Thursday, 29 September, 2022
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Afghan peace deal being signed in Doha

US has given up defending the women & children of Afghanistan it promised to protect

With Biden honouring Trump era deal with Taliban, it's allowed the militant group to make rapid advances across Afghanistan, especially in regions where women are most vulnerable.
File photo | Taliban among seized by Afghanistan Army at Zabul | Twitter/@MoDAfghanistan

Stop negotiated peace settlement with Taliban right away, it’s still a terrorist group

Send in the UN forces to aid Afghanistan and call out Pakistan. Otherwise, the international community will have blood on its hands.

Why India can’t figure out what a third wave of Covid will look like

The stuttering vaccination program and a lack of clarity on how & where the second wave was virulent are making it difficult to figure out what a third will look like.
An ordnance factory in India (Representational image) | Broadsword

Unions say Essential Defence Services Bill against right to strike but even ILO sets limits

While introducing the Bill, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated that its provisions will not prevent ordnance factory workers from expressing their grievances.
A man drives past the New National Stadium, the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympics, on 3 June 2021 in Tokyo | Photographer: Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images via Bloomberg

How does a country boost its Olympics medals tally? By hosting the games

Analysis of Olympics held from 1992 through 2021 shows that the single most powerful driver of medal tally is hosting the event, and how many years since a country last did it.

Processed food can repeat India’s automobile export success

Despite Covid, agricultural exports boomed in 2020-21. Export earnings can go up if India shifts focus from primary processed agricultural commodities to value added processed food products.

India must focus on China’s new ‘arms race’ and not get carried away by Gogra disengagement

India is already well within the targeting range of Beijing’s existing missiles. But an arms race is not good at all for Delhi’s own positioning in international relations.
Employees at reception area at the Amazon Inc. campus in Hyderabad, India | Representational image | Photo: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

Google, Amazon, Flipkart have all protested. India needs a new trade secrets law

The absence of trade secret legislation in India leads to unnecessary litigation and non-cooperation in ongoing antitrust investigations.

Ministers to Hockey India, all are quiet on casteist attack on Dalit player Vandana Katariya

What do India's sports bodies have in common? Silence on discrimination.
A drive organised by Indus Action distributing oximeters to ASHA Workers in Sevapuri Block in Uttar Pradesh

India’s last-mile Covid-19 responders are leading the way to a just recovery

From inclusive vaccine access to securing livelihoods, India-based non-profit organisations are reaching about 17.1 crore marginalised people.