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As Modi govt faces up to Covid disaster, BJP learns a tough truth — the virus doesn’t vote

Till February this year, Narendra Modi and the BJP were congratulating themselves on having avoided the tsunami of Covid. Now India is a hare in headlights.

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The virus is washing through our bodies, killing thousands, crushing our modest health system, causing crippling shortages of doctors, nurses, medicines, even oxygen. If last week we said this is the Narendra Modi government’s biggest crisis, it’s only become bigger since. It threatens to grow bigger over the next several weeks.

Growing alongside the crisis will be a call for unity, and clamour like, “this isn’t the time for a blame-game”. In this big, great national crisis, we should all shut up, and put our shoulder to the wheel. But in a democracy, politics doesn’t stop, nor does political analysis and questioning.

We know most of the things a strongman leader in a democracy, from Donald Trump to Jair Bolsonaro, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Benjamin Netanyahu to Narendra Modi, invariably does. They all speak to the base, and as long as the base is happy, they keep winning. Or win often enough.

There are also things a strongman leader never does. He never, for example, admits failure, a setback, anything that looks like a defeat, however small, or that he has erred. You must never seem to blink.

The base adores him precisely because it thinks he is infallible. It doesn’t expect him to say, ‘sorry friends, I got this one wrong’. That would be admitting that you are another human being, not a divine figure or an avatar. That’s why everything you begin, must end in a victory and be hailed as a ‘master-stroke’.

Earlier this week, the prime minister made some uncharacteristic changes in direction. Not once, but at least thrice. His short televised address to the nation was sombre, and devoid of the characteristic claims, promises and exhortations.

Second, that the buzz made by a short letter from Dr Manmohan Singh had rattled the government was evident not in the health minister’s combatively worded reply. That would be normal. But in the fact that the very next day, the government more or less announced everything Singh was suggesting on vaccinations. That is not the response of a strongman government.

And third, PM Modi cancelled the last leg of his campaign in West Bengal. That he waited till the last day means he was still hoping to be able to do it, but realised he was behind the curve on the pandemic.

Modi’s followers would be hoping this setback is momentary. That headlines would change in about a week when West Bengal results come. If the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) merely crosses the figure of 100, it will be called a big win. After all, it started with 3. And if it wins a majority, it will be all the adjectives we listed above. But, whatever the BJP’s election performance, it will be overshadowed by the Covid situation.

There are many things the best of scientists still do not know about this virus. But some we know. The virus doesn’t vote. Nor does it care about who wins or loses. It can’t be polarised. It spreads sickness, misery and death, irrespective of politics or faith. It feeds on political hubris. It made the people of the United States, Brazil, and until recently the United Kingdom, pay the price for the overconfidence of their leaders. Now it’s threatening to do just that in India. The three instances of change we listed show that Narendra Modi has realised this as well.

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Since words like hubris and schadenfreude are tossed around casually these days, it is necessary for us to marshal some evidence. I am sharing here the full English translation of the prime minister’s address to the World Economic Forum, Davos, in January.

There is as clear a declaration and celebration of victory against the virus as you could imagine. When the pandemic began, the world was so concerned about India, that a tsunami of infections was going to hit us, Modi said. There were people predicting 700-800 million Indians getting infected and more than two million dying. But India didn’t let this happen and saved humanity from a big disaster, he said.

He talked about how India had built capacities in no time, the world’s biggest vaccination programme has been launched on the back of two ‘Made in India’ vaccines with many more to come, and how India is now out to save the world by exporting these.

Next exhibit, see here, the resolution passed by the BJP National Executive in February. It was a stirring declaration of victory against the virus. “It can be said with pride,” it read, that “India not only defeated Covid under the able, sensible, committed and visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi, but also infused in all its citizens the confidence to build an Atma Nirbhar Bharat”. The resolution was so effusive, it’s a surprise it stopped short of asking that a victory arch be built. We quote again: “The party unequivocally hails its leadership for introducing India to the world as a proud and victorious nation in the fight against Covid.”

It said “the world has applauded” India’s achievement, and then also praises the “appeal for activities like clapping and clanging of thalis, lighting of diyas, showering of flowers over hospitals”. India, it said, stands tall, especially with its “vaccine victory” and moving in the “direction of complete triumph over Covid”.

Now you might say one, Davos, was just a speech to a forum where every leader grandstands and the other a party resolution, so what would you expect? Somebody might even pull out some AICC resolution more effusive than this, maybe under “Indira is India” by D.K. Barooah. That might’ve been a great debating point on a prime time news show. But the virus doesn’t read, hear, or care. It only waits in ambush for you to turn complacent.

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It was around late-mid February that infections began to creep up. The first rise was in Kerala, Punjab and Maharashtra, three opposition-run states. Maharashtra, in particular, given the Hindutva Divided Family blood feud with the Shiv Sena. Curses and abuses were thrown at the state government, central teams were sent and when Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said he wanted more vaccinations, he was scoffed at. Meanwhile, we also heard about a ‘Harvard study’ that apparently hailed the performance of the Yogi Adityanath government against Covid in Uttar Pradesh.

But why would a virus that doesn’t recognise national borders confine itself to some states? As it grew elsewhere, the BJP had a problem. Having just celebrated a grand victory against the virus, how could it now backtrack?

Nobody, not even Narendra Modi, could have stopped the second wave, especially with new variants emerging faster than conspiracy theories do on social media these days. But if we weren’t caught in such celebrations, we might have seen it coming and prepared better. Every indicator was there.

That complacency shows in our pedestrian vaccine programme that carried on serendipitously, taking weekend breaks, holidays on Shivratri, Good Friday, Holi and more. Full scale Kumbh Mela was allowed, advanced by a year for astrological reasons. The prime minister addressed a rally in West Bengal last Saturday so big that he said he hadn’t seen one such before. That was also the day Manmohan Singh’s letter arrived.

The course correction has been on since then. But tens of thousands, if not more, Indians would die and many of these lives could have been saved if we had vaccinated at a better pace, placed orders in time, not run short of oxygen, and critical drugs. Maybe then we would have prevented this global embarrassment of the crush at our crematoria and graveyards. Or India wouldn’t be airlifting oxygen generators from Germany, looking to import vaccines and indeed suspending its own exports against committed orders. While talking of atmanirbharta.

You can’t claim vindication in the mass death and misery of your compatriots. But these questions must not be brushed under the carpet of warm ashes piling up at our crematoria. This almighty second wave has just begun, the virus has a head-start. Our government looks like a hare frozen in the headlights. Unless Modi has it in him to do a Boris Johnson in second innings: Vaccinate at supersonic pace to crush the pandemic. We’d prefer a chance to applaud that to any malevolent sense of schadenfreude.

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  1. One of the reason people don’t get the right news is Indian journalists are pathological liars.

    I just saw on France 24 a Bengali journalist Ruchir Joshi claimed Mamata, Congress and CPI9M) had asked election commission to shorten election, while BJP opposed it. In reality all opposition parties BJP, Congress, opposed shortening election.

    • The people are getting the right news from the BJP’s IT cell. Republic, Zee, Aaj Tak, Times Now, India Today, Wion News, OpIndia and many others give the right news. Indians do not rely on France 24.

      So why are you agitated ? Indians have got the news Modi has diminished responsibility for the second wave, which is due to the public’s fault, and due to media which was not training the public on correct Covid protocols.

      • Looks like you are responding like programed robot, without understanding the issue.

        Issue is Indian journalists, particularly Hindu secularists., are lying through their teeth. I have given example. Are you saying Ruchir Joshi was not lying? He is in Bengal. So he can not be given excuse that he did not know. Why are you not answering clearly rathe then going around with bringing other news media? I am talking about a specific example. Answer it clearly or keep your mouth shut.

    • That is not a lie. She did ask EC to shorten. There are recorded documents. EC didnt oay attention until Madras HC rapped it last week.

    • It is true. There are recorded doc files with her request to shorten/combine. EC didnt listen until Madras HC rapped it last week.

  2. Why not question the questionable “Holi” which was celeberated despite COVID? While South India suspicious this mass orgy never celeberates except for north indian pockets in big cities of south india.

    Isnt that a reason for raising COVID numbers? while despite elections in Kerala and Tamilnadu which is not a “Holi” celeberating states dont have calamity of this magnitude?

    You can blame Modi for greed of election winning machinery…at the same time do not take the blame that needs to be laid on the people who went out celeberating “Holi”, kumbh mela. Dont give election as an excuse.
    Although in my opinion electioneering should have been restricted to TV broadcasting and no public gatherings.

  3. Random thoughts in pandemic times in the wake of media reports such as this one, which serves no purpose in the fight

    It is a pandemic, not an epidemic or common flu. Things that will move the needle the most—are things that past events give us little to no guide about, especially a viral pandemic mutating fast and tomorrow it may mutate faster than the speed of light (figuratively) and be able to travel in the air. Hopefully it will not come to that and humanity will survive this pandemic. There will be unprecedented events. Their unprecedented nature means we won’t be prepared for them, which is part of what makes them so impactful. It is in each one’s hands to look after the self.

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb writes in his book Fooled By Randomness:

    “In Pharaonic Egypt … scribes tracked the high-water mark of the Nile and used it as an estimate for a future worst-case scenario. The same can be seen in the Fukushima nuclear reactor, which experienced a catastrophic failure in 2011 when a tsunami struck. It had been built to withstand the worst past historical earthquake, with the builders not imagining much worse—and not thinking that the worst past event had to be a surprise, as it had no precedent.”

    Good decisions are not necessarily about making good decisions, they are about repeatedly not screwing up. The most impactful part of a plan, especially in conditions like a pandemic, is planning on the plan not going according to plan. It is hard to maintain a mindset that can be paranoid and optimistic at the same time Seeing things unfold takes less effort than accepting nuance. But you need short-term paranoia to keep you alive long enough to exploit long term optimism.

    Dependence or reliance on past data as a signal to future conditions in a pandemic is a direct trap. We need to be proactive to events unfolding. That which can be technically true can be contextually nonsense. For instance, it may be, technically, a good decision to vaccinate all above 18 at the earliest. But contextually chaos will unfold at vaccination centers from May1, with unprecedented rush – registration notwithstanding.

    In your fight against the pandemic, start with the self, family, community you live in, people who depend on you and on who you depend and so on. Have close WhatsApp groups. In your groups, carry honest stories on the pandemic that is happening in your area of influence, how people act and react as prevention, what they do for their work, etc… There are more relevant lessons to take away from this kind of close observation than there are in studying the extreme characters that tend to dominate the news.

    Tail piece: Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems

    • Your message is mostly incomprehensible but one gets the impression that you want to say that Modi is not as bad as people make out, and perceptions are not reality. People in India are agitated for no reason, and are misguided by media.

      What you want to say seems to be either in the disclaimer or the tail piece.

      ‘Tail piece: Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems’

      Would you accept at least that Modi is not so good as you imagined ? Will you agree now that Modi has not given you 70 years of Congress development in 7 years as you thought ? Will you accept that India’s standing in the world has not gone up as you told us earlier (you said once that in your travels abroad, people spoke with respect and awe of India) ? It will be interesting if you could go abroad and see what is the reaction now, and tell us. Videos of Kumbh, rallies, hospitals, oxygen cylinders, and blazing crematoria are now circulated internationally.

