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No life, no hobbies, burnout, lost childhood — the price students pay for a prized IIT seat

Last year, 1.5 million students took the JEE to qualify for 13,000 seats in 23 IITs across the country – in other words, for each seat there were 115 aspirants.

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New Delhi: They are the country’s premier engineering institutes and getting into them is internationally considered more difficult than admission into Princeton, America’s Ivy League university.

Last year, 1.5 million students took the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) to qualify for 13,000 seats in 23 IITs across the country — in other words, for each seat there were 115 aspirants.

So intense is the pressure and so gruelling is the preparation required that students as young as 14 start the process, often missing out on the simple joys of adolescence. Most give up extra-curricular activities, relationships with friends and peers, and all forms of entertainment to achieve the goal. By the time they achieve their aim, if they do, many realise they have lost out on social skills, ability to communicate easily with others (an attribute now known as soft skills), and of course, some part of their youth.

An IIT Delhi professor who has been teaching for the last two decades underlines this reality, saying when students come to them after two or three years of prep, they don’t even know how to behave socially.

“They have been cut off from society, they are unaware of current affairs, and are desperately in need of our induction programme for freshers where we try to re-orient them to society and the institute,” the professor said on the condition of anonymity.

This skill gap haunts them even when they graduate. Despite all the hard work engineering students put in, a survey conducted in 2019 found that 80 per cent of engineers “are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy and only 2.5 per cent of them possess technical skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that industry requires”. The skill gap between what they learn and what is required of them in their workspaces makes them unemployable. 

Yet, in India’s shortage economy, where everything of value is kept in limited supply, there is no end to this annual exercise of competing in the JEE.

Like a 23-year-old machine learning engineer based out of Florida, who started his JEE preparation as early as Class 8, because his peers had started as early as Class 6. The engineer says he was so engrossed in his prep that he ignored basics such as good hygiene, good grooming, or even making friends.

“It took me an entire gap year before undergraduation to recognise and overcome these shortcomings,” he now says.

Or 29-year-old Shivam Narang, now working as a procurement manager with a prominent firm in Mumbai, who spent three years preparing for JEE. An “above average student”, he had to work 12-14 hours a day to crack one of the toughest exams in the world, making him lose out on much of his teenage years.

A basketball player in high school, Narang had to quit the sport after Class 10, once he started preparing for the engineering entrance, moving to Kota from Delhi, the coaching college magnet for all IIT aspirants.

“There is no room for hobbies – even playing your favourite sport for 30 minutes comes with a feeling of guilt,” Narang says. “Add to that the shift to an alien city with a competitive environment, which is so difficult to adjust to.”

The constant pressure and fear of losing out led him to leave Kota. He took a break and took admission into a National Institute of Technology (NIT).

“The loss of my values is what affected me the most. I am still very competitive and don’t feel comfortable working in a team. My personality changed, as did my body. I gained 35 kilos in a matter of months and my weight went up to 120 kilos,” Narang remembers.

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School, coaching, weekly exams

Some students such as Narang start preparing for the JEE at the age of 16, but others start as early as 12. These students, along with attending regular school, also go to coaching sessions and take weekly examinations. In the routine of coaching, school and tests, students claim that they miss out on important life skills, networking and overall personality development.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for medical college admission, which has become a political hot potato in Tamil Nadu, so much so that the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has promised to scrap it, is only marginally less difficult. In 2020, more than 1.5 million students appeared for it, a 15 per cent rise from the number of applicants in 2018. 

Of them, under 800,000 students were able to qualify for one of the 82,026 seats at 541 medical colleges across the country. After the introduction of the examination in 2017, several students committed suicide after failing to clear it.  

The DMK has promised to do away with the examination and put back in place the previous system of admission to medical colleges in the state, based on results of the state Class 12 board exam. The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), meanwhile, has offered to provide additional training to NEET aspirants.   

According to coaching institutes, an average student spends 16 hours a week attending these extra classes, in addition to their regular school and studies. The annual financial cost of attending these sessions goes up to Rs 2 lakh.

Pragya Bhardwaj, 35, who now practises as a gynaecologist in Bengaluru, took a three-year break after school to prepare for her medical entrance test.  

“I could not get an MBBS seat in the first attempt and it required two more attempts. Finally, after the third attempt, I got a seat in a reputed medical college in Karnataka. But the journey to get there was gruelling and took a toll on my personality, my health, mental well-being and social connections, almost everything,” Bhardwaj recalls.

Students are allowed two attempts at JEE, but there is no cap for the number of NEET attempts — there is, however, an age bar of 25. 

The problem is not individual but systemic. As Dr Soumitra Pathare, director of the Pune-based Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, puts it: “If you create a scarcity for something and push young students to try and get that scarce product in a restricted environment, it is bound to affect them mentally.

“Premier institutes in our country have an admission rate of about 0.1 per cent, so what kind of outcome can you expect? No matter how resilient an individual is, when the system is rigged against them, it is criminal when the individual breaks down.”  

Parents go to the extent of disconnecting their children from the outer world to “help them focus”. Activities such as watching television, surfing the Internet, and participating in social events, sports and hobbies are placed at the bottom of the list of priorities. Shweta Garg, 50, a homemaker based out of Ahmedabad, says the two years her son spent preparing for the JEE meant the entire family put a pause on normal life.  

“Those two years were not only difficult for my son but for the entire family as well. To ensure that he was able to focus on boards and competitive exams, we removed the cable connection so that there were zero disturbances for him. Family vacations and social events were given a skip and a serious environment was created in the house,” she told ThePrint.  

Yet, her son was unable to make it to an IIT. Garg sidesteps that, saying she thinks her son matured during the period. Although he missed meeting his friends and cousins, he knew he had to prioritise.  

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The role of coaching classes

Coaching institutes make things worse for aspirants. Kishore Kumar, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus based out of Delhi, who has been coaching JEE and NEET students for the past 11 years, says the institutes create an atmosphere where students are divided into batches based on their performance.

If a student spends five years training in a ‘low-performing’ batch, it conditions the child to not think of himself/herself beyond a low-performing student. He/she will then hesitate to take part in group activities or anything else to assist his/her personality growth.

Anand Kumar of ‘Super 30’ fame says he ensures the focus of his students is on enhancing their creativity so that they don’t become another cog in the wheel.

“Most of my students are from rural backgrounds with poor financial stability,” he said. “Whoever shows a flair for scientific learning turns up for coaching. My focus largely remains on enhancing the ability of students to grasp concepts. They need to learn about real-life applications of their studies to ensure success even after getting into an IIT.”

Speaking about the types of skills he imparts, Kumar said, “Instead of just going by textbook examples, I try to relate the concepts with their real life situations. This helps students understand things better. I also need to prepare them for a massive shift, from a rural setting to a college, and then a formal workplace. To do so, we pick examples of world leaders with humble beginnings and read from their biographies.”

Of the 510 students he has trained over 19 years, 410 have got into IITs, NITs and other notable engineering colleges.   

Some experts even question the necessity of coaching classes. Meeta Sengupta, founder of the Centre for Education Strategy, a Delhi-based think tank dealing in education policy issues, said: “Although experts say that coaching helps students take the exams, it is not healthy for children. They lose the space for discovery and innovation during the course of such training.” 

Several students, because of the lack of an outlet and no mindspace for anything other than studies, experience a burnout by the time they reach a university. This leads to several mental health problems.

A mental health expert with an IIT, who chose to remain anonymous, said, “The most common problem among IIT students, who have all their lives been seen as high achievers, is the sense of a vacuum. It can also be called an ‘existential crisis’. After years of rigorous training, students start searching for a deeper meaning in life. This can either happen because of anxiety issues or depression, or exacerbate them as well.” 

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(This report has been updated to accurately reflect that last year 1.5 million students took the JEE to qualify for 13,000 seats in 23 IITs across the country – and for each seat there were 115 aspirants, not 1,000. The error is regretted.)

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  1. There has been a lot of debate for some time about the stress students go through to get into IITs. They have to go through grueling 2-3 years of preparation atleast to be able to qualify for a seat in an IIT. But what nobody has spoken about is the need of the coaching institutes and why the students have to put so much efforts during their preparation. JEE does not expect students to know rocket science. The questions are based on the syllabus which is taught till the senior secondary level. The problem is that almost all the schools fail to teach the way they are supposed to. Most of the students get high percentage in their senior secondary exams not because they know everything but because they were having exam centric preparation. The problem with our education system is that it is grades based and not knowledge based. Untill we can address this, the students will have to keep going through this peril.

  2. I am not sure why so much of fuss for youth youth studying. Of course children should not be pressurized or compelled, but if they are interested in studying, let them study why being so negative for a good thing.
    What is wrong in training youth’s mind in studying something that helps in thinking and being constructive.
    What else one would want youth to do, spend time reading about movie actors actresses or read bad things or opt for an idle mind resulting in devil’s workshop.
    Our Upanishads recommends
    sravana manana nididhyasana
    Whatever you learn be it training for IIT-JEE, NEET, UPSC/ IAS, CA, etc. All are good.
    Many of our negative thoughts or such expressions are result of failures and instead of perseverance people find fault with the system. If those parents who write negative, they have a free will to advise their children not to study. Why misdirecting others.
    Imagine state boards are merely memorizing.
    IIT JEE is much better and definitely IIT Ian’s BTech have done good for themselves as well as to India.

  3. I am an iitian and this is 100 ?%% true
    Although I have a rank of 2567 cs I earn similar to my father and also one of my friend whose rank is 1987 out bombay aerospace is job less . It doesn’t matter at all what parents say

  4. students who prepare for IIT, do the above,I rhink remaining people learn english and write articles like this.

  5. I think everything written in this article is absolutely rubbish, just negatives ………there are a million positives

    • This what happens in every coaching institutes they just learn but the students don’t talk to their friends and more happens

    • Everything is correct idiot person…many and many are affected internally .. Yeah some good is also there, but good are there for few…mostly it’s bad for most… God bless those kids… And I hope society understand more

  6. Thanks to ‘The Print’ to bring this issue forward. It’s strange how much students and their families work and sacrifice to get these ‘coveted’ seats and yet 60-70 percent of the folks end up dissatisfied with what they wanted for themselves either academically or job wise.

  7. Please, a Print article on income levels of parents of students who get into IIT. Also categorised by reservation category and the urban/rural divide.

