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China’s footprint has forced Modi government to make nice with Dhaka after unfairly targeting Bangladeshis for its political ends. It’s a lesson BJP needs to remember as it heads into polarising elections in Bengal. Larger geostrategic interests involving friendly neighbours cannot be sacrificed at the altar of narrow electoral priorities.

UP on a dangerous slide with its ‘love jihad’ law. Its police, politics must be held accountable

Uttar Pradesh is on a dangerous slide applying its new inter-faith ordinance retrospectively. It’s unconstitutional and has tragic consequences, like in Pinky and Rashid’s case. She married out of free will, and has miscarried after the authorities took her away. UP’s runaway police and politics must be checked, held accountable.

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SC wasting time on Kunal Kamra, Rachita Taneja, should counsel A-G not to be oversensitive

The Supreme Court is, once again, wasting its precious time by issuing contempt notices to comedian Kunal Kamra and cartoonist Rachita Taneja. The shoulders of senior judges have to be broad enough to overlook minor irritants and they would do well to counsel the attorney general not to be oversensitive.

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  1. Excellent interview. Shri Mahfuz Anam should be seen on our TV debates, giving us a perspective of how India is viewed by its neighbours. 2. As far as China’s growing economic footprint is concerned, that is a fact Indian diplomacy will have to learn to accept. It makes their task more difficult, but it is not possible to ask neighbours to choose between the two giants. Nor is it a sensible policy to try to buy the affections of smaller countries. 3. Despite utmost reticence, the Interviewee could convey the regret all South Asians must feel that regional cooperation, personified in SAARC, is practically dead. That dents India’s claim to be a rising regional, then global, power. If our economy continues to falter, they will see us as a powerful actor that can cause harm but is no longer a source of enlightened benefit.

  2. Journos edifying the AG about “sensitivity” and “minor irritants” ? Apparently no such pearls of wisdom were dispensed to the MVA which is hounding fellow journalist Arnab Goswami ! Or no such leeway was made for those who celebrated the death of Gauri Lankesh!
    Selective edification shows moral bankruptcy and the hypocrisy of bias.

  3. A number of high courts have recently reaffirmed the right of an Indian citizen to choose a life partner. A fundamental right. As and when this matter reaches the honourable apex court, it will, no doubt, lend its imprimatur to this verity. However, as this tragic case from Uttar Pradesh demonstrates, a lot of damage, to the concerned individuals / families, as well as to harmonious communal relations, will be caused. The state governments pursuing this unconstitutional project are all from the ruling party. There should be robust internal mechanisms to block this initiative. A new administration is taking office in the United States. A number of leaders and legislatures in the West have already expressed their anguish and disquiet. It should not reach a stage where functionaries from the concerned states are no longer welcome to travel. The global media continues to be dismayed.


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