    • Colonel sahib, on your effort to underplay the gravity and responsibility (Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems), I suggest you watch the interview with Barkha Dutt, whose father just passed away in ICU. It is on the UK channel ITV, and is available on Youtube (‘If this Erupts, it will hit the world’).

      She says getting her father a place in hospital was hard despite being upper middle class and a known person. Afterwards at the crematorium, she had to face a fight with 3 families to get space. Nothing as bad as it seems ? She says you should see the condition of those who are not privileged, who die at the gates of the hospital because they cannot be admitted.

      She tells the UK channel that the world has to help as ‘If this Erupts, it will hit the world’. The UK reporter made the remark that she had the impression India was rising (which is the image since MMS’s days), and was capable of handling it, so what went wrong. Barkha did not say what went wrong for India is Hindutva and Modi (which she should have), she said it was a mixture of incompetence and callousness. Barkha requests the world to help as if India erupts, it will hit the world eventually – an indirect admission India cannot help itself despite super star Modi.

      After you watch that, you decide whether you still feel starry eyed about Hindutva. Hindutva has destroyed the economy, its priorities are not healthcare and education and economy, and democracy is to gain power to benefit a small coterie.

  4. The one undeniable fact today is that PM Modi has callously used this catastrophe for self-aggrandisement, brand building and one-upmanship. To pander to his Hindu base, his government allowed the Kumbh Mela to continue; to crush the opposition election rallies without masks and thousands of people packed like sardines took place and when the infections went down a bit, gomutra champagne flowed ! And now, his cheap gimmicks have backfired spectacularly and blown up on his face. But the bigger question is will Modi pay a political price for it ? I doubt it.

    The problem though is that bhakths bend backwards to absolve their Führer of all his sins. And then there is the notorious BJP IT cell and its canard factory, aided and abetted by a supine, spineless media that will ensure that no charges stick.

    And Modi will live to inflict another catastrophe on the country.

  5. Even the title ‘As Modi govt. faces up to Covid, disaster, BJP learns a tough truth…’ is incorrect.

    BJP cannot learn a truth, let alone a new ideology.

    What has failed is Hindutva. Indians need to be told that. Don’t elect an uneducated mobster with a murder record and expect to get development. Don’t come here and say the public is indisciplined, or the state governments did not do their jobs, or the media did not educate the public. The Modi govt’s handling of Covid bears all the imprimatur of Hindutva politics : it started as an opportunity to attack Muslims; then it veered into Vedic mumbo jumbo about creating vibrations to scare off the virus, and promoting gomutra; then when a foreign vaccine was given, it was used to show off; in Feb. 2021, Hardh Vardhan declared Covid endgame had started; then cricket matches in Modi stadium were held, election rallies that enthralled Modi with its size started, 25 trains were laid for Kumbh Mela. So how is the govt. not responsible ?

    The TOI reports in Banaras (Modi’s constituency) and Meerut in UP, at crematoria, fights have broken out. The UP govt. has out sourced cremations. Contractors are demanding Rs. 30,000 for what used to be Rs. 3000 per cremation. So how has Modi govt. faced up to Covid ? It is like they have faced up to the economy. It has gone out of their control.

    For a while, the gau shalas were the place for employment in Yogiland. Amit Shah promoted pakoda wallah as a good job. But now youth can get lucrative jobs in the crematoria and charge what they like.

    See the article : Uttar Pradesh: From Rs 3000 to Rs Rs 30,000, cost of cremation singes kin of dead

    Read more at:

    The situation is dire. I feel heart broken.

    • Well written Mr Akash.

      I guess, in Adityanathisthan, ambulances and oxygen are still available for cows. You and I need to update ourselves on the priorities of the pogromwala and his anointed successor Ajay Singh Bisht.

      As American astronomer Carl Sagan (1934-96) said:

      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back”

      • Ambulance may be for cows.

        But according to them, cows are oxygen generators. There are plenty of them in Yogiland. A man who tweeted for public help to secure oxygen to save his father has a FIR filed against him in UP. He is accused of creating a scare.

        According to another bhakth, Kangana, people should plant trees to get oxygen, to tackle the present crisis. The infected need oxygen undiluted with nitrogen now, and not in 20 years. Hindutva has twisted their minds, they come out with grotesque statements.

  6. This is a thoughtful opinion piece. A leader needs to take charge. He should be accountable. There was too much grandstanding, too much rhetoric and insufficient preemptive action. Let’s admit that what we are witnessing today is a global embarrassment.

    • It is a global embarrassment. Vishwa guru and self reliance has ended, and we are back to being beggar. During the Kerala flood in 2019, Modi blocked a contribution from UAE.

      Now, there is aid pouring in from Germany, UK, US, UAE, Singapore, 80 MT of oxygen from Saudi etc. Now, why does he not block ?is

      More important for Indians to realise is this is the failure of Hindutva.

      Modi is not a leader. He is a demagogue, a hate merchant and coward. That was always the case. But he has a strong following. That is a reflection of Indians. Are we ready to admit that ?

  7. To think that in these times of crisis people still have the time to write such articles. I am not a Modi bhakt but blaming everything on one person is not how it works but what can we say there is no limit to human stupidity.
    We understand it was the PM’s failing to conduct rallies during such a crucial but it was the fault of all the people who had started becoming careless and carefree and also those who are hoarding and feel their needs are more important than someone on the death bed. But oh No! Such insanely stupid humans are also the central Government’s fault.
    Instead of writing such articles try to help the society. There are people who don’t have food, oxygen cylinders aren’t available, there’s an acute economic crisis looming upon us.
    Stop with the blame game and politics for a while and become more humane. That’s the need of the hour.

  8. All such articles are inherently flawed because they are all making the same incorrect underlying assumption. The assumption is that the Modi government could have averted at least some of the pain we are going through by setting the right priorities. That is patently false. This government has no administrative skills to speak of and outcome would very well have been the same regardless of their focus.

    Modi and company are fantastic at running an election campaign. A lot of us assumed that this should make them able administrators as well. By “us” I mean people like me who used to be a Modi supporter but not a Bhakth. We tolerated the Hindutva overtones, put up with the trampling of democratic institutions etc in the hope that they will also achieve some real progress. Sadly, the BJP is only good at running an election campaign. They are pretty much useless at everything else.

    • Running the election campaign had just one theme : hate Muslims. Many Indians accepted that – you say they tolerated the Hindutva overtones.

  9. Fantastic answer. Loved it. This article is stupid article with things like virus doesn’t vote etc. We all know this. The problem with so called liberals is that they think they know too much. One of the members of the same clan thought that she knew too much and ended up not knowing that her job offer was fake. Grow up guys! Every time you write such pieces you expose yourself.

  10. Finally, bull**** had the long overdue meeting with reality.That is what the second corona virus wave is about.Unfortunately, the price will not be paid by Modi or his cronies, but by the people of India who got distracted and diverted by slogans about Balakot and Pakistan at election time and forgot all about the Tuglakian hare-brained measures of this guy like demonetisation and botched roll out of GST, the open and vile abuse of all our democratic institutions, unprecedented cronyism and favouritism favouring some businessmen who practically own the government, not to forget the crude demonisation and attacks on a large section of Indian citizens based on their religion. This is what ultimately happens to all autocrats who get shown up as useless incompetents at some stage or other and end up in the waste bin of history. It will not be very pleasant when a large section of the populace realises that the emperor has no clothes. This is not going to end well and he may end up getting hunted by the previously adoring public akin to what happened with autocrats like Saddam Hussein.

    • I am quite amused at the level of hate you harbor towards one man! While demonitization has had debatable results, GST roll out has been a big success! The PM took the bull by the hors and implemented perhaps the most important financial reform since independence. No other leader had the support of people and inner strength to absorb abuses of people like you, and bite the bullet. Now GST collections sky rocketing. Free vaccines for people like you paid for by that GST only. Were You watching some hollywood flick where you saw ‘attacks’, ‘businesses running govt’? What was the name of that movie? I saw one where some people were running policeman over by tractors and foisting some religious flags on red fort! That movie was called ‘Maowadi kisaan andolan’. Also, you really must be living in alternate universe brother. Some kind of a leftist maoist naxali cocoon. Where a 2 time elected, most popular PM is called ‘autocrat’? Where is this alternate universe? We do hear about it. It must be a nice make believe world. What gets in history’s waste bin will not be decided by hateful tirades of some brainwashed haters. History will one day remember and compare with those who ruled for 60 Years. Last but not least, As You compare the Prime Minister with Saddam Hussain, I start to wonder, was there really a need for this post that I wasted 5 minutes on? 5 minutes that are never coming back!

    • Entirely agree !

      However, unlike Saddam, the problem India has is not one autocrat, Modi. It is the Hindutva ideology that has sunk India. Behind which stands the RSS. Indians may be able to get rid of Modi but they would be missing the boat unless they say Hindutva ideology and RSS do not fit the modern age. That ideology brought Advani, then Modi, then Yogi and similar mobsters and demagogues are in waiting,

  11. For past several days Kejriwal’s consistent claim that this or that Delhi hospitals are left with few hours Oxygen is nothing but a anti Modi propaganda as no Delhi hospital has become Oxygenless even for a minute. Clearly Delhi hospitals are getting Oxygen supply on regular basis. Modi hater media’s this attempt to malign Modi will soon become counter productive as Modi haters intentions are insane and anti people. Lies spread fast but also die fast. Librandus insane methods wont work against Modi.

  12. When was the virus asked to vote? Are the viruses given the right to vote? Only brain drained Shekar Gupta will think and write in such lowly spicy manner to attract readership.

  13. It is so easy to criticise the govt.
    Like politicians, the media is also having a field day over the pandemic.
    The first responsibility for staying safe is that of the citizens. Practising movie appropriate behaviour is a must.
    When did the writer step out last?
    Even now we find more violations than compliance – why should fines be levied for nit wearing mask.
    Each and every one if us owe it to ourselves,our families and to our society to stay safe.
    Role of govt. comes next.

    • The Health Minister told Indians in Feb. 2021 that Corona was in its endgame. Why did the govt. put out 25 trains for Kumbh ?

      ‘The first responsibility for staying safe is that of the citizens. Practising movie appropriate behaviour is a must.’

      The sadhu fraternity has been encouraged by Modi, who will control them now ?

  14. Modi Govt can’t be blamed for the inactions of others. It seems to me that opposition parties and anti India Forces are doing their best to spread COVID-19 and Panic in the country so that they can get chance to speak against Modi Govt. Its a criminal CONSPIRACY hatched by Communists Islamists and western countries supported groups and opposition parties. GOVT should keep close watch on black market operators opposition parties and anti India Forces.

  15. The current crises have proved one thing:

    Modi is an analogue politician living with his ‘tikka utsav’ and medieval ideas in a digital age where science alone can fight a virus of Corona’s scale. The muscular grandstanding can only take him thus far.

  16. Good chance to blame Modi! After all, if you decide to take the city bus or Train or eat in a road side shop, Modi is directly responsible. Idiots!!!