    Let’s see how much income levels, caste hierarchy and urban-vs-rural gap determines entry into IIT and NIT.

  8. I stopped reading this halfway. This is not the right reporting. Preparing for JEE starting from Class 11th is good enough to crack.

  9. Really Negative article, u cannot achieve anything without hard work and sacrifice, writer of the article must be 12th fail,and joined this job through bribe.
    Shame on you to write such a article to malign prrstegious institute and ur own country.

    • Are you really think that writer write this article in drunk mood . You foolish type of people can you give me reason why IIT is best college in INDIA if you gave the proper reason i will agree with you but if you can’t then I will give you reason and even solution as well.

      As per me thus article is best I am also jee aspirants in this march attempt I got only 85 percentile ,which still not enough for selection now I think you getting the point , even after IIT some are doing job of 9 to 5 and earn about 50000 Rs just . It is less than the standard of IIT . So please girst research on it and then make complaints about this writer .

      What ever he written is ? % true bro.
      Think once again for 1 seat there are more than 120 Students’ so there less than 1 %chance to gey selection .

    • Let me tell you, I am IIT student pursing my btech in maths and computing with dual degree. what ever is said in the article is absolutely correct. The system is so bad and is killing creativity of students. The wrong education system as well as the syllabus learnt for cracking IIT JEE is not at all used once you get into IIT and graduate. The only thing that matters after you graduate is the talent, communication skills, smart work.

      If you think the article is rubbish, take it granted that india will never produce people like Bill Gates, steve jobs, larry Ellison, Larry page, mark zuckerburg or Elan musk and will not have great companies like google, microsoft, cisco, IBM are born out of young talents.

      What you required is not cracking IIT JEE or preparing for JEE. You require creativity. Please allow kids to purse their interests and encourage the talent instead of putting in non sense coaching centers which just makes students dumb (yeah literally dumb). Ther eis lot more than just preparing for iit jee. Trust me majority of IITANS are job seekers, not the job creators. So do not regret even if you couldn’t crack IIT, you may become a better person, who knows, stay motivated.

  10. Parents kill the interest and hobbies of their kids and every time they compare with other kids to destroy confidence of their kids. Finally they become what they’re not parents fully satisfied with earning of their kids. Parents has to teach only bad and good. Let children think don’t inculcate what parents think

  11. IIT and medicine are not for everyone. Those who find it difficult should not go after it. So much cries about IIT and medicine , what about a large amount of people trying for CA and not getting it after wasting their youth. Why they are not increasing no of CAs. Again certain qualifications are not for everyone. If somebody feels less competitive they should leave that, instead of moaning

  12. The source of the problem is IIT. They market themselves as the fountain head of knowledge so many people queue to get into IIT. They strategically advertise in the first page that every year about the packages that an IIT gets. All this makes middle class people to train the children to prepare for the exam.

  13. A very negative article, may be even because of jealousy! What social life are you talking about? Tell a place where there is no competition; there is competition even to get married!!Our society has failed in giving a good family atmosphere to most children because of marital disharmony ; so, children do not miss much. Less said about the social and political atmosphere.

    • The perpose of the life is to live life fully in happiness. When this stage is achieved? A person reach this state of mind by practicing
      8 fold path given by buddha. The Newton or other inventors never went to iit or any big school. Entire universe study about laws given by these people.. LIVING LIFE FULLY IS LIFE

  14. This education system won’t get us anywhere in life except to give a low salaried 9 to 5 jod. im an youtuber im just 16 and also a class 10 student and im already making close to what my father makes(don’t get me wrong he is a gvt employee who earns good amount).
    Believe me we should do what we really want to do not something that is done in pressure that’s why people are unemployed, they are pressurized by their family and relatives and that start doing it even they don’t want to do and have no idea what to do after that. That’s why most people even though they are highly qualified (only in pen and paper not in real life) end up being broke.
    IIT is not the definition of success, Actually success means what u really want to do in life that is ur passion and u turn it into a career thats true success.
    Always remember at the end of the day money matters. Let’s assume u have every degree and u r highly qualified and if u don’t make good money then that kind of education is of no use.

  15. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. People don’t achieve their goals by enjoying their time, they earn it by working their ass off.

    • Lol xd I failed my 12 th in INDIA I didn’t even go college and today I’m a billionaire investor in New York lol life is strange xd

  16. Thank you so much for writing this article. The Indian edication needs to change and so does the job prospects. It’s a Shane that Indian govt. has made our lives so hard that despite of hardwork and lost chidhood to obtain IIT degree, we are sitting at home jobless.

  17. Fact of the life you can not climb Everest without any sacrifice irrespective of your age. IIT is the Everest of engineering. If anybody gets into it then what’s its worth? Fact is life is competitive and cruel. I am fine with a little bit of losing my social skill and rather get into Stanford. Fact is people getting into IIT., Stanford are NOT DUMB.

    • Sir if iit is such a everest why india is not leading the world in technical or any field?
      Why iits are not efficient than mit?
      Ans is that it is only to reduce crowd …

  18. INDIAN EDUCATION FOR engg college should change ..I guess eng of VTU could be more than just assignments,labrecords and internals ..and also completing the syllabus of 6 months in just 3 months and with some irritating timetable of semester exam … I don’t think they even care about the pressure it has on students….I get it it’s a professional course and we should be commented but think about doing the same titration in labs which I dont think it will help people in cs or ai branch …why not make the syllabus more interesting with regular workshops or projects instead

  19. In our state engineering entrance exam in 1996, 35 k students were vying for 450 seats. And some of us still got through without losing anything.
    Not sure if you would still belief the way of teaching and study can compensate rigor.

  20. We as Indians are ​to be blamed for this. Our population has increased so much in the last couple of decades without any effort of regulation whatsoever till date. We have given up the concept that quality of life matters and we are continuously running after the trends which are being advertised as the only viable options for a better future.

    • As an “outsider”/foreigner, I must say that it’s such a painstaking process to be admitted to such a high level institution and once graduated, and to later on struggle to be recruited for the desired job. Hat’s off to these brilliant young people who have to work so much hard to get an Admission. I believe Indian people are highlighly intelligent …but in my opinion…the Overpopulation is a HUGE problem that hasnt been tackled…such a huge population and scarce resouces (other than human resources) …and i also believe that there has to be a change in mindset i..e be more organised disciplined….if you want change for the better, it starts with you..

  21. lol that’s why i self-taught myself programming cuz I knew this stupid education system isn’t gonna help me further. And this site really needs to be optimised (this they don’t teach in engineering).

  22. This is very negetive to someone who is preparing for those types of good exams which are life changing.

    • A dose of reality is always helpful. Instead of destroying the kids’ childhood, the parents should focus their energies on developing their true potential. The notion that these are, “good exams” that are, “life changing” is a myth created by the unholy nexus of media, the parents of students who qualified, and the coaching lobby.

    • Yes, true but one should also be aware of the other consequencies being faced of the failures ….apart from the short joy on cracking the much hyped jee .. after joining college all seems normal and enthu is lost. This is the sad fact… i think much is lost in gaining JEE , one should try it after 20 years … IIT to be linked to Engg 2 year of 5 year optional course … to prevent these mind weight on teenagers
      Life is just not jee preparing its inusive of many skills and exams we get to face ,

    • Haa you say this exam as life changing this exam i consider as bull shit I joined coaching in my local home town for Jee and ot was my decison no one ever forced me for this decison…. I was working really hard for it and my friends who started this prep along with me gave up in first month and i believe that was there best decison but I am a person who finishes something if i had started it so I continued on this but soon i realised that local coaching was not hepling me out so I joined akash online i tutor and fallowed allkh pandey and mohit tyagi on youtube for that i have gave up on society and then this corona period came again allinating myself from the society i gave exam i secured 93 percentile and in boards 94 percentage kind of good score but not enough to get me to gov insitute in my desired branch but i decided i will not take a drop and jooned a private colg a best decison i belive but here my aftermath conseq.
      1) 110 kg body wieght ..
      2) no friends no one to talk whole day i just go to ride bike alone and kind of feel jealous to see other people with their friends
      3). Got short tempered.
      4) Became selfish earlier i was very helpful but dont feel like helping any one.
      5). Old friends find me lunatic… ?
      6).I called my old friends but they never showed up..
      7) I have developd an inferior ity complex about my looks
      8) lost com skills
      9) not able to talk to opposite gender.
      10) feel like depression but sad part my family did not believe in depression as bieng punjabi ..
      11) Always wanted to eat fast food..
      12)I even now started feeling lil bit diff to talk to opp gender .
      13) Wrost no memories … Of school now..
      14) Joined insta after my jee and saw my friends hanging out with thier friends and feel like i have nothing .
      14) Etc. And many more

  23. To print
    Do write about CA (chartered accountancy) which indeed is a distant learning course which students just overlook and get trapped in the vicious circle.
    Easy to get in and hard to get out..
    Mugging up the ocean of the syllabus..
    Still the institute will fail you..
    That’s why we just have 3,00,000 qualified CAs since 1949…
    And PPL have written enough about social life…

    How Finland,Denmark are different…
    Or USA…

    A country becomes great by it’s companies
    A person stays happy with his relationships..

    In india we suffer from both…

    What’s the solution..
    I would probably make a youtube video on it..

    • I am a recently qualified Chartered Accountant and I agree with your views and second the above article! After so many years of intense studies, even I sometimes have a feeling of being burnt out or have thoughts about deeper meaning of life or simply I keep thinking about what kind of work would bring me happiness and satisfaction? I believe our society needs to change its point of view towards education. We simply want to get higher education so that we get good jobs instead of to satisfy our curiosity or to obtain knowledge. We need to embrace entrepreneurial mindset, leaving behind the employee mindset. Only then will we be satisfied with ourselves, our education and only then will our nation progress!

      • Too much emphasis on formal education system rather than learning and skilling by experience is the reason young entrepreneurs and risk takers are so few. Informal learning and skilling eg. by being an intern with someone who has lots of experience/skill in a field will sharpen a young person’s practical, social and and sales skills in the competitive marketplace.

  24. Most irritating part is , injustice full reservation policy , many less deserving candidate get opportunity due to reservation.

