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Nepal faces fresh political instability with PM Oli dissolving Parliament. Kathmandu has lurched from crisis to crisis since becoming a republic. It must strengthen democratic institutions and focus on governance, not become a land-locked island of political instability and intrigue. There’re also limitations to strategy of playing China versus India.

Modi’s emphasis on non-discrimination is welcome, but discriminatory laws don’t help outreach

PM Narendra Modi’s emphasis on non-discrimination in governance in his Aligarh Muslim University speech is all very well. This outreach will, however, remain inconsequential as long as BJP governments keep enacting discriminatory laws. CAA/NRC, cries of ‘love jihad’ and vilification campaigns can’t go parallel with the ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ proposition.

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  1. PM Oli has plunged Nepal into a costly, unnecessary mid term election. With no guarantee that he will sweep back to power. Hotel Annanpurna on Durbar Marg, of which one has very pleasant memories, is shutting down indefinitely. The tourism industry faces a bleak future in the medium term. Nepal – like Sri Lanka – will soon discover that neither India nor China has money to burn. The excesses of the last king – and his spoilt son – would put Nepalis off the monarchy completely. It lies within the power of the Supreme Court to deepen Nepal’s democracy.


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