  17. Fair journalism is not an easy virtue. I am not saying that this government was not arrogant about the bending of covid curve by December 2020. Even you lauded it in one of your National Interests, though I cannot write down the date. What do you expect governments to do? Engage astralogers to predict Covid curve? In no country, the second covid wave has climbed so steeply. In Mid-February, there was no reason to think that there was going to be a dramatic raise in the infections within next few weeks. US, Brazil, UK suffered because they refused to wear masks, maintain distance, or evey brief lockdowns. India did not act so arrogantly. We scrupulously took all these steps and hurt ourselves in the bargain. Please do not forget recent history. Public is not so forgetful either.

    • ‘Engage astralogers to predict Covid curve? ;

      Astrologers brought the Kumbh forward by 1 year as it was very auspicious.

      UK, US and others learnt to cope with the second wave and they are brining it under control. In India, Covid and the economy has gone out of Modi’s hands. He will spend his time blowing and circling with the pipe like the snake charmer to hypnotise the masses. That is the only thing he knows and it has worked in the past.

  18. Government is doing best. Every body and specialist expected second wave may come in Nov. ‘ 20. But we are lucky . Then people started to move freely and going to works. Government also thought of conducting elections. Due to festival season people started to move every ware and eating outside Gossips.
    Our bad luck second wave started more than earlier spread. People became panic comming to Hospitals.
    Even now people effected are in self quarantine and coming out from virouse. Self dedication and precautions will help the individuals
    This panic will be about 10 to 15days afterwards it will be controlled .
    Jai Bharat . God bless us speedy recovery

  19. As PM Modi unequivocally took the credit when he proudly declared that India not only defeated COVID, but became fully “ATMANIRBHAR” and BJP lavished all praise on the PM, now that the situation has become a nightmare, Mr Modi should be magnanimous to accept his failure. If his blind supporters are pointing towards non-BJP states, then they should’ve praised the same states when covid situation was improving; there cannot be double standards, if all are good give credit to Modi, if its fails its due to state-govts.

  20. The print. People don’t have to come to read news here. If you are a modi hater then this media will give you peace of mind by saying bad things about him and bjp. You’ll get nothing else. Literally nothing. Spreading hatred is their only job. Not only this mass media even thequint and so on. These people get money to write these kind of articles.

  21. If Modi is responsible for those killed by deadly virus , then those infected but not killed are are presumed to be saved by modi .I think second class outnumber those killed by at least 50 times. They too ,, vote Mr. Shekhar . You can imagine the election results if corona is only deciding factor then modi wins hands down . . yes it is not only one. People have developed their own criterion for judging any incumbent government. A senior journalist should have known it for decades. Please stop hating Modi . He is doing his duty like a true KARAMYOGI.

  22. Gupta has stayed true to the course. Unashamed Modu bashing continues as if he the only one responsible in all this. Gupta forgets that there are three other major players i.e., the State Governments, “We the People” and the “Irresponsible Media”. The States are busy blaming Modi and the Center for everything, foolish Mango People thought the virus will catch only the neighbors and others and made merry amd the Irresponsible Media is busy spreading fake news and fake analysis in the name of journalism.

  23. Overconfident Government busy in false self glorification. Never being honest to the citizens, which betrays citizens, either conceals data, under reporting, scuttling press freedom and unbiased reporting. Now tremendous swindling of funds, inappropriate priorities and favouring leading corrupted businesses and political imbalances

  24. ‘If you can dream and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think and not make thoughts your aim!’
    Is India only PM and BJP or is it lots more? Is anything else happening or not happening in India that the deep joy that you feel on covid 19 impact on Indiand cannot be concealed! Hell with the personal negative impact. Good news is it weakens the PM and BJP. How about asking the kisans to move from Delhi borders so the Delhi emergency reduced. Does the media beyond convenient and partial reporting, not have responsibility to raise public health issues. Maybe that is the responsibility of the Executive. Media runs on ‘what if’ analysis. No solutions, only commentary and questions.

  25. Dear Mr. GUPTA
    Please don’t mind what Andbhakts are saying about you. They don’t know what they are doing or what harm they are causing to our beloved country. They are duty bound for Andbhakti.
    So please go ahead to enlight with your powerful writing.

  26. Call for national unity to fight the crisis together, this is NOT
    Unless it is against Modi.

    Incidentally is SG trying to be a bhakt through enmity? like the mythological asuras who according to Vaisnava traditions through constantly of Hari and uttered his name so much that they on death became entitled to live in Vishnulok.

  27. Mr Akash: I fully agree with the thrust of what you write. Yes, Hindutva is the poison, the demon that must be exorcised out of the people of India. And this toxic ideology is indeed becoming viral – pardon the pun.

    Hindutva is guaranteed to bring the nation down. India, it must be remembered is the amalgamation of some 675 kingdoms. And when the British left, from the embers of these 675 odd kingdoms, 2 nations were forged – India & Pakistan. That became 3 when erstwhile E.Pakistan seceded to become Bangladesh. The Khalistan struggles of the 80s and 90s was another crisis that India managed to subdue though not solve. Kashmir is restive; Nagaland and much of North East India is still yet to be fully integrated in the ethos of the country; Naxalites control large swathes of territory and so on.

    The point the BJP and Hindutvadis need to grasp is that India does not consist of regions or parts that have voluntarily come together to form a country. Most of these regions have been lumped together and indeed need a foreign language viz. English to even function. Compare this with say France or Switzerland where the regions want to be together, despite their differences.

    However, India, like the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia, consists of regions that are held together. And the bonds are not necessarily strong as history shows and trust is often a missing element. Thus, the Soviet Union collapsed into its constituent parts in the 90s whilst Yugoslavia also broke up in the 90s after a bloody civil war. The collapse of these countries as well as Pakistan shows that regional cohesion is not always strong. The Pakistan story further proves that religion viz. Islam is a far weaker bond than language. And with Hindutva, the Pakistan story is likely to be repeated in India.

    As the French philosopher Ernest Renan (1823-92) wrote:

    “A nation has a soul, a spiritual principle. One is in the past, the other in the present. One is the possession of a rich legacy of memories; the other is the desire to live together and to value the common heritage”

    In my humble opinion, Hindutva will diminish the desire of even Hindus to live together – forget groups like Sikhs, the North East, Kashmir etc. And I hope that day does not come.

    • Yes, Hindutva is the poison,

      Kili you are living in Hindutva world. But you are still alive, unless you are speaking from grave.

    • What you have written Kili is my understanding as well.

      Maulana Azad had written in his book ‘India Wins Freedom’ that it is the greatest fraud on the people that religion alone unites the people, ignoring linguistic, cultural and ethnic bonds. He had written that in the context of Pakistan, warning that E. and W. Pakistan were not viable as a single state.

      In India’s case, as you have noted, India can only work if you believe in the Nehruvian dictum ‘Unity in Diversity’. The Hindutva ideology seeks ‘unity in uniformity’ which will cause India to unravel. Further, a state like India was held together by secular democracy which allowed the space for pluralilty.

      Nehru had called Hindutva, ‘fascism Hindu style’. Besides the fact that fascism has failed everywhere without exception, the Hindu peculiarities he meant was the enforcement of the caste system, the hankering after Vedic era, and using mythology as a source of knowledge, contravening science.

      Nehru had constantly remarked that the communalism of the majority community was more dangerous as it can be passed off as nationalism. That is exactly what has happened.

      In a letter to his home minister Kailashnath Katju in 1953, Nehru wrote, “The fate of India is largely tied up with the Hindu outlook. If the present Hindu outlook does not change radically, I am quite sure that India is doomed.”

      Although Nehru had steered India, he realised the hard nosed communalism of the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha, while making no contribution to the freedom struggle, had issued threats to the Muslims, driving them to demand partition. The RSS has the same self destructive urge which it sees as nationalism. They don’t mind India getting destroyed while getting at the Muslims. Cut your nose to spite the face is their ideology. What Nehru had foreseen in the letter to Katju is before our eyes.

      India is doomed not due to Covid but due to Hindutva – it was the obsession with NRC-CAA and Hindu pride, and the attempt to have a single party rule all across India, that made them neglect healthcare.

      Can it be reversed ? Well at the time of the NRC-CAA, there was some hope that a Gandhian style people’s movement could bring a change against fascist violence and intimidation. Possibly, it would have not succeeded and would have ended with pogroms – as in Delhi. Gandhi and Nehru could lead a non-violent movement against the British. They could unite Indians sufficiently, and there was an external people. But to find a Gandhian to prevent Indians from fighting amongst ourselves is more difficult.

      Covid brought an interruption. Although the initial response was to use Covid to target Muslims, it could not be sustained. Now, that option is not there, as Hindus are affected on a big scale. Post Covid, will Indians connect the dots and see this is where Modi and Hindutva lead ? Probably not. But we have to keep sending that message.

      • Looks like your understanding of world is limited. A famous Black American writer, I don’t recall his name, contrasted Indian freedom struggle with Black struggle. He pointed out that in case of India it was like a little white mouse sitting on the top of a sleeping elephant. it was excellent observation.

        This observation is applicable now too. It was little Black/Brown mouse, Nehru secularists, who were sitting on the sleeping elephant called Hindu India. That elephant just roll over and that mouse is crushed. Too bad so sad for that little mouse.

        Only bad thing for the elephant is stinking smell coming from dead mouse as he is trying to awake. In case of Hindu India it is left over secus in media. You don’t find them in streets.

        • Who is sitting on the elephant now ? Some Black/Brown dacoits and thugees wearing saffron robes and playing the pipe to hypnotise Indians, (like snake charmers do), while they trample Indians with the elephant.

          • Nobody is sitting on the top of elephant. Elephant is just waking up, and few dogs like Siddharth Bhatia, Varadarajan, Mukul Keshvan, Ruchir Joshi etc. are barking profusely.

            Secu India is dead. Long Live Hindu India.

      • Nehru was a racist. Indians of Chinese ancestry were arrested send to camps in Rajasthan and their property were seized in Bengal. In contrast Nehrus’ thugs protected league supporters in UP & Jinnah’s property in Delhi was not seized by Indian government under Nehru.

    • Hindutva is a clever device to keep power in the hands of perpetual power elites in india and keep unwanted power centers at bay. Hence this ideology will never go and keep the country perpetually backward.

  28. The Print never praises anything Indian .
    First basic question is till how long Indians are going to be dependant on Government largesse …Agri Loan Waivers ; Minimum support prices ; subsidies; quotas ; low train fare etc etc .

    It’s time every Indian stood up for himself and that will happen only when we have a person like Modi , who believes that we Indians can do it .

    • Mr Hemant Jog: The job of a serious newspaper is not to sing praises to king and country but to deliver facts based journalism and analysis. Journalism entails criticism of political leaders, speaking truth to power. If you want to read things that flatter India, eulogise and sing praises to Messiah Modi and Hindutva, you have other alternatives like the RSS Organiser, Swarajyamag and so on.

      As regards your claim about Indians being dependent on government largesse, well, not all Indians have the purchasing power of you and I. Increase train fares or diminish agricultural subsidies and you will soon have a riot on your hands. And that no government wants. In any case, the Modi government has destroyed jobs in the informal sector of the economy where 93% of Indians work through demonetisation and hence don’t be surprised when people depend on handouts.

      And then you go on to rant:

      “.. It’s time every Indian stood up for himself and that will happen only when we have a person like Modi ..”