    Big injustice with those hard working people

  25. Pressure to meet national educational objectives have made our professors in IIT become busy teaching and evaluating students. There are far too many administrative demands on professors . We should halve the intake of students we take into IIT, instead take in a lot more scholars. Possibly remove the Btech course completely and have only integrated master’s (research) courses. Make IIT professors spend more time working or directing projects that are a research priority for our nation. Let research and not teaching become the priority.

    Let more emphasis on employable graduates within India be left to the NIT’s and other good state govt colleges. The IIT’s should also guide tier 3 and tier 4 colleges to improve their educational standards and improve the quality of their teaching staff.

    Remove IIT out of the Education ministry, bring it under the Science and Technology ministry. This will help IIT work closely with other govt labs and institutions on research projects. They should also do joint research with other other departments like Space, Atomic energy atc.

    I think the undergrads in IIT will then be utilised properly ie to study in an indigenous research environment and contribute by applying what they learn rather than just becoming targets of campus placement by MNC’s. For all the sacrifices done in their school years in developing clear foundations in science and maths, IIT undergrads should be exposed to how problems in research are worked on as part of the IIT experience.

    • Keeping in mind today’s scenario with NITs all over the country, I fully support your suggestion to scrap BTech from IITs… And rather let IITs focus more on research, providing better faculty to engg institutes all over India. This will surely reduce the unnecessary craze for IITs amongst parents for their kids so-called bright future. I am a graduate from IIT Mumbai.

    • This comment expressed Exactly what the system and country should really work on to. Developing nation is it, India and will always remain developing. Research and development is all they need to concentrate into and others will follow.

  26. Why there is less govt job option after completing engineering degree as compared to medical stream…after completion of engineering degree why maximum engineers choose IAS.. They are fedup the system of engineering.. No job fied… We should talk about this… Why govt not paying attention… Lakhs of btech mtech students are sitting at home why… Less technology so less need of engineers… If this top degree holders have no future then what is India doing… Why then admission of engineering seats are keep in all universities… Everyone can’t be an IAS… Lakhs of engineering holders can’t be an IAS… Give engineers an engineering job… Otherwise india will become a most engineers with zero job and high depression

  27. We must reflect as to why despite having the toughest entrance exam in the world there had not been and perhaps never will be a single noble prize, Turing prize,or Fields medal winner from the 60 batches of IIT ans we have generated.These exams reduce attention span to two minutes problems and those inclined to deep thinking gets rejected.The present and past IIT ans are coached herds and not genuine science talents at all .The whole world and all those who matter knows it.

    • Herd mentality is from parents driving their children towards getting an IIT branded education.

      A question I have is why all JEE toppers want IIT Bombay and why they want Computer Science. It’s herd mentality and the reason is : MONEY and ego boost of competing with the best. So we are producing extremely competitive drones ( intelligent of course) who ultimately want to work for good money (IT industry) or want to migrate to Western countries.

      If somebody is exceptional in maths at school level, ideally he should go on to study maths. But there is no money to be made easily in maths ( PhD plus long term research is required to solve deep problems) unlike a 4 year Btech CS degree where you can start making money right away.

    • IIT don’t do much research in basic sciences.
      Theyy are mainly engineering institutions.

      To win such prizes one needs research scientists and professors deeply investigating unknown areas of their fields for a long time. Deep research into fundamental science or maths does not guarantee you a great career so quickly like it does for an IIT engg grad. You have to commit long term to do a science or maths PhD, be a scholar for many years and have the conviction (with no money lining your pockets) to venture into the unknown to discover something new.

      • So the Nobel Laureates, Turing Award (which, by the way, isn’t given on basic sciences) winners and Fields Medal winners did not have a “great career” and every IIT grad does have one ? Your post is so ridiculous it is almost tragic !!

        • Point is it takes a long time to do some fundamental breakthrough in basic science or maths. A very small number of scientists get to do discover something pathbreaking and get to make good money or fame out of it.

          Very few Indian kids are excited about that. Plus there are not many role models. But brand IIT is perceived as being very successful or a passport out of India. Many role models for brand IIT. Maybe not every IIT grad does well, but it is a belief in the brand so parents and kids treat the JEE as an important thing in their lives. Note every IIT grad does not have to do something pathbreaking to be successful in his or her career. There are many business opportunities that can be exploited in some fields and the money realised much quicker than a scientist.

          • There are many other ways in which money can be made quicker than spending half of one’s childhood cramming physics and chemistry and another 4 years learning things one isn’t remotely interested in. So what ?
            The original point was that despite their hype, IITs have done very little to create new technologies in this country that excites young talent to do pathbreaking work. They have been a passport to, “phoren” jobs and that’s about it. The argument that students use an IIT degree as a shortcut to riches is neither here nor there. That is the case with the best technical institutes worldwide too. However that didn’t prevent the best ones from being hubs of innovation and not being reduced to a mere degree-granting organisation.

    • Yes deep thinking cannot be adequately tested via objective tests.
      The questions in such tests are usually tricky/sneaky and require time management practice. Knowing which question to skip and which question to solve in 3 subjects in space of 3 hours. Also sometimes answers can be guessed by eliminating.

      A traditional subjective type exam may be more effective. This is especially true when there can be more than one solution to a problem, and the examiner can clearly make out the thinking process of the candidate. Plus an interview will help weed out genuinely interested in engineering from those not so genuine (eg. Extracurricular science activities) .

    • Many IITians lead the work force in Western countries in engineering, management and science. We should be proud of them.

  28. Well, i have completed my masters degree. I didn’t qualify for JEE when i wrote the exam but i was fortunate that i got a seat in a State University, i never went to coaching for JEE/NEET or any tutions when i was in 12th. AND now when i look back, I have no regrets because i spent my childhood and teenage years as i wanted to, i enjoyed a lot.
    today children are joining these tutions and JEE/NEET coaching from 6th standard or even younger. Damn!! that’s crazy, they don’t even get time to enjoy, have fun, play games. thats sad. PArent’s want the best career for them so they can be proud but at the cost of their childhood. smh

  29. I read max comments regards student and parents. But we all think selfishly. School and colleges standard everyone know all are only eating parents money If we make better engineering college than iit than no race for iit. If we make coaching Or school like super30 than no need of kota. We should thanks to iits who have better education other wise where we go. Our govt. School very few in number are good and private are only money eatter. The basic education are very poor in India. Than we do not want kota and iit.

    • I agree with your remark that most of institutes and colleges are set up for filling pockets from middle class people but not to impart anything of value to students.And as far government Schools are concerned, teacher’s there don’t feel any responsibility towards young little kids.We have build up an ecosystem in which there is no way out.The inertia is so high that most of us don’t even want to break out and revolt against it but be a part of it and make it more stronger day by day. The only way to get out of this system is to not accept it. Even it cost you lesser salary, amenities and not riched lifestyle.

  30. I was reading this article and engrossed in my life “how related to me”
    My neighborhood friends, aunties say to me you talk less, you don’t participate in any functions, books m hi ghusi rheti hai, how much you are different from your younger sister!!
    Me– kya btao aapko meri bhi ischa hoti h ye sb krne ki baate krne ki khelne ki pr phele apni priorities yaad aa jaati hai…. But I don’t tell these things to anyone. I just live with these things.

  31. The Print should bring out a survey about the percentage of IITgraduates doing engineering jobs and other jobs such as banking . It is easy to criticize, but one should propose solutions also. The admission criteria has to change. At present physics, chemistry, matches questions are asked. Questions about ancient Indian history, civics, social sciences should also be included. So that children reading those things may also get selected with lot less mugging of physics.In parallel large number of IITs should be established on PPP MODEL AFFILIATED TO EXISTING IITs so that pressure to go to Kota is removed.

  32. Our premier engg technical institutions (both govt and private) have focussed more on producing employable graduates rather than capable researchers. While this may have been perfect in the Nehruvian era and the Indira/Rajiv era , this approach may not suffice the needs of future generations.

    The result of current approach to education – unhealthy competition, lack of exploration, low risk taking, too much bookish learning is telling on the nation’s entrepreneurial spirits in the engineering space.

    Parents also share equal responsibility for this state of affairs. Parents seem to want employable graduates so that their wards can be “settled” soon and married off. Basically they view education (coaching fees, college fees) as an investment to be paid back with good return!

  33. This article is exactly what jee is and those who are saying the facts are exaggerated then go ask an jee aspirant he will tell you the ground reality. The social skill part, Missing all the fun ? . It is much more harsh on your mind then it looks like and if you fail you stop believing in yourself.

  34. That’s why India stands far behind in research and innovations. Cause a certificate of being an IIT graduate is more important than being competent. And I really regret wasting my 2-3 valuable years in such a sheep race. Cause that shit that we studied was never used after the JEE exam, neither in Engineering nor in Job. If a person learns some skills like trading/coding/communication/ business strategy or Anything that he wants to learn. He/She will earn much more than those IIT graduates and will be much more successful, I have seen such real examples.

    • Some American kids start programming computer games by the time they are 16. The world’s richest man Bill Gates started working on his unused school computer during his teens. He dropped out of college to start Microsoft. Some even drop out of college to start companies. Take stories of Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg etc…

      A college degree should be viewed as a journey not the destination. Sometimes life takes turns that no one can predict so one has to be prepared always to do something very different from what one studied in college.

      Meanwhile our young middle class kids are being trained to crack objective questions in science and maths. No opportunity for them to do self discovery with any hobbies like coding, electronics, digital art, machines or developing some practical and useful skills through school level physics or chemistry.. But I know it is an unthinkable proposition for Indian parents to let their kids pursue something they enjoy or even let their wards just be normal teenagers.

  35. Thanks to Sony, Somebody has to say this and you said it. Putting so much extra effort the student becomes anything other than what he ought to be. Not for himself , for the whole world it would be disaster . But this happens not just in India alone.

  36. I think the problem inside IITs are very big, students here are depressed, confused. Students at IITs are better than top ivy leagues when they start 1st year, when they leave they are far lower than them. They are again put into a ratrace which is unfortunately about higher grades rather than learning.

    • In fact the depth of phy, chem and maths one gets exposed to during an IIT prep is the level at which a first year engg. student takes in the US or Korea.
      So academically in our country we STUFF in more phy,chem and math into our 17-18 year olds, so some are possibly burnt out by the time they are 19-20. It is not a coincidence that in such a PRESSURE KEG some will hate their engineering courses mid-way through their UG and move to on to other lines like MBA.

