File photo of Subramanian Swamy | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

First Sushma Swaraj, now Subramanian Swamy. BJP IT cell is cannibalising its own

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has demanded the party sack various anonymous IT cell members, including their chief Amit Malviya.

Bollywood’s love for fair skin runs so deep that even Beyonce couldn’t escape it

American singer-songwriter Beyonce is the latest tool in Bollywood’s show of colourism. Khaali Peeli's song writers are only carrying forward an old legacy.
Author and activist Arundhati Roy addresses a protest organised by the activists of Campaign against State Repression on Rights over various issues, at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi in August, 2018. | PTI

Arundhati Roy joins Shashi Tharoor, Kangana Ranaut in list of ‘casteless’ upper-caste Indians

In a recent event for her new book, the author claimed she wasn’t Brahmin because her mother is Christian and her father belonged to the Brahmo Samaj.
Rhea Chakraborty with Sushant Singh Rajput | @Tweet2Rhea | Twitter

Ten things that should offend people of Bihar, instead of Rhea Chakraborty

Sushant Singh Rajput’s case shows how, once again, the Bihari pride has taken precedence over the pressing issues of the day.

Modi’s surgical strike on PUBG draws a new political line in Indian families

After the JEE-NEET saga, PUBG’s ban is more bad news for Indian students, who earned big bucks live streaming themselves shooting pixelated figures on a screen.

Modi can’t ignore students anymore. They have discovered the power of the ‘dislike’ button

Students protesting the JEE exams have discovered the power of the ‘dislike’ button as a tool to get the attention of a govt that doesn’t entertain criticism.

Atheism, abortion, art, sex — things Mira Nair film on Amrita Sher-Gil can’t miss

When I first saw Sher-Gil’s art at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi — I was stunned. I had read about her, but here she was completely new.
Rhea Chakraborty | Instagram

Rhea Chakraborty’s media trial shows Indians confuse drug addicts with criminals

To read a giant mastermind in the WhatsApp chats of an emerging actor like Rhea Chakraborty is just plain ignorance. Who do we blame?

Muslims holding Quran and computer can crack UPSC. But for some, they are still jihadis

Cracking UPSC is the quintessential Indian dream. But Hindutva hatemongers can only accept a Muslim as ‘puncture wala’.

Only Delhi Metro’s success will prove if Kejriwal’s city can live with coronavirus

The AAP govt has been on an ‘unlocking’ spree in Delhi, but neglected Metro stations have served as a taunting reminder that we are still in a pandemic.

On Camera

Lt Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa | File photo: Twitter | @AsimBajwaISPR

Nawaz Sharif or Asim Bajwa, corruption scandals in Pakistan turn into never-ending soaps

In Pakistan, no one seems interested in demanding stronger, more independent institutions which would do due diligence away from the public glare.
The Reserve Bank of India | File photo: Bloomberg

Stringent Kamath panel suggestions mean not many stressed firms can avail of RBI debt recast

RBI has implemented KV Kamath panel’s recommendations in totality, including parameters like high debt service coverage ratio and investment grade rating.


Representational image for India-China relations | File photo: Bloomberg

China wanted ‘no escalation’ on hotline call in the day, tried to capture territory at night

Hours before trying to push in 1,000 soldiers near Pangong Tso on 28 August, Chinese PLA had called Indian Army to avoid escalatory action and night patrolling.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Fort Modi is impregnable despite China, Covid, job losses. Only one leader can defeat him

Critics wonder why voters aren’t turning against Modi. But a well-entrenched Indian leader has never been defeated by a rival; only Modi can do that to himself.