      Well, people in India are dying in their thousands thanks to Modi’s rank incompetence, callousness and more fundamentally, his promotion of “Brand Modi” at the expense of the country. Clearly, you have bought into “brand Modi” and don’t recognise that you are being taken for a right royal ride.

      Your puerile views remind me of a quote from Mark Twain:

      “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”

    • ‘….we have a person like Modi , who believes that we Indians can do it .’

      What is it that Modi inspired Indians like you to feel they’ can do’ ? It is beating up minorities in a pogrom, raping a 8 year old in a temple, bullying Christian ladies in a train. He taught you that you can indulge in cowardly behaviour without consequences. Tell me what else.

      Now that Hindus are also suffering and there is no where to cremate them, what has Modi offered ?

  29. Worship of cult leaders and placing them on a pedestal where they cannot be criticised is something uniquely Indian. Indians are clearly experts in denialism and turning the blind eye to the faults – often egregious ones – of their cricket stars, actors and now even politicians. And this trait is exploited to the hilt by cunning, unscrupulous politicians like Narendra Modi as the vast majority of comments supporting him despite his many blunders show. That Modi builds one blunder upon another and is a serial blunderer is somehow lost on his cult members. And that can have serious consequences.

    Gujaratis chose to ignore the pogroms the then CM Modi orchestrated in 2002 and re-elected him with a thumping majority; Indians ignored the Modi-made disaster that was demonetisation when he became PM Modi; they didn’t care when innocent Muslims got lynched; when he passed the Islamophobic CAA Bill, it was lauded; when he paved the way for rampant crony capitalism that enriched Adani, Ambani and a host of other cunning Gujaratis, nobody was awake; when the belligerence of the BJP resulted in loss of 1000km2 to China, it was barely mentioned in the Modi friendly press; the increase in inequality was accepted with a shrug; the vast drop in GDP even before the COVID crisis struck was dismissed as fake news; the loss of press freedoms was gleefully accepted by Indians; the erosion of democracy was brushed off as a Western conspiracy; the promotion of pseudoscience was accepted as Vedic knowledge being re-discovered; the prioritising of cows over humans was justified as a Hindu tradition – to name a few of the consequences of the Prophet Modi regime.

    But now, the nation faces a test that requires a lot more skills than what you acquire after graduating with a 7th standard education in Gujarathi medium. And Modi is clearly out of his depth. His utter incompetence, callousness, self-aggrandisement and inability to lead by example is manifested in the botched response to COVID and the tragedy that is unfolding in India. And yet, bhakths laud this man who wins election after election and archives little else.

    As Plato said:

    “In politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill … we do not ask for the handsomest physician, or the most eloquent one.”

    Time Indians to find out whether a man who can win elections through the divisive ideology of Hindutva is necessarily fit to administer the country.

    • “when the belligerence of the BJP resulted in loss of 1000km2 to China, ”

      Let us say for moment that tou are right. But question is why is China on India’s border ? The answer is Nehru’s monkey like behavior of allowing China to gobble Tibet and Indira’s failure to retake Aksai Chin when China was weak in 1980s & India had alliance with USSR.

      • Never mind Nehru.

        Now that India is strong under the first real Hindu ruler in 1000 years, why did Modi lose 1000km2 to China. Why did he keep quiet ?

        You have some explaining to do. Scratch your head and remind Kili of Moplahs if stuck for an answer.

        • Few hundred kilometers does not matter. What matters is much bigger price. India should be preparing for a war to drive out Pakistan from G &B and putting China’s dream of B & R initiative for good. Let Pakistan keep Azad Kashmir. What we care for is land route to Afghanistan and Blocking China from getting into South Asia. Nehru with monkey like stupidity let Pakistan keep G &B.

          India should not join US led QUAD to contain China for free. India should ask for it’s pound of flesh. Neutralizing Pakistan should be higher priority,.

          Had Nehru taken G &B Pakistan would have been useless to super power and would have died a slow death without infusion of money by US due to it’s geopolitical importance due to G &L as gateway to central Asia.

          • Harry, you are pathetic wretch. As a victim of the Hindutva virus, I ought to feel sorry for you.

            ‘Few hundred kilometers does not matter.’ So you declare you do not mind losing Bharat Mata’s land.

            Then you add ‘Let Pakistan keep Azad Kashmir.’

            You realise Hindu nationalists could lynch you for these two statements ?

            ‘What we care for is land route to Afghanistan and Blocking China from getting into South Asia.’

            Why do you want land route to Afghanistan, a Muslim country from where those invaders you hate came from ?

            ‘India should be preparing for a war to drive out Pakistan from G &B and putting China’s dream of B & R initiative for good.’

            Very brave. That would be a two front war. Ah yes, Rawat assured us Indian army is prepared for two and a half front war. Can you tell us when India will be launching this ?

            ‘India should not join US led QUAD to contain China for free. India should ask for it’s pound of flesh. ‘

            India is begging the US for vaccines. They are likely to extract the pound of flesh from you.

            You live in an alternative reality, and you suffer from irrational, wishful thinking, which comes from an inferiority complex. Modi, Shah, Yogi, all of the BJP supporters show the same trait.

          • I don’t share your third worldite feminine emotionalism. I don’t see any need to take Azad Kashmir or shedding blood of our army for useless land. Are you or kili going to live in that frozen wasteland? if you guys are going to settle there, I will change my views.

            G &B is necessary to keep Afghanistan free from Pakistan backed jihadis and keep China from coming South. Pathans in North-west frontier did not want to be part of Pakistan, they were sold out by our “freedom fighters” like Nehru.

            I have no issues with non-South Asian Muslims, Arabs, Afghans, Tajik, Uzbek etc. Like India most of these countries were colonized by Turks. So I am sympathetic to them in their efforts to free themselves from west and Pakistanis.

      • Harry: Your obsession with Nehru seems to be pathological !

        Question for you: Does Nehru have an alibi for the thousands dying needlessly due to COVID? Or are those deaths too Nehru’s fault ?

        • Nehru was lucky. He was in good time There were no such crisis.

          That is something positive about localized, as opposed to globalized, world. If it was localized, Covid-19 would have killed Chinese in Wuhan and that would have been end of the story. Bubonic plague which killed large number of people in central & Eastern Europe, but it disappeared once infected people died it did not spread due to lack of mobility.

  30. I didn’t know till now Shekar Gupta runs this site to plays politics, , I thought he is political commentator. By his own admission looks like he running this site to play politics. No different than any other media site.

  31. India’s mortality rate is 7.2. (means 7.2 deaths per 1000 Population per year irrespective of covid)
    1.3 billion/1000*7.2=9.36 Million per year –> 25643 deaths per day on an average.

    We never saw crematoriums overloaded like in current situations. You are wise.
    S Gupta is referring to only official numbers 2670 death yesterday. I think a district in UP will be having more crematoriums than 2670.

  32. The letter congress leaders write are base don leaked information from congress sympathizers in bureaucracy, The letters mirror the the actions government is about to take.

  33. There is not much the Modi government can do to change the situation in the next few months. Oxygen availability should bring fatalities down, but spread cannot be controlled for a long time, as vaccines will take time.

    Meanwhile Indians will die.

    In the long term, Indians need to realise that Modi is driven by Hindutva and this is the output of Hindutva. It is based on a toxic brew of hate between Indians; fostering of anti-scientific culture by babas and holymen, hankering about taking India to a Vedic age; authoritarian rule; corruption of all institutions by the RSS; crony capitalism. fake news and control of media. You will see all these elements contributing to the Covid fiasco.

  34. Presstitute Shekhar Gupta talking about schadenfreude. SG has been headsplits and is so cock-a-hoop, that he is needlessly sucking out scarce oxygen!!

    Look at his lies. Govt introduced most of the measures SEVERAL DAYS before ex-PM and Sonia’s puppet, Manmohan Singh mentioned in his worthless letter. But then wasn’t MMS who gave Guptajee the Padma Bhushan?

  35. TRUTH may be a bitter pill but to stand with truth is always a better fill. Hope you’re doing justice to your profession and hold the mirror for JUST & unbiased reflections. Congratulations….keep up your good work to bequeath a better legacy for the future generations as time will wade away with memories of the past but the Truth shall prevail which time would testify in its course of discourses. Let’s hope for the best and discharge our duty sincerely, in whichever possible manner we can to build our country stronger and bolder ! And let’s not forget Almighty God in this time of crisis as to err is human but to forgive is divine !

  36. Quite a few videos of his highness modi and other BJP leaders declaring country’s victory over Covid, RS chairman ordering no use of masks in sabha, etc. As is the practice with this govt, they don’t expect expertise at all and what goes for policy is the immediate whim and fancies of a single person – modi. So if he wants he will announce country wide lockdown at 4 hrs notice, when even a city state like Singapore gave a notice of 4 days. In his megalomania he may fancy himself as maybe close to a god, but he is far less, and definitely not fit for the current role.

  37. Politicians thrive on crises, and Modi ain’t a saint, the beardy weirdy look notwithstanding. I would, ergo, wager that:

    a) with airlift or whatever, oxygen and hospital crises will finally pass, over the next week or so, with, of course, the number of cases continuing to rise further,

    b) a vaccination overdrive will bring in some feel-good moments for Modi fans to be busy on the social media platforms,

    c) Bengal elections will produce a reasonably good outcome for Modi-man

    and Modi-man will emerge even stronger, earning some more political brownie points. Dictatorial personalities like Modi-man love crises.

  38. Central Government, State Governments, common people / citizens, Nobody can escape their respective responsibilities for the current situation. No point in blaming one another. A country comprises all sections of society and all sections are equally responsible for good or bad, whatever happens to the country. No Government policy/effort can succeed without the active participation of citizens. We also need to understand that for a country of our size and with limited resources, positive results can only be achieved with mass public awareness and active participation. Governments can only make policies but their effective implementation mostly depends upon the people they are made for and even if policies are flayed or insufficient then also citizens can make them successful by their adhering to the protocols set up as per the conditions and by their wholehearted efforts. The need of the hours for each of us is to take the onus on ourselves and make things work to control the situation for a positive outcome.

    • Completely disagree. This crisis is because of 1. 4 billion people like us who refused to wear masks and partied on rooftops, celebrated festivals. What can Central Govt do? Can Modi wear mask on behalf of Maunmohan, Rahul, Robert Vadra? When in the first wave Modi imposed lockdown then haters like Print wrote that ‘Immunity & God saved India’. Now what happened? It can be heads I win, tails you lose. Can it?

    • Yes. We have highly disciplined population who does wear masks, maintain social distancing & sanitise.
      Yet, Modi went door to door to spread virus.
      How is central govt responsible, if you don’t flush your own toilet.

  39. A brilliant article.
    Opened my eyes as to what the current Central Government is all about.
    Dear Mr Gupta. Don’t be concerned at all about what the malicious modi supporters are saying. They can’t fault your argument so they are playing you. As they say in politics when you’re losing, play the man, not the ball.
    When I wrote against demonetization, they said the same thing… Salim and David, no wonder you’re spouting these anti national sentiments!

    • I remember same Shekhar Gupta and Arun Shouri were highly critical of Congress and were singing praises of BJP some time ago. Everything changed since Arun Shouri was left behind in BJP hierarchy.