      But I am no academic expert but common sense in me dictates one serious question is to measure the outcome: why are our engineers not able to build world class engineering companies in India? Look at Korea and China – Samsung, LG, Xiaomi or Huawei – how does the academic rigour in their premier institutes compare to IIT? What is it their premier institutes do in their academics that makes even their average engineers READY to do the world class things (within their countries) once they graduate?

  37. I think problem is more inside IIT these days. Students at IIT are better than top ivy leagues when they enter IITs, when they leave they are far lower than them. Students are again put into a ratrace inside which is unfortunately about grades rather than learning and excelling.

  38. Similar or more difficult price are paid by Medicos also not only during preparation but in colleges also and later on in life too

  39. it is a pseudo competition. if there are 100 bright indian boys and girls who can become excellent engineers, why not give all of them a chance ? why eliminate some of them just because i have no seats.? why not there be a minimum threshold for entry into IIT , instead of a maximum earned. let people pursue what they want if they satisfy a minimum creiteria.
    if there are 100 boys and girls who can become excellent doctors why fail them in entry-competition ? because you have not enough seats ? damn increase them. let us have excellent professionals in this country.

    • This is not the way to get good professional
      There is certay rule a/q to which student have to take admission
      Competition is to choose best among best

    • There is not enough infrastructure to support any of this. No jobs to support the ever increasing entry of students into the job market… Dearth of not only good quality jobs but well paying jobs. As competition increase (due to high population and very very limited resources) there is a natural flight towards security from money and thus, it is easy to blame that a child didn’t study hard enough (because IITs exists) rather than saying and improving the system as a whole. (Still the new NEP policy is a positive step in this place, hope it helps the young in the coming future)

  40. Not many people start the prep at early age..most of them give just 2 years to the prep.. get your facts ryt..don’t extrapolate unnecessarily

  41. Survival of the fittest. Any profession whether Engineering, Medicine, IAS etc needs preparation for many years right from childhood. It is said that if you study with interest rather than study hard will make you achieve your goals.
    A person who doesn’t work hard in Teenage is bound to suffer later. A person who enjoys teenage without studying will curse himself later seeing the success of hard workers.
    Yes you can play any game for an hour which gives you strength and happiness and gives impetus to study. You have to schedule your time of study. I used to study from 9.00 Am to 1 pm sleep from 2 -4 pm play football 4-6 pm have supper at 6 pm and study upto 11 pm for my PG preparation. Every weekend I used to watch movies.
    It’s all how you prioritise your life. If you study upto X std you get lesser job and XII you get a clerical job or call centre job and if you study MBBS , MD , IIT or IAS your life is different. Choice is yours. Enjoy now or never.

    • I think you could not understand the crux of the article. They are not emphasizing the need to not study, instead they are saying what I’ll effects this system has on the minds of students. The point is even if a person who studies the same way as u have written may not be able to clear the exam. That means despite having the potential, the person is tagged as being ineligible. Is that’d right. Studying is an essential part of everbody’s life but the aim of studying should not be jobs and life after the jobs but the satisfaction and happiness that one gets through it. I am surprised that such thoughts are coming from a doctor!!

    • Dear Learned Dr Vinay Kumar Dawson MS. AIIMS,

      Your prognosis

      “.. person who doesn’t work hard in Teenage is bound to suffer later .. person who enjoys teenage without studying will curse himself later ..”

      is advice that yours truly disregarded when he was a teenager. 

      Maybe that is why I occupy a small corner office in a distant backwater of Europe pushing papers as a small cog in a gigantic bureaucracy whilst luminaries like you become the movers, shakers and shapers of society !  Your detailed prescription for what needs to be done when the clock strikes 9 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 4pm  etc. is precisely what I lacked. 

      You see learned Doctor, when I was a teenager, I dedicated a lot of my time to ogling at pretty girls and extrapolating from their visible curves, contours and protrusions and other anatomical assets to their more invisible anatomical assets.  Perhaps my methodologies are not particularly “sanskaari” in today’s Hindutva centric world. But boy, they were pleasurable ! Odd that you did not indulge in that sort activity … maybe you didn’t have the right hormones …

      But learned Doctor, I do not find myself cursing myself despite my having thoroughly enjoyed my teenage life. On the contrary, I am immensely glad I did not become a hormoneless automaton and slave of a bloody clock …

  42. Problem is not iit,problem is mentality of mostly indians, people think iit is only way to safe future,
    But no one this about this precious life. Not only iit’s Jee but any other competitive exam aspirant has same problem, From childhood we all learn only one thing “life is a race and I am a horse, If I loss I will die.”

  43. The communists & the brown British in India have hatred of Hindus & this nation!! NO Wonder why they don’t shift to China where writing anti Han or anti national rubbish will put them in jail!!

    The west stole Hindu science, knowledge & wealth to label them as theirs!! Today’s communists & brown British are doing much worse!!

    • Well, Do you even think before writing? Ancient Indian scholars had put forward various scientific concepts which is well known and acknowledged. Even, tons of ancient records are been looked upon. But, Pseudoscience can’t be accepted, whether you associate it with nationalism, culture or religion. Hatred for any religion lies in its representation.Hinduism is not much acknowledged, just, because people like you only brag about culture, and do nothing to the core.

  44. 1.5M/13K > 1000?
    Check your Math, it should say more than 100 students apply per seat, rather than a 100.

  45. Yes lost childhood….yes cast quota….Abe reservation Lodon ko aur kya ayega….ghanta….

  46. Absolutely right…. Even I have also faced this all things when I was preparing for jee……
    Competitive exam HAVE importance in our life BUT they are NOT more important than our LIFE…….

  47. The Print reports always try to make every issue, a scandal.
    I am father of an IITian.
    I never put pressure on him for study. He is absolutely normal person physically, socially, mentally and spiritually.
    He has spent his childhood as normal child.

    Stop writing and publishing such fictitious bullshit articles……

    • you may be the father of an IITian there are many who are not. Your life experiences are not reflective of the society at large. And just because you think you gave him a normal childhood doesn’t mean he feels the same way.

    • We all put on a happy face hiding our pain and emotions …have you ever asked your child if he was happy or not , by the nature of your comment you look like a person with a bullshit boomer mentaltity , stop boasting your stupid rules in our modern world you take all the colours for our success ( the skills through which we can become successful but we couldn’t just because of people like you and this moron society boasting it’s shitty rules and regulations and you know what we don’t give a f*ck of what you think ) and put us in the annoying race of “who’s the best, who is the all India topper” …. I always wonder why people in other countries like America are happy and successful….because the do what they feel good in doing and people supports them there ….but here in India if you have a hobby , forget about it …. and If someone is not good in studyjng he/she is seen as a criminal in society just like he/she did a herenious act , instead of supporting him mentally we start killing him/her because in India we only want to support the powerful , we don’t want to make anyone powerful we just want to be with the powerful and that’s why you sick ass people are not happy

    • Stop pretending like your know your child. I am a 17 year old aspirant and almost no one I know, senior or friend or anyone who has gotten into IIT is open to their parents about the mental trauma they had to face in the journey. Especially Indian Children, we never share anything with our parents because we will most probably get bad rep for it, or you will dismiss like it’s nothing. So please stop. Its sickening to see. No one is in a good mental state at the end of jee because of how absolutely toxic it is.

    • With all due respect, I admire that you have never pressured your son for academics, but open your eyes to the struggles of other people. Just because it’s not happened to your son, or your Neighbors. Doesn’t mean it’s not happening to other kids.

    • Sir I respect your opinion but firstly make your ward read this article and decide if it’s relevant or not. U are not an IITian your son is one. According to you everything is going well but ask your ward about this too.
      Indian education system ranks 133 off 180 in the world making it one of the worse systems across the world. ( USA ranks 19 )
      I am going through this phase of preparation for JEE and can certainly say that this article is 90% relevant. Seat for an IIT comes with an expense of many other things which may eventually be more important in life rather than an IITian tag.

      • Please do whatever you believe is more important. But, do not scandalise important things just because you are not able to do it.

    • You are a lucky parent. Most parents have to force their children to study. In some cases parents even pack their wards off to Kota or Hyderabad for 3-4 years. I can understand IIT or NEET prep classes give the child an edge if the child is talented, or wants to aim for IIT or AIIMS. But if the child is an average learner in science/maths and does not enjoy it then the parent should withdraw the child from such pressure.

  48. Life at IIT is a mess. It’s not worth of the hard work we put in to get here. Once ypu reach IIT you have administration controlling and giving no freedom to the students. We are bombarded with so much work and here is such a pressurized environment, one can’t survive. Yes this is the life after wasting two good years of your life. You get a ratrace going in here, where everyone is following one or another, trying things they don’t even know they wnat to do, just that they get relevant skills to apply for certain internship or certain project. People in IIT have no life. Given now ONLINE SEMESTER, it killing the inside of everyone, everyone wants to be back in campus enjoy atleast being with friends to live thorugh this hell hole of IIT, but they can’t. Even after alp the sacrifices made by us, Undergraduates are not even checkwd once for what they want. I tink people who didn’t get into IITs should thank god that they are alive and can enjoy their life and are not rotting up here in a rat race for fake excellence.

    • Very wrong and negative statements.
      This world has more unhappy people who can’t be happy anywhere!!

