Monday, 19 April, 2021
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Ultra-low temperature freezers | Representational image | Photo: Ty Wright | Bloomberg

The year ventilation, refrigeration & ultracold freezers were hot in demand

There may or not be as much need for ultracold freezers after the pandemic, but focus on vaccine distribution has brought some astonishing figures to light.

How can tech giants top a year like 2020? They can’t

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google parent Alphabet thrived in 2020 with profits that sent their stock prices soaring, leaving them more powerful and valuable than ever.
File photo | New Army recruits being attested after successful completion of their training at the Mahar Regiment Centre | Facebook/Indianarmy.adgpi

Army’s ‘Tour of Duty’ proposal is a harebrained idea. Won’t be good for India’s frontline

Shorter training periods for those who will brave bullets is not a good idea. And how will the political leanings of the Army’s ‘agniveers’ be kept in check?
Activist Karima Baloch | Twitter | @KarimaBaloch

How deaths of Karima Baloch and Sajid Hussain indicate resurgence of Cold War dirty tricks

In episode 646 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta explains how the recent deaths of Baloch activists indicate a web of conspiracy and espionage.
Indian Army soldiers atop a T-90 tank in Ladakh | Representational image: ANI

India has forced a stalemate in Ladakh. That’s a defeat for China

China will seek to clinch a disengagement agreement to achieve its political aim. India shouldn’t be in a hurry to agree to disengage or deescalate.
File photo of US President Donald Trump | Twitter @realDonaldTrump

Trump wanted to send US back to the moon. Instead, he is leaving a mess Behind at NASA

Trump administration presided over Artemis, a lunar-landing programme plagued by 'uncertain plans, unproven cost assumptions, and limited oversight'.
India Sees Children Dying as $2 Billion Program Proves Defective

How is India’s economy affecting health? Look at rise in anaemia among women

Based on trends seen in the latest National Family Health Survey, one can connect the dots between rising malnutrition, anaemia & changing policy landscape.
Mourners attend a funeral procession of the Iranian major general Qassem Soleimani at Imam Ali Shrine in Najaf on 5 January

A dismal year everywhere was even worse for Iran

Iranians saw disease, death and dearth, while their theocratic rulers saw a series of embarrassments, at home & abroad, bookended by the loss of 2 of the regime’s champions.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Dera Nanak Saheb in Punjab | Photo: ANI

A government of the 38% people, by 38% of the people, for 38% of the people

The Modi government’s actions show it cares only for the approval of those who have voted for it.

How urban planning can make Indian cities more inclusive for women

As we move into 2021, gender-sensitive infrastructure planning and inclusive design must be incorporated into policymaking.

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