Wednesday, 21 April, 2021
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Filmfare Awards 2020: A BJP ploy to drown out Assam’s anti-CAA voices with Bollywood glitz

The timing to shift Mumbai’s glitzy Filmfare Awards to the troubled Assam couldn’t be more wrong. For the Assamese, it’s an eyewash.
Shaheen Bagh

Reading Shaheen Bagh’s silence after Delhi election results: Why non-alignment helps

The protest by Shaheen Bagh residents is a response to electoral politics, but what they are articulating with their silence and their words is above and beyond it.
Students protest outside the JNU main gate while a policeman restrains them

College spaces allowed Indian women to be free. Gargi, JNU, Jamia show it’s no more the case

After the mass sexual assault in Gargi College, Delhi Police launched a violent crackdown on Jamia students instead.
Oscar statuettes in different stages of the plating process, wait to be finished at a factory in Chicago | Photo: Frank Polich | Bloomberg

Oscar event has become a political stage. But White, male-led Hollywood isn’t catching up

Don’t read too much in Natalie Portman’s cape with names of snubbed female directors or in four awards to Korean drama Parasite. Oscars is yet to come of age.
Sudhir Chaudhary

Liberals attacking Sudhir Chaudhary forget they too had blamed Modi voters after 2019 polls

Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee News called Delhi voters 'lazy'. Not much has changed for the Indian voter who was a 'communal bigot' for voting Modi in 2019.
General Economy Ahead of GDP Figures

Talking to cab drivers about politics is the oldest cliché. Now Uber is no more a safe space

When poet-activist Bappadittya Sarkar was discussing anti-CAA protests with a friend over the phone, he had no idea his Uber driver would take him to the police.

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