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Losing a match, as Boris Becker famously said, is not the end of the world or that somebody died. But Adelaide is the third consecutive overseas Test India lost inside three days. With so much cricketing talent in the country this underlines chaos in selections, incompetent planning and arrogant leadership.

Sonia can say Congress is ‘one family’ but she must understand it isn’t ‘The Family’

The gravity of the crisis is dawning on Congress’ leadership. Sonia Gandhi’s willingness to engage with and listen to dissenters, instead of putting them through a loyalty test, is a good sign. She may be right to say Congress is ‘one family’ but she must understand it isn’t ‘The Family’.

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Wistron episode shows investors should know India isn’t China, workers here have voice, rights

Apple’s quick action against Wistron for its HR blunders in Karnataka is commendable. The violence is an aberration and shouldn’t tarnish ‘Make in India’. At the same time, Indian authorities and investors should be aware that workers here have a voice and rights. India isn’t China, and should never be.

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  1. Smt Sonia Gandhi, in the various roles she has played in her distinguished life, most importantly Congress President for two decades and de facto Prime Minister for one, must have become a good judge of character, talent, leadership qualities. A steep discount is natural when evaluating her children, especially her middle aged son. However, it is now visible from outer space that neither, nor both acting in tandem, can revive the Congress party, bring it to power nationally in the form of UPA III. Or even protect their state governments – some created after fifteen years in the wilderness – from depredation. By any objective accountancy and bookkeeping – one says this as a chartered accountant – India has repaid its debt in full to the Nehru – Gandhi family. They should now fade into the sunset. Their continuance is causing immense harm, even damage, to the imperative need to create a vibrant, viable Opposition.

  2. Perhaps the honourable apex court should take up the case requiring the BCCI to follow the Lodha Committee recommendations on cooling off period for office bearers.


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