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In ‘The Fear of the Visual?’, Sasanka Perera decodes why couples usually didn’t smile in old wedding photos, not just in India but all over the world.
File photo | Jawaharlal Nehru addressing from a platform set up in front of the City Hall in New York, 1949 |Commons
In the book ‘India’s World’, Rajiv Dogra writes how Nehru quickly realised going to UN on Pakistan’s aggression in Kashmir was a mistake.
LGBTQ pride parade
In ‘The Pink Line’, Mark Gevisser explores how the conversation around gender & sexuality has shaped communities across the world in the twenty-first century.
Ear cleaning in Chengdu | Source: Shivaji Das/Konark Publishers
In 'The Other Shangri-La', Shivaji Das writes about his travels to Chengdu, its ear-cleaners, 'Chinese dream' posters and Tibetan dogs.
The Central Information Commission building
In ‘We The People’, Prashant Bhushan and Anjali Bhardwaj write about India’s RTI Act, the most extensively used transparency law globally, and the attacks on it.
Jagat Seth's house in Mahimapur | Wikimedia Commons
Seth Manikchand, the Bengal banker whose house was anointed Jagat Seth, ruled financial markets for nearly fifty years through business acumen & political support.
French soldiers making a gas and flame attack on German trenches in World War I | Goodfreephotos
In ‘Bland Fanatics’, Pankaj Mishra writes how books and films portray the pre-war years as an age of prosperity in Europe. But it was full of war, racism and genocide.
Representational Image | Picryl
In ‘Stone Shamed Depressed’, Jyotsna Mohan Bharghava writes on issues plaguing today’s teens & how even twelve-year-olds are now experimenting with hard drugs.
In ‘The House of Jaipur’, John Zubrzycki writes about the political and personal lives of India’s golden royal couple, Gayatri Devi and Man Singh.
File photo | T-55 tanks in Rajasthan during Ex Brasstacks | Source: MoD Photo Division
In 'Full Spectrum: India’s War 1972-2020', AVM Arjun Subramaniam (retd) writes Exercise Brasstacks was the result of Gen Sundarji’s desire to push the limits of deterrence.

On Camera

Lt Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa | File photo: Twitter | @AsimBajwaISPR

Nawaz Sharif or Asim Bajwa, corruption scandals in Pakistan turn into never-ending soaps

In Pakistan, no one seems interested in demanding stronger, more independent institutions which would do due diligence away from the public glare.
The Reserve Bank of India | File photo: Bloomberg

Stringent Kamath panel suggestions mean not many stressed firms can avail of RBI debt recast

RBI has implemented KV Kamath panel’s recommendations in totality, including parameters like high debt service coverage ratio and investment grade rating.


Representational image for India-China relations | File photo: Bloomberg

China wanted ‘no escalation’ on hotline call in the day, tried to capture territory at night

Hours before trying to push in 1,000 soldiers near Pangong Tso on 28 August, Chinese PLA had called Indian Army to avoid escalatory action and night patrolling.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Fort Modi is impregnable despite China, Covid, job losses. Only one leader can defeat him

Critics wonder why voters aren’t turning against Modi. But a well-entrenched Indian leader has never been defeated by a rival; only Modi can do that to himself.