Monday, 19 April, 2021

National Interest


Despite all the confusion caused by opinion polls, exit polls and whatever the Gujarat throws up on Sunday there is unanimity across political fences...
A file photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Modi magnifier

In BJP’s history, this is the first election that will be won, if it is won, not by Vajpayee’s personal popularity or oratory, nor by Advani’s guile or alliance arithmetic.
A security person passes the ball to children, Srinagar | PTI

Azaadi to autonomy

For once Kashmir is in the national headlines for reasons other than the daily business of violence and killings. The manner in which the...

Bet and better

In early 1992, while India were getting pasted at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Manmohan Singh was busy liberalising our economy....

The clear and present danger

Why is it that the moment somebody dares to call South Asia, particularly Kashmir, the most dangerous place on earth our collective immune system...

Don’t feel abused

Having pragmatically won the world’s attention during the Kargil crisis, India now has to coolly assess the changed nuances of US policy, and understand the opportunity that lies ahead.

Subsidised to suffer

Every budget, every election campaign, every presidential address to Parliament, brings new promises, homilies and subsidies for our farmer. Farming is supposed to be...

Kebabs and Kargil

A look into the mind of upper crust India — on the way it relates to Kashmir crisis, its understanding of Kargil war & its comprehension of the seriousness of military warfare.
File photo of former Central Vigilance Commissioner N Vittal | Youtube screengrab

Former CVC chief N Vittal's open list of civil servants facing corruption allegations shows it's silly to address question of corruption in bureaucracy in isolation of the system.
File photo of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in New Delhi on 19 May, 1996

Your turn to strike, Mr Prime Minister

Facing a series of trade union protests, the choice for PM Vajpayee is clear — either go the Gujral/Gowda way by surrendering or the Maggie/Indira way & show some spunk.

On Camera