. Because they couldn’t anticipate and prevent their region from turning into a project of the Sangh Parivar.

The author is an independent journalist. His recent book, The Death Script, traces the Naxal insurgency. Views are personal. 

This is the first in a series of articles on English and Hindi language and secularism debate. Read the second article here.

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  1. I agree with the comment regards demise of Hindi magazines and Hindi writing in last 30 years. The law of economics work. Unfortunately, North India did not have a reading culture unlike Bengal or Kerala / TN. Post 1990, English became even bigger source of economic emancipation. Its sad to see kids in the north Indian families saying without any sense of shame or guilt that they cant read Hindi, which is their mother tongue. Demise of magazines, laws of economics and hinglish of advertising have been a potent mixture that has killed Hindi publishing.
    The names that you have identified from Hindi literary firmament are also guilty of doing nothing to promote Hindi language. And why blame them alone, Mr Bhardwaj himself has not bothered to send a hindi script of his article to any of the major hindi newspaper or online sites.

  2. The hardly suppressed superiority complex of knowing English comes so easily in your language Mr Bhardhwaj. And lampooning Hindi – derogatorily called Cow Belt language – is such a comforting feeling when writing from comfort of ivory towers. English is not the language of masses in India and it never will. A language of communication but no more.

    So yes, Secularism failed in Hindi Belt. Fair enough. But what were sentinels of Secularism doing sittign barely 100 kms away in Lutyens Delhi and JNU ? Secularism failed in Hindi belt because
    1. barely concealed Muslim appeasement opened the old wounds in North India – historically the land targeted by Islamist invaders
    2. Continued attempt to whitewash historical facts. Present day muslims cant be held responsible for raids by Ghuri or Ghazanavi or Nadir Shah or Mughals. But attempts to suppress atrocities of these invaders – those atrocities that were gloated by their own historians created false history and false narrative. With explosion of internet age, all that knowledge is easily available which was earlier suppressed or lying in some obscure liabrary. And people started questioning the gaps.
    3. The English speaking – I wont call them elite but rather the cultural thugs – lampooned beliefs and culture of majority HIndu community but maintained studied silence on Muslim practices. So a Karwa Chauth was made a symbol of female enslaveemnt but a burqa is empowerign a woman to choose what shew wants to wear ?

    English speaking cultural thugs who are deracinated and cut off from ground never learnt what was changing around them and why ? So easy to blame people who rejected them – easy to call them ignorant / communal / idiots / stupid. So bet it, theysimply refused your false narrative. And 15 to 18% population is NOT minority.

    So either teach them right things going down to their level or go to your bourboun guzzling clubs and keep bemoaning death of secularism. India is not not going to miss you.

  3. secularism is not dead. hypocrisy is. ayodhya to a large section of this society is as important as mecca is to muslims. its a proven fact that there was a massive temple which was deatroyed by muslim invaders. whats wrong in restoring it. nirth india is littered with masjids over our temples. we should be thanful that hindus are looking for justice and not revenge.

