Tuesday, 11 May, 2021

National Interest

Help us imagine, Rahulji

Shekhar Gupta argues that for a rapidly declining and self-destructive Congress to rejuvenate, change should first come from the top, i,.e., the Gandhi family.
PM Narendra Modi addresses a virtual all-party meeting Friday | Photo: Twitter | @ANI

Dear Narendrabhai

WHY am I not addressing this appeal to adarniya Advaniji or my old friend Sushma first? Or to dear Rajnathji or Arun (Jaitley), even...
A man holds a flag of Bharatiya Janata Party at the courtyard of the party's headquarters in New Delhi (REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE) | Anindito Mukherjee/Bloomberg

BJP’s troubled house

It is a touchingly funny spectacle, where every senior leader wants to be loved like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, but is beginning to speak the language of Modi of 2007, if not 2002.
Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi | Illustration by ThePrint

Atal Modi vs Rajiv Rahul

Only two leaders have the strength, appeal & political wherewithal to break the two-decade stalemate in Indian politics with a big new idea: Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

Coal vs coalition

BJP believes the CAG report on coal gives them their 2012 Bofors moment. But they also believe that a parliamentary discussion will dilute their case against Congress.
BJP supporters outside the party headquarters | ThePrint | Manisha Mondal

Blunder Janata Party

In its UP campaign, BJP has displayed all the weaknesses usually chronic to Congress: lack of a clear CM candidate, infighting, absence of a grassroots organisation & agenda.

The Ordinance Factory

The ordinance-mania is back in fashion. The recourse to amending the law or writing fresh legislation is a tempting escape for politicians from constitutional checks and balances.
congress bjp

One year on, BJP and Congress still can’t figure out the election result

Opposition is out of Parliament almost permanently, as was the case in the last months of Rajiv Gandhi's government. The two leading parties are not even on talking terms any more.
Dr Manmohan Singh

It’s Manmohanomics, Manmohan

An essay in the latest Economist (May 29-June 4) that raises the question, “Who put the shine into India?” should be essential reading for...

New Delhi, new voter

You ask somebody from the Congress or the BJP what will happen in the coming elections and the answer is similar: 3-1. Of course...

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