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The Indian economy’s 7.5% Q2 contraction was expected but marginally positive as it’s better than the 8-11% forecast. It’s a mechanical change from Q1 as economic activity resumed after the lockdown. With infections rising in parts of the country, stress needs to be on safety measures to avoid fresh disruption.

R Value crossing 1 ominous. India must get its focus & masks back to get through winter

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India’s Covid R value crossing 1 is bad news. Besides Delhi, it’s Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra that are behind this setback. Experts say it’s too early to call this the beginning of second wave but the signs are ominous. India needs to get its focus, masks back to get through winter.

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  1. Infections may rise as it a type of flu. From observance of last 1 year, most will be infected but will remain asymptomatic, some will have symptoms but will eventually recover and some will die. Pandemic is quite damp squib than we suspected. After 1 or 2 months vaccines will be useless to take.

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