      • Can you point out one single area where India has made a substantial and consistent growth in past 7 years.

      • Mr Venkatesh Ayyar: The job of a journalist writing about politics is to bring critical, sound analysis and information to readers. Thus when a journalist criticises party X, it does not mean he is supported by party Y or is in the pay of party Y. At least that is what an ethical journalist would do. And to a large extent, I would claim that The Print and Shekhar Gupta meet that criterion.

        However, the bulk of India’s media is in the business of paid news. In any case, most media platforms – barring a few like The Print, The Wire, Scroll – kowtow to the sitting BJP. They are in the business of singing praises to Prophet Modi, shielding him from criticism and ensuring that this man’s image remains untarnished regardless of his many missteps. And sadly, ostensibly people like you – ostensibly educated – fail to grasp this.

        As regards your preposterous, ludicrous claim about the:


        Well, the economy has tanked; demonetisation completely devastated the informal sector of the economy; GST rubbed more salt on the wounds created by demonetisation; CAA destroyed India’s reputation as a tolerant, multi-ethnic, multi-religious democracy; India’s press freedoms have been nearly destroyed; innocent Muslims get lynched; nuns get thrown out of trains; the Chinese capture more than 100 km2 of Indian territory – to name a few things that the world acknowledges.

        And of course, gross incompetence, mismanagement, hubris and self-aggrandisement being the hallmark of Narendra Modi, well you have the death toll in India you see. The man should have been behind bars for the pogroms of 2002 and the nation and innocent Indians pay today for the consequence of that travesty of justice.

        As Adolf Hitler said:

        “What luck for rulers that men do not think.”

        You prove Hitler true Mr Venkatesh Ayyar.

        • ‘The man should have been behind bars for the pogroms of 2002 and the nation and innocent Indians pay today for the consequence of that travesty of justice.’

          That is the crux of the problem : electing someone who instigated a mob to criminal behaviour and then having unrealistic expectations that such a person will make India a developed country, which the world will respect.

          When I mentioned exactly what you remarked to someone 3 years ago, he responded with surprise ‘Oh, you are talking about that time’. Meaning that was 2002, a long time ago, now he has made India a superpower.

          In a developed country, such a person will not be allowed to contest again, and the law will be applied. The fact that murder was committed 20 years ago is not an alibi.

      • India has receded in every perceivable Internationally accepted benchmarks. Unemployment went up between 20024-2019, we dropped in democracy index, our growth in HDI slowed in 2014-2019.
        Discretionary money in the hands of the bottom of the pyramid dropped during the period. Essentially means the poor 20% became poorer.
        During the same period, Adanis / Ambanis increased their assets. What does it signify?

        Obviously cow urine drinkers will not understand that. All urines have trace amounts of heavy metal that can cause cognitive impairment, i.e. make people dumb and turn them into sheep.

      • Excellent point Venkatesh Ayyar.

        So called Hindu secularists are scoundrels. They are wolves beneath Lamb skin. The lamb skin is pretention of modern liberal outlook.

        Secus like Kili, Argh,Muthaiyan are talking nonsense, as rug is pulled out under them.

        The people at the bottom of Indian society benefited from BJP rule. That is the reason BJP was re-elected with bigger majority.

        With Indian secus I like the proverb: ” When elephant goes to town thousand s of dogs bark. But elephant continues, ignoring barking dogs. ” So BJP should continue it’s path Let secus bark till they die.

    • Don’t worry sir if public do not like this government they will throw them out. But u beware from godi Media like wire, scrol, print, hardly they have any presense people know better than their reporting. Wait and see on 2 nd May the people of Bengal give Modi the thendrous welcome. Do u think Bengalis have no brain rather the r most intelligent.

  40. People are dying mercilessley, One of the Worst Government ever in History, The present Government is a super curse to the Nation….! Buggers have billions why can’t they spend on People’s health….! Shame

  41. Who took off the #mask , gave up #SocialDistancing , said ‘No’ to #vaccine even when eligible, gathered to party recklessly, thought crowds were a good idea?
    Looking after more than a billion people would be a lot easier and doable if people were responsible in their behaviour.
    If you blame any government or political leaders you are a shameless idiot.
    Also, why there is no article or media coverage on leaders of states reporting maximum cases ? And if everything has to be blamed on Center and they responsible for all goods and bass, then better sack all state governments and give all the control to center.

  42. All congress news portal are ready blaming the modi, they were quite successful in making the masses convice to live freely with out taking any precautions even no need of vaccines. Today they are happy to see the situation out of order.

  43. One sided attack on Center as if States themselves have no responsibilities. This article, again, has an agenda. Had it not been so, Kejriwal, Uddhav, Amrinder Singh etc would not have been spared.

  44. This is all bullshit. He’s modi, not vaccine that can save from virus. If the shitty, illiterate people of this nation are not going to do their part, there’s nothing government can do.

    India is facing this problem because of insensible people who are not ready to listen to anything. I know many people, who after getting confirmed for covid, are roaming out this and spreading the virus saying that the report is false, I’m alright. What else do you expect?

    And please, ask your writer to writer properly in easy to understand words. Please ask them to learn to write better articles. It should be easy to understand for everyone. Why use such complex work when you can write in simple English?

    • Don’t mistake your love for the country with blind admiration of its leaders. Our prime minister and the government are custodians of this great nation that belong to us all. Don’t mistake them to be the nation themselves and defend all their actions. If the actions they took are good, we all should celebrate it. But if they are bad and we know many have been bad over the last few months, and we STILL choose to defend the government, then the only losers are the nation and its citizens!

    • Their ability to write in this level of English shows their education level. Your inability to comprehend it shows yours. Maybe there’s a correlation between their high academic achievement and being critical of Modi, with your failure to do so and being supportive of Modi? Some food for thought.

  45. Let the state govts perform maximum this year to save their states. Central govt has given 100%freedom.
    Last year everyone blamed only central govt for lockdown.
    Again some people are trying to blame central govt.See Maharatra and Delhi.
    Blame game not right answer now.All of us are under one UMBRELLA.
    Let state govts show performance like CM Odisha.
    Forget differences and help all govt functionaries.

  46. Unilateral criticism about Modi.I am not saying he is perfect.ln fact no political party in our country deserve perfect policy makers.But what about the common sense ofour citizens.They are equally responsible for spread ing the covid virus for(not all people) for not obeying Covid rules.Development of a country depends,if not wholly,upon Their civic sense also.

  47. GOI never thought of making world class hospital, (WCH) at state capital level, District Level & Taluka Level in the country. GOI will never build such WCH, because there no earning from hospitals, because government charge lesser fees or no fees from BPL etc. GOI rather invest in bullet trains, stadiums, Unity status etc, because GOI want to earn from every common people. GOI never focused on building mega PSU’s that should be income generator for government, but now some PSU are also being sold. So finally what remains is Taxing people, earning through such unity statue etc.. Half of population in is uneducated and they even dont know what should be there demand and whom to ask for demand. So one day GOI will rule like East India Company.

    • Uneducated comment. Google how many AIIMS this Government has commissioned and you will know. Besides, you are asking this Government to do magic in 7 years when it could not be done in 70.

  48. Thank you Print for this wonderful article . I wish young journalists of today also add words of positivity .. Bad news sells so it was s in print !

  49. But Sir, your schadenfreude is palpable.
    Further, your dislike for majority, poor, marginalized and disenfranchised as BASE, is deplorable.

  50. This article definitely Heart the donation people of india and PM of our country
    Please do not divide the country by printing this Type of article

  51. How is the Modi govt. facing up to the Covid disaster ?

    CM of Utarrakhand said that rishis lived in Vedic times without oxygen.

    Go mutra and Covid papad is offered as a cure.

    In the first Modi govt., some minister in UP said cows exhale oxygen. Then why the shortage ? Why import oxygen separators from Germany ?

    I advise Shekhar Gupta that although the immediate issue is oxygen and vaccine, the deeper problem is more than Modi, it is the Hindutva ideology thrust on us by RSS and which has seduced many Hindus and made them brain dead even without Covid. The Hindutva mind does not deal with Covid as a public health issue, like in other countries, At the outset, Covid was used as an opportunity for attacking one section of society, the Muslims. The above anti-scientific statements by the BJP’s ministers also stems from that ideology only. The Hindutva ideology is such that professional, competent people cannot work with it, be they economists or health care experts. The Hindutva ideology brings to the fore uneducated types like Modi and Shah, and requires sycophants who along.

    Normally, people are the same, but if you have an ideology that wants to drive you backwards, the results will be like the present day India. Modi and the BJP are to blame; so too are the people as they went along with it. The BJP reflects what many think and go along with.

    You need to stand up and say the Hindutva ideology is ultimately the cause for India’s downfall. The downfall was bound to come sooner or later, but of course we could not have predicted that it would come this way.

    • Absolutely correct! A govt fueled by religious or ideology will always be full of uneducated buffoons that finally have their chance to put the educated people in their place. Gaumutra, banging of vessels, dip in holy water, making decisions based on astrology. India is doomed if this gawar party continues.

      • Okay milords we will convert to islam and be brown sepoys like you.As per latest scientist research it has been found if you become liberal atheist or marxist it boosts iq and if you convert to islam it gives you scientific temper and boosts immunity against covid.Thank you so much for opening my eyes otherwise i would have remained a gullible fool and now with this new perspective i will also become an eminent intellectual like you may be not as much as you but somewhere near you.

      • It is shame on how the media blames the state or central government’s for all the crisis.
        Media in india never played a constructive role.They Don’t educate the publicregarding safety measures.The public fight back any measure ,they think isencroaching on their tight.( Wearing ,mask ,face shield,not to gather,pubs should openand gathering atmarriage functions ,political convassing and meetings.)
        The media is only interested in judging the government’s basing on the media’ssponsor.
        Besides they request funds to support the media for the judgements they pass .But people are more knowledgeble .

    • It’s not just Hindutva, it’s every religion. If you are pointing out hindutva and Kumbh mela this time then you need to know the disaster created by other religions during 2020.

      This is all due to shit called as secularism. When you treat a person as a human being first, then only you would be able to love that person or work together for the progress of the country.

      Instead of abusing a person or the Govt., Let’s think about democracy, which says that we are the one who rules the country and so it’s our responsibility to be safe first.

      People are not responsible enough to save themselves from Covid and they are not even ready for vacation and finally they end up doing a blame game on the country and Govt.,

    • When illusion under the guise of religion takes over a soul, that blind wretch is forever doomed, to kill or be killed.

      – Rabindranath Tagore –

  52. As I recall, even the critics of Mr. Modi said that we have licked Covid-19. ( I recall and article “Modi is right: Government deserves no credit for bringing Covid under control in India” by Mr. Shivam Vij. Only, they were not willing to give any credit to
    Modi. Now, they would like us to believe that they warned us about the second wave. Most of India believed we have licked covid and there will be no second wave as seen by its behaviour in celebrating religious festivals, gala birthday parties and what not. Mr. Modi did say that we have to follow precautions, but people followed recommendations from Whatsapp Univerisities. Opening up was good for the economy and the poorest of the poor. The jobs were back and the immigrants came back. But, the virus sneaked up on us. I think Mr. Modi, like rest of us, woke up very late. Even the oppostion leaders campaigned in the electionsj and conducted road shows until very recently. But Mr. Modi is a pragamatic politician and will adapt. Remember how he implemented Adhaar, something he opposed when he was in the oppostion, when he came to power when he realised that it could be useful for his direct benefit transfer schemes. He is not bound by any ideology as journalists, including Mr . Shekar Gupta, has pointed out.

