Wednesday, 21 April, 2021


Goa is Fun’s Own Country. But it doesn’t need ‘super-spreader’ Sunburn festival

Goa has one of the highest Covid death per million rate in India. And Sunburn 2020 EDM festival ironically carries the tagline: 'Live Again'.

With Bappi Lahiri to Govinda, India’s ad industry is laughing at itself. Not everyone gets why

IPL's official partner CRED has created quite a stir with its campaign. But Indian ad makers will have to do more as hate shrinks space for creativity.

Bollywood’s bechari maa is back. In TV serials like Anupamaa and Indiawaali Maa this time

StarPlus serials Anupamaa and Shaadi Mubarak, and SonyLIV’s Indiawaali Maa have brought back the ‘bechari maa’ after three decades of the ‘bechari bahu’ phase.

You can still socialise with friends during Covid, just plot to kill them online

From celebrity gamers live streaming it, to US politicians using it to encourage voting, Among Us is the new videogame taking the Covid-era by storm.
Instagram app | Omkar Patyane | Pexels

Instagram Reels is busy being woke. It has no space for the TikTok gang

A format that democratised content creation shouldn’t fall into the hands of the social media ‘elites’. I’d take ‘cringe’ over it any day.

Dear woke Indians, please stop ruining DDLJ with your 2020 vision

After 25 years of being released, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is cringeworthy in 2020. But Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol’s film was progressive and feminist in 1995.

Elon Musk’s Tesla are headed to India, but there won’t be any green car revolution here

There are less than 500 electric vehicle charging stations in India, when the current need has been pegged at around 2,600.
The Durga idol as a migrant worker created by artist Pallab Bhaumik | Source: Pallab Bhaumik

Stop outraging over ‘migrant’ Durga idol. Hinduism in Bengal doesn’t need rescuing

Before you tweet your outrage, educate yourself about Bengali culture first. Pallab Bhaumik’s depiction of goddess Durga as a migrant worker symbolises the spirit of women.
PM Narendra Modi with Bollywood stars

Bollywood has finally spoken, because Modi selfies aren’t really helping

Would Indians boycott their beloved Bollywood now, just like they boycotted Tanishq, Surf Excel and Snapdeal?
A medical worker withdraws a vaccine from a vial, Moscow | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Coronavirus without borders — you can’t fight a virus with vaccine nationalism

The US, the UK, France, Canada and Russia have already entered into multi-million dollar agreements with producers to get vaccines on priority.

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