  49. The madness to get into one of the iits is understandable but sadly reflects the systemic rot that has taken place in the name of education for all involved.
    The basic problem that has brought in this systemic rot is a callous and almost irreverent attitude towards what constitutes education and what it stands for. Right now what passes off in the name of education or rather what is packaged as education is an almost mindless ritual whose only purpose is a promise to get an attractive paycheck and hence secure the future.
    The very purpose of education should be an appreciation and an endeavour to understand and explore one’s chosen field of interest, where the only guiding light should be to enhance one’s faculty to the extent that one can not only enrich his understanding of the subject but also make meaningful contribution to the chosen field.
    All this gets lost in the mindless rush to grab a seat in some imagined premier institute which may not enhance one’s knowledge and abilities but may ensure a well paying job.
    What is dismaying is an almost comical mindset that a well paying job is a yardstick of knowledge and hence ability.
    True knowledge and hence ability can only be measured by how much a person is able to contribute meaningfully in the enhancement of his field of interest or activity. To put it simply how much a person can innovate or contribute in technological terms in his field of activity, determines a person’s knowledge and ability. But sadly, most people
    judge their ability by how much repetitive work they do seating in their office cubicle.
    Very recently, the IITs have adopted a policy where, if any student fails to complete his four years graduation in engineering, he will be awarded a three years bachelor in science degree. I was utterly dismayed, that how come a student of an IIT cannot complete his engineering graduation. Then what good is this mad rush for a seat in an IIT.
    This shows engineering education in India is a failure. When a field of knowledge like engineering is sought after for the only purpose of a well paid job, quality is bound to suffer.
    Now then what is the way out of this rot. One option may be to make engineering education two- tiered. Just like there is premedical training in medical sciences, similarly a three year diploma in engineering should be made mandatory for all engineering aspirants. For those students who are aspiring for an engineering job, a diploma in engineering is enough. Those students who want to get into a graduation course in engineering should be required to submit an original work in his branch of engineering to an autonomous commitee who will examine and approve it as original and of high quality. Only such students should be allowed to get into a graduation course in engineering.
    Many more such options may be explored and discussed. Only then can the engineering education in this country be improved.

    • Engineering education is fine in this country.

      It is just what an IIT aspirant wants to get out of it. If an aspirant is looking for quick riches or a great position then he/she is likely to run out of gas sooner than later. This IIT mania has been created by society and coaching institutes which have glorified the difficulty of the exam to countless average and below average school students. But if he/she is of above average intellect and genuinely interested in knowing how machines work and fixing them or improving them, he/she will be able to step on the gas pedal and do something worthwhile in his/her life.

    • Here we go again. Another condemnation of the haves by the have-nots. The article preaches intellectual communism of the clueless.
      The selective process in education in India has worked. After all, this is the only place where education is venerated through the image of a goddess. It has worked to transform a country spat out to be a primitive servant population by the British in 1947 into a leading tech savvy nation in 2021- better than most in the world and better than what the one-time masters have currently.
      It took institutions like the IIT to achieve such transformation. The Congress government has partially achieved the invalidation of an IIT degree by quadrupling their numbers. Still, the brand endures and survives.
      All the sweaty preparation to enter the IITs transform young minds for intellectual pursuits. To say otherwise is to spew hatred by the liberal left. Institutions like JNU and St. Stephens mold leftist guerrillas lining up for protests. These lightweights coming mostly from affluent families eventually wither away in life where as the IIT graduates survive and sustain in our increasingly technological world.
      The criticism comes from those who cannot get into IITs. Sort of sour grapes. Please go away and continue your protests. By the way, the chief of your dream land, Xi Jinping conducts an even tougher exam than JEE- the Gaokao. Please do some research. Chairman Xi will not help your cause since he wants to tell Chinese students what to do based on their test scores.

      • OMG how can you be so narrow minded? According to you everyone should experience each and everything before giving any opinion? Have you heard about learning by observation? Humans grow as a collective society no single person knows everything but everyone can have a opinion about everything. Anyhow ITTs are not everything a Phd in Physics or A Masters in CS is more credible then an ITTian. The issue is real and you can’t deny it.

      • To each his own! Evaluate your child’s competencies and then decide what he/she is cut out for. High IQ individuals please do make a bee-line for such ‘holier than thou’ institutions…by all means! Neither is the IIT the ‘be all and end all’ of things nor is it as hallowed as made out to be. We have a plethora of sound options where we can lead a balanced, cheerful and sane life! BTW, Corona doesn’t make any distinctions, does it? !

  50. We are paying price after prized IIT seat rather than for prized IIT seat. couldn’t pursue my hobbies fully because of online education

  51. I really don’t blame anyone for this. It’s just that parents(and all others) think that education is something used to become rich. And being rich is having a successful life. And yes, the definition of success changes from person to person. As of now, money can buy almost anything, be it friends( pseudo-friends to be precise), relatives, happiness, yeah kind of everything. We can’t blame them too. The next generation would be doing something similar (achieving everything they couldn’t get through their children). But it can also be the likes of children and sometimes not.
    But I do believe that the major issue we are facing is that, not getting equal opportunities, do you all really believe that a poor kid can really achieve something he wished for like that. The Government tries hard to get education free for all. But what about its quality? Our whole system(not just the education sector) is built in such a way that the poor remain in the slums forever (maybe there is an exception, like one in a million) and the rich get richer.

  52. This article is total misleading. What The Print expecting from this article? Do you want students too addict too useless social media and do useless videos.

    • You can’t say that it is totally misleading because there are many things that we also observe coaching institute and the environment in which the students are put a lot of mental pressure on then and at last they decide to give up or the students who are not able to give up due to family pressure choose to attempt suicide. Because they it is more easy then the pressure they get during the preparation. I am also an jee preparing student and I have also encountered such thing from last 1.5 years till 10th class I was a football player and play very well then the students of my age but from last 1.5 years I have not even seen the ground.

    • No the article just reminds you that you need all round development to lead a fuller, richer life and that just graduating from an IIT does not guarantee success. It does not mean that you waste time on social media or keep watching meaningless videos endlessly. Take up a sport, read books, develop a hobby or simply take time to think and let your mind develop. These are essential to growing up, building personality and overall becoming a better human being.

    • This article wants the students not get addicted to the useless education. Not that everything is useless, even the smallest things have a value in life, whether it be studying or time on social media.

    • Bro any addiction results from the feeling of .hopelessness whether it is an addiction to social media or any other thing. And a success rate of 0.1 seems pretty hopeless to me

  53. Indian education leads to the destruction of the childhood,social life,enjoyness,and the last and the most important thing is the creativity which is continuously destroying by this fucking indian education. I’m sorry for using this language but seriously they have made us a robo who can’t even think in the social issue.

  54. I’m a student at IIT Kanpur and I’m pretty sure we’re not socially awkward or anything what this article makes us out to be. If you wanna blame anyone blame the system ,i.e., the coaching institutes.

  55. Somewhere the article is true..some outstanding students achieve both..IIT
    and personal life too…

  56. I would say that studying hard doesn’t destroy childhood or deteriorate social lives in any way.And you just know how to show he negative side of something.Think positively.How proud would a child’s parents be when he/she clears JEE/NEET/IIT or any other great exam.Other csreer options are also nice but once you have a good degree,your future is safe.And the thing that you said about friends,instead of studying if i will play whole day with my friends then i will also end up as a simple graduate with no experience.It is not that you have to study whole day in a small room.If you concentrate and study just for 5-6 hours daily,you can easily crack the hardest exams in the world.All you need is intrest in the subject/topic which you are learning.And as far as it is about the childhood, you tell me what would someone acheive in their lives just by playing games and watching tv whole day?you have to sacrifice something small in order to achieve something greater.This is the rule of life.Nothing comes for free.Everything has a price to pay.If you study hard in your teenage,your future will be bright and your life will become more easier.If you spend your teenage playing games,making girlfriends,or getting involved into other useless things,then your entire future will be ruined and you will end up with a small job that is not permanent.Remember this.

    • You could spend your teens doing interesting things with your hands. Like building things and applying the science and maths you learnt in school and showcasing your work in science competitions. Or take an internship in a sales job during your vacations. That will teach you social skills and practical skills. Otherwise you are just cramming equations and formulas which will anyway be forgotten in the future.

      There is a saying – I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
      True learning is when knowledge is put into action.

  57. This is utter crap !! I am an IITian and know several hundred others. Most of us have a hobby and have not gone through what you have mentioned in the article.

    Journalists like you screw up the image of media. Sigh. There should be an IIT kind of screening for becoming journalists.

      • Yes only a few are endowed with ability, attitude and blessed with conducive atmosphere to join IITs. Parents or a student who aspires to be among IITs bandwagon will have to put super effort. All other issues are coincidental. If you don’t get a job or unable to earn after IIT graduation what’s IIT?

  58. I went through the same thing when i was preparing for neet in kota,i felt as if i was living on a different planet the institutions make u believe and think that these exams r the end of the world,a girl from my batch of 200 students committed suicide during the first month of our coaching, my parents didn’t give me a smart phone while i was living in kota so that i could focus better it helped but the routine there is so rigorous , tiring and frustrating its toxic for teens like us

    • Yes true,
      what after getting good score and getting admission in the IIT like institutes. Your entire further career is depend on the jugad… because we are living in the jugad country…. No relation, no selection…. whether you are bright students or whatever you are…….
      I don’t know what this education system want’s to make people’s ….

  59. Mixing things much?
    “This skill gap haunts them even when they graduate. Despite all the hard work engineering students put in, a survey conducted in 2019 found that 80 per cent of engineers “are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy and only 2.5 per cent of them possess technical skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that industry requires”.
    Repeat after me:
    IIT engineers aren a tiny subset of All Engineers.
    Soft Skills and hard skills aren’t same. [what article was supposed to be talking about).
    Engineering is not just coding.
    All coding is not AI.

    Simple, eh!

  60. Correct article .due to the parents force the children want to study with high burden .we have to change the parents sence and develop their thoughts

  61. As a student at IIT Bombay, I can completely agree upon this. I had to quit my hobby of playing the Keyboard after class 10th, as I started preparing for JEE.
    But even after so many sacrifices and studying for 12hrs+ every single day, all what we got is online classes with stress even more than that of during JEE days.
    Life of a JEE aspirant is tough. Whether it be while preparing for JEE or after getting selected at IIT. We still have to grind every single day to get an okayish grade. Online IIT is just like an extended JEE with more stress and competition (as you are competing with the best).
    Please don’t glorify IIT. It is nice, but doesn’t deserve the disappointment and depression of those 99% students who didn’t make it through.

    (And thanks for showing the real life of “Sharma Ji ka Beta”)

  62. One has a right to decide once own future – one can throw away their childhood for immediate happiness or struggle in childhood for a better future. Childhood is the foundation on which life is built. When you struggle for iit, AIIMS or something like that you may reach somewhere if not iit or aiims. Success in life depends on struggle.

  63. There is a toll to be paid for families, even the much older generation!
    I hear about grandparents staying with their grandchildren in Kota for the entire IIT JEE exam coaching of 2 years or more.
    Do any of these kids who get into IIT bother to acknowledge the sacrifices of their parents and grandparents after they graduate from IIT and go abroad?