  4. Hi Dear Writer,

    Very good article. I read about 1/2 of it. The one thought/suggestion, I want to share with you is, Why are you neglecting Religion of Majority of Indiana? It is big part of our life. It is our lifestyle, our Beacon, our litmus to our moral, behavioral, societal conduct, which I think is quite admirable! As I live abroad, I can see the bigger picture, zoom out and tell that y’all somehow feel ashamed of it! Somehow you equal it to superstition and backwardness! Why? I have grown up in India and I have seen how people live and behave and work! The ethics that I have seen in real people (still attached and living by our cuktural/Dharm is practices) are amazing!! It is in how it is recommended to take bath early in morning (and most people do) does not come from a governmental guideline( as in other countries ), the simple and hygienic food practices, Making their own food (big thing!!) yoga and Bhraman(walking habit) in early morning! ( people try to copy that in west!) devoting time to Bhakti, spiritual practices on daily basis! (West only researches on the benefits of it in the cutting edge readership!) Vrat, Niyam, Shuchi (habit of hand washing before eating and after Shoch) you may laugh at all this but dear these are clearly the best practices which the world tried, tries and in future will try more to live by. (Many chronic conditions have no solution in western medicine, but Massage, also in our daily or regular routines and Ayurveda and Beat/diet regulation is a cure to these problems!) I mean when will you and our young generation start to look at these aspects of our Dharma(Bigger thing also tell you how to think!) / Hindu Culture with Pride and Respect??? This is what many much Intellectual, Smart, Experienced people like Goyanka ji, Sri Ram Sharma ji, Chinmayanand ji, and on and on….tried and are still to teach/inform our generation about.
    I have S en quite a bit of world in past 20 years but I am yet to see the Himilty and purity in thoughts even in a world where we believe ( or made to believe) that sex and violence sells!! I don’t believe in that.
    And about Hindi literature, I think we feel the lack of it because we do not consider the publication of such Masters and leaders in the main stream Data about the literature!! Have you compared Bhagvat Geeta to any other literature of the world? When we have such ultimate literature to go back to every time we face a problem in life or just to understand life and still have uncountable books and literature on all kind of topics! Still there are many magazines by such Elite institutes, like Gayatri Parivar, RSS, JKP and many more that people subscribe to,any data on that? I still remember “ Sarita” and many more my Mom used to get. I don’t think there is any shortage of quality literature or Writers in Hindi. Still when Me and my family are surrounded by English for extended period of time and when we come back home and switch on out Hindi TV channels, and hear Hindi, I can’t tell you the effect we felt on not just our Heart but also on our minds! And we talked about it. It was like suddenly somebody switched a bulb on in our Brains! The effect is because Grammar of Hindi is quite a bit same as of Sanskrit, except for “verb tensesed words”. It has quite the same effect on our Brains!! You have to feel it to start appreciating it and respecting our People who carried/carry it, Out Heritage, Our Religion which holds es is all this.
    I do not want to wait to rediscover all this, when it is Broken away chip by chip very carefully by the so called liberal, secular society and regimen to us with their English or Watever stamp on it! Because why wait for so long! You already have it! Embrace it! Be proud of it and Take Care of it ?

  5. We are still unable to understand secularism. Every elite journalist and psychopant politician are thrusting their version as the right meaning. But separating religion from gvt is the right meaning. But with gvt funding of hajj, govt control over temples and not on other worship places do we really implement secularism as per the meaning. We follow our faith even if in government service and do not discriminate others , that is the Indian secularism, and that is now being followed. What is the hue about it great intellectuals?

  6. ( It does not matter whether secularism is dead or alive or in ICU. )
    Mr.Bhardwaj, You are on your way to become an intellectual.

  7. AHHHHH !!!! Thankyou sir. Aapne mere dil ko sukoon pohochaya. As a born again hindu fanatic, extreme right wing with genocidal tendencies. I had a virulent hatred for the English media. They actually impose their version of secularism down my unwilling throat. And I cannot complain as it is their freedom of press. I was/am planning to write a book criticising all the english editors. Much better than lining them up and shooting them dead. BUT your article showed me the reality in the Hindi heartland. Where english doesnt matter. Hindi rules. And forget your lament for no secularism in Hindi press, but that is where the real votes come from. So, all the English editors can shout and scream secularism and death of secularism, (7th edition) as long as the hindi heartland is right wing BJP will keep on coming to power. And the english language media will keep getting heart attacks. The way they operate is they dictate terms to people and we must blindly obey. Happy to hear their orders are not followed in the hindi heartland. I am opening my bottle of champagne and taking a “chain ki neend”

  8. It’s surprising that Bhumi pujan at Ayodhya by Prime Minister is communal, but Iftar parties at Presidential residence and Prime Minister’s residence for almost 6 decades is “SECULAR”.

    Such minority appeasing definition of SECULARISM has convinced most Hindus that BJP is the best bet to carry forward “TRUE SECULARISM ” , not MINORITY DEFINED ONE!!!

    And SICKULAR LIBTARDS in media like Print try to incite MINORITY by painting AN INCORRECT PICTURE of HINDUISM!!!!