  53. Shekhar Gupta, a measure of how correct your analysis is, simply count the number of people hurling abuse at you in the comments section.

  54. The Print is a mean spirited, small minded, anti-national, rabble rousing little mouth piece of the Congress. They are enjoying the crisis and people’s distress; they want the nation to suffer.

  55. shekhar sir,

    we can blame the government for everything but isn’t it funny that the supreme court has to tell the citizens of india to wear seat belts, helmets and follow traffic rules as our lives are precious. same ways the government has to tell us to wear masks, do social distancing and follow covid protocols. when last year lockdown was done we saved lives but economy suffered, this time we are trying to keep everything open thinking that citizens will be responsible and here we are, blaming everyone but not ourselves. all the critics have always been the critics so they will only criticise the government but what have they done for the present crisis, if opposition thinks they are better why have state after state failed its a collective failure in which citizens are more responsible then the government. they allowed kumbh but did govt forced everyone to attend? elections are held so its up to you to attend rallies, and only one party did rallies not the other and will virus hit one set off person which you have rightly pointed out.
    not fair sir to blame others, we are ourselves to blame for taking this pandemic lightly knowing how this country works.

  56. Let the haters keep hating…..hate and bile is all they have left. Irrelevent and inconsequential Congress-China funded media.

  57. Criticism of either Modi or Opposition will not make coronavirus go away. Only staying focused on enforcement of Covid appropriate behaviour, vaccination and executing rigorously on saving precious lives will.

    This is a good time for Indians to start understanding science rather than place blind faith in religion. The common man should have a scientific temper and rational mindset. Pray to the Gods now, believe in your religious festivals, books and myths – but none of it matters to Nature. Only hard lessons from the Covid pandemic will make Indians understand the limited utility of blind faith in forging a happy and healthy nation.

  58. I found it interesting that while you mentioned weekend breaks, Shivaratri, kumbh mela etc. you did not mention farmer’s protests and tableeghi jamaat .. would have appreciated your article if you had mentioned these too..ommision of these just reinforced my belief that you are just a pimp of the gandus ..if you had written a similar article at a time the farmer’s protest started it would have been great ..

  59. As the disaster of Demonetisation unfolded – the Indian economy has never recovered fully from that kick in the teeth – there should have been a profound reflection / introspection in the highest reaches of government. My God, how could we have done something like this, how can we insulate decision making from such monumental blunders in future. Instead, the same provincial mandarin who oversaw it went on, a few months later, to roll out a shoddy GST. Placing the economy firmly on course to sink like a stricken submarine. So what the column describes is a logical outcome / culmination of a consciously chosen / adopted governance model. With so many institutions / sources of critical evaluation dulled or blunted, the political juggernaut could have continued to roll on, ignoring job losses, stunted children, even a dust up at the border. As the crematoria labour on into the night, whether these macabre images of a nation plunged in darkness and grief will lead to meaningful change is not for me to judge.

    • Dear Ashok,

      You still do not understand why demo done by Modi govt. for that i will get you back to start of event happening in our country.

      Our growth story started in from 2003, there was growth world over during this time period between 2002/03 to 2008/09 (our economist PM at that time did not do anything to boost this growth to +10% ( he may be reluctant to do anything in a coalition govt, and allow rampant corruption) during this period and up to 2010/11 illogical loans given by the banks, some under the instruction of central govt, during this period he started politics of unconsciously chosen farm loan waiver (that was followed by many others afterwards) these so many things done by printing money without controlling fiscal deficit, because of this you noticed high inflation (+10%) during that period. By the time this govt started their first innings they came to know real scenario of country’s balance sheet, you always need bank credit facility work smoothly, that was not the case because of high NPA problems which was created and accumulated during earlier govt. tenure.

      At the same time NDA gave growth in initial year due to positive expectation from new govt in the market, it was gradually affecting due to credit crunch in our public sector bank. During this period Modi had option to use extra revenue they generate in oil bonanza due to low oil price and use it to fund public sector bank and get away with credit crunch but that will not give him any benefit, instead of that he use this money to fund his welfare scheme that help him in win 2019. Issue of credit crunch still there we always believe that there is so much black money in the market, govt thought will get couple of hundred thousands black money by implementing demo. They forget India has such a good jugadu system where everyone finds way to any rules or regulations (particularly powerful people with money) govt fail to achieve desired result.
      Lets come to GST, it was discussed since 2004/5 or may be earlier than that but no govt come close to implement. When NDA came to power they initiate this impossible process again, central govt agreed to give 14% increase in their year to year revenue to bring them on board and implement GST. in country such big and with so many states it is always difficult to implement GST effectively without any glitch, benefit of GST will be seen in coming years, changes and improvements are the process of any product or system.

      Lets come to COVID, no govt in the world (barring a few such as Australia, NZ etc) did 100% good work in present situation, India did well during the first wave compare to some of the developed world in terms of death percentage. if you notice in the second wave number of patient increase like a slide going upward. govt is at fault by not behaving maturely and leading in its act in such a way to ask others to follow. Some of the state govt also responsible by not doing their part of work.

      We are a country where out of 100 people 10 to 20 do not follow traffic rules but that will not lead to increase in accident and death, but covid needs discipline from all our citizen, even if 5% do not follow discipline required by covid than disaster is waiting for us.

  60. No comments, Mr.Shekhar Gupta. I am just counting abuses hurled at you for writing an excellent article.

      • What is cut from the Rs 100 crore a day vasuli you both get? It’s mighty sensible not to take health and safety lightly — so that you don’t get fires in Covid hospitals and oxygen tanks bursting. Sensible callousness in Maharashtra!

      • HMMMM yes positive news flowing in from Maharashtra on a daily basis. Quite sensible. Most sensible in the country.

  61. The whole blame has been put on Modi,what other state chief ministers are doing. If they cant do anything let’s have a presidential type governance with getting rid of these non functional CMs. At least try to publish a balanced article otherwise everyone will believe that you are fed by some other party or country.

    • Please – don’t delude yourself! Of course we are behaving not like a Presidential form, but definitely an autocratic government. So sad – people die by the dozens and not a peep from the powers-that-be.

      We are doomed!

    • It has been a centralised and presidential style governance till now. For goodness sake it’s his bearded face on the covid vaccine certificates as well !

  62. Modi focused on only candles and sounds and Rahul instead of prediction and focus on infrastructure…completely his Govt failure.

  63. The last time this Govt caused havoc was during Demonetisation, when numerous bank officials were forced to work overtime. Some of them even died during duty. Now we have Healthcare providers working round the clock and sweating it out. Numerous healthcare providers have already died. Modi is the most DESTRUCTIVE Prime Minister in the history of Indian Democracy.

    • Don’t you think that state govt have any responsibility? Last year central govt controlled the entire country in one way , but people blamed central govt.
      This year it has given 100% freedom to state govts. When state govt fails the so called analyst blamed again central govt.
      The attitude of such people is to blame the central govt any case. Horrible mindset.
      This is the time to help one another and survive.
      Tell I a love my country. ALL UNDRR ONE UMBRELLA. Let states perform and centre to help all the way .

  64. Wish BJP wins Bengal elections with a clear majority so that our Prime Minister will be free and have enough time to take care of the Covid Crisis. BJP can use the cash reserved for Horse Trading for buying Oxygen

  65. So as the mass media of ALL FORMS….so as the society… nation….so as the people… society and nation…so as the policies… beaurocracy… judiciary……Our greatest problem is mass media…. imagine… PUBLIC FUNDED MASS MEDIA…
    BE IT PRINT… ELECTRIC….MOVIES….TV SERIALS……come on….we need CMP for mass media first…. otherwise rest of the pilers will get damaged….loaded…..

  66. While the nation suffers from increasing unemployment, atleast the BJP IT cell seems to be on a hiring spree. Quite easy to see with all these modi worship posts in response to the biting article.

    However, the job this time is much tougher. Social media jumlebaazi can work only so much now that the whole Country is suffering from affects of 3rd grade governance of modi and BJP central govt.

  67. Well none among these so called enlightened media and politicians from opposition recognize the efforts of PM even during first LOCKDOWN when the whole world recognized the efforts and what about those politicians who created doubts in the minds of people

      • What truth? Since when the likes of Shekhar Gupta care about truth? He seems to be full of glee that India and its citizens are suffering. Lowest of the low scum he is… should be kicked out of India and reside where he gets his money from. We can clearly see the vultures taking turns to attack Modi, India and Indians. All they care about is how their mission masters sitting abroad can be pleased by cursing Modi for being in their way.. Don’t worry, there are millions more like Modi to take his place if required. You please carry on with your agenda….we spit on you.

  68. Yes PM2.0 failed. There are 02 main reason PM is confident and precautionary in first term while in second term he changed to over confidence and egoistic.

    In first term he surrounded by some better people and he was ready to listen but now he is surrounded only by AS and AS.

  69. Please analyse the impact of farmer’s protest and their role in the spreading of the virus all over the country.

  70. Sir, Your valuable comments on the current state of affairs in the country are an eye opener for us. But the real pathetic fact is that our country is in the hands of a dispensation which does not readily acknowledge its own lacunae and remains in denial mode. People are silently suffering from the havoc let loose by the pandemic and here a PM who does not care about the electorate and dreams of only winning elections

  71. Shekhar Ji just read the message board. You will see that this is not 2004. None of this will work. I also want to point out that you have no viewership & no reach. Just a few people like us who keep showing you the mirror. You just dont matter anymore Sir. You just don’t.

    • Please write a better one like Modi ji has successfully controlled the Covid-19 through gaumutra, patanjali kit, ganga jal in kumbh, etc etc..

  72. Why you all hate BJP and nationalism this much election are not under BJP control it’s under election commission *toxic people*

  73. Ohh dear, you know one thing elections are not under BJP it’s under election commission why you all people hate BJP this much so toxic people

    • This media house is just anti govt. Propaganda machine funded my foreign enemies of India. One the the perfect FAKE news peddlers.

  74. Once an idiot always an idiot… thats what this leechad so called journo is. It feels as if this guy is full of glee and self vindication that india and its citizens are suffering. Modi hate is bigger than anything for such rakshashas. Shame on you…shame shame shame…..all this while he was sitting tight to find that one moment where he could regurgitate the poison inside him . What did he do exactly for the whole year to combat the situation or help people or our government? Abhi kutta bhonkne ke liye ekdum tayyar hai. Its as if Modi himself invited people to be careless and party around. We the people of India should take the blame as a whole with our careless attitude and apathy towards caution.
    So, Mr Guppi,. Just shut up like you were when things were going right for us but not for you. We have lost the patience with the likes of you who are always out to verbally lynch our beloved PM Mr Modi. There will surely be a day of reckoning for the likes of you. Jai hind!