  64. Rather than reading whole year without a PLAN, you should have a PLAN and then Learn to get a sense of accomplishment and motivation as student. LearnLite ( is first and only app which has PLAN and then Learn for JEE/NEET.

  65. Well.. they are far far better than the jehidis you promote and support who contribute nothing to the society. This stupid article was expected from jehadis like you

  66. Our governments past and present cannot adequately stimulate creation of new businesses and jobs for the millions born in this country. So they have created this competitive exam addiction to keep students minds busy. After cramming bookish knowledge for years , most students eventually find not many jobs exist in private sector where they can apply their learnt bookish skills. And then they start preparing for govt exams to get govt jobs…our society is truly in a rat race.

  67. Missed childhood compensates with better adult hood…
    Good girl, car, bank balance, luxury House, vacations trip… What else you need…

  68. Even in developed countries such a competitive exam does not exist. Teenagers in USA and Europe simply do not face this kind of pressure. Most of them enjoy their last year’s of schooling doing the normal things teenagers are expected to do.

    Any exam can only be a test of past knowledge.
    No exam can ensure the selected candidate can invent or discover something new. Our education (and society) should be actually be geared towards asking, exploring and probing skills and behaviour that lead to creation of new knowledge. No wonder new technologies, products or ideas in any field are not usually created in India.

  69. Trust me, NEET is no big deal. Of course, you need to store insane amount of information. But for JEE, you need the grey cells working!

  70. This is a known social problem. Nothing new that parents do not know. I suggest the Print should instead give us data and stories on those who made it into IIT but could not pass out of IIT. Also stories on IIT dropouts who went on to do well in life or career.

  71. If you don’t move to the first batch in a couple of months in a coaching institute, then you are not making it. It’s just that the parents do not or not willing to accept it. I’ve heard all kinds of things from parents waiting outside during the exams, like, ‘trying our luck’, ‘worked very hard’, ‘brilliant’ only to find from their wards returning from the exam that they are only expecting 10-20%. It’s their parents to be blamed for having forced them to study. You can’t blame the coaching institutes, for these are the students giving them money!

  72. A journalist writing about cracking IIT exams ??
    Dude/behenji you kindly focus on your writing. Don’t worry yourself with something as elite as IIT exams.

    And do you know something called making sacrifices to achieve something bigger in life. I’m sure no one forces anyone to get into these institutions. Its the person’s own aspirations, so they better fulfill it.

    And if they can’t, then let them not act like a cry baby. World is meant to be ruthless and tough, no space for papa ki pari…

    Do or go and die.

    • That is the point of journalism, shitskin, the writer has clearly asked opinions of many experts and wrote it down. Yet, Indians don’t accept reality, a backward country for backward people, eat your own crap, third worlder cunt, you will quiver at the feet of us due to how inferior your kind is.

  73. wp_die()
    I really appreciate the writer for this article.
    People just see if we got a seat in IIT or some medical college. If didn’t get a seat, they just consider us a loser.
    They don’t think that it’s not just a seat we have lost but, our teen age joys, health, valuable years etc.

    Hatsoff to this writer ?

  74. In my opinion,the parents should be made aware of all this.
    They realise much later in life that due to this pressure of cracking any kind of professional exam creates a big gap between the child n parents.
    Heading a school myself, I have always been vocal about it.
    Parents lose out on beautiful relationship with their children

  75. The survey you used to support your statement that 80% of IIT graduates are unprepared for the workplace is for all engineering graduates, not just IIT. Also, not every engineering graduate goes on to work in AI, so the 2.5% metric is meaningless as well. Overall I found the quality of this article to be very one-sided, and it reads more like someone trying to confirm their own worldview rather than examine the system critically.

  76. Students need to do some yoga for 15 mins and also have to carry out some house work such as cleaning home/ house/rooms/toilets regularly, washing their own clothes and also going in the nature sometimes.
    By doing this we get an extra energy to carry out extra work.
    Also it builds respect towards work and automatically personality get developed.

  77. This kind of reporting about education system in USA or UK will have those respective governments at your door step… But when it comes to other countries, so nice of you guys to take so many honest liberties while reporting… The process of becoming a doctor or an engineer, after getting into a university is tough anywhere. Yes, there are loopholes in every system, but most survive…

  78. I am apalled at what IITians have to say in comments sections,You really still don’t understand what an intellectually advanced society or progressive society and nation should be should be .Well those who say that they have had no problems at all , well people still may have not given you a reality check.Also, if you think that everybody else who are complaining or raising an issue here and trying to have a discussion have low IQ , were lazy, don’t have an aptitude , to bring to your notice ,many of them have better capabilities an skills ,then IITians.As far as IITians having scientific aptitude ,well I have known many of them, and it is questionable.Within IIT aspirants , how the competition distorts their thinking and psychology forever. Well you must have been living under a rock to realize that traditional notions of intelligence , socially acceptable personalities, behaviour and success are changing rapidly, and which are rooted and justified in highly scientific theories and principles. You proved us right when , you said that everything is fine with the system , even when you see students committing suicide , and in coaching classes , teachers yelling at top of their voices , scaring young minds who are already stressed .Some giving derogatory remarks about students inaptitude to be an IITian, questioning their scientific temperament etc.

    • IIT engg. grads are not scientists. So we can’t expect them to question society’s thinking and preferences the way a true scientist or rationalist does. IIT aspirants have cracked Science exams just to get into IIT that is all. Even after they graduate, I doubt if most of them even understand the philosophy of science and the rationality of science over religion. Is the Scientific Method even taught to engg. students there? I am aware of right-wing “historians” and “religious” monks invited for lectures at IIT. Also Sanskrit departments at IIT’s, who is pushing for these departments in a technology institute – it’s clear political interference.

      • JEE and GATE exam are about cracking objective answers to certain questions. Never is the process to get that answer evaluated. I had the luck of attending courses under some of the best scientists of India. We had open book, open internet exams. You could still never answer the questions entirely. But you were evaluated and you passed based on the steps you took to approach towards a solution. Of course, there was subjectivity and abstraction in each answer which needs rigorous evaluation done personally and elaborately. Since we were only 10 or less, the coaches were grateful enough to do that. This was btw a scientist training programme.
        IITians, I think, on the other hand are trained to be problem solvers not problem developers. This is indeed one type of intelligence but entirely leaves out abstraction and subjectivity which is actually at the root of science and mathematics. Mathematics especially is entirely like a language rather than a a natural science, since a lot of concepts are simply impractical. For example, you cannot have -2 apples. But negative numbers are useful to represent debt. So too, then does math have its own poetry and subjectivity which manyatimes we can perceive as a concept in our minds but never able to touch it. Research is a constant struggle to touch that abstraction. There is great joy in such a subjectivity and by not making exams cater to this subjectivity, we are making students lose out on the real happiness in education. Honestly, most Indian teachers are incapable of setting or checking a true subjective exam paper.

        • With a million students taking the JEE every year, it is difficult to select using subjective questions.

          But in their btech degree, I believe the exams are all subjective.

        • If education is looked at as a game to be won, our young kids are just trying to play the game.

          They are trying to game the entry into the higher education system. Can’t blame anyone – not parents, not them, not the coaching institutes.

          Any test-taking based entrance education system will produce great test-takers who study what is necessary to crack the test.
          For IIT profs, it’s hard for them to design an alternative system to select candidates in a student population of 1 million every year.

          I would be more interested in knowing about how they’re taught and tested inside IIT. From what I have heard from employers, they are trained and efficient problem solvers, but never great problem definers. They may do things right, but may not know how to choose the right things to do. I guess that is something for IIT profs to work on.

  79. Hi All Readers!
    The person who wrote this article looks like trying to kill the interest of the potential students and parents trying to get into an IIT Institutes, which are worlds topmost Institute among. Also we are having toughest entrance exams like in the same way.. IAS, IPS, CA, CLAW, UPSC.. to mention so many.
    If we sstart demotivate all the students in the same way, our INDIAN topmost Institutes which are among worlds BEST Institutes,will get suffer.
    Don’t we know the qualifying percentage of CA, IPS, IPS
    .. many more entrance exams.
    Are we not seeing the problems facing by IAS, IPS officers due to various reasons.
    If we all start thinking in the same lines, then whole our INDIAN education system will get demotivated & spoiled.
    If we see overall, every competive exam is difficult.
    It doesn’t mean that, difficult to preparew for it.
    Request not to right this kind of articles whcich creates fear in the students & parents minds.
    As mentioned in the article, GOVT should take initiative to stop Commecialising the competitive exams coaching by private players to make crores of rupees.

    • Excuse me, I think you did not notice but here we are talking about TEENAGERS can… getting in to college, getting into a good college is difficult, getting into college where fees is less is difficult, so YOUNG CHILDREN, AS YOUNG AS 12 start grinding themselves for just getting into s college…it’s not like you automatically get a good job….or secure future… that’s totally different race run.
      Question here is, Is it really important to make things like college a rare thing to get ?
      Parents do not just want best but cheapest college… that’s IIT or NIT for you….so there is competition…but then there is BITS also which is easier to get to…but the fee is very high. Same goes for medical college.
      Secondly, almost every science stream student gives this exam in the country… that’s like 1/3 of the total teen population…so don’t you think it’s a bit too much. In addition to all this there are not many reputable, nicely paying jobs in India. And now Indian government is making government jobs more and more rare.
      Unlike other countries students who don’t even have any interest in Science, choose science… obviously because you can become DOCTOR OR ENGINEER then (Reputable job*).
      In developed countries like Germany, the school system allows children to take desired stream( they have vocational courses)…also the college fees is minimal, because the government takes education seriously…much like Kerala where education is cheaper…so people are educated.
      Jobs in Germany pay almost equal… doesn’t matter you are engineer or carpenter.
      In Finland, they don’t even have competitive exams…why you ask ?
      Well, the nearest college is the best… because all colleges are equal. They think all children are equal. They have one of the least school hours…so that children can be creative. Students there know multiple languages…they have hobbies, know how to cook…and many other social skills.
      If you think all this is not so… important and… what important is for competition remain…after reading all of this.
      Then let me tell you, education system of Finland is best ( or one of the best) because when students performance was taken into consideration FINLAND performed better than USA, UK, CHINA and many other countries.
      See for yourself :

