Wednesday, 21 April, 2021
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Starship flight takes off for high-altitude test in South Texas

Elon Musk calls SpaceX test flight a success despite fiery landing

The nearly seven-minute flight was stable until the landing attempt when the Starship failed to slow down enough, video images provided by SpaceX showed.

Laboratory-grown meat Is getting closer to supermarket shelves

Lab-meat startups have grown from a handful in 2016 to at least 60 now. The sector wants to make production more humane & environmentally sustainable, but challenges remain.
A rendition of the titanosaur afflicted with osteomyelitis | Credit: Hufo Caffasso

Scientists discover 80-million-year-old dinosaur had a bone infection that humans have today

A fossil of a titanosaur, one of the largest dinosaurs to walk Earth, shows it had osteomyelitis, a chronic infection that causes bone inflammation.
ISRO Chairman K Sivan addresses a press conference in Bengaluru

ISRO says India’s Gaganyaan mission likely to be delayed by a year due to Covid

As part of Gaganyaan, two unmanned missions were slated for launch in December 2020 and July 2021, and the first manned mission was scheduled in December 2021.
A simple chain of amino acids folds into a complex three-dimensional structure.

AI has almost solved one of biology’s greatest challenges — how protein unfolds

By better predicting how proteins take their structure, scientists can develop drugs more quickly.
People queue up outside a dairy booth shortly after PM Modi announced a nationwide lockdown Tuesday evening

How to prevent future pandemics? 22 leading scientists tell us

There are 1.7 million ‘undiscovered’ viruses in mammals and birds, 827,000 of which could infect humans.
The capsule that landed in Australia | JAXA

Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft returns samples of asteroid Ryugu to Earth

Samples of both surface dust and material from below the surface of asteroid Ryugu were collected. These are likely to give insights into the evolution of our solar system.
An artist impression of the Chang’e-4 lunar probe | China National Space Administration

Chinese spacecraft carrying lunar samples takes off from moon

China's Chang'e-5 probe, comprising an orbiter, a lander, an ascender, and a returner, was launched on 24 November. Its lander arrived on the north of the Mons Rumker on 1 December.
Representational image | Photo: Flickr

Scientists find out how plants pass on defects to offspring

The findings — made by a team of researchers from the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and US — have been published in the journal eLife.
Representational image | via @Dr_ThomasZ/Twitter

Chang’e-5 landing latest feat in China’s big Moon plans that aim for lunar base, human mission

China is among the leading players in the space of lunar exploration. So far, only the former USSR, US, and China have managed to successfully perform soft landings on Moon.

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