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Railways' new CEO Vinod Kumar Yadav | Twitter

All-powerful CEO, end to department culture — How Railways restructure will reshape it

Vinod Kumar Yadav has been appointed Railways’ first CEO in its over 100-year history. Restructure also opens up posts of the board to all officers regardless of service they are in.
Alexey Navalny, Russian opposition leader, walks with demonstrators during a rally in Moscow, Russia in 2019. | Bloomberg

All about Novichok, the Soviet-era nerve agent used to poison Putin critic Alexei Navalny

Alexei Navalny, prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was airlifted to Berlin after he fell ill on a flight back to Moscow from Siberia last month. He has been in coma since.
Parliament House

What is Question Hour, and why opposition MPs want it back in Parliament’s monsoon session

Modi government decided there will be no Question Hour this monsoon session as a part of the changes implemented due to Covid. But MPs say this robs them of their inherent right.
Thiruvananthapuram airport

Why Kerala is up in arms over Adani Group bagging bid to run Trivandrum airport   

The Ahmedabad-based group winning the bid has united both the ruling LDF & opposition UDF for a host of reasons. 
Representational image of patients at a hospital

What is digital health ID? All about the 14-digit number and privacy concerns around it

Here’s a breakdown of the jargon associated with digital health ID, how it will be generated and what data will be stored.
Supreme Court of India | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

UGC vs states — how the battle over final-year exams is playing out in Supreme Court

The UGC has mandated universities to conduct final-year exams by September-end. The states and students are fighting against this. The court reserved its verdict Tuesday.
Dream11 will be the title sponsor for IPL 2020 in the UAE | Image: ThePrint Team

Dream11 — the new IPL title sponsor for 2020 after Vivo ouster

Dream11 made a winning bid of Rs 222 crore for the 4.5-month deal, after BCCI suspended Chinese firm Vivo’s 5-year contract over the Ladakh tensions.
US President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden | Flickr & Wiki Commons

Smoke-filled rooms to public events — growth & importance of US Presidential poll conventions

With 77 days to US presidential election, Democrats and Republicans will kick off their national conventions this week. However, it's no surprise who will be formally elected as candidates.
Sushant Singh Rajput | Twitter

Why Bihar Police may have a case to launch probe into Sushant Singh Rajput death

The jurisdictional battle over the Sushant Singh Rajput probe has triggered a slugfest as Maharashtra and Bihar are led by rival political formations.
Representational image of recovered Covid-19 patients being showered with petals on leaving a hospital in Madhya Pradesh | Photo: ANI

What is ‘Long Covid’ and why some patients who have recovered continue to feel ill for months

Long Covid or post-Covid syndrome can show debilitating symptoms, including chronic fatigue, loss of mental ability and many other physical conditions.

On Camera

Lt Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa | File photo: Twitter | @AsimBajwaISPR

Nawaz Sharif or Asim Bajwa, corruption scandals in Pakistan turn into never-ending soaps

In Pakistan, no one seems interested in demanding stronger, more independent institutions which would do due diligence away from the public glare.
The Reserve Bank of India | File photo: Bloomberg

Stringent Kamath panel suggestions mean not many stressed firms can avail of RBI debt recast

RBI has implemented KV Kamath panel’s recommendations in totality, including parameters like high debt service coverage ratio and investment grade rating.


Representational image for India-China relations | File photo: Bloomberg

China wanted ‘no escalation’ on hotline call in the day, tried to capture territory at night

Hours before trying to push in 1,000 soldiers near Pangong Tso on 28 August, Chinese PLA had called Indian Army to avoid escalatory action and night patrolling.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Fort Modi is impregnable despite China, Covid, job losses. Only one leader can defeat him

Critics wonder why voters aren’t turning against Modi. But a well-entrenched Indian leader has never been defeated by a rival; only Modi can do that to himself.