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PM Modi’s outreach to farmers to pitch the farm laws as reform is a step forward. It will be good if negotiations resume in a spirit of sincerity. A PM attacking the opposition is par for the course in a democracy. But his attack on Bengal, Kerala governments was an avoidable distraction.

Delhi Police raid on lawyer for riots-accused and bid to seize his computer is condemnable

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Delhi Police raid on Mehmood Pracha, lawyer for several Muslims accused in riots cases, and bid to seize his computer deserves condemnation. Client-attorney confidentiality is central to a fair criminal justice system. If Delhi Police gets away with subverting it, it will set a terrible precedent for state governments.

How flattering for Pakistan to have a free Omar Sheikh plotting terror games on its soil

Whatever the evidence against Omar Sheikh for killing American journalist Daniel Pearl, there’s no doubt about one fact: he was released in exchange for the passengers of IC-814 hijacked by his terrorist accomplices. How flattering it is for Pakistan to have him a free man plotting terror games on their soil.

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  1. Modi outreach to farmers a step forward. It will be good if talks resume in a spirit of sincerity.
    If there is no opposition it cannot be called a reform.
    Reforms basically aim at providing level playing field so obviously some are going to be deprived of monopoly and disproportionate gains cornered over years, and the resistance is to be expected.
    It is the skill of the ruling dispensation to counter and overcome it.
    The reforms of the early 90s were easier to implement because the monopolies were of the government and the disproportionate gains were going to the cronies only which were taken away by the government so the question of opposition did not arise.

  2. Modi’s outreach to the protesting farmers? ThePrint really does believe that’s what it was? One can be commended to be optimistic in all scenarios but then it’s good to recall that 6 years have passed since 2014. When was the last time you saw, and which actually was, a real outreach to any troubled section of the society raising a voice against govt action, from his highness?

  3. Attitudes are hardening. About 45 farmers protesting in this frigid weather have lost their lives. After a month, the numbers are swelling, now with a contingent from Maharashtra. Perhaps the suggestion made by the honourable CJI offers a graceful way out of the deadlock.

  4. Delhi Police continues to surpass itself. Unworthy of the average citizen’s trust. The attack on JNU, Komal Sharma, Jama Millia, the biased investigation into the riots, not acting on inflammatory speeches made in their presence, the pyrrhic images of Delhi they presented to President Trump as he feasted at Rashtrapati Bhavan, it will take them a long time to live it down. There must be times when CM Arvind Kejriwal feels relieved they do not report to him. Unclear what LG makes of their conduct.

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