  9. It’s very cute of the author to think that secularism can only work in india when the English intelligentsia and the intellectuals in other languages will write oped columns and not because religious institutions (for every religion) are free from the interference of state, which was never the case in india.

    • Good point – he seems to have taken too intellectual a view – he does not establish how secularism was upheld in the Hindi heartland, if ever, by the literati…did Dharamyug/Saptahik Hindustan provide secular engagements…not sure – they were more literary magazine than political-analytical…

  10. We have frustrated caste Hindus angry with secularism and secularists, claiming they were against Hindus, and Hindus were disadvantaged.

    Look at it objectively. Hindus are the rulers, they are the majority in government, in police, and all institutions.

    Hindus can be rapists, bank defaulters, rioters, terrorists, looters, lynchers, and no one can touch them. No minority has that privilege. Then in what way are Hindus disadvantaged ? What is this resentment ?

    The selfish caste Hindus have only one objective – how to keep all the cake to themselves.

  11. Bigotry at its high level…. Print stop u r wrong practices , u should take proper judgment, guidance to reader, u r misguiding for few bucks may be some anti INDIA forces supporting u

  12. English Elites? You mean to say Macaulay’s illegitimates are being targeted? If it is so ,then it a good step towards diminishing colonial hangover of some dark skinned fools who think of themselves as whites. In Hindi these so called English Elites of India are called -Dhobi ka kutta Na ghar ka Na ghaat ka.

    • In English, Hindi fellows are known as thugs, dacoits and slum dogs. These words got into the Enlgish language from them only.

  13. English elite? That’s funny. Dear author, the problem with bad ideas is not the language through which they are delivered or not delivered. The problem with bad ideas is they are bad. You assume common people in the Hindi heartland, in particular, do not understand the “grand idea of secularism” of the “English elite” because they have not been fed this idea in their language. A common man understands secularism well enough merely by living alongside and conducting businesses with peoples of all faiths. What he despises is the kind of secularism that is imported from the west without question or modification, the kind that denies him his historical truths and the kind that is thrust upon him for the sake of votes. I am from the south and I am proud of the people of the Hindi belt for their perseverance in the preservation of native culture.

    • You admire the ‘Hindi belt for their perseverance in the preservation of native culture….’
      They are the most primitive in India, with their filthy cow fetishes. Such people do not exist even in Papua New Guinea.

  14. Hindi or no hindi. The main reason behind the self attested custodians of intellectualism are running towards irrelevance is not the rise of religious irrational bigots, as they want to say under their breath. It is that intellectuals don’t have to perform to retain their prominence. They can be woefully wrong each and every time , yet they won’t step down from their ivory towers. Till they have the approval of fellow intellectuals, everything is fine,and everyone else is dumb

  15. All other analysis and so called reasons for waning of Secularism are peripheral, the main and dominant reason being totally pseudo secular rather anti Hindu policies and attitude of governments after 1947 led by Congress and their allies, the so called champions of Secularism, for whom Hindus were second grade citizens, Muslim League was secular and RSS was communal, laws could be enacted for personal and religious life of Hindus but not others, minorities had the first right on the resources of the country, treating different segments of population on the basis of religion and caste as vote banks and offer them special treatment etc. These actions of Congress and allies have cut the roots of secularism.

    • All right Brahmin, you are the most privileged, but you have persuaded yourself you have been handicapped by the minorities, so the solution is Hindu fascism.

      Can fascism rule without mob violence ? Can you tell us one country where fascism succeeded ?

  16. India is secular because of the liberal properties of Hinduism not because yogendra yadav can’t speak English

    • Hinduism is liberal for the smug and conceited caste Hindus, and not for Dalits and non-Hindus. For your lot, it is ‘anything goes’.

      Check your caste bracket and you will see what I say is true.

