Tuesday, 15 June, 2021


Work to biting nails to Netflix – What we learned and unlearned in 2020

Maybe we’ll still cough in public, not share spoons, or work from home sometimes. But we won't take our lipsticks, luxury and loneliness for granted.

Virtual to cardboard audiences, DIY training — 2020 pushed athletes to keep sports alive

Covid-19 actually reminded sports fans what to expect from their favourite athletes — to adapt to adverse situations and use them to your favour.

Christian gujiya, burning old man, Hindi carols — desi Christmas’ unbeatable jugaad spirit

We may be flooded with Western images of a sparkly pine tree, red stockings stuffed with gifts, and cake. But you can’t get more desi than one does on Christmas.

Radhika Apte spy flick doesn’t sell sex or fantasy — are Charlie’s Angels days finally gone?

The new Radhika Apte flick, A Call to Spy, is part of a new wave of films that finally realizes women in espionage not just a fantasy, but real-life reality.

Did you get the 36 books you were promised online? I don’t know anyone

The '36-books exchange' is too good to be true but supports literature, publishing industry.
Illustration by Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

The Khans just can’t do what Diljit Dosanjh did. Stop singling out Muslim celebrities

Diljit Dosanjh had a whole community and state backing him in his support for farmers. Khans didn’t even have Bollywood backing them.
A still from Netflix's Home Stories | Facebook/NetflixIN

India’s Zoom wedding experiment fizzled out. It didn’t have that four-day hangover

Zoom weddings taught Indians how simple and cheap weddings could be. But who wants that?
Instagram logo | Gabby Jones | Bloomberg

Thirty-second Insta Reels — the shortest, coolest English-speaking classes you ever attended

Insta Reels is perfect for young learners with short attention spans but secretly yearning to be with the Netflix watching in-crowd.
A farmer hand-picks cotton in a field in Sirsa, Haryana

Indian farmer and soldier as ‘he’— why 21st century editors are at war with their keyboards

Grammar is not a divine monolith. If we don’t include all people when we write, even a single pronoun can snip a little girl’s dreams.

Bollywood’s airport look is passe. ‘NCB look’ is new fodder for Indians

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with what Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan and Bharti Singh wore to the NCB. They don't care about the men though.

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