Representational image | Recruits to the J&K Light Infantry celebrate the end of their training | Photo: ANI
Representational image | Recruits to the J&K Light Infantry celebrate the end of their training | Photo: ANI
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  1. Reducing expenditures is most welcome. but where from it should come out. भारतीय नौसेना में सिविलियन कैटेगरी बजट कितना है ? कुल बजट का कितना है ? कोचीन, विशाखापट्टनम में सिविलियन ( total non-technical ) शाम को बड़ी फैक्ट्री की तरह से बाहर निकलते हैं l गए कब थे पता नहीं चलता l पूछो , क्या करके आए हैं, कहीं भी, किसी भी मायने में, जरूरत नहीं है , उनके नहीं आने से क्या प्रभावित हो जाएगाl ! पता तो चले l डिफेंस में, ये नहीं चाहिए, निश्चित समय सीमा में समाप्त करना चाहिए l सिक्योरिटी की क्वालिटी उत्तम होगी, जिसकी देश को आज बहुत ज्यादा आवश्यकता है l

  2. Our so called leadership should realize that to create a true soldier with multifaceted skill and impeccable integrity, disciplined and loyal towards our nation, it takes a lot of effort, training and grooming which these so called leaders often lacks. How can you think that within a short span of 3 years a person can be an expert in handling our sophisticated weapon systems and other complicated platforms like Aircrafts, Radars, submarines, Tanks, missiles etc. In my opinion we should make military training and field service compulsory for all politicians and beurocrats before they take-up their civil assignments so that they get a first hand experience about a soldiers life. They should be posted to places like Siachen glacier and remotest location of our North Eastern borders and stay away from their lived ones without any cost facilities and no helpers. Then only while making policies they will understand the extreme circumstances and conditions under which our armed forces are serving.

  3. This CDS has benefited all perks and privilege while being in service and never brought this stupid idea then. Presumably, Now to get Gov ship he is bringing all these ideas. He is an imaginary officer who has never worked on the ground or else he would know that it takes 3-4 yrs for an new entrants to get some expertise to work on complex system in the services.

  4. You have the Territorial Army (TA) where the entry and embodied service conditions could be reworked to fit the bill of this scheme. If required the training and experience imparted and imbibed could be drawn upon subsequently at short notice. Make and improve something existing better than experimenting and littering abandoned hairbrained schemes strewn All over.

  5. It should be introduced to men who surpass normal age of employment eligibility ie. from around 25 to 28 years for 10 years. They can choose from the many Pension (annuity) schemes and invest.

  6. Stupid idea,jawan in airforce takes 3years to train how, any one can train officer in limited time and his service is limited to 3years.CDS must know he is not running factory.from.everywhere they need to collect money.and everywhere they stating that defece pension restricting modernization of ARMED FORCES to much bullish

  7. Well opined. On completion of their draft period of Service, they should be suitably absorbed in civil services. This would not only compensate by providing the weightage to meet the eligibility criteria envisaged by the new employer but also enable the latter to utilize the expertize gained during such period in a particular field of placement.

  8. It is wiser to have a professional army, Navy or Airforce. The logic that we will have more money to buy arms is definitely attractive to the political parties, who rely on kickbacks and other devious tricks. Remember: In any airforce; The pilot who flies a fighter aircraft is more valuable than the aircraft he flies. The same is true in the other forces.

  9. This will work only if the volunteers are given reserved seats in IIMs and other premier management colleges as they will ask as to what will they gain by investing 3 years of their prime life, in the defence of the country. This 3 years must matter to their overall plan.

  10. One can make Tour of Duty a neccessary qualification for appearing in All India and central services. It can also be made compulsory qualification for political offices. This will have two benefits, first our politicians and beaurocrates will be more secular and disciplined. Besides armed forces will attract good stuff.

  11. A welcome move. This should be extended to all central services recruitment and not only for army. it will improve efficiency and ensure large scale employment. Give only fixed consolidated pay instead of salary. Govt service moto should be the self less service and not selfish service.

  12. Utter nonsense ,the way it’s being projected that the pensioon paid to the exservisemen is a burden on the country ,whereas much of the pension goes to the civ staff in MOD .
    It seems that the burden of the state lies with exservisemen only ,no politician is a burden ,no babus or other govt staff pension is a burden .God Save this country .

    • Crtly said bro here retired teacher getting pensions more than that of working personal who r all the real productive one.

  13. Most stupid idea. can you really make someone a capable officer in three years? It takes lots of training and experience followed by baptism by fire. The CDS has become too subservient to the establishment and accepting each and everything suggested without caring for the forces. These officers particularly the civilians will not be able to deliver and land up as cannon fodder in the battlefield. Are there any shortcuts to training and grooming? AND lose them after three years!

    • Sir,
      General Bipin Rawat First selected as COAS resulting extension in his service term then he got the opportunity to become first CDS of country resulting in more extension in his service term now he becomes more selfish and wish to obtain a Election seat from BJP after his retirement as CDS just like General VK Singh.

      “Rawat Saab Fauj me sudhar ke naam par, Sarkar ki har fijool / bakwas recommendation ko man kar apni swarth ki roti, army ki barbadi ki aag par sekna chah rahe h”

      Sad But True

    • True, considering that the last thing we want in the armed forces are men who haven’t even developed a spine yet for armed combat and who’ll end up leaving their posts when under enemy fire. We do not want our army-men to end up becoming like soldiers from the PLA or the Pakistan Army, whom we often despise for the same. Concerns regarding “continuity” are valid too. The move calls for scepticism.

  14. How about defence civilians be shifted to Contributory Pension scheme? This will save a lot of defence pension burden.

    • True:: Defence Civilians are true burden to armed forces and the country. They are treated like damad in fauj and yet they hot guts to go on strike at will. They dont want to work during working hours so that they can get overtime. If a civilian want to go home without completing a work you cant hold his hand. Despite all this they want argue with service personnel over senoirity. God save the Fauj.

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