  17. Don’t mix up secularism with BJP win. Don’t expect win and don’t take it for granted either. Statistically a dip in pro Congress ruling is natural due leadership issue, organisational issues and fatigue. Secularism is our part of daily life whether villages or urban. Non Hindu are very well woven in our daily routine and we hate to hate them. In fact over enthusiasm of Hindutva have allienated many like me away from Hindutva and made more secular. Last 6 years of rules of Hindutva have forced me to see failed Hindu rulers and their atrocities like Kalinga war or killing Buddhist and destruction of their Math and in general bad to worst governance.

  18. Downright stupid and naive. Here’s why

    1) How can a society which is continually praying and during sermons constantly being told that anybody not believing in their GOD will burn in hell . BE SECULAR.

    2) NOW THE concept of RAM RAJYA. Which is about better law and order. Better education and science and prosperity. No restrictions on other religions. No religious penalties for not believing in SHRI RAM. NO CONVERSIONS IS MENTIONED IN ANY HINDU RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. THAT’S SECULAR.

    3) The fact that people are calling RAM RAJYA not secular is because they are afraid of HINDU consolidation and withering away of corrupt rent a journalist and undereducated jhollawallas. Hence this misinformation campaign.

  19. Fault with the colonised elite is that they wished to impose European stule secularism on India. That idea was emerged from very specific conflicts between kings and the Church in that continent. To impose said style of secularism of India – a region with over three times Europe’s population would perhaps have been a valid endeavour had Eruopeans themselves agreed on what Secularism really means. Each country has its own definition – a component of German tax finances churches, UK will recognise a religious marriage ceremony _only_ if performed by an Anglican church. We in India have our own version – a very congenial one if allowed to flourish. The English elite have contempt for it. And everything else Indian. That’s the issue.

  20. All people should vote BJP. No need waste vote on others. Must vote 100% BJP and fully exterminate ALL competing parties and differing points of view. Of what use is competition? We are already the most enlightened country Ram Rajya & economic powerhouse bringing Acche Din? Next, Modi will lead conquest of China.

  21. I do not know whether it is due to Hindi, but the cow belt was always more susceptible to Hindu fascism, as it is less educated than other parts of the country. It is more difficult to turn Keralans for example into mob rioters over cows and temples. Broad education allows people to see the value of secular democracy. In the cow belt states, whether it was English speaking elites or otherwise, they never strove for 100% literacy – unlike states in the south. The result is it is fertile ground for unscrupulous demagogues. Hindi has a wider reach for demagogues.

    The assault on secular democracy cannot be rolled back. Hindu nashe main hain, nashe uttarney dho. Whether India could be put back after the Hindus come out of nasha remains to be seen.

    India could be like Humpty Dumpty after the fall – all the King’s men and horses could not put him back. Most likely, it will go back the Yugoslav way. Sidaharth Varadhrajan of the Wire has a talk on the decline of secular democracy. Modi is compared with other anti-democrats like Trump, Bolsnasaro, Putin and Xi. But he says a more apt comparison is Slobodan Milsoevic who took over Yugoslavia and fragmented it into 7 countries by stoking Serbian fascism. He recalls in the 1990s, when Yugoslavia was falling apart, the Yugoslav ambassador on leaving India, noted that he came as ambassador of a country, but he did not know which country he was returning to. He requested India to learn from the Yugoslavian disaster and avoid religious-ethnic sectarianism. But India has gone down that road, and the triumphalism of the Hindus over non-Hindus and anti-democrats over liberals indicates India will end up like Yugoslavia, broken into several countries. The seeds have been laid. Khsuhwant Singh wrote a book ‘The End of India’ in 2010. after seeing the Gujarat riots.

    Perhaps we should be writing about post-India, and visualising how the decomposed country would be like.

    • There are a few more posts where you have not yet ranted – you should there as well. I mean why you should leave any chance of spewing gibberish?
      It would be a shame you start to comment informedly after doing some study on fascism or comparing India to Yugoslavia or something like that!
      Where will be fun then?
      On a side note may be you having a sugar rush!

      • I have studied fascism, so I can recognise Hindu fascism when I see it.

        Try to write a refutation. No Hindu will be able to.