    • It’s so sad. Your comment. It actually made me sad today. Open your eyes and see. Think. What is listed here are facts. China is 95th in the COVID situation around the world, with a bigger population problem, and the place where this originated too. India is breaking records. We’re currently 2nd on the world. And trust me, this isn’t a proud thing to be ranked 2nd with. Think. Look around you and actually see and think.

      • We are not a dictatorship like China. China will not allow 20,000 farmers to hold an agitation when the country is in the grip of a pandemic. In China, I am told that food is left at your door step and you will get beaten by the police if you step out of the house. Figures from China have always been suspect anyway. They will simply open fire on festivals like Kumbh. No political rallies since they are not a democracy and don’t hold elections. So, comparisons with China are irrelevant.

      • China is a closed dictator-led Communist country with no transparent records of what is happening there, no press freedom, no human freedom, not even Google, Twitter, etc. which are dubious themselves and now significantly powered by China. NO ONE KNOWS CHINA’S ‘FACTS’ and everyone knows that no one knows. So we will take China’s ranking of its Chinavirus deaths – and your endorsement of their ‘facts’ – with a pinch – or sack – of salt, thank you.

  75. It is indeed not heeding to scientists and virologists warning of second wave both from government and people alike ignoring safety measures to follow, and lack of government vision and unable to predict and foresee when huge data available and signs around the world when we have technology of AI ML prediction, and irresponsible decisions of conduction elections allowing Kumbh mela allowing export of vaccines on the name of vaccine diplomacy, failure to educate people to take vaccine via media to eliminate misconceptions about vaccine – it is Modi governments biggest failure for which a heavy price to be paid as covid19 making havoc with people lives

  76. But helps the low life of prestitutes like this author to steam cheap politics for some shit eating money

    • Modiji will rise out of this in a jiffy. His PR machinery will churn out positive news and his ministry will exercise it’s power to take down articles like this and his social media warriors will troll all those who raise questions. Don’t forget the India Inc that’s going to get richer amidst all this. SG will have write in approximately 6 months on how Modi got out of it unscathed.

  77. Mr. Gupta back to bias journalism. When Kerala and Odisha performs well, credit goes to state govt. When same states fail, blame to Modi. Stop this fake analysis. Liberals favourite MVA govt in Maharashtra has not followed any central guidelines and now they are reaping the actions. Nobody’s talks about them. Only face they can see is MODI. If Modi is guilty and all the CM all are also equally guilty.

  78. It is easy to lecture or prepare a blog over each and every action of Prime Minister because you need only tablet and your brain to choose selected words to malign someone without knowing how it is received by the readers or for that matter common man. Have you ponder over the thought why poor prefer Modi while rich or semi rich or modhhobitto are always dis-approve Modi’s action. I am giving you this subject you believe it or not. Awaiting a write -up on it.

  79. Instead of focusing innoculation drive for whole indian population, they should have simply prioritised the tier1 and tier2 cities first which are more exposed to virus than else where!! by now we could have already completed the vaccination drive for big cities in that way and it could have stopped the second covid wave totally!! Big mistake done by Indian government is that they focused to innoculate every 130 crore population which is a long long process!!

  80. Shekhar Gupta is paid by Chinese and Pakistani govt to write against the Indian Govt. All his articles are against the govt….this pig shud get fucked badly so that these assholes cannnot distroy our India for few Pennies they get from our enemies…

    This portal shud get banned…. expression of freedom dies not mean always writing against the govt with wrong facts and just for personal interest

    • I think people understood that we need to interpret opposite of what is written by Print. If they write something bad about govt? This means govt is doing good.

  81. Shekhar Ji, for all your bluster at Modiji, you fail to show any active effort from any media houses to combat the the current crisis. As a citizen of the country and a true liberal leaning person, I urge you to engage in helping others in need, instead turning the calamity into scoring browney points with other luteyan media houses. Please. Our country needs soothing voices too. This responsibility is not our honourable PM’s alone.

    • People didn’t vote for the ‘Media’. So spare the media of doing the job of the govt. The 56″ chest is fully exposed, his big mouth is becoming smaller and smaller by the day. Now you asked the same media to come to his rescue, who he studiusly avoided for any open interview. He is all words, his bhashan is his sadhan.

      • You are obviously another blind and brainless librandu I have to fight on the net. Look dude, I am not defending Modi. Unless you can clearly read and understand English then you’d know, that I am calling out SG on his blatant rhetoric of anti-Modi rant and doing nothing in positive for the society as a proper human being should do. Many times a soothing voice eases agitation. Media can do that. Many times showing positive images, eases mind and hearts, media can do that. Many times just even saying we feel for your pain, gives solidarity to the suffering patient. Instead Print and most of the Indian media is blaming Modi for every trouble they can think of. As if in India there is only one superman Modi and rest of the citizens are literate cave-mans from 2000 bc…… Spare me your blind lectures. You are no better than SG. Now go back to your cave-dwelling and pray that the wuhan virus does not get your family too.

      • Pretty much so. I am tired to see Indian media only playing the blame game and doing nothing else. No positive image building, no unity building, no urge to citizens to unite against this calamity. The crux of their article is all about only Modi hate, BJP hate and Hindutva sanghi hate. These librandus are pointing out Modi’s failure, yet they are too blame for same reasons. No wonder BJP is winning with landslides.

  82. Sorry SG ! I beg to disagree ! Government of Modiji for Modiji and by sychopants of Modiji believe that they are immune to the Virus biologically and electorally !

  83. The Congress era Padma Bhushan award winner, Shri Shekar Gupta, skillfully sidestepped two elephants in the room. First was that the much maligned Election Commission had suggested digital campaigning for Bihar elections. But this was opposed by Congress, RJD and the Left. Had this template been agreed upon, we would not have seen the kind of rallies that we have seen not just by BJP but also by TMC, Congress, Left, DMK etc. Secondly the crowds, without masks, at the agitation of rich farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Western UP, which got non-stop coverage from an excited anti NDA liberal media, gave people a false sense of security that covid is over. These two contributed to the 2nd wave.

  84. Covid19 has given one year time to get prepared to fight the virus and protect citizens. It is because of laxity, negligence, inefficiency and politics the virus has spread its tentacles. Innocent citizens are becoming victims.

    • Right, people who refuse to use masks, gather in parties and pubs, refuse to believe that corona is a serious problem are innocents!
      That is another reason we need Modi , to be our boogeyman.

  85. Yes, Modiji has acknowledged that he has not anticipated a big wave like this. But he always tried to explain that it’s long drawn battle with the pandemic.

  86. Sir
    With great dignity I would like to ask the almighty, great scientist, astrologer, viroligist, epidemoligist. Oh! I am short of words in your praise. As u already predicted the severe second wave, why did u not as a media hub warn people, as per your tall claims of being the best journo & hub of humans on the earth. What on earth stopped u to use uour scientific research to mske or support making of vaccines or medicines! You predicted everything but waited to see dance of death to lambast GoI. Where were u when in name of federalism states wanted freedom to take care of COVID in their respective states. Had laddoos in your mouth then? Why no comment on CM of Bengal who is holding rallies till date? Again curd in the mouth. Your article itself reads of bias & venom not against just GoI but the Union of India, its people & our great scientists. CM of Bengal is spraying vaccines by her speeches & rallies on people, isn’t it? What a crook you are! As a President of Editor’s Guild what did u do to protect journos in Bengal against VIOLENCE? So stop this crap! Everyone knows your credentials as well as of Print journos who live & earn in UK US and give lectures to Indians on Indian history & politics. KHALISTANI Jihadi. This is what u are !

    • Dear Madamji , he is neither a Khalistani nor a Jihadi but an Indian who is concerned about the people of India and the functioning of our government . Please try to digest that criticism always leads to betterment and improvement. It is the duty of the fourth estate to find faults and warn the governments and make them responsible and accountable about their actions .

  87. Very serious observation as that any country that is in opposition to China is suffering second third waves of the pandemic

  88. Now the responsibility of a responsible person or a Journalist is to stand with the people and government to come out of the sufferings… But the irresponsible and sold media Print is doing politics and calculating vote in the time of pandemic…. It is only to satisfy their Clint for the payment……

  89. Shekhar Gupta is a known Modi hater….This is the same author who bats for Federalism and states’s autonomy…..but when Pandemic creates a havoc in 2nd wave, its Centre’s responsibility and not states….Particularly, when its 3evident that Maharashtra has failed worse in 2nd wave compared to its failure in 1st wave, it makes sense to attack Modiji for 2nd wave….What else is he going to write about otherwise???

  90. The central government oversees finance, commerce, national defense, foreign affairs, and all laws ‘necessary and proper’. Health is a State responsibility. Why targeting central government, and sparing State Government’s of the biggest one like Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala????????

  91. Still all nationalist, patriotic ppl who wants safety & security of Country and Hindus will keep on voting for BJP and Modi.

  92. Global embarrassment! Just when we were claiming that we have arrived, comes this shameful mismanagement. Any government with self-esteem will claim responsibility and resign.

  93. “The party unequivocally hails its leadership for introducing India to the world as a proud and victorious nation in the fight against Covid.” says the BJP. Given the literacy of its voters, it probably gets away with it. But even amongst its north Indian voters there will be many who doubt its claim of victory over the ruthless virus of covid after phase 1.

  94. Also modi government had a total of 8 months after the first wave of the virus. They could have made arrangements of oxygen and vaccines in these 8 months, but modi was busy rallying and campaigning in west bengal for upcoming elections. If the arrangements were made properly, not such adverse effects could have happened. Hence it is fully the centre’s fault due to which thousands of people are dying daily.



  95. Is it anti Modi news I was seeing from one month why you people spreading rumors against modi you BITCH NEWS channel.

  96. Sad for people of India. But Modi will forever be remembered in history for the utter national and international disgrace of his handling of the Covid-19 crisis well deserved by this Feku baba who thought he could fool all people all the time.

  97. You idiots at print when you will stop negative journalism. Creeps you forgot the sins of 65 year of Congress rule

  98. If everything needs to be done by the Prime Minister:
    1)Why are we wasting money in electing chief ministers in each state?
    2)What is the role of health ministers in each state?
    3)Why don’t we move ‘Public health’ to Union list or atleast concurrent list from the current State list?

  99. Your portal articles are one way traffic and you do nothing other than Modi bashing. It seems all such forces have joined hand to destabilize the govt but your day dreaming will never materialize. It seems you are really hurt by the fact that journalist like you are ignored by the govt your free lunches, iftaar party’are over,not accomodated to foreign trip,lutynmedia importance have come down. You are using Covid like situation for Modi bashing and joining anti national forces.

  100. The Indian variant shall be named MODIVID-19: an amalgam of MODI the complacent autocrat, COVID , and Modi’s election victory of 2019 to which this variant is a fitting memorial.

  101. Aren’t you tired of attacking Modi ?? Keep at it, it will change nothing. We, who support Modi, trust him. He will fo whatever is necessary to overcome this crisis.

  102. There was one very point which the central government missed which shows that it was not at all proactive regarding the spread of the virus. And that point is what actually gave a second chance to Boris Johnson. It is understanding the genomics of the strains moving around the country. A very minuscule number of samples were studied for the strains and it was only very late that an order for 5% of samples needed to be studied for strains was passed. Even now , its barely 1%. Secondly, the entire political dispensation was unprepared. From Chhattisgarh which allowed full cricket stadiums to election rallies in Bengal to public Ugadi celebrations in Andhra and election campaigns in Kerala. No government should claim and moreover brag that they warned others about it. No one acted upon basic advice of ensuring social distancing and wearing masks.

