Representational image | Bloomberg
Representational image | Bloomberg

Self regulation code by Netflix, Disney+Hotstar & Amazon Prime runs into troubles with govt

As many as 15 Online Curated Content Providers came together last month to sign a Universal Self-Regulation Code. The code revolved around the ‘ombudsman model’ and setting up a grievance redressal mechanism. But the government is said have insisted on explicitly listing out what comprises restricted or prohibited content, reports Amrita Nayak Dutta.

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Bal Thackeray’s father and Ambedkar used Navratri festivities to counter Brahmin Ganesh utsav

The public celebrations of Navratri in Maharashtra were launched by anti-caste activist and social reformer ‘Prabodhankar’ Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, the father of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray, as a form of counter-culture against the ‘Brahmin-dominated’ Ganesh utsav that preceded it, writes Dhaval Kulkarni.

Tatas got panned for Tanishq ad. But this state govt is the largest shareholder in Titan

A lesser known fact about Titan is that its largest shareholder is not the Tata Group but a state government entity. Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, the industrial development body of the Tamil Nadu government holds a 27.88 per cent stake in the company, according to the shareholding pattern on the Bombay Stock Exchange, reports Remya Nair and Revathi Krishnan.

Not a ‘cure’ for Covid but Patanjali’s Coronil kit & drugs are a big hit, 85 lakh units sold

According to Patanjali, Coronil has managed to get a good response from consumers despite the controversy over the company’s initial claims that it was a cure for Covid. The sales total an estimated Rs 241 crore, reports Himani Chandna.

India’s low hygiene gives it more immunity against virus, helps in Covid fight — CSIR study

In a pre-print paper, CSIR talks about better ‘immune training’ among Indians and how that may be the reason why the country has lower Covid cases and deaths per million than the global average, reports Abantika Ghosh.

Why Chinese aerospace giant AVIC, at risk of US sanctions, is a challenge for India

Aerospace giant Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) finds itself in the spotlight after news agency Bloomberg reported that it could be the next target of a US crackdown. Defence experts say AVIC is a huge company that makes a plethora of equipment and is self-reliant, which is a challenge, given India’s LAC stand-off with China, reports Amrita Nayak Dutta.

5 reasons for the crisis in global Islam

French President Emmanuel Macron merely dared to say Islam is in crisis, and got himself into big trouble. If tens of crores of Muslims across the world feel that they are victims of mass Islamophobia, it is a sense of siege and crisis. Unlike a sacred scripture, however, there can be many versions of what this truth is, writes Shekhar Gupta in this week’s ‘National Interest’.

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