      • A Finnish person called Linus Torvalds created Linux the world’s most popular OS . He did it because he had interest in coding an OS, it was just a passion thing, no monetary gains I have not heard of an OS or other software written by an IIT student that is developed within an IIT and really popular worldwide…

    • Excuse me, I think you did not notice but here we are talking about TEENAGERS can… getting in to college, getting into a good college is difficult, getting into college where fees is less is difficult, so YOUNG CHILDREN, AS YOUNG AS 12 start grinding themselves for just getting into s college…it’s not like you automatically get a good job….or secure future… that’s totally different race run.
      Question here is, Is it really important to make things like college a rare thing to get ?
      Parents do not just want best but cheapest college… that’s IIT or NIT for you….so there is competition…but then there is BITS also which is easier to get to…but the fee is very high. Same goes for medical college.
      Secondly, almost every science stream student gives this exam in the country… that’s like 1/3 of the total teen population…so don’t you think it’s a bit too much. In addition to all this there are not many reputable, nicely paying jobs in India. And now Indian government is making government jobs more and more rare.
      Unlike other countries students who don’t even have any interest in Science, choose science… obviously because you can become DOCTOR OR ENGINEER then (Reputable job*).
      In developed countries like Germany, the school system allows children to take desired stream( they have vocational courses)…also the college fees is minimal, because the government takes education seriously…much like Kerala where education is cheaper…so people are educated.
      Jobs in Germany pay almost equal… doesn’t matter you are engineer or carpenter.
      In Finland, they don’t even have competitive exams…why you ask ?
      Well, the nearest college is the best… because all colleges are equal. They think all children are equal. They have one of the least school hours…so that children can be creative. Students there know multiple languages…they have hobbies, know how to cook…and many other social skills.
      If you think all this is not so… important and… what important is for competition remain…after reading all of this.
      Then let me tell you, education system of Finland is best ( or one of the best) because when students performance was taken into consideration FINLAND performed better than USA, UK, CHINA and many other countries.

  80. While i was in 10+2 PCMB, i was a AVERAGE student & i used to bring IIT solved Question papers THICK Book from my Library & finish a SINGLE page in a day.❕AND FINALLY i ENDED up with DIPLOMA in Engg.?

  81. Very rightly articled and the education ministry of India should appreciate contributions by any concerned citizens for the good of our children. The one concerned which I passed as a parent was ,how can a 3yr old child be enrolled into any pre – or schooling centre’s where their young brains will meet the situation where only compelled parents in a country like ours ,where fight is might.

  82. This is a subtle attack on a system that has worked well. By the way, the situation is no different in the US for admission to reputed colleges. Removing a technical entrance exam is not a solution as the admission process will be subjective and nebulous as is the case in US. In Indian system, a poor meritorious student has a decent shot at admission to premier institutes but I do not think it is the case with US institutions despite how much ever propaganda they make.

  83. If there is a will there is a way, I was taught in my primary school, I guess the writer needs primary lessons.

  84. The problem is with parents who do not understand the capability of their children before putting them into coaching institutes. The dream of IIT for them is a nightmare for their children. Nobody can stop parents from getting on to this bandwagon. Children suffer while coaching business prospers.

    The author unnecessary laments on issues which are not the root of the problem. Plus the mathematics and the logic used to explain this issue is not adequate. Please analyse holistically to enrich journalism that we can appreciate.

  85. article writer is someone who left kota after a week and taken admission to private engineering college… or a backbenchers or a frustrated of study hey all you readers we are all good here in kota

  86. Agreeing to most of what is mentioned here, the author emphasizes on 1 in 1000, when it should be 1 in 100…a simple calculator would have avoided this error….you add NITs …dont know…some 20000 more seats so the ratio comes down to 1 in 50 odd….much better than what we faced 20 years back with 6 IITs and 3000 odd seats….plus multiple exams….life has become better with the plethora of decent colleges coming up….

  87. Abe gadho calculations to thik Kiya Karo.
    1.5 million agar 13000 seats k liye fight krrhe h to har seat k liye 100 students honge na ki 1000.

    • Your math is the reason you didn’t get into IIT lmao

      1,500,000/13000 = ?
      Use a calculator, have fun.

  88. Very true. Sacrifice is way too high. None get rewards if they stay in INDIA. Toll on life and childhood is incomparable. Later everyone around these geniuses evolves, but they all forgot what it took to reach IIT

  89. 1.5 million for 13000 seats is 115 students per seat not 1000. You made mistake factor of 10 in mathematics and got impressive conclusions.

  90. A Software Developer who had completed from an ordinary college with good skills, with good experience in his or her career is still a Developer…they don’t get chance as Higher official…to maximize they may become a Team leader…Though they have extra ordinary skills they are not given a chance as Manager…Project lead…Here there is a regression in parents that because of an ordinary college ..they are not given a chance to prove..
    They want there children to touch the sky ..which they couldn’t..that is also one of the reason for compelling the kids to go for An IIT ..and achieve the best ..which a parent couldn’t achieve in their career…and motivate their children to scarify their life…..

  91. Please correct your maths. For every seat there would be over a 100 aspirants and not 1000. 115 to be precise.

  92. There is no need to write huge articles about these things, without some basic information. It is a feudal language nation.

    The desperation is to escape the Thoo level in professional live and to arrive at the Aap level. Hobbies and everything else can wait.

    In medical studies also the mood is the same. However, in the case of IIT, there is a dream of escaping from this social system and being able to run off to some native English nation, possibly the US, where feudal languages are still in their budding state.

  93. I being a medico can totally relate to this and the caste reservations make it much more worse forus under general merit to get to our goals . It’s a rat race, you wanna study as genuinely as possible, you cannot . You need to gear up for the Rat Race that is your PG exams .That is where the whole beauty of studying dies. You cannot be a good doctor if you just study for exams . But that is where we are headed right now.

  94. Only loosers who can’t crack it themselves will say so. I am an IIT grad, had an amazing fun childhood with many friends who are still around and I am a national level badminton player. IIT doesn’t have anything to do with not having friends or a life.

    • I attest to Cyan’s sentiment. In fact many of my classmates at IIT have varied interests including music, sports, quizzes, social service etc. This article does not reflect the IITans I grew up with.

    • There is a seven letter word : humility. Not all people would be as privileged as you and they struggle as mentioned above.

    • You are talking like chatur of 3 idiots?.
      You shouldn’t be so harsh. Not qualifying jee doesn’t mean they are losers. I am also an IITian but I m not bragging this as an achievement to taunt someone and what is use of such achievement to demean someone.
      This clearly clarifies the kind of social skills you are having .

    • Just so you know, dear IITian, every human being has different brain capacity, social skills, family situation, friend circle and much more. You should consider yourself lucky to get want to want without losing anything. You may have cracked one of the toughest exams in the world and became a topper, but you miserably failed to have the toughest skill any human must have, POLITENESS. Which genius tutor of yours taught you to call other aspirants “losers” without knowing their situation? You are just lucky (and talented ofc) but severely lack empathy, this is what your IITian brain did this to you, thus proved the correctness of this article. 🙂

      • Very well said Person !

        Cyan’s swagger and utter lack of humility is the last thing I would want to see in a young man or woman. Sadly, in many instances Indian parenting encourages precisely this type of arrogance and bluster.

    • Excuss me sir! Excpetions are always there. Last week i saw a 13 yr kid preparing for jee. Skipping his playing time.

    • well said. may be they restricting themselves involving in other fun, sports, family get together etc., everything can be managed. only thing is their willingness, involvement.

    • Speak for yourself Cyan. Your anecdotal experience cannot be generalised.

      And heard of the word “humility” ?

    • Mr. Cyan, you do realise you may be an exception? The article does not suggest all IITians are socially inept and have lost childhoods; rather, that most, unlike exceptions (or, exceptional) such as yourself, go through the grind described in the article.

  95. This article in itself is a overreaction… if u study ur syllabus gradually over a course of time it is not that big a deal to get in to iit… those who say it is impossible to get in without losing ur childhood are all lazy folks who doesn’t want to commit to their studies. If u don’t have conviction definitely u won’t reach the top..

    • Don’t act like a kid if you were having good circumstances that doesn’t mean that everyone out there is having the same life this article refers to the vast majority of students who are suffering out their due to various kind of problems like parental pressure, peer pressure ,etc. Not everyone out there is having the same ambition of entering a medical or engineering college due to this unguided rat race many have lost their ambitions if you are having enough resources that doesn’t mean that everyone is having them out there

    • Yes you are right… But let’s take up a probable factor… Suppose a student who falls under the mediocre class, in his high school days didn’t study regularly probably because he was lazy or he perhaps didn’t know that he would eventually got attracted to neet jee… But in due course of time when he reached 11 or 12 he happens to find out that he desperately wanted to be either a doctor or an engineer…. In this case to make up for the time he had wasted he started to prepare for jee and neet like hell…. Will your views be applicable in this case…
      Come on let’s get to know each other more….
      Maybe an online friend will be amazing….

  96. Preparing for such exams, at least students will keep away from wasting time totally absorbed into entertainment world, and reading about movie actors actresses and or imbibe smoking, drinking, indulge in other adolescent activities joining with wrong companions / friends.
    Training your mind to learn is no way unhealthy, especially in crucial development phase.
    Not everyone wants to become movie artiste or RJ or TV anchors. For a Math oriented person it is a joy solving a math problem. For instance, Physics understanding the abstract concepts and solving numerical problems gives immense joy closer to understanding our own inner Self.

    • “Math oriented person” – well kids are being made math oriented so that they can prepare for JEE. That’s probably not their inherent orientation to begin with. It’s more about getting a good job than learning math to solve math problems. It’s like saying during the admission rounds that you want to take up Chemical Engg because you have passion for chemistry and love for engineering blah blah but as soon as the kid graduates, it’s an IT job that’s being chased. Why? Because core jobs don’t pay half as much.
      Also, 100,000 kids are math oriented? Then why is India’s ranking at IMO so poor? China and USA are far ahead. If your kid is math oriented s/he should take up math, and not other vocational streams in the name of “they too use math.” On the flipside some of the kids that go to MIT , Princeton or Tshingua are far better at math as a cohort than those at IIT. Which is why those countries are ahead of India at IMO. Despite which those kids also pursue hobbies and more well rounded than thier Indian counteparts. The truth is India has far fewer opportunities for anyone who is not an IITan. Much much fewer for those who are not engineers. It’s not so in other countries. Parents jn India are not ready to assume the risk in behalf of their kids to allow them to pursue other careers like acting, dancing or sports. This has caused a pseudo jam for admissions at premier engineering colleges. Of course, there are exceptions but v v few as a Percentage of the population.

