A screen grab of the video on China Central Television that has now gone viral on social media | Twitter | @arslan_hidayat
A screen grab of the video on China Central Television that has now gone viral on social media | Twitter | @arslan_hidayat

New Delhi: A video from a Chinese TV show depicting Prophet Muhammad with Asian features has gone viral on social media, with many netizens asking if the Muslim world will now boycott Chinese goods.

The comments come in light of the recent call for a ban on French products after President Emmanuel Macron defended the right to publish cartoons of the Prophet.

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Macron’s comments came in the wake of recent violent incidents in France, including the beheading of a French teacher, Samuel Paty, by a teenager for showing cartoons of the Prophet to his students.

Arslan Hidayat, an Uyghur rights activist, shared the clip of the state-run China Central Television’s (CCTV) show on Twitter and said it depicts the scene of an Arab ambassador gifting a portrait of Prophet Muhammad to the Chinese emperor during the rule of the Tang dynasty.

Besides asking for a boycott of Chinese goods, users also questioned Pakistan’s silence over the controversial picture.

Many media houses also spoke about the video, hitting out at the Muslim world for its selective outrage toward France.

Deepak Chaurasia, consulting editor of New Nation, said, “The Chinese government channel recently broadcast the caricature of Prophet Muhammad. Will the Muslim world not appeal for boycott of Chinese goods when the caricature of Prophet Muhammad is shown?”

Chaurasia also spoke about the oppression of the Uyghur Muslims in China.

“The oppression of Uyghur Muslims in China is not hidden from anyone. The caricature of Prophet Muhammad is now being shown on Chinese TV. But along with Muslim countries around the world, India’s liberals and the Left are silent, they are scared,” he said in another tweet.

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Fact check

The viral video clip is from a CCTV show called The Glorious Times of the Tang Dynasty. However, the show aired more than a decade ago and was not recently broadcast as claimed by many, including News Nation’s consulting editor Chaurasia.

A French blog titled ‘The portrait of the Prophet Muhammad in the Chinese kingdom’, published on 26 December 2008, talks about how Uyghur Muslims had criticised the show.

“And, when we open the portrait, covered by a golden fabric, we see the ‘photo of the prophet’! Funny photo besides: obviously the Chinese imagine that the prophet looks like Asians !!!,” the blog read.

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  1. So how does this not blasphemous by CCTV? That means it’s old does not mean it’s not blasphemous. Recent attack near Charlie Hebdo happened though it did not publish those cartoons again? So it’s all matter of convenience and money for islamists and their leaders like Erdogan


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