    • This is elitism screaming atop from stilts.
      Some self annointed patrons of logic and secularism after repeatedly witnessing that the public don’t give two hoots to what they think are running helter skelter.
      Bengal of 2020 reminds cow belt of 1980’s and 1990’s. Yet some tea sipping, robindra sangeet listening snooty activists choose to look otherwise and deride others who refuse to share their delusion.

      • What are you trying to say ? You are boasting Sanghis have reduced Bengal to cow belt of 1980’s and 1990’s ?

        That the public doesn’t care two hoots about following demagogues does not reflect well on Hindus. It does not mean demagogues are virtuous and capable.

    • Yo are right. Keralal will never see a Hindu mob. Even Sabarimala protests were peaceful. Hat si what is Hindutva. Only one community in Kerlaa does things like cutting of the hands of a professor. That’s because they are secular.

  22. Dear self- proclaimed Secularists, no matter which party you belong to or which language you communicate in, there is no substitution to actual delivery of governance. Modi has delivered on his promises in governance with Direct money transfer, free Cooking gas, freeing farmers from clutches of middlemen, etc. Before 2014, how many of such promises were fulfilled???? Forget governance, you couldn’t even deliver on Secularism. What you did was pandering to organized mobs of different shades & sizes. You lost Credibility & hence lost the narrative.

  23. There are a couple of exceptional Hindi speaking journalists who have defended secular democracy : Vinod Dua and Raveesh Kumar. The caste Hindus hate them.

    But I agree, the Hindu heartland got run over. The cause was the Ramayana serial.

    It is not secularism alone will go, the next is democracy. The same Hindus see no value in it. They would be content with a Hindu Hitler.

    You can say just like secularism, democracy is a western import that Hindus are not familiar. The RSS wants a society run according to Manusmriti which is not compatible with secularism or democracy.

    Although Hindus are thumping their chest with pride, India is heading for ‘failed country status’.

  24. You are killing the secularism by being biased. I being a muslim have no objection on the Temple being constructed, then why are you so sad? Are you not Indian? Do you want to entice riots? I will forward this article and complain of you enticing riots.

    • It will not end with one mosque. It will become three, then thousand, then concentration camps. Then Christians, then liberals and dissident Hindus. When things don’t work, you will not be able to criticise or hold anyone responsible. Media is under state control, same with judges. Eventually elections can be suspended.

      That is always the outcome of fascism. And the final outcome is the disintegration of the country.

  25. why journalists/intellectuals/ left liberals keep pointing fingers at others. the article claims due to market pressure that the hindi intelligentsia failed in the heartland. But what is that market pressure ?? the author fails again by infantilising the common man . no journalist/intellectual/ left liberal wants to head the remedial hermuenitics. no journalist/intellectual/ left liberal wants to say ” look we understand that terrible things happened in the past as part of islamic iconoclasm primarily in the Hindi heartland “. all that guha/mehta/ vardarajan/fernandes the peethaadhipathis of cultural marxism do is rehash the infantilism of common man. not one of them talk about truth and reconciliation.

  26. The article is just gibberish. An immature rant. Well educated people can also be vernacular or english speaking. They can also feel and understand this country. This includes people in the RSS who are well educated and even academicians. Its time the so called liberals introspect. That the majority communities have been wronged time and again. A false notion of secularism propogated by the liberals and leftists. Hindus have been taken for granted. Not any more. You cant fool everyone all the time. India needs hindutva brand of secularism. Not the minority appeasing left version.

  27. क्या सच में??????????????????????????????????????????????????? तुम लोग पढ़े लिखे हो??क्या सच में?
    तुम्हें हिंदुओ पर हुए अत्याचार नही दिखते????????????????? या खुद एक धर्म विशेष की कट्टरता का अनुसरण करने वाले हो

  28. Secularism died when nehru started religion specific hindu civil law and it continued with every religion based legislation till today. India isn’t secular but multi-religious. So don’t cry.