    • Having prepared for the exam myself and being in an IIT now I still beg to differ. The way jee aspirants are taught it isn’t about brain training or scientific learning. It is nearly rote learning or solving a plethora of nearly the same questions in order to get acquainted. Solving questions is not physics. The joy of self discovery of a concept or to dwell deeper into a concept or topic , something which we did in our junior classes is nearly prohibited. The coaching centres focus on formulas and solving a question. If someone seems very interested in a particular topic so as to study it further we are discouraged to do so saying IT IS MERELY A WASTE OF TIME!!!!! FOR JEE preparation most students take dummy schools and miss out on school life and many don’t even perform practicals. Imagine an engineering aspirant who just mugged up methods for practical to save time for practicing and understanding the practical. Many don’t make files. For two years they neglect language and hence lose confidence. School life is important because the coaching environment is not friendly and due to the stress from family, coaching a child self doubts his/her abilities. Performing well in JEE is not connected with how smart, intelligent or scientifically inclined one is. It is merely how much hard work and rote learning one does.

    • External knowledge cannot lead to inner knowledge!
      Self-knowledge is revealed only when you unlearn all knowledge from outside. That is the truth.

  97. We need politicians, authors, poets, thinkers, philosophers, journalists, sportsmen, athletes
    But over emphasized science education, will not be good for tomorrow’s generation. No balance between selection and implementation. Everything is forced and compelled, no our students need selection and freedom to select the right course
    Jai Hind

    • To everybody who keeps saying that ,getting that this article is to support ppl who weren’t able to get a seat because they were mediocre ,shame on you ! Not everybody has the ability to win this rat race even if they give it their all ,Do you mean that just cuz they weren’t able to pass an examination, they are meant to suffer and deserve the said suffering?!!!!

  98. This Kota factory as well learning coding in early age is a serious issues. We need emphasize on creativity, innovation & knowledge. But Indian education system is not functioning on the core. These premium institute should have more seats as well as parents should be aware of diversification of subjects matter. Only IIT or medicos doesn’t have bright future. Our children needs a valuable life to have the harmony life with nature.

  99. इसे कहते है हमारी गवर्मेन्ट का हमारे पैर पे कुल्हाड़ी मारना?

    • Oh so blame govt for the rat race that we willingly participate in?
      Govt doesnt force you to run in the rat race…

  100. I have friends who gave up few years of their life for getting into IITs today they are decades ahead in everything that matters. They live like princes and have fantastic opportunities and enviable lives. This article is written for those who can feel happy to live in mediocracy

    • Why don’t you ask your “friends” if they were really interested in engg or the field of engg they choose. Or they like it. All the money in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t enjoy the work you’re doing.

      BTW from my childhood I have always been fascinated and amazed by computers which is why I studied from 3rd tier college just to learn computers, get good pay and enjoy the work i do.

  101. Please talk something about the problems that online classes are posing on student’s of country’s premier institutions be it iit,nit or anything else. We are getting 90% marks with 0% knowledge now even some IITs are running practical lab courses online. Now when government has reopened everything, they are doing rallys with lakhs of gatherings, opened schools then why can’t they open IITs.
    We sacrifice our childhood to get a prized seat in IIT
    to just sit in front of screen and professors just scrolling the PDFs. Are they not able to manage or they don’t want to, I doubt on the intension’s of this goverment do they want all of us to be like their illiterate ministers.
    I believe The Print is very responsible news paper and specially when it comes to adress student issues.

  102. It’s the story that no Indian parent cares about. There’s no point writing about this. What could be done is improve the faculty, the facilities and most importantly the quality of education in other colleges in India, so that students like me who didn’t get into IIT are able to get a quality education and a well paying job.

  103. The jee preparation is not that much intense which this article is directing and preparing it from class 8 doesn’t make sense?.There are a lot of examples of Students who starts to prepare for it from 11th and got their goal achieved by consistent hardwork and dedication.Preparation from early classes is for only those students who are really interested in science and their curiosity is that much that they can’t wait for class 11 and this only improve their skills for jee and olympiads.It is also important to mention that rank in jee advanced depends upon how much one had studied in last 2,3,4 years but mostly depends upon how a student spends last 2-3 months before jee adv.So, finally its totally a wrong myth that high performance in jee will comes from 3-4 years of preparation.Right guidance and support can make miracle

  104. The pity of this is the needlessness of this competition. A smart society will provide diverse opportunity for all students in all subjects.. Education is important but Not this kind of rat race. What does this issue relate to Kumbh and Ram Manir?? Efforts wasted in non essential areas triggers a stampede here. Classic mistaken priority in a society.

  105. There is lack of job for engineers instead of doctors.. Why?.. Patients are more in India.. So india needs more hospitals therefore requirement of medical staff.. At the same time india is lacking in technology.. Therefore less job opportunity for engineers.. Govt should take a look on this matter..

  106. Incorrect information. There is no age bar in NEET. It was stayed by the courts. Please do your research properly

  107. Even this thing continue after mbbs as neet pg where mbbs graduate study for years to clear even more competitive and difficult pg entance exam and don’t know what will happen if next arrives where five years of University exam’s comes into question

  108. Medical and too engineering colleges entrances have been tough due to demand supply skew, and the advantages these fields offered. What are the alternatives:
    1. Ban these exams and choose students through referrals – then we risk nepotism. At least on face value the exams are fair.
    2. More colleges- Many engineering seats are going empty. Supply of seats is there, but there is a scram towards the perceived top seats.
    3. Lottery for seats – may reduce exam stress, but then whether would it be fair to students and institutions
    4. Diversification and elevation of other branches – that is happening with time and will occur more as economy prospers. People may not need to do IIT to IIM to Finance.

    • Sir, With all due respect,I ask these questions out of sheer ignorance.And in good faith.Would you throw some light on them, please?

      1.What IS that special-something/secret sauce
      an IIT teaches its prized students that the lesser mortals in other engineering schools in India are denied or deprived of ?

      2.Do the hallowed IIT Professors teach their students that there can be more than one correct answer to any problem, including the mathematical problems,logic-related problems and science-related problems,in the undeniable context of ,for example,some of Newtonian Theories &Conceptual Frameworks being disproved by Einsteinean Theories &Conceptual Postulates,and some of Einsteinean Postulates themselves now getting disproved conclusively and Einstein himself confessing towards the fag end of his illustrious life that he was not sure if he would get through,were he to write an exam in Physics or Quantum Sciences every year – ostensibly jocularly,but in truth,emphasing the ever-changing and inconclusive nature of all sciences including medical sciences,mathematics,etc.?
      In which case ,what accounts for the arbitrariness of the students who don’t make the cut in prestigious, lucrative entrance exams and resign themselves to a financially, socially, materially,psychologically,maritally inferior life?

      3.How conclusively and Un-Arbitrarily foolproof are the Learnings, Learning Mechanisms, Learning Outcome Evaluation Methodologies, Learning Outcome Evaluation Metrics throughout the Education System from Kindergarten to Prestigious,Halo-ed Engineering/Medical/Technology/Business/
      Professional Schools throughout the world(let alone their so-called academic,social & employment-market inferiors) in the prestigious campus-placement stakes and career-ace-ing thereafter?

      4.Out of the 13,000 or less that passed out of IITs every year so far,how many have turned into corporate princes and kings…how many have metamorphosed into Unicorn Entrepreneurs….how many have turned into Entrepreneurs of any significance or consequence on a global/national scale…how many of them have brought
      high-wattage Glory,Fame and Fortune to their Motherland that fondly and hugely subsidized their hallowed education…how many of them have enriched their Motherland with their life-altering consistent contributions that benefit the country at large, qualitatively enhancing the general standard of living of their fellow
      Rural-Urban-Agrarian brethren and sisters,take or leave a Sunder Pichchai or Narayana Murthy or two?

      If I have offended your sensibilities or sensitivities in any way,it was inadvertent and I sincerely seek your indulgence.

      • are one butthurt individual
        Those graduates do what they feel like.
        And also there is a difference in perspective of the students due to the proffesors working there, THAT is where the difference lies, there is no special ‘sauce’.

  109. When ones goal is to get into an iit, one is bound to feel empty inside if he does manage to get in. The kind of parents that force their children through this hopefully dies out with this generation of parents . I world ask my children to think twice before becoming an engineer. Especially when the go to goal is a job at a “prestigious” mnc. No wonder so many iitians wander out of their field in search of fulfilment.

  110. The really appreciate the effort you put in writing this article. This is the first article I’ve seen saying the sad reality of preparing for JEE Mains. I attempted two exams this year and it was really difficult because of the pandemic. But people say everyone struggled and went through the same road, the answer is no. People have different abilities and skills and that is what makes us unique from others. Thank you so much for making this article.

    • It is the mistake of the student or his parents to put him into JEE when his aptitude is something else. Don’t blame the system— Indians should be proud of IIT JEE ,considered toughest competitive exam in the world.

  111. The sort of lament which this article indulges in is best addressed to parents.
    Parents need to be counselled that their children are simply not capable of joining the IITs or of surviving there.
    Parents need to be told that they should let their children lead normal lives and that they should be happy with whatever their child achieves.
    Children need to be told that the world is a complex place. That while they may be good at something they may not necessarily be good at science technology and mathematics. As it is most children in India study Arts subjects. They should be taught the Gita and the lesson that they should be happy in whatever they do.

      • This article is written in very negative light. Competitive spirit is an very important trait and that is what this exam inculcates in students right from their childhood.
        Not everyone deserves a seat in IIT’s, it is for best of the best.
        Our son , appeared for this exam and secured a 2 digit rank in JEE Mains and an upmarket 3 digit rank in JEE advanced and got into IIT Delhi in a top ranking branch.It was his very first attempt. He just prepared for 2 years and did not miss a single IPL game when the exam was so near.
        He played the sport of his choice and just had to be disciplined.
        In my view this exam teaches students the importance of remaining focused, competing and also concentrating on something they want to do.
        Like everyone can’t be a fighter pilot everyone can’t be an IITian.

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