Thursday, 29 September, 2022
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Immunologist Dr Gobardhan Das. | Photo: Ujita Bhardwaj/ThePrint

11 papers by JNU scientist & BJP candidate Das flagged for ‘manipulation’, he blames politics

Gobardhan Das, a professor at JNU's Special Centre for Molecular Medicine, claims people are trying to pull him down ever since he applied for a directorship position at a 'big institute'.
Boeing Starliner

Boeing postpones Starliner flight to ISS twice in 24 hours after another glitch

Boeing postponed its launch of the Starliner just 2.5 hours short of launch. The unscrewed capsule was to demonstrate docking with the ISS.
A doctor shows the victory sign as he is vaccinated against Covid-19 in Kolkata | Representational image | ANI

Covaxin effective against Delta, other variants despite reduced antibody activity: ICMR study

Delta is believed to be one of the factors that catalysed India's second Covid wave. Further mutations in Delta have led to other variants, leading to concerns about vaccine efficacy.

How long will people live in the future? Studies say you could live up to the age of 150

Researchers suggest that cellular decay behind ageing could be defeated to a point where people will no longer suffer from age-related health problems.

The woman who predicted global warming in the 1800s

Foote’s brief scientific paper was the first to describe the extraordinary power of carbon dioxide gas to absorb heat – the driving force of global warming.
A screengrab from an animation of the Martian poles with ice caps. | Credit: ESA

Water lakes were found at Martian South Pole in 2018. New findings say it was frozen clay instead

In 3 papers published over a month, different teams reanalysed the 2018 Mars Express orbiter data to state that frozen clay, not salt water lakes, produced radar signals.
Catalogue of the fossil sponges in the Geological Department of the British Museum (Natural History) | Wikimedia Commons

Canadian rocks dating back 890 mn yrs are oldest animal fossils? Not all scientists agree

If the newly discovered rocks in Canada are confirmed to be sponge fossils, they would predate oldest confirmed animal fossils by 350 million years.
Toxi smog engulfed Delhi Thursday | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

India’s poor face disproportionately higher risk of dying from air pollution than the rich — study

Study finds high-income households produce a majority of ambient or outdoor air pollution, but health risks are still shouldered more by lower-income households.
An illustration of a supernova | NASA

This star’s death billions of years ago is challenging what we know about supernovae

A gamma ray burst lasting 0.65 seconds was spotted from a dying star last year, challenging the theory that these short bursts of energy are produced only by star mergers.
Birds fly over the Quito Glacier on Greenwich Island, Antarctica

Top 3 global risks now are climate action failure, biodiversity loss, infectious diseases

Businesses have a vital role to play in fighting biodiversity loss and ensuring continued ecosystem services such as clean water, food security etc.