  29. I wonder if regional languages were really that smug and ineffective in communicating their perspectives to their audiences or whether there was a dedicated, targeted attempt to subjugate them to thereby make English superior and the language of the ‘intelligent.’ Also, on another note, we keep using the word ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ so very often but has the literary population ever wondered what these words even mean? So far it seems like constantly sympathizing and appeasing minorities, even in instances when they don’t seek it and maintaining a dumb silence on injustices carried out on the majority in the name of secularism seems to define being liberal and secular. Either we should do away with these terms or understand what they really mean. Condemning the building of Ram Mandir cannot be liberal or progressive. It is called being disconnected. On another familiar note, let’s stop using the term ‘Nationalism’ negatively. Somehow being nationalist is now meant to be disrespectful of minority religions and customs to highlight the majority and this because the BJP is in power. This concept typically is spread by those who are either threatened by the ruling party or are lazy and haven’t bothered to read the details of their policies and present a good constructive critique. Liberals and trapped in this bogus concept of being uncool if they support the elected government. let’s be rational, analytical, and intelligent in our discussions and try and remain unboased to have more productive solutions. Otherwise, some fairly good points are made here.

  30. A journalist who can quote Mathew Arnold! A rarity in these times and especially in ThePrint. Glad.

  31. What is secularism?? Do you have a copy right or monopoly on secularism??
    Secularism means, Church can not interfere in the affairs of state. And that is end of secularism for me.

    In Ramjanm bhoomi case, a historical wrong was being corrected on the order of court.
    How come this justice thing has compromised secularism?? Your definition of secularism is warped and self serving.

    • It compromised because the court order not to assemble a mob and demolish the masjid was disobeyed and the leaders have not been prosecuted.

      You are now using the cover of court order to become gentlemanly. Typical fascist. Use democracy to get elected and then do away with democracy.

  32. What a load of rubbish , you just can’t use secularism to point anything you want , you liberals are using freedom of speech in a most negative way possible in this world just shutdown the Internet from your negativity

  33. Sometimes writing with and sometimes against the celebration and finally asking for a help to support ur journalism shows no matter what spreads in society among hatred or unity what matters is business right?

  34. Wow today u have printed against shri ram mandir celebration and asked to support ur journalism. few days back i read one of ur article praising the celebration and that article also ended with an ask for supporting ur journalism,that means u write on both the sides to earn profit,no matter what ur content spread hatred or unity just business…

  35. Never seen similar article in history of any print media when handful of Muslims and Christians converted the entire global population to one faith and have colured the pages of history red.

    Hindus when they are trying to save the identity then it’s killing the Secularism, there is nothing as Secularism. it’s a fancy word created by religious body as named earlier for cleansing of other faith.

    Hope some history is refered before writing an article.

  36. Why should the onus of securalism be on Hindus only? As long as Indian Muslims have Muslim Personal Law (SHARIA) and as long as India does not have a universal civil code, then India is not and has NEVER been a secular country! When Muslims partitioned former India based on religious grounds, creating two independent ISLAMIC republics, then it is logical and fair that the left-over land, i.e current India, goes back to its root and is declared a Hindu country! There are 57 Islamic countries (and the expansionist plan continues), so why the outrage at the idea of a Hindu country?

    • The problem is a Hindu country will not work. It will be run by mobsters, rioters, rapists, castesists and obscurantists and the like – as we see today. The country will disintegrate and go back to a collection of states as it was before the Muslims and the British.

  37. The quicker secularism dies, the better it is for Indians. Not many will shed a drop of tears for a moors last sigh.

  38. Leftist ideology is not going to work anymore. It is disgusting, pathetic and makes so called intellectuals a bunch of clowns. All leftist deserve to be punished in hell.

  39. The whole world is changing except the foolish English version of secularists. A minuscule of English speakings crooks have miserably failed to impose their way of thinking on the rest of India. Their lies and fake stories stand exposed by internet and social media. It’s a matter of few more decades when these crooks would vanish and a true secularism based on Hinduism will flourish in India.

  40. You truly show your attraction towards anti secular agenda. You always fail to understand secularism. I have seen many of your articles but each of them only target hindu/hindi and original culture of Bharatvarsha. Please help me by providing information how I can stop feeds of your channel and articles from my account so that I don’t have to see such nonsense articles anymore.