  103. There is no one else to be blamed except Modi at the head ,followed by Shah ,by showing examples how in the midst of this crisis,they were bragging about the crowds they gathered without masks and social distancing,,?no oxygen,,?no drug,,,no beds,,,no vaccines,,,both should be kicked out for good

  104. Dear Shekhar Gupta:
    Yes, the virus and death does not discriminate — as if one needed to be reminded of that. While you are desperately trying to make out a case of “strongman” and pandemic control, how have non- strong man led countries fared?

    Italy, Spain, France Germany…whole of Europe. Iran? Mexico? All these have deaths exceeding 100,000 or nearing there.

    Btw, UK and Israel are coming out of the pandemic and their daily numbers are now negligible numbers thanks to their very successful vaccination roll out. The same cannot be said of EU. Merkel, the beloved of the liberals had today regretted it “allowed” the pharma industry in India to grow so big and mandates there should be a “re-think”! Vaccine nationalism couldn’t get uglier.

    America’s vaccination success is to be attributed to Trump’s OPERATION WARP SPEED. Read about it and write about it next time how it saved America.

  105. I think it’s not Narendra Modi, it’s the Finance Ministers greed for 5btrillion economy made this disaster.

    Today the Finance Minister is directly responsible for those lives lost as well as worse blessings of those who will loose industrial employment and Lockdown of industries due her bad financial planning including the group who advised the Finance Minister.

    The ill shown to people will definitely bounce back to entire team who made India this worser that’s Law of Karma. In Mahabharata Krishna has said this principle, history repeats once again.

  106. Why do u think and write that it’s only Modi inability or shortsightedness or planning that we are in such a precarious situation. In the first phase when Modi led and guided from the front announcing Lockdown the Pandemic was well under control, however everyone said it was a wrong decision. Now when he has given the authority to the states to deal with the crises as one ur is enough time for statesmen to work on thier own states, he is wrong again as the statesmen failed to see what’s coming for them. We as a nation are responsible for this mess. STOP BLAMING ONE PERSON…….. ONE MORE THING THE PRINT SEEMS TO HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST MODI AND BJP GOVERNANCE, THEY DONT SEE ANYTING POSITIVE.

  107. The lesson for all us Indians is that we should never elect a strongman or strongwoman again nor give a clear majority to one part at the centre. We have suffered from both Modi and Mrs Gandhi. That is in the long term. In the short term let us adopt covid appropriate behaviour and hold this govenment accountable.

  108. It is very easy to Comment and Condem anything during a CRISIS.
    Please REMEMBER THAT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS & VIBRATIONS WILL Yeild Negative Results in our own Society , WHICH we don’t want to have.


    With Best Wishes For Betterment Always ,

  109. 100% death and misery due to 38% votes in favour of a lying illiterate megalomaniac thug. Covid-19 doesn’t watch Republic, Zee, Times Now or read tweets or listen to Monkey Baat to know who is tukde tukde gang or who are Patriotic BJP members. BJP’s IT cell that boasts of innumerable paid keyboard bullies and voluntary unpaid andhbakhts finds itself helpless against an offline killer. Covid is a wake up call for Indians to vote on issues that matter and for people with integrity, unfortunately it comes at the cost of many who will never wake up.

    • Well said. It is unfortunate that still a large number of ignorant bhakts swear by the Power of Modi. Even if a million of their own supporters die due to COVID, they will still continue to lick his boots.

      • Well said !!

        Indeed, there was another commenter and die hard bhakth here who was willing to sell his kidney for Modi !! Marketing works, even if the product you sell is rotten to the core.

  110. May be we need to remove all state governments.. looks like their is no power of CM in a state. Does state has any of its own resource?
    Even I can ask questions to Modi and sit idle doing nothing like others CM’s. Sab kuch Modi hi karega.. khud chup chap baithe rehna hai.
    Last 1 year se ye CM’s so rhe the kya?

  111. Fully expect the formidable IT cell warriors to land here soon and start singing praises of his excellency, Modi. One question to them –

    while they earn their living by posting modi and BJP anthems in online portals, do they have any shame left? Do they see the carnage going around them, hopefully not, but possibly even impacting people known to them? Is this the only job they can do? Can they acknowledge the massive failure of the mahamahim in these very portals?

  112. even today 15 covid patients died in maharashtra not because of covid but because of fire. the cause of fire of course was corruption and negligence. this was mass murder by maharashtra govt. no news on the print about it. long live the print.

  113. 1. Isn’t it also true that the health ministry had warned a few states including Maharashtra of a second wave in Jan and then in Feb. That the centre was grandstanding in public doesn’t take away from the fact that the warning. The central team visit to Maharashtra was precisely because they were ignoring these warnings, not because BJP doesn’t like Shiv Sena. The second wave began in Maharashtra, a state with very poor record against Covid – as the three hospital disasters which cumulatively claimed more than 50 lives shows. They were not national news as per the state health Minister simply because the media chose to whitewash the states record
    2. India’s vaccine record is good. 130mn+ in 3 months is good going. In Jan, experts said that 1.5mn a day would be the limit. We are doing double that, if it is not enough it is because the 2nd wave is overwhelming. That goes for other medical equipment too. And, vaccination rate is now hostage to capacity constraints due to the US ban on exports which you fail to mention.
    3. You don’t mention the skepticism around vaccination created by the media and some politicians. In particular, the motivated campaign against Covaxin – you didn’t mention the statements of a former UP CM and the current Chattisgarh health Minister. Plus, repeatedly highlighting cases where people got infected after their jabs has created hesitancy. Even in the second phase, a majority of the dead are 60+. Most of such cases I know, the poor victim had refused the jab because of the stories that media told. The media also has a lot to answer like the Central and State govts

  114. The cacophony over the oxygen, ventilator and drugs shortage in print and electronic media over the last few days has suddenly gone quiet, come the week end. That creates a doubt as to the truth behind magnitude of it just as the situation on the Delhi borders.
    In any case so far there is no reason to believe that BJP does not learn lessons. They seem to understand the divergence in perception between the actual voters who matter and the opponents who like to categorize themselves as liberal intellectuals who do not matter electorally.
    The tags of communal, majoritarian and autocratic do not appear to make a difference, so long as the people at large get or hope to get what is good for them. The educated well to do population knows the gigantic proportion of the job to get 132 cr. vaccinated and the costs and availability issues but are the first complain, while the remaining lot has all the patience and faith that it will be done.

  115. Thanks to Modiji and his electioneering India is now the largest crematorium in the world. So much for Aatmnirbar Bharat. Modi did 5 blunders 1. Demonetisation 2. Income Tax levies on middle class 3. Premature Lockdowns in March 2020 4. Ignored migrant crisis 5. Adani and Ambani lollipops while projecting BJP as corruption free.

  116. Now there will be a hundred people, both ardent supporters and the government’s famous IT cell defending their leader to death in the comments here.

    Do read them because they will have no logic, will blame China, no empathy for the affected and many will be abuse for the author.

  117. Just for a thought, can we have 2 Prime Ministers , – one for ELECTION CHAMPAIN, and another for ADMISISTRATION

  118. Till Rahul is in opposition BJP will win election. If BJP will election party are not bother of dying people.

  119. The lessons that Covid teaches are the same that our great epics teach, but unfortunately people who ask for votes or the public who support parties in the name of religion uniformly fail to grasp them.
    The lessons are:
    1. A little humility, even in victory, is desirable. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna were humble and good-natured. They treated the vanquished with grace and dignity. The trash that was said about Dr Manmohan Singh’s well-meaning suggestions indicated to us Indians that the ruling party has learnt no lessons from our great religious texts at all. It is simply using religion to grab and stay on in power.

    2. Acknowledging mistakes is a part of learning and improving. Everyone makes mistakes, it is human to do so, not learning from them is a cardinal sin. To learn from mistakes, first one should know and acknowledge that a mistake is made. If one is unwilling to admit to it, learning from it becomes difficult. From 2016 Nov onwards (some may say from 2002) we know that the person at the top is unable to acknowledge mistakes, learn from them or make any course correction. Infact he doubles down on mistakes, making them even worse. If he was any regular office employee, he would have been fired long back – not for just mistakes, but not learning from them.

    3. In any country, it is the public which has the most to lose – their futures and their children’s futures are affected by the government’s actions. Hence it is important that they hold the govt responsible. The opposition, media or judiciary loses nothing – we the people lose our lives and livelihoods. When it was time to teach this govt some hard lessons in 2019, we allowed ourselves to be side-tracked by a single event, forgetting all the misery and mis-steps of the previous years. We must not do so in the coming years – we owe at least that much to the sick and dying and gasping people of India.

    • Unfortunately your sensible advice will not go into the heads of blind bhakts. They prefer to live in delusion. Modi is their Supreme Lord.

  120. Usually I like SG this column, even when he criticised Modi /GOI. But after reading last two. NI, I realized there seems to be a innate hate he has with Modi. Otherwise how can he blame only modi and not question a single state govt. for this crisis. He blames modi for west bengal campaiging but not uttered a single word on Mamta , when opposition is going all out , how can u expect govt not to do the same in election ?
    Maharashtra from last six month so badly handling covid , no word on uddhav, chhatisgarh CM camped for one month in Assam and look what is happening in Chattisgarh? No word on him ..
    Creating / augmenting health is state govt. job , what have they done in last one year ? He is asking no question..only blaming Modi for vaccination control..look at what happening on Remdesivir , if vaccination was not control , same thing would have happened, black markeing , shortage etc. All will see when vaccination start for all 18+ people.
    This is bad , partsian rant from SG.. yes Modi is to blame but for everything ..that’s nonsense..

  121. SG has a political agenda.

    As is the habit SECULAR JOURNALISTS seek any FAKE NARRATIVE that they hope will stick.

    THE covid19 virus has affected all over country because people especially youngsters were either wearing mask on their chin or not at all.

    Youngsters who get ASYMPTOMATIC or mild systems were roaming and mingling freely as they have become totally bored with restrictions and opening of restaurant and bars added to spreading of covid19 by affecting seniors at home.

    Ofcourse given half a chance SECULAR JOURNALISTS will claim political rallies of mumtaz Begum and proselytizing Prince were actually curing PEOPLE of covid19.

    This FAKE NARRATIVE of election rallies by BJP and kumbh Mela of HINDUS as somehow being the main reason is a purely PRO CONGRASS propaganda and could have been done by their spokesman unless SG has finally decided to come out of his closet once for all.

  122. just sheer bad luck. i wonder, what would the commentariat say if the inevitable second wave timed its arrival when farmer protests.

  123. There are only 2 sensible statements in this article…….”There are many things the best of scientists still do not know about this virus.”. “Nobody, not even Narendra Modi, could have stopped the second wave, especially with new variants emerging…………”.
    People are implicitly aware of this and have the good sense not to blame the Modi Govt.

    • Modi cannot get away with just two statements. He is answerable to all the statements he made as prime minister over the last seven years.

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