Wednesday, 21 April, 2021
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The Infosys Ltd. campus in Bengaluru

6 eminent scientists from MIT, Harvard & Stanford awarded Infosys Prize 2020

The only woman among the six winners, Prachi Deshpande won the award for her nuanced and sophisticated treatment of South Asian historiography.
There’s valuable data on the spread of COVID-19 in this wastewater | Photo: Montgomery County Planning Commission | CC BY-SA

Opening schools, campuses and businesses? Keep checking sewage water for Covid

Studies have shown that testing wastewater offers an early warning signal that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is present in a community.
Artistic rendering of the Borexino stainless steel sphere merged with an image of the Sun | Maxim Gromov and Borexino Collaboration

There’s a 2nd kind of fusion happening in the Sun, scientists confirm through neutrinos

The detection of these neutrinos shows that while the Sun is primarily powered by proton fusion, bigger & hotter stars are powered by ‘CNO cycle’ fusion.

Don’t be scared of cash, risk of catching Covid from notes is low, Bank of England study finds

Bank of England considered worst-case scenario of an infected person coughing or sneezing onto a note, and found virus level dropping quickly after an hour.

India has used its significant scientific calibre in response to Covid, says Harsh Vardhan

The minister of Science and Technology also stated that the pandemic is a test demonstrating that multilateral cooperation is the key to overcoming such global challenges.
Dr. Gagandeep Kang | YouTube

Re-infections will decide how many Covid shots India needs — vaccine expert Gagandeep Kang

Gagandeep Kang described as ‘feasible’ a suggestion made by AIIMS director that herd immunity may come before a Covid vaccine becomes available for all.
Lab technicians produce Covid-19 diagnostic kits in a laboratory in Faridabad

8 Covid vaccines that look most likely to lead us out of pandemic — and where they stand

Reader discretion is advised. Experts say the arrival of a vaccine may not be the end of all our worries.
The solar-powered vehicle developed by IIT-Madras | Source: National Technology Centre for Ports, Waterways and Coasts

IIT-Madras develops autonomous solar vehicle to survey water bodies, provide real-time data

The institute is already in the process of commercialising & licensing the technology with the help of shipping ministry. The vehicle is expected to be operational in early 2021. 

India to launch Rs 4,000 cr ‘deep sea mission’ to explore minerals, energy, marine diversity

Ministry of Earth Sciences secretary M. Rajeevan says approvals are being obtained for the 'futuristic and game-changing' mission, likely to be launched in 3-4 months.

How we created diamonds within minutes

It’s the first time diamonds have successfully been produced in a lab without added heat.

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