  41. 1) If a Ram temple is built, secularism dies. If a mosque is built, secularism lives. This is why India threw liberals into the Bay of Bengal.
    2) The day liberals treat Hindus and Muslims equally is the day they will be treated with respect.
    3) Hindus permit others to live peacefully. Muslims don’t. When will liberals realise this?

  42. The English tv/ English press/ English intelligentsia definition of secularism is so freaking apologetic, that i’m glad that our hindi heartland brothers are able to see through such nonsense. That we equate a suicide bomber led religion to define whether we are secular or not is just amazing.

    Lets ensure that words like ‘kuffar’, ‘blasphemy’ & ‘gentiles’ and scrub the “holy books” of encouraging violence before they judge the world of secularism.
    The UK is a Christian Country
    So are many countries in the Nordics
    There are more than 45 Islamic countries
    If you need work, please go reform these countries first!

  43. All Indians must remember one thing – if we let the govt divide us on Hindu-Muslim issues today, tomorrow some other govt will attempt division on Hindi-Tamil issues or Punjabi-Bengali issues or UP- Gujarat issues. Diversity amongst Indians is vast – to divide Indians is therefore easy and to keep us united is hard. Raising a voice against divisiveness is not only English media or RG’s duty – it is the duty of every Indian. Whatever be the dictionary meaning, in the Indian context secularism means the need to keep finding a way to get along with one another – to manage our differences – not to play them up. This “Indian form of secularism” must be preserved at all costs if we wish to live together as citizens of one nation.
    My compliments to the author for this thought-provoking opinion piece.

  44. Secularism is a Western concept, which was unnecessary in India. India had no Church or comparable institution which controlled the government and society. Nor did the Governments pay obiseince to any religious institution in India. Religion and Governance have always been separate in India, though the religious leaders may have had some influence on the Rulers. No body collected Tithe like Churches in Europe.

    On the other hand, if secularism for India means treatment of followers of all religions alike, it has always been so in India, except perhaps under Islamic rule of close to 800 years when Muslims enjoyed primacy in the Muslim ruled territories.

    During the last three decades plus, the voice of so-called seculars and liberals has been so strident that even ordinary people in India who know no English generally know what these secularists stand for. Language has not been a serious barrier for the voice of Secularists. The problem is not language.

    The problem is their general anti-Hindu and anti-India attitude, denigrating Hindu ethos, tradition, distortion of history, denigrating Hindu icons in paintings, books, running down Hindu religious leaders. What has died is, as Shekar Gupta put it, Sonia-Left version of secularism.

    India will remain the most secular country in the world, not because of English speaking intellectuals, but because of Hinduism.

    • Hinduism is a 11000 volt shock to Indian secularists i.e. Hinduism is considered the main bottleneck for English slaves disguised as secularists to capture political power in India.

      • Hinduism is a shock indeed to modern sensibilities – with its idolatry, pagan ways, cow worship, cow’s urine and dung…..Not even in Papua New Guinea you will find such primitives. You are like people 11,000 years ago. There is no intrinsic merit in claiming an inflated antiquity. What people see is what you are today – and that is simple junglis.

    • Democracy is a western concept, it goes hand in hand with secularism.

      Will you be doing away with democracy because it does not fit with Hinduism ? Will India be run by Manusmriti and do you think it will work ?

  45. How many times does secularism dies?? When ever bjp or its allies win secularism is dead?? And building Ram temple by following a court order results in death of secularism?? This is what is wrong with so called self appointed liberals. When will u people even learn?

    • @siva, maybe you should read about secularism as well as history. Death of concepts doesnt come in onefell swoop, but it takes a million cuts.
      secularism in our coutry too will die a thousand deaths with those of us interested in it, trying to furiously revive it, before the BJP can take it away from us.

    • Well said Siva. There’s a tamil song, திருந்தாத ஜென்மங்கள் இருந்தென்ன லாபம்.

    • How many times secularism dies? As many times as theses so called seculars want until they manage to